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Akriti Jul 22
Stillness in heart,
haywire thoughts.
Ever seen a burning rose?
blood dripping off from the cut of it's thorn.
A half read novel,
a story half told.
An empty sea,
woman in white marching through it.
A desert full of rose,
with the sky on the ground.
Tell me where you see the stars?
when I carry the universe within me.
Kelsey Jul 14
Let my words slide like slithering snakes on your tongue
Devour my sentence structure like children ******* thumbs
Feel the anguish of fake people that can't see, touch or hear
Then when your tears sludge the page, I am your master puppeteer
May every letter leave you wetter and each comma stir up drama
And when you reach the end of it all, you'll be begging for more trauma.
Be your own cheerleader
Aŧül Mar 4
I found you
Looking for me,
Looking for some guidance,
Which I gave to you,
In return,
You gave me your heart,
Which I shall cherish forever,
And ever.
My HP Poem #1910
©Atul Kaushal
I could write a novel, with all these words I didn't say. And, I could hold a concert, with all these screaming voices in my brain.
I could do so much...
Young, naïve lawyer,
For-profit business school dean,
A Quixotic quest.

Despite the odds,
May yet win the day.

Or will it be crushed?
Humor, angst, triumph, heartbreak,
All par for the course.

Love found and love lost,
Trial by fire tempers or breaks,
Steel in life's hot forge.

Which for our young dean?
Will he too tilt at windmills,
Thinking them cruel knights?

Or will he prevail,
Stay true to his quest until,
He succeeds or fails?

You can hear me read the complete first nine chapters from my new novel referenced in this "teaser poem" in my podcasts at
You, you had me hooked from the very first, the very first moment,
Stories of Peter Pan running in my head,
We flew away and had times of the greatest value,
Now here I am, stuck in this tragic place,
Under the ground of a trainstation,
Like the punished soul of that Anna you missed,
A russian girl you'll never forget.

You, you had me hooked from the very beginning,
Our eyes met only for a short recognition,
Only then I knew who she was to you
And what I meant all along.
rk Dec 2020
you picked me up
and spread me apart
over and over
leaving your notes
in the margins
and fingerprints
on my pages.
now no matter
who reads me
all they can see is you,
staining each page
with blue ink
and a hopeful heart.
- we had that don't talk or you might wake it love.
Veritia Venandi Oct 2020
Pain is like a novel

One that you can't go on reading any longer

The torments, the burden of the story, the shattering of dreams...

Seems like a mirror reflecting the darkest corner of your heart

So you shut the novel down and without a bookmark hide it beneath a hundred good books

But every once in a while you feel the urge to open it

To touch the scars of its pages, to reminish the tragedies of every chapter...

And yet it only remains in your mind!

I often wonder if such books of people were gathered...

Don't you think it would have been enough to fill a library?
Gratitude for reading this!
Your presence is daunting
Mandatory it’s to wear a mask
Breathless my thoughts within
Upending, life saving task

To watch and keep our distance
Untouchable, it makes one feel
You have arrived, for a reason
Beyond our comprehension it is

Taking away the loved ones
Closely, I have witnessed, few
Our loved ones, you caught them too
By the grace of god, they were set free

Every single day
Your presence somewhere out
Is known, not seen
To me you have taught to be stronger within

To be freer than yesterday
yet not claim someone else’s freedom
Love and compassion, in heart
Keywords of this blessed life
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