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old willow Oct 16
A sitting sparrow on old willow branch,
the raindrop reflect my thought like moon upon lake.
The heart stir thousands thought.
Man is witness to heaven and earth,
his spirit bellowed in-between.
Where the heart tilt, heaven shift.
Where the heart waver, earth tremble.
So small... so this is my will.
Reflecting in my heart, the ripple is the will.
Insignificant and short-live;
but a single will to move the world.
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
When I was young
I sat beneath
A Willow Tree,
Who with the wind
Carried this message
To me:

She said, "Little child,
Filled with light
And with love,
Many fears in your life,
You'll have to overcome."

With big hazel eyes,
I looked up and asked,
"Which rode do I take?
The short or the fast?"

She smiled at me then,
And with only a laugh
Said, "Your heart will know
Which path to take
For on it you see-
You will grow."

In the warm breeze
My blonde hair blew.
Confused and scared,
I started to flee
on a long road
For which I wasn't prepared.

Before I could leave
The old Willow Tree
Said, "Wait! Just one more advice:
Never let go of your dreams!
Even through pain, fear, and strife."

So here now I stand,
With all that I am;
Believing and dreaming in life.
Courageous and strong
I still carry on through
Pain, fears, and strife!
©KSS 7/2013
Donna Aug 21
Relaxing by a
pond taking life easy , I
admire willow trees

Loving willow trees xxxx
Lily Priest Jul 7
Weep for me willow
Loose and low
With aged tales
Of travellers
Tuned to the melodies
Of song birds
And sleepy streams
That sigh their way
Through the centuries.

Wave willow
With the winds of change
Root yourself
In soil as aged
As your dreams
Words' Worth May 21
The depth of winter
In a cold gaze from the sky
Is covered by fog's translucence
Wishing to fly with the yew trees

So, as the night brightly sparkles
Such water cannot compare to
Only be a mere reflection of its beauty
All that is alive is a free miracle

Woodpeckers sit on the clear earth
Ne'er on the floor of moonlight
As they sleep in weeping willows
Who cover them in tears to keep out the night
Dedicated to a recent reader.
Angelo Iudici May 10
Somber fields yields
What perhaps we expect

The tree may feel
What sun neglects

Weeping is the willow
forever perched its arms

Loved and selected
Is allows the tree to continue on

Remembered and cherished
for now the willow knows
the feeling it brings others
so happy as it grows
For Mother
I saw you. 
I saw you the other night, under the willow tree. 

You sat there,
laying waste to your day. 

You sat there, 
mulling your theories over. 

Ones about morals and values; 
about things you’ll never come to fathom. 

I stopped for a second. 
I contemplated walking over to speak about morals and values.

But then I saw it. 
That aura around you. 

The one in the shape of a snake, 
the one calling out to all your passersby
The one that is tailor-made to tempt, with the aim of seducing. 

So I walked past the willow tree and back onto the guided path.

The path that would lead the farthest away from the snake and tree.
JA Perkins Apr 4
It seems there's no hope as
a dark sky overshadows the
sway of Willow branches.

The leaves shake with confusion,
but the roots hold their ground.

A warm, grey sky gently weeps
for the fate of the Willow..
And who am I but a Willow's branch?

At the mercy of wind and rain,
I was swayed, yet fastened by truth;
bending in the bloom of youth,
beaten by a grey sky's cry,
then strengthened by it's lullaby.

Who am I but merely a branch?

I am only a part of a whole.
Without roots, I'd wither and die.
Without the trunk, I'd have no place.
Nor could I grow by the light of grace..
Without rain, I am but a dry soul
rotting in the decay of arrogance.

I bow to the ground gracefully;
lest I stiffen against the powerful winds of change.

Who am I but a Willow's branch?
All the more beautiful in sadness.
Torn from the life of Your Body, I
would wither just beneath that
which brings life to my wilted leaves.
It’s all about the way you care,
With no ulterior motives there.
It makes a difference if to try and fix this,
You lay your soul out bare.

You can try, you can try, you can try to cut her down, but she’s not fallin,
You can try, you can try, you can try to pull her down, but she’s not movin,
You can try, you can try, you can try to make her drown, but she’s not drowning,
No she’s not drowning again!
She’s not dying again!

Desperation sound,
Makes her come around.
It means more when you are bleeding.
It makes her feel found.

You can cry, you can beg, you can try to change her mind, but she’s not changin.
You can snoop, you can sneak, you can lie right through your teeth, but she’s not believin.
You can push, you can shove, you can try to force her love, but she’s not loving.
No, she’s not loving you again!
She’s never looking back there again!

Don’t call her sadistic,
That will make her ballistic,
She’s just a willow tree with her roots in the ground.
She’s just animalistic.
So don’t try to change her or tear her down.
Herself, she’s finally found.
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