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Shay May 19
Things are better when the day is done,
just don’t let the morning come.
The sun goes down, but the words stay hung.
Please don’t let the morning come.
Rest your head, close your eyes.
Maybe listen to a lullaby.
But be still... for if you move,
the shadow comes.
It hurts like hell. It clouds the sky.
And you see nothing.
It never goes, but it sometimes hides.
Didn’t you listen to the lullaby?
You’re supposed to close your eyes.
The silence is the horror behind the noise.
Stay quiet.
Don’t move.
If you panic you’ll make it worse.
I’ve forgotten how to breathe.
Beg for noise and at the same time,
pray for silence.
just stay quiet.
“Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to God you don’t hear me weep.”
There’s supposed to be a lullaby.
Where is the kind? I feel only fear.
Up comes the sun, as I drift off to sleep.
Please, God...
I feel so weak.
All this fuss over a storm that stays so quiet.
Blanket over my head,
please, stay quiet.
They say “don’t worry,”
but this will never end.
I know you hear it.
It doesn’t end.
You can’t shut out this lullaby
©️2020 Caelan Dean
Sleep tight my love
for tomorrow is a new day
Sleep tight my love
wrapped in this willow's grave

Cry not my darling
we are finally safe
Cry not my darling
tomorrow today will be erased

Look and see
Look and see
Gold as tangible
as the breeze

Look and see
Look and see
sleeping, dreaming
by the sea

Danger lurks in every corner
safe and sound you are in bed
snoozing 'neath the Willow Tree
rest your tiny head
good night, good morning, good afternoon
Amna Khan Apr 24
Thunderstorms and grim sky
Trickling water, witch's high
Patch  my heart up, like a lullaby.
Wrote this during a thunderstorm, and idk why, but thunderstorms and rainy nights are so comfy and soothing.
OJ Apr 21
The sky is red
It is time to go to bed
Close your eyes, dream ahead
Hear me sing
Hear my voice

Oh one with purpose
The gods will guide you
To where?
Who knows
The ground will lead you there
The winds will pull you down and drag you into the sea
I once was there

There you will be met with a boy
And he will repeat these words to you
One with purpose
One I believe
There she was
Walking in the light
Disguised as an angel
Near the lake
of shining waters
While her hair
Smells like an old flower
In the moonlight

There she was
Peeking through your dreams
While you close your eyes
In her lullabies

There she was
Singing in the light
Like an ocean's roar
In the night

Close your eyes
She's now leaving
In the quiet sound
Of the night

Close your eyes
She's an angel in disguise.
It was a poem first, before I turned into a song.
Pax Apr 16
i took a peek, then never again.

What's beyond that window
Lies a curse i did, a sacrifice
I took and a burden i carry.

Goodbye lullaby, as i sleep
soundly towards the end.
Promptly written while watching my window.
All I can hear is your lullaby,
Still I am wondering why.
I can see your face glowing,
From you, I'm here now without knowing.
Don't wanna see your tears,
I just want to appear in your dreams.
Stay safe everyone
The Foody One Apr 10
I feel so much,
that it’s almost
too much;

to lose control.

And when I do,
I numb it all -
Don’t wanna hear
the shattering
sound of my Soul;

“Dear, don’t give up
give in
to the embracing Waves
that shake you within;

Let ‘em rock you
gently to sleep -
May the Ocean fill
the Void
you carry within”

Such sweet melody
whispers the Sea -

Its wise guidance,
a soothing Lullaby
I now cherish
inside of me.
© 10/04/20
Hansel Apr 10
how should i sleep
when my favorite melody's gone
singing a lullaby to another one

how should i wake
when it's not your cunning tune
greeting me good morning at noon
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