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Kenshō May 2019
I had told no one
Where that speaking plant was;
For, it bent where no eyes could look
And where the woods became a mirage.

It led to where Daphne took,
And where the butterfly seed would ride.
Sent from a moonlit breeze
near the noxious smell of the tide.

It grew in marsh where all rested still, separate from time;
Where, the digits of the woods can grab you
and the Green Lord wears a Henbane Crown.
So watch where you step when you are among my kind.
Andrew Harris Apr 2019
My wound is fresh
My words weak
But light my pipe
And words begin to steep

It’s a slow burn
Betwicks the tobacco and me
the nightshade can’t last
My thoughts they burn

The smoke is a manafestation
It’s shows how things burn inside
So much for the fascination
Of a future I prized as mine...
Alex Smith Oct 2018
Sweet bitter tastes touch my tongue,
Turning knots of nothingness.
Regret, relief, repose, rewind-
Take a poison-
Ease my mind.
Calm me down now.
Soon, there will be no pain.
Little toxins leak tenderly
And I feel better.
These kind chemicals
Was over me
Like a wave of pure water-
Droplets fall from the skies:
My eyes.
Cries, and sighs.
Breathe a last breath,
We are all ok.
Take this vegetation,
Take life away.
A nightshade salad,
My perfect deadly nutrition.
Swallow down those berries,
Eat the flowers and leaves.
My favorite plant
Will appease
The emptiness inside of me.
Deadly nightshade-
The purple beauty of
Dreams of death.
A metaphor using some of my favorite plants. The nightshade family is known to have very beautiful and very significant flowering plants. They are incredibly resilient as well and can grow almost anywhere. The only problem is that they also can be deadly. It's an interested and beautiful duality.
Caleb Hess Sep 2018
Read this and absorb my soul. I’m rotted with wisdom as I travel through a grayscale world in which every living thing wears a frown. Morbid and alone, love is nightshade and agony is pleasure. Distopion, tyranny and oppression. This place is corrupted. I need a pen so that I can further depress myself. I scratch out the bad ideas as if the ones you read now are good. Scratch me, scratch my pen. Walk across my thoughts, lose yourself. Run across my thoughts and your soul will pour from your mouth and my demons will feast upon it.
A poem about writing poetry.
belladonna it seems that you're deadly
such a beautiful name for a deadly plant
belladonna erase my pitiful existence
take my pain away
let me wither away
I cannot stand this hell any longer
take me away
night shade
will edit later on
Vale Luna Nov 2017
Poison only tastes like poison
After you swallow it
Too unfortunate
To admit
You've been murdered
Before you're dead
You know it's only a matter of time
Before you're coughing up red

This is your nightshade
Your parasite
Your venom
Your kryptonite
You know the harder you fight
The harder back - the poison will bite
Don’t slow down
Do take a breath
It’s the last time you'll breathe
Before your death
Or refer to it as “eternal rest”
To try and ease
The tightening in your chest

So panicked
So manic
Feeling entirely frantic
With urgency
But you were poisoned purposely
And you know without a doubt
Who set out
To knock you out

You'll look across the room
You'll feel it in your veins
Your eyes will lock with hers
You'll overflow with pain
It burns you from the inside
Nowhere to hide
She's filled with pride

Cuz she knows
She's the one who murdered you
And she also knows
That you know it too
The reason was clear
Why she put the poison in your throat
And when she kissed you
She knew there was no antidote

She leaned in close
So you'd hear the words that she said
And from what she whispered
She was pronouncing you dead

Suddenly it occurs to you
That with the venom on her lips
She will die too
Cuz love only feels like love
When you're falling into it
And poison only tastes like poison
After you've swallowed it.
Love is death... to some people anyway :)
Schwarzer Schwan Aug 2017
On a beautiful Monday morning
when the neighborhood bells were ringing
from the west is the wind coming
I saw your flaxen hair swinging
followed by a sound of sobbing
the sound a little girl made
until it finally starts to fade
after you gave her that bittersweet nightshade
I started wondering if your heart were made of jade
oh, how could you be so well-made?
when I was about to start my reverie,
you gazed back at me...
alas, I should leave those fantasy!
it turns out that she was taken already!
what a cruel reality!


FYI Bittersweet Nightshade is a poisonous plant ;)
Mysidian Bard Nov 2016
My heart is a place
Where a garden never grows
I need your sunlight
Carolina Sep 2016
She was my own Atropos.
Eyes dark like belladonna's berry.
Her breath gave me life,
Her shears were slowly closing.

I waited every night for Atropa Belladonna,
But flowers only bloom by day.
I knew that she could never be
Mine Deadly Nightshade.

So I let her go. By day, she is another's.
But only 'til the midnight hour...
When I am hers and she is mine.
And the night is forever ours.
Inspired by the Deadly Nightshade, one of my favorite flowers, and an almost lover.
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