O Fortitude! Strength of the wav’ring heart!
Steadfastness summoned when the blood runs cold!
When allies flee and none will take our part,
Where honor and friendship are cheaply sold,
Thine aid divine makes the trembling soul bold!
When terror would invade our feeble frame,
Thy subtle power puts the foe to shame!

O Fortitude! O encouraging voice!
When darkness attempts to blot out the sun,
And slav’ry’s law to deprive us of choice,
You brace the nerves of the poor frightened one,
Reminding that the vict’ry can be won:
If to perseverance we should hold fast,
We shall the adversaries all outlast!

O Fortitude! Come, and run in our veins,
Fire our tepidity and make us brave!
As long ages pass, ‘tis thee who remains,
Long suff’ring Patience, who never shall cave!
Come, Resolution, from all weakness save -
Where the frail man falls, and in despair lies,
You reach out your hand, and bid him to rise!

Kenya83 4d

I’ve had this feeling, ongoing for a couple of years, or more
Like the relentless moped rider who mounts the pathway outside your door,
Risking his life without a helmet on,
And others may too soon be gone,
As though its his mission to break you down and irritate,
Mind and body debate, until my shell accepts defeat,

It’s easy to make excuses when you feel this way, they say,
But I beat myself up, day after day,
If I sleep too late or hide away, exhausted, unable to concentrate,
The guilt pulls in my gut, like the church-bell ringers tug, slow, robust,

Without question, prescription or doctors review,
I take the mind numbing pill just to get through,
There’s no need for appointments or long waiting queues,
It’s ready and waiting with the supermarket crew,
among other essential survival tools to accrue,

I’ve fought so hard to come off this drug,
I’ve reduced the dose, though it’s not enough,
I’m shamefully addicted, though the GP insists they’re not addictive,
If only I could have predicted,
Without my fix I’m resticted, spaced out, blurry eyed, inflicted,

Out of this darkness I see lots of light,
I’ve allowed myself time and space to get it right,
holistically and patiently, I’ve learned is key,
Though the shame of depression will never leave me,
It’s an unattractive weakness, but it wouldn’t stop my attraction to you,
It’s my own insecurities that I need to break through

Challenge was to write a piece on the theme "Out of Darkness"

You will not get inner peace
In a mosque,
For that you must have Faith,
With Its two arms Patience
And gratitude to Him.
Whatever hurdles patience will see you through.
He always gives for a reason
Thanks for what you get removes
the greed in you
Ego,jealousy,anger and hatred has no place in your life.
What you are left is always a smile on your face and INNER PEACE.

I have tried it and I find peace because what I don't have I don't need
Tink Nov 8

Here he sits all cool
waiting in his dressing room.
Before he takes the limelight
and gets the photos right
he decides to have a quick glance
on the forum posts by his fans.
And now we're sitting here
all delighted and full of cheer
coz the picture's so hot and yummy
we can even see the birds on his tummy.
All shaved and lovely tanned,
we admire his body in Robbie land.
Makes our hearts beat faster
while we're waiting for the master
to reveal the date of his album
that we're waiting eagerly to come.
Come on, Rob, let the news explode
coz being patient is such a long road.

I think i must connect with the emotional part of myself.

I see people and their long, sad faces, their rude behavior towards me or someone else who's being kind, and think:
"fuck you, i didn't do anything to you."
But then, i remember how we all are just victims, in one way or another. Victims of this life, its tragedies and injustices.
We all get to feel so much it's overwhelming.
Feelings can be overwhelming.
Mostly when you don't know how to deal with them.
What to do.
I never do.

Sometimes my mind is a broken record
My thoughts stuck on repeat
I've been trying to fix it
unstick it
bring it back
to playing music
glorious symphonies
but usually it just takes time
and in that wait
I must listen
to the pain
of my yesterdays
over and over
screaming for help
and I know that that pain is over
but it is the only thing I can hear
it becomes so real

YoussefM Oct 27

My heart is beating
My soul is screaming
My brain is overthinking
My body is shaking
My pencil is bleeding
The pain that my mouth couldn't enunciate
Couldn't enunciate those dark days
That i buried my soul with hopes
Falling into the despair
Looking for the key of success
While  i have forgotten that

I didn't finish
Carving it Yet

Story Oct 12

I burnt the roof of my mouth again
On hot tomato soup
Like I do once or twice every other week.
You tell me to wait and remind me that
I am a Patient Person but I
And to be honest,
I kinda like it

Ashleigh Oct 11

You've been hurt before,
along with it the closing of doors.                                                           ­             I try to open you up,
but you're closed so tightly welded shut.                                   With time brick turns to glass,
despite just meeting, it feels at last.                                 In your green house of flowers,
my hearts been buried for hours.                                    It needs somewhere to grow,
but for now it's just stowed.

Timothy Daly Oct 21

God shall measure man's worth
not by how he moves the earth
but by how he holds his spirit
when he reaches human limits;
not by the choices he makes,
but how he takes them.

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