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She was walking towards the river with her feet bare and her white silk disassembled; they said she was a loathed cathedral of despair as a ruined, beloved garden,  she is all that is left.

Will you hold my hands  or leave me?
Should I wait until we're together?

she sang her lullaby as she let her body float.  while she holds her sweet eulogies, it’s all what she has, gazing upon the sky, giving in at the temptation.

please don’t make me wait forever

the words linger in the water as her breath goes into oblivion.
Snipes Nov 2021
Lullaby, Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
******* love to lie

Lullaby, Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
******* love to hide

My pride, my stride
My rhyme, my time

Everything’s fine
I’m just tired

A sad lie of my life

Exhaustion in the discussion

Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
******* love to lie

Lullaby, lullaby, lullaby, lullaby
******* love to deny

Little by little, little by little
My mind finds pride

Little by little, little by little
My mind finds joyrides
s y kalindara Oct 2021
Sleepless at sunrise
till morn sings its lullabies
and dreams are unpaused.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
I often struggle to sleep at night.

(p.s. follow me on instagram, if you'd like to @sykmusings ♡)
Sarafæl Aug 2021
Some days you cry because you miss them
Some days you cry because you listen
To your fears that hold you back
It feels like a heart attack
You want to succeed
But your too afraid to try
Too afraid to close your eyes
And listen to that lullaby
Of solemn sorrow you once knew
All too well
pradipsingh Aug 2021
Look the moon is brighter  than before
And the stars are twinkling more
And as you try to close your eyes
Let it take you to paradise

The world is not the same as  before
Nothing remains to adore
The flower has lost its beauty
And it’s no more pretty

And as  you rest for the night
Let your dream be your light
Where everything is alright
Let it give you a flight
jdm Jun 2021
Hold my head under a beautiful ocean;
watch me struggle with the glorious view.
Sorrow brings tremendous emotion
with pure devotion I think of you.
Ignite self, ingest opposition,
listen to the sounds as I decay.
Drowning keys, withered strings,
nestled in the spine of each vertebra.
With all my might I take this cup and drink;
I was born to dream.
I take this flesh and partake in the final feast—
we die from life to finally see the wrong blinded by the light.
Each drop I give in the pool I create must linger forever online,
without this I am nothing.
There's still a part of you that lingers in me; a myth I haunt  and the ghost of every story I make.  

The traces of my brokenness
are the lure of lullabies
As I am chasing shadows on the crowd
they're coming after you under the moonlight.

What was the best thing for being a sunshine if you are a star that night can only have?
Tichozpytec Jul 2021
Look at the stars!
So cold, so distant, yet beautiful
visitors from the long lost past
Silent, secretive onlookers

Listen as they whisper in your ear
Let your mind freely wander
So many stories you need to hear
Brilliant ideas to ponder

Lie down, my dear, in my arms
Fall asleep as I quietly sing
I'll shield you from all worries and harm
Tomorrow another day brings

Just spare me
a lil space in thy
heart. I swear
you wouldn't
know when I'd
occupy the whole
place, for I'd
spread my whole
love seeds all over
thy heart.
Cultivating various
numerous vine
that makes
life commodious.
Only just
you and I.
I'd make you
always feel like
yourself. By
yourself baby
it's all you
could making
mine yourself.
I know you'd
make  a beautiful
world and it's
quite awesome
to live in
you as we lived
inon GOD.
You'd worship
mine God in
the alter.
We both did
say yes.
Your beautiful
mother shall
become mine mine
realist dad
did become your's.
And our love
will illuminate
the whole
world turned
into paradise,
till the last dying
days. Like
"The Dreamer
lad and the
dream lass"
or like
"Juliet and  Romeo"
just you and I,
high on Cloud
cockoo land a
sphere of
reality because
my love is
true and real,
for its from
the bottom of
the heart
underneath my
soul poured
the water of
my love.
Streaming down
our hearts
forming one
ocean upon
which our
love--ship did
voyage through
lifetime on
that trip
earning our
dreams together.
The moon waits for the poet
to hear its lullaby
and the sun also cares
to what it whispers.
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