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Danielle Feb 11
I grew into you like vines, delicately covering a brutalist form with a love I only know. My heart is submerged in a little ocean, its depth grew in me as I carried the weight upon my soul. The waves painted me blue, reminding me of all my sad lullabies.

Your name is a possession and embodies all that you are (it's the only way to keep you.) If I got the chance to love you, maybe I'd be much more than a supernova, devouring its life until the very end, traversing the boundless space, and it would leave traces in a thousand years; my love for you would still resonate, like the haunting interludes played by a piano in the epilogue of a song.
Rock-a-bye baby      
               on the low waves;
when the wind blows      
               the bulrushes sway;
when the waves break
               the cradle is whole;
and blesséd is baby,
               spirit and soul.
Mystic cleansing of all the overwhelming love shared misplaced and lost
All crumbling 'neath the weight of a sigh from another day spent in torpor.

My dearest Alice My sweetest Esther My babyrose Elise
My bravest Alex My strongest Elliott My diamond James
I imagine cradling you until you're out of tears to cry and walking hand in hand as you grow into your own

The day I meet you will be the day my life stops and I carve my shadow itself into a devotee who's daytoday revolves around you.
And even if we never meet I live hopeful nonetheless, you've saved me

So much already. Dearest child
Dearest love of mine
I would trade anything that ever mattered afore if only for you to dream
your first dream

In my arms.
Francis Jan 10
My open window bears a gaping hole,
Welcoming and whining the sounds of my soul,
A tasteful mesh of stormy delight,
In a moment so blissfully lonesome tonight.  

Whirls of wind that plow through the trees,
Rain drops pouring and ******* wherever it may please,
Slight brisk drafts of air cooling me at ease,
In this hot, oven-like bedroom, while I cough and sneeze.

Alarm clock sets for the dawn of tomorrow,
I lay here filled with bouts of sorrow,
How this beat of peace is simply a borrow,
Due to this I whimper, whine, and willfully wallow.

The openness of my window, this gaping frame,
The darkness of my bedroom, delightfully same,
Provides sense of solitude in this world, without blame,
I complain not a lick that this is the name of my game.
This New York storm be crazy rn and I’m laying with ease.
Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
I find it hard to put myself out there, I don't go out on a limb
To concerned about what people think and say, like "man, look at him"
"Who the **** does he think he is, he ain't no Eminem"
These words never hit my ear but I swear I'm hearing them
"Look at this, another poor white boy from the trailer park"
"Trying to hit his mark and make it big by belting out what's in his heart"
They got no clue money and fame wasn't my reason to start
It began as a way to shed some light on what seemed like eternal dark
One spark was all it took and I couldn't stop this pen from spilling ink
On the brink of insanity aboard a ship destin to sink
Life ******* me like a *****, two in the pink one in the stink
Swallowed a bottle of pills, why did they give me this charcoal to drink
Hmmm, let me think...****
That's the problem, I just reacted, I didn't stop to think
Didn't stop to think about everything I was about to flush down the stink
But the rope that was supposed to save me is now the one around my throat
The beautiful words I wrote now read as if a suicide note
But getting these thoughts out worked better then letting them get my goat
The loose lief kinda saved my life, it kept me afloat
I filled up hundreds of papers, I wrote down thousands of lines
The more I wrote the less I hurt, confidence up and pain declines
The rain subsides eventually in everyone's minds
But make no mistake the beast still resides behind these eyes
It's just these words are like a prize, they put the beast to sleep like lullaby's

Danielle Jan 2022
She was walking towards the river with her feet bare and her white silk disassembled; they said she was a loathed cathedral of despair as a ruined, beloved garden,  she is all that is left.

Will you hold my hands  or leave me?
Should I wait until we're together?

she sang her lullaby as she let her body float.  while she holds her sweet eulogies, it’s all what she has, gazing upon the sky, giving in at the temptation.

please don’t make me wait forever

the words linger in the water as her breath goes into oblivion.
Sarafæl Aug 2021
Some days you cry because you miss them
Some days you cry because you listen
To your fears that hold you back
It feels like a heart attack
You want to succeed
But your too afraid to try
Too afraid to close your eyes
And listen to that lullaby
Of solemn sorrow you once knew
All too well
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