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Every road
has its puddles.
Every person
has their troubles.
Every life
has its struggles.
No matter what you face
in your path,
you can still rise up
like an
Go on! You're strong! :)
Loser Mar 4
I'm sick of these late night car rides, pacing up and down the same suburban streets while you try to get away from the flames of your home, and hearing these tiresome complaints being echoed from car rides prior, slowly amplifying as the street lights begin to pass us faster and faster.

I'm too used to the feeling of the cold glass pressed against my forehead while I sit quietly in the passengers seat looking past the rain droplets dancing on the window, and growing bored of listening to your troubles, searching for something new on the winding roads I've traveled on for the past sixteen years.

I'm beginning to wonder if the day will come where my foot is on the gas just like yours once was, and I'm fleeing from the ghosts that I have so naively conjured, and my only escape from a nine to five **** is a drive to nowhere, where the working man goes to die.

I don't want to die like them,
And I don't want to run like you.
I'm still working on this so feel free to give feedback.
Snuggle Into my wife on a beautiful day kissing her
lips blew all my troubles away for that was the strength of our
Kisses that tasted honey
on my lips caressing her body with my fingertips
pure sensation through our body we
Two excited hearts now beating as one that beat
to the rhythm of passionate
Then to lay our bodies
now satisfied to drift off
to sleep warm and feeling
Wrapped in each other's arms fall to sleep listening to the slowing down of our
Beautiful memories of ******* with Helen Her kisses alone blew my troubles away
Clover and moss adornment,
fields of ancient emerald mellow,
with spring lambs innocent,
elderly farmer with a tea stained smile.

Yet, North of there,
her people warring,
life spills on concrete,
and in the singing wind
is the song of the Troubles.

My maiden, my Eire
are you ever at rest ?
Where are your children?
Sons and daughters,
youth no more to come home,
Scars on a beauty,
she, she, will it go on into eternity?

My beauty, the souls and shamrocks
in the dew,
weep just as much as you.
Mike Dec 2018
A dark blue velvet carpet decorated with crystal specks we call the night sky.
My comfort in the absence of light.
I won’t look down, otherwise I'm brought back to reality and may miss a speck go by.
So my eyes are fixated, lost in your eternal beauty.
My warmth on this cold night.

Soon time will bring with it light and clear skies and ur face will change.
Then time will continue the cycle that brings u back again.
So I'll wait patiently in the midst of all my pain as you make ur way back to me.
I’ll leave indoors my troubles and you’ll bring with you peace and harmony.
We'll meet and in that moment
what'll matter is not the life we left behind,
nor the burdens we'll face tomorrow
but you and I,
my beautiful, freckled sky.
A mess of a poem but I thought it would be nice to write about how the night sky makes me feel and how troubles  seem so insignificant when I look up at it. It’s my escape from the world even though I’m very much still in it.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
If one can look beyond the
troubles of this world to where we live, beneath Its
surface lies so much love
unbelievable kindness a togetherness that gives us all hope
In some of our worst times a spirit that helps all those In need, no matter where they come from, they are human being and all that matters
Spreading a little love and  kindness through the troubles
of this world
Shea Nov 2018
I can't was for the day I open up.
These years of bad luck
Die faster than how fast I'll run.

Oh and I'll run.
I can't wait to the day.
In the past, all the pain of yesterdays
Have wrapped around my basement brain.
I'll run and show again I might,
Take over this world and
Show a good fight.
I'll forget my troubles,
And move on.
King Oct 2018
Oh sweet
My eyes shine in your premise
Oh darling
Your body so greatly divine

My blood beats through my veins from one glance
Is this adrenaline or perhaps I’m on fire
Your touch is one the gods would be jealous of
For hands could not be as soft

My body shivers at the thought of a simple chance
For skin to touch and fulfill my earthly desire
A match made of simple sensation, not love
For what would a dance like this cost?

Oh sweet
You have no want for me
Oh darling
If only I loved you

Love is the excuse for closeness
The shallow bellowing
Covered with flowers
Laced with temptation
Only mankind could be so careless
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