How does it feel
To see the world around you,
Falling in love?
How does it feel,
Attending all their weddings,
Alone and hopeful.

I see them full of light and love,
Smiles and laughter.
I look at myself and wonder,
When will it be my forever after?

I'm waiting for my lasting love,
I thought I've had it before.
But I realized that those were the ones,
That showed what was my worth.

They didn't put in the time,
Didn't make an effort.
I pushed too hard to make it work,
And they always took advantage.

I realized I need someone who will support me
Love me for me.
Does not desire to change me,
But embrace all that I am.
Someone to laugh with,
Cry with,
Share my hopes and dreams.

Right now I feel alone.
Watching as my friends,
Create new lives with their loves.
I'll wait here,
Focus on myself.
Prepare for that one person.
That'll bemy forever
James 3d
grow on, little flower
blossom like the rose
dance with darling daffodils
For soon I'll hold you close

take your tea with tulips
learn of lilies, too
remember to forget-me-not
For I remember you

grow on, little flower
take your time to bloom
I'll pick you when you're ready
And not a day too soon
Frustrating when you're the flower
Frustrating when you're waiting
Rewarding either way
trf 5d
Bury the silencer beneath the dog bones
that Fido misplaced last May.
Their presence is scentless now,
just like your mind is today.

Arms down, head up dear friend,
lines in the sand are only drawn
to spend your time crossing footprints.

Place perspective above greed,
as we are all suffering
in one way or another,
so give our children the chance to succeed.

It doesn't have to be this way,
swollen knees pray for peace,
take your high school daze by day
and let your mind evade the inner demons.
In order to write this I had to do put my mind into some places that are not comfortable; in fact they are plain fucking evil. In order to write from various perspectives, I've been able to put myself, my thought processes, into so many different envelopes: race, gender, religion, circumstance; in order to comprehend the amount of struggles versus actions that those roles play in our society today. Yet I am unfounded and dumbfounded when it comes to putting my mind in an individual who can commit mass murder of innocents. I grew up with fists and the occasional shiv. We handled our problems normally, albeit illegal sometimes, however no one died. To change this we cannot rely on anyone but ourselves, ourselves and ourselves.
Stop press: for naming these individuals, creating a story of why they could have done such harm, making them mold other's ideas. Leave no paper or web trail of these ______________________
Just jumping in.
Everything comes to a halt.
The first few moments don't seem as bad.
Depending on length.
The line of cars.
In a sea of metal
Something wow happens.
Metal crashes into metal.
Causally passing by.
Everyone is okay.
Making sure to see what happened
They drop speed.
The police attempt to make it through to the scene.
Little to no debris.
No never-mind to the expensive cars brought to a halt.
The Mercedes Benz, the Porsche out of place slow moving along.
A Black Nissan Sentra with two kids playing in the backseat.
The other side is free to go as they please.
Compared to most places this is nothing.
Try New York. Atlanta. Texas to name a few.
You just jump in, moving from point A to B.
Life is admittedly too short to walk a great distance.
A two car pileup a few miles ahead.
Bumper to bumper no one gives space to breathe.
A Cadillac honks in frustration.
The Black Nissan honks back in attempt to get over.
Inching closer to maneuver it's way in front.
After everyone takes a glance at the pileup.
Traffic is back to normal.
The two kids continue to play like nothings happened
Lyn-Purcell May 18
Patience made me a Queen
when one called me
a slave to my

I choose who I follow
I choose what I follow
I have a choice as well as will.

But thank you.
Your ignorance and lack of respect has only added to my wisdom.

Life is a marketplace where you meet all sorts of people.
In a world of diversity,
I give all respect.

When one crosses the line,
they aren't worth the time.
Right now,
I'm polishing and shining my crown.
I found myself remembering what someone used to say about me choosing to follow a faith.
And worse, they kept saying it.
So it's not something I will ever forget.
If anything, it fuels me more.
I'm friends with people from all works of life.
Some from the LGBTQ, others are atheists, agnostics, and various cultures.
We may disagree but we all respect each others opinions and not force how we feel into others' head.
But I'm grateful to have walked away from toxic people.
I can focus on me and my dream.
Ayuel Maluak May 17
Somedays I curse what’s left
When I can’t recognise myself.
I could stare out of the window pane
Waiting for the feeling to wane.

I could even write a name
In the glass’s misty frame
But it won’t hold
When my hands go cold.

This violence defines me
It blinds me to see
Beyond this litany
Of words containing my sanity.

I can’t really complain
Or put it to you plain
I left my sigh to stain
Windows watching the rain.
Ayuel Maluak May 17
Silence echoes like a drum,
The first thump
Of a beating heart
Degenerates into a hum
But the song never starts.

Weaving in an out
Between the past and present
I can’t shake the clout,
That has me trapped at the moment.
I was never built to be stout.

Hope was a burden
Only ever called
As strength fails sudden
And it starts to feel cold
And my mind is a den.

There is fear here,
Memories that drown
When you get too near
To recognise the frown
And my cruel sneer.

Won’t you be my guide
Stop me when I try to hide
Behind the myriad of reasons
Accusing my heart of treason.
Its just a passing season.
robert May 13
Hi mama,

It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day
For me to come up and say
That I love you (it's not just in May!)
Endlessly forgiving: your mother’s heart

Warm and caring in every way
Those without kids could never
Truly understand – including me
And even though you passed fifty,

Your patience with me is boundless
At times seems everlasting
Even though you passed fifty,
Your beauty and grace still blossoms!

Though you passed fifty,
You remain ever so young and full of spirit
Thank you for being my mother, mom
And thank you for letting me be your son, too.

Thank you for believing in me
As I believe in you.
Happy Mother's Day mom!
And there I rejoice
In the depth of the well.
Realizing the way things are.
Are not exactly what they appear.
It takes courage plummeting after the first step.
Content in a excitement disguised as fear.
This was love, one splash at a time.
Then silence.
The center of all knowing.
To think is to create a problem when none exists.
Thus we overcome in stillness.
Satisfied with quenched thirst.
The water rises.
Overcoming fear.
To become selfish means to over indulge.
Desiring more than what the mouth will hold.
I rejoice knowing the center of your heart.
Without expectation of leaving again
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