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Just spare me
a lil space in thy
heart. I swear
you wouldn't
know when I'd
occupy the whole
place, for I'd
spread my whole
love seeds all over
thy heart.
Cultivating various
numerous vine
that makes
life commodious.
Only just
you and I.
I'd make you
always feel like
yourself. By
yourself baby
it's all you
could making
mine yourself.
I know you'd
make  a beautiful
world and it's
quite awesome
to live in
you as we lived
inon GOD.
You'd worship
mine God in
the alter.
We both did
say yes.
Your beautiful
mother shall
become mine mine
realist dad
did become your's.
And our love
will illuminate
the whole
world turned
into paradise,
till the last dying
days. Like
"The Dreamer
lad and the
dream lass"
or like
"Juliet and  Romeo"
just you and I,
high on Cloud
cockoo land a
sphere of
reality because
my love is
true and real,
for its from
the bottom of
the heart
underneath my
soul poured
the water of
my love.
Streaming down
our hearts
forming one
ocean upon
which our
love--ship did
voyage through
lifetime on
that trip
earning our
dreams together.
The moon waits for the poet
to hear its lullaby
and the sun also cares
to what it whispers.
Then she met the sun rising above the sky
superior to its servants, for 'tis the bright light
giving shelter to trees and flowers —
her morning is as rough as the dried sunflowers.

She ne'er-do-well at nights that seem to haunt her every time the moon arises from below —
the moon whom she hates when it strikes at six o'clock and the sun sets at five o'clock, she never gets the time to smile.

Tomorrow with her is never home.
A night with her could be considered as the curse.
From o'er the horizon, she looks up above, and scream, “Even songs I love I could not hear!”
Her little hymn and tones turned into lulla-byes—
a lullaby to good-bye.

“Tis the time to go home", she said, but what if night ne'er sets down and tomorrows turned ashes and good-byes?

When will she go home?
I just turned 20 a few days ago and this piece was made months ago haha. Hope you'll have a good day.
Sleep now my little baby,
as the night whispers to you a sweet lullaby
Under the stars tonight,
bright dreams will keep you warm inside.

Sleep now my little treasure,
drift off into a peaceful sleep
In this quiet night where everything sleeps,
you won't hear a sound, nor a creature peep.

I'll tuck you in tight,
these warm blankets will comfort you all night.
The Sun has set,
the moon is up from the west
Your bed a nest,
sleep now my little baby
And find your rest.

Off to dreamland now,
I'll light the way
I won't make a sound,
till then, I'll meet with you the next day.

Goodnight my sweet,
and sweet dreams to you.

On a starry night moonshines beautifully, equally ravishing as you're Hone, you're **** gorgeous. When it comes to your sound sweet and soothing one's heart. I'm sending you this and wish I could sing you the sweetest lullaby to comfort your sleep and angels to guard and guide your dreams path. Sweetest girl earl.  
Oh, my fair lady,
what a surprise,
the angel of thought,
may meet her demise,
love is her savior,
love is her crutch,
love is the one,
that's broken her trust,
will he betray you,
how will you know,
love is a cruel mistress,
beautiful though.
My love is a road that I do not advise you to follow.

On a starry night moonshines beautifully as equally as you're. Hone, you **** gorgeous when it comes to your sound, sweet and soothing one's heart. I'm sending this to you wish I could sing you a lullaby to comfort your sleep and angels to guard and guide your dreams path. Sweetest girl. G-nite honey.

Whether goodnight txt is sent or not a beautiful girl's night is always beautiful. Such beauty could make your night a very beautiful one. May your beauty beautifies your night. I call to the moon to invite the stars to sing you the sweetest lullaby, love you sings my heart. My light, delight of my heart.
owls in willow trees
saddest of images to me

owls in willow trees
softened broken limbs in me

owls in willow trees
let mossy scars all over me

owls in willow trees
night windows time in me

owls in willow trees
now have nothing to do with me

owls in willow trees
where I have been arrives in me

owls in willow trees
more than many of each of me

owls in willow trees
past beyond memory me

owls in willow trees
now there is enough of me
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