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Betty Nov 24
You can trust the moon

She is too old to be shocked

And she never gossips

Except to the stars

They shimmer

Because they know

All the juicy details
Kenneth Gray Oct 21
Divine might through hinesight.
Unsure of what I could've done to make it right.
Mistakes, tragedies, my past is a blight.
Struggles, suffering.
I did my best to win the fight.

Hope, happiness, all lost in the dust.
Memories scrambled, diluted with lust.
All of my efforts corrupted with rust.
All in all, my life is a bust.

Looking back now, my faith has been lost.
My hopes and dreams have been trampled and tossed.
What do you do when all lines have been crossed?

Tell me now, where do I stand?
The truth, the answers are what I demand.
I've fallen so far, so where will I land?
Lord, reach out. Let me fall in your hand.

Get it together. Its all in the past.
Your trials and tribulations are not going to last.
Your burdens and heartbreak need to be cast.
Do not dawdle, you need to act fast.

You know your purpose.
You know your role.
Your faith and your power aren't defeated.
They have not become null.

You know, you've seen.
The light that's within.
You know the truth.
You know who will win.
You are the victor
over your sin.

Take action, be strong and take part.
Its not a game, its a demonstration, an art.
Show them your power, you're not foolish, you're smart.
Aim at the bullseye and unleash your dart.
Something I wrote after I spent time thinking about my past struggles and what Id like to see come of them.
kei Aug 1
sometimes, they say
love is blind
and then
you get left behind.
a short one
She has imprisoned the freedom of my love,
No one has right to have me except her,
Many have touched this body of flesh,
No one has touched my soul except her,
I'm in love with the heart she have,
No one has touched mine except her,
I can't sleep without looking at her pictures,
No one gives me that frith except her,
God forbid! I got sufferings in her absence,
No one has right to hold my hands except her,
If someday I need to snug from cold people,
No one has right to hug me except her,
The day I feel troubles in bed,
No one can ****** my hairs except her,
I wish I die with my eyes on her face,
No one can have my head in lap except her,
She is delicate, exquisite and perfect part of my life,
No one will have me except her..
The one I wrote this one isn't with me, but the heart still says it
Amy Perry Jun 25
What do I have at my disposal?
A knack for always wanting to write
My intuitive messages down.
But it’s got no substance,
It’s got no meat.
I’m all bread and cheese and
Condiment without any meat.
It’s fitting for a vegan, I suppose,
But not for a poet.
The poet has to lead breadcrumbs
For the reader in order to get to the meat
Of the poem, the substance, the protein.
Where is it?
I’m lacking substance where I have all these
Nice little toppings and sauces and vegetables,
I have a dipping sauce for this sandwich,
But no meat!
I have to go to the store,
I have to keep honing my skill.
I have to develop a hunger for meat.
Regina Jun 20
Clover and moss adornment,
fields of ancient emerald mellow,
with spring lambs innocent,
elderly farmer with a tea stained

Yet, north of there,
her people warring,
life spills on concrete,
and in the singing wind
is the song of the Troubles.

My maiden, my Eire,
are you ever at rest?
Where are your children?
Sons and daughters,
youth no more to come home,
Scars on a beauty,
she, she, will it go on into eternity?

My beauty, the souls and
shamrocks in the dew,
weep just as much as you.
James Jun 9
Don't look at your scars and be ashamed.
Look at them as a reminder that you are strong,
and that what you're going through will get better.
Don't be ashamed of your scars, as they do not define you;
things are sent to test us, to push us to our limits, but don't give up.
Just remember whatever you're feeling now will soon be gone.
Your worries will be lifted, and you'll be thankful that you got to see the sun rise another day.
Dez Apr 24
To your alter I go now
At your feet I do bow
I know not why, this, you would allow
And I ask not how
This will glorify you now

I only sing holy, holy, holy
For I know you are worthy
I know you are sovereign
And that you plained my pain
All for your gain
So I worship you now
And all at your feet I lay down

All this trouble is come now
And all of it you did allow
I know not but will glorify you now
For you will work it for good
And later it will be understood
LC Apr 23
the vibrant plants
and talkative animals
cleared a path for her.
she followed that path
for a while, then paused.
she sat at the bank of the river
watching the leaves go by.
she placed her fears,
doubts, and troubles
onto these leaves,
whispered "goodbye,"
and let them float away.
#escapril day 22!
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