What you think you thought you saw
may, or may not be, just so
what you perceive maybe flawed
things you might not know

Reactions, knee jerk returns
that can't be recalled, or withdrawn
fire is the way things burn
the changes, undergone

Sit on it awhile, and think
your perspective may be confused
issues, actions not in sync
hypersensitive, abused

Pause on the reaction
wonder what's unknown
what appears to be infraction
may be, overblown

Ever think something?
and it's BADLY wrong?
Best to let things soak IMO, time reveals, all things, eventually :)

I have set my feet
upon your shaky ground
in the sky of your uncertainties
in the depth of your abyss
The vastness of your world
is overwhelming
the mysteries you uphold
they are charming
And I am but one
willing victim
of your beauty
never ending
And my feet
they are weak
but I have withstand
your shaky ground
And your sky
I have flown
and your depth
I have known
and your world
your mysteries
They all unfold to me
Will it be you and me?

I was amazed I was able to do this in one sitting. Love is really great and unpredictable, it makes you do awesome things.

Remember me when I have gone away,
Little to say and little never told,
I'm not sorry when you leave me so cold,
Perhaps it's your missing soul that leads you say,
I don't know what I want or what I need,
But I know in my heart of hearts-- not you
Perhaps it was greed but -
Least you be happy at the pains of others.
Sit next to me and quiet down for a few.
Tell me of songs and whispers anew.
Of once upon a dream where visions sigh,
So we may fly and forget that we die.

Get Out of My Head
Paige 7d

My soldier traveled across the sea.
He gazed upon twinkling purple Crete stars and thought of me.
He felt the undertones of my body in the grey blue Bahrain Sea.
I sent him my warmest love when he stared at the sparkling sun.

My soldier came home when my letters arrived.
Time was too long.
Her silky hair laid on his chest,
just as the dry Crete wind blew,
when I whispered I love you 6000 miles away.

There is pain in patience
We are no strangers to this
A man who lusts for a woman
Will lose himself waiting
A woman who waits in silence
Is screaming on the inside
We all feel this pain
In one way or another
A form of agony and distress
Longing for what we desire
Patience brings pain
And we have no control
We are afraid to act
So we sit in solitude
Our minds soon betray us
And the tears begin to fall
Frustration soon follows
And then all goes numb
I am impatient
Though I know I must wait
And when thinking of you
My spirit grows heavy
Temperance is my goal
But I fail each time
So I suffer in silence
And let time pass by
I’m longing for you
And it’s quite obvious
I know patience is key
But I’m impatient for you


Ashley Lingy Jan 10

is to never seek them out

don't fret

they find you

the second rule

is that when they find you

a muse takes

your heart

your time

your vision

the third rule

is that with those parts of you

a muse drives you to the impossible

Madison Gill Jan 8

An innocent day project to move our bed
to the other side of the room

quickly becomes grossly underestimated endeavor
as the bedframe strikes your head,

the side table spills over in books,
the tapestry hangs


We throw up our hands
Take a smoke break

Revisit the mess of lamp cord
and shoestring

with a foggier head

Fight back the junk-beast we’ve awoke
swelling from beneath that stubborn bed

When it’s over,

Your thumb acts as windshield wiper
to my raindrop-streaked cheek

You kiss the clean glass, say:
“It’s okay!

Sometimes it takes moving things around a little
to realize you like them better the same.”

Amanda Jan 8

I'm tired.
I wait.
I'm patient.
I hope.
I dream,
That one day,
You might see,
The one you love is actually me.
Forever is so long,
When you're all alone.
Second chances are hard to come by.
But love finds a way.
And if I have to wait forever,
It might be worth it.
If only you.
Felt the way I do.
Then the pieces would come together,
Everything would fit,

Tony Oquendo Aug 2014

Heavy the weight that one must carry when things start to come apart,

Emotions unbound a soul in sorrow the burdens of a troubled heart;

I will be your friend and while your heart mends I will share in your joys and sorrow,

And wait for that day when you finally say, things will be better tomorrow.

Stalwart embers forever light my heart; stoked by whispers of fate and grandeur, a flame reignites: so minute and fragile, it still holds great warmth; and forever shall I hold it close

Beseeched, I move toward distant hope that one day, my flame; my dear, we could together burn brighter than the sun

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