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Where passion wanes,
patience will succeed.
Even embers are a sign of life
and must be cared for
lest they turn to ash.
Healer May 20
Dear me, be like a bison
keep walking one step at a time.
Eyes on the prize, at the horizon.
This winter you are going through may perceive like a thousand lifetimes,
especially the dreary and frigid night, which feels like never-ending,
an opaque blanket of treacherous ice descending.
But dear me, don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
In this merciless wind,
you are breaking, shattering to the pieces.
However, keep your mighty will unbending.
For this colorless time, your limits are being constantly tested.
So pick up your stained pieces and fill them with luminous gold.
Push, push more harder, and break through failure's icy barrier.
Create, move your blind self from your exotic art.
Reach to your mystical soul.
Dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
For you, yourself can set the limit
of  what's possible and what is not,
to have imperishable patience and never give up.
And dear me don't be afraid of losing your feet on the ground.
Because, sometimes that's the best thing you'll ever do.
So dear me don't be afraid
You are bison, you are meant to go through storms.
deadhead May 7
be like the spider
waiting ever so patient
for your time to come
i love spiders, and i honestly think we could learn a thing or two from them :)
Melody Mann Apr 29
You are integral to the functioning of this universe,
You hold merit in your pursuit and ambitions,
Be present with your body and still your mind,
You are capable of overcoming even the worst hurdles life has to offer,
This too shall pass,
Be patient with yourself.
MoonFlow Apr 11
They asked, "why are you as silent as a stone?"
She replied, "why should I be voluble as the Mynah? My heart and tongue are deprived of goodness just like a desert, deprived of a sea.
Another voice said, "Ergo, redundant talk comes with unbearable guilt."
They asked again, " if so, why do you not speak the despairs you hide?"
She replied, " Because, the gift of patience usually reigns.
The Gift of Patience is indeed a very beautiful gift...
Simon Mar 31
Patience isn't truly the walk of life. Or even the shame for not convincing yourself that everything up until this very point in how it is supposedly meant to be.
But this is the first example towards not telling yourself the truth about the very illusion you've been living this entire time.

...It's called the decline in acceptance to oneself...for not telling yourself you have more in your general self-worth...then what kind of self-contempt you've been blocking away in hopes of accepting your very own disillusioned artificially created...self-resolve.

That being said, the actual chances that you have been living your own life (free of charge) from feeling you have defeated the such negativity in your very lifestyle... Is nothing more than a shower of benign social ramblings (from within yourself) that will sentence you too a psychological error in your very reasoning for illogical decision-making.

Which means, in the very end, choices don't matter in the long run.
Since you already know what you want... Even if reality (outside your very self), isn't what is truly best for you (especially when it wouldn't agree with your very options) first and foremost.
The very basics of life is the turning point for disaster! If or if not, you have already made a good enough paid sentence (full of such processing power) that demands reconciliation on the spot (for how you have evaluated your very life up until this very point in time). Then your fruitful for misguided tendencies. Or even better... Misinformed logic that doesn't sell itself short in the slightest.
It's divinely inscribed that loving means patience
and kindness, honesty, humility, and hope:
Most things that are lacking in my personnel essence,
a setback tying me down like a rope.
Now the challenge arises, to tread a new pace.
Take the road less traveled, unlearn what I knew.
As for weakness written well all over my face,
I'm not only hopeful, I'm horrified too.
To watch things unfold to the slow beat of my heart,
see things as they are instead of how it might be;
and though I am eager to see the next part,
I revel in the unrushed, gentle moments of happy.
Because good things come to all those who wait;
I know that one day, it will surely be great.
I haven't written a sonnet in forever, but this one came to me with ease. Consistency in things have been painfully absent in my life, but one can definitely be surprised about which things last when supported with the right amount of work.
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