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Di Verce Sep 17
To be saved for you
Is to be passive,
Your goal to end our complaints,
To put us on a diet, starving on faux saints.
"Be peaceful, don't disrupt our war (and whorin')
Or we'll war against your peace."
So holy, so blameless,
All you want is for such joy
To be endless.
That's why you take from us our feeling,
Our thoughts,
And our choices,
Leaving us in chains,
Funneling us by limits
Created by YOUR taints
Into soul-destroying foyers,
Where time and life may waste.
You think that because you can't control you
That those who can should pay.
Selfish, solipsistic, your so-called love is locks,
Constraints on us to keep us quiet,
Your loving face a feint.
Blank stares you give us when we smile
Without the approval of your code,
All a maze to hide your lying, stealing, using **** soul.
Shut up! Nothing is ****! I'm perfect as I am!
Using killing thieving stealing!
Creating pain for generations to come.
All is well and all is equal, evil's well as good!
No consequences to my actions, grin and bear it like you should!
My glimmer proves I'm God's own child,
I use his name in vain, I AM! (be ******)
My smile's worth the price you pay,
So we pretend that we are clean!
Why wash when we can remain the same,
This Perfect Princely Palace
Of Peace and Love and Joy so long,
Clearly nothing here is wrong!
We have the Way, enjoy the fruits! Ignore the offal all around you, I promise you we're true! (and beauty too)
Rhyme and reason, faith and charity, motions you go through,
But nought ever improves.
So what is love if you don't care
Because you're bent on filling pews?
All men are hypocrites, all women liars,
Picking pieces that fill them up with ways to fuel their fire, to fool their eyes and ears and hearts
So they can doll up dogs and parade around desires
Claiming they're Divine.
None are good, all are false,
And every prophet suffers while the rich who seek toward heaven tell them quit your want for something better,
Settle for this trash, it's all we've got. (drink wine)
That's not a cherub's way, He's passion,
Not an old castrated goat
Who ***** the hooves of Shaitan,
Below the vaulted sky
To mewl for his grubby food.
What decency have men left,
What dignity, what shame.
Your lack of caring for those angels you make suffer before your faulty throne
Proves you're the one alone, unworthy of His name.
Next time you critique the critic
Perhaps you should hear him first,
Rather than making every verse you ****** a *****
To excuse your cowardice toward the Word, ye murderers of faith and love and truth.
Remember youth.
Your best be uncouth 'n' open,
Not hiding from the light.
They fight and claw toward heaven's voice,
Not run away in fright
From God's rumbling,
Whining about rough words,
So those selfish faux good demons can send more off a cliff of empty bliss without question,
While they get off on it in vile hubris, a craven's lust for power and control over other souls.
(Learn the Lesson)
So take your hats off,
Show your skin,
Be more honest,
And Let Me In.
Sometimes it's hard to know what you desire, when the world does not possess it.
She did not know
if she had been cut from birth
or if they had done it to her
when she was just a child,
barely old enough to remember, shrouded
her in the stinking, clingy breaths of obedience
until she had learned
to succumb to the robotics, to finally
trash her emotions,
crush them to ashes.

Perfection was hard to maintain.
stop holding your children to unrealistic standards 2k19
go to school
obey authority
follow tradition
join society

go to church
worship god
get married
get a job

pay rent
be responsible
have children
stay faithful

work harder
be productive
rest and silence
are ******, seductive

wear clothes
don’t offend
don’t care
just pretend

act normal
stand in line
grow old
now you die
Written ca. 2016
F A Pacelli Aug 6
more collaboration
     than competition
more compassion
     than callousness
more creativity
     than conformity
Beloved do you realize that the voices in our heads have stopped talking to us, they have seized to remind which way we should go, have you noticed that the melodies that played no longer exist, they gave in when we started listening to the world and the voices in it.
Looking back now,  I see how much we have changed, we became mirror images of the world, we can’t even recognize ourselves, yes we can’t, because we are broken and never to be mended again.

They killed our conscience!
clever Jun 16
she was looking for love in all the right places
but her mother said the devil can take many faces

she ruined herself but still loved him the same
choosing him over her own family name

she pleaded her innocence to no avail
so she sat and just watched her whole life derail

she lost her way in trying to find "the one"
she loved the thrill but chasing all of them is done
and then there were six.
Aa Harvey May 23
Conformity is my enemy

Conformity is my enemy;
Everything they took from me, they didn’t know I didn’t want it!
Your society is empty;
All they have is useless to the kid who never wanted to fit in.

We stand apart, on different plains;
I have evolved, whilst your entire existence has just stood still.
You and I could never be the same;
You are so far behind and could never catch up.
They say I should care, but I never will.

Our destinies are walking different paths;
I am route 66 and you will only ever go back.
Your personal history means nothing to me;
Your memories made you what you are,
But you are trapped by conformity.

What makes a man?  You are made from snow.
I am an iron man and when the sun comes out you will simply go.
You are as deep as glass and don’t make me laugh;
I see through your smile into your empty head
And all I can see is all the meaning that you lack.

Go stand in line, buy another phone;
You are just a clone and nobody that I will ever want to know.
Impress me or detest me;
See my apathy
And realise I do not need to know your opinion,
Because I have my own individuality.

I am a freak;
I am a geek.
I am whatever you call me,
But at least I am unique.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Andrew May 12
I live among prying peers
Telling me which way to steer
They’re all I can hear
So to garner cheers
In their direction I veer

I thought if I stayed still
They wouldn’t see me
So I took a pill
So I could be me
But that didn’t free me
Once I was needing
Constant feeding

So I join civilization
And see their indications
Pointing towards temptations
To provide societal placation

They send me
To the trendy
To amend me

The conformity
Is informing me
Changing horribly
To what I see normally

My confirmation of conformation
Is in observations of obfuscation
In this iteration of integration
Where I conform for calibration

I’m willing to be wrong
To belong
Can I be strong
Singing another’s song?

I want to fit in
So I sit in
Places I’m whipped in
Hatred I’m dipped in
In a crazed conniption

I’ve had a painful life
Under their knife
Giving me strife
To make me right
In their light

Consumed by conformity
Society absorbing me
Changing enormously
To the form I see

I hate what I’ve become
At their behest
So I load my gun
And join the rest

I’ve become an automaton
Building atomic bombs
To drop on the calm
Who don’t sing my song
Toxic yeti Mar 12
When I was a kid
I developed
A unicorn horn
The people with three eyes
Seemed nice
Yet innerally cruel
Kind nest and mindfulness
kind people are
Are trending
the best prenders
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