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deadhead Jul 21
the raindrops slide down
the weeping leaves of willow
creating ripples
in the pond that lies below
step by
nail by
in the hair
of a willow
may 2021
TomDoubty Apr 11
The river has pressed its sleek back
Beyond the bank
Forcing walkers back
From their path
Giving ducks new horizons
Opposite me here, wet-footed on the bench
A bare tree is troubled
By some submerged thing
Making a frail and trembling hand
Of its upheld branches
Water moving through this place
Like a dark serpent
Water that fell on hills
Yielded from ice
A hundred miles from here
Passes me now
And passes the willow
Hanging in the last orange light of day
Trailing its fingers
In coils and eddies
It is all framed here
Indifferent and alive
Alive and forever passing
deadhead Apr 7
the weeping willow
weeps for all eternity
silent in the wind
karly codr Feb 3
my brain thinks
at a million miles an hour
so fast
that i can't distinguish
from the
world inside my head
kind of tired of life right now ngl
Lyn-Purcell Jan 14

Tears bestirs the moon
Heart dangles as willow weeps
Cruel, her love short lived

Another mini haiku from my journal based on the Chinese myth, Chang'e. 💜
So many variants but beautifully melancholic and tragic no less.
If you haven't already, please watch Over the Moon which is a retelling of the story. Great songs, Chang'e's costumes design is sublime [I love Guo Pei's work!] and a lovely tale.
Always and Forever is one of the most beautiful songs sung with her love, Houyi.
As always, thanks for the support! Yall are amazing and blessed.
Stay safe and well out there!
Much love,
Lyn ***
Kayla Simone Feb 2020

Dim by the Willow
Dark, but not gloomy
As i lay supine on our full size bed
You prone on top of me
We're prone to make love
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