Art 2d

Every time I close my eyes
I see a face,
clear and perfect. Yet

ever changing
like a memory
fading and morphing.

I don't know this face,
who they are or
where they're from.

Why they're in my head.

And at night, those
images morph themselves into dreams,
and I see her again;

her lost blurry eyes
in search of something
they can't find.

And then,
in a brief moment of clarity
they meet mine

and I somehow feel
found again, like a piece
of my soul has been given back.

Every time I try my hardest to hold on,
desperate to stay there with her,
scared of waking up lost.

Sometimes I think
she's just another lost
lonely soul

in search of
an old friend
who she's known forever.

Sometimes I think
she's out there
wandering the world

and that maybe
with some patience and luck
I'll meet her one day.

In thoughts and in dreams. Someone I don't know.

it's typical, she's what you expected.
childish and perplexed.
it wasn't bad timing or objected.
just feel like we weren't what we expected.

There is nothing glamorous about mental illness. Those who struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD are extremely fragile.

It is not about her crying in your arms while listening to sad songs,
it is something deeper.

It is about teaching her to keep her head above water when waves of emotions crash upon her and she is drowning.

It is about taking care of her while she still coughs up the water from going overboard, and making sure she stays afloat.

It is about her constant reassurance, constant apologies, over analyzing situations, and most importantly, it is about you holding her hand while she fights the storm.

She is trying her best.
Like the tides, these emotions will pass.

Just breathe.
Kagami 7d

A game.

A game is about laughter,
Not frustration,
Not confusion,
But some games beg
For panic.

They'll ask you why you quit,
But they won't agree.
They'll say you didn't try hard enough.

Spoil sport.
Sore loser.

I am a sore loser when games challenge my patience.
When games remind me too much
Of life.
Or when that's
What it is.

A D Sep 10

5 - 5 cups of coffee, i drowned myself.
4 - 4 times i break down, yet reasons are still unknown.
3 - 3 chapters of book i keep on reading.
2 - 2am here, another day is coming.
1 - 1 reason of living over thousands of ending,
and that's what keeps me going.

i know it's a crappy poem :/ i just really need to get it out. anyway, for those with same situation as i am, take your time :) be patient with yourself. we are doing the best we can.
Alan Smithee Sep 5

when i juxtapose my extreme rage,
           frustration and malice
with my kindness, understanding
            and "knowledge"
i find my center
             where i become normal
unbroken and a good man
             like the rest of us
circumstance dictates my extremes
             while temperance
makes us the better human being
              in spite of everything
so be patient
              in spite of all of it
in spite of everything
              be patient

alan Sep 3

I close my eyes to vivid darkness
my tears hot as the sun
the world keeps turning 'roun'
but I don't lay down.

I sleep awake.
Rise to dreams;
That's how it seems.

Blinded by my eyes I use my heart as a guide
and keep a steady stride.

when i wake from sleep
i know i've died
YH Sep 3

The world is cruel;
ugly, pitiful.
It is turned so by man of nature.

Though, the world is the entire universe,
and the entire universe is more than those things.
If you think it that way,
there is just so much more for us to fathom.

After all,
we have not yet spent our whole life-time to see what the cosmos are here to show us.

— Y.H.

gentle fervor.

Gently placate your enmity,
learn to be patient,
for the storm in your mind may only fog your vision.

(c) Y. H.

Watch while balance
Ever equating
Finds everything

Not sure of the rules, if any, for ten word poems but these ten words summarise a myriad of trailing thoughts that have often occupied my mind.
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