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Pain is like a novel

One that you can't go on reading any longer

The torments, the burden of the story, the shattering of dreams...

Seems like a mirror reflecting the darkest corner of your heart

So you shut the novel down and without a bookmark hide it beneath a hundred good books

But every once in a while you feel the urge to open it

To touch the scars of its pages, to reminish the tragedies of every chapter...

And yet it only remains in your mind!

I often wonder if such books of people were gathered...

Don't you think it would have been enough to fill a library?
Gratitude for reading this!
Your presence is daunting
Mandatory it’s to wear a mask
Breathless my thoughts within
Upending, life saving task

To watch and keep our distance
Untouchable, it makes one feel
You have arrived, for a reason
Beyond our comprehension it is

Taking away the loved ones
Closely, I have witnessed, few
Our loved ones, you caught them too
By the grace of god, they were set free

Every single day
Your presence somewhere out
Is known, not seen
To me you have taught to be stronger within

To be freer than yesterday
yet not claim someone else’s freedom
Love and compassion, in heart
Keywords of this blessed life
Kairosclere Jun 12
What can you do that hasn't been done before?
There are but the same words
To churn and repeat
Taking on a new form
With each different pen.
Marya123 May 27
I'm an unknown book on a shelf
That one forgets to treat with care
Passed around among many people,
Alas! I've aged with wear and tear.

I don't recall to whom I belonged
Who once penned my words in fading ink
I'm not as strong as I used to be
I'm only a novel- I can't think.

I'm looking for a gentle owner
Who enjoys reading without pretense,
Keeping me safe, worn pages intact,
The one who'll cherish my existence.
Debbie Stevens Oct 2017
All my life I was lost and clueless,
growing up with no filter and foolishness.
With no family to love and care for me,
I don't know how they could leave and betray me.

No eyes focused on me because of my low I.Q,
my life has changed because of the help from a few.
With scientists helping me to become smart,
I am now realizing my life from the start.

All hopes come crashing down,
I'm going back to looking like a clown.
It was great while it lasted,
all I want to say is don't take life for granted.
I wrote this poem in relation to the book "Flowers for Algernon" as an assignment for my english class.
shouldn't be afraid to die,
i am
I’ve lived in a thousand lives,
seen a thousand faces;
I’ve walked the shoes of fairies,
carried adrift by silk strewn laces.

I’ve kissed a thousand suns,
beguiled a thousand moons;
I’ve danced on the arms of Queens,
crown jewels shimmering in the afternoon.

I’ve seen a thousand worlds,
yet yearn for a thousand more;
for it is these stories that bind my soul
to the living world beneath my door.
(On the power of reading/watching stories)
Ylzm Apr 2019
A little cough, no worries, it will go away
More irritable next day, worrisome by third
Had better see a doc, but slept the last that night

Scattered world wide, by planeloads, unrevealed, unknown
Germinate in a week, spawn on breath, speech of death
Revived ancient bug, mutated, drug resistant.

Pandemics, long with us: Black Death was not the first
Now global rapid spread, global rapid response
Always ready, always surprised, always novel.

The fit didn’t survive, the survivors, the fittest
Catastrophic selection, months, not million years
Emptied earth, cleaned, reclaimed, to be fought for, again.
Marga Apr 2
if my life was a novel
i would always revel
in reading the chapter
where our love felt like forever.

i'd bookmark the pages
where fondness is ageless,
and so i'll always remember
how great were the days
when we were together
in the most wonderful ways.
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