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People ask me why I do it.
How do I manage being here
When my Love is
1,446 miles away
Thirteen states away
One time zone away.

"How do you do it?"
"I could never do a long distance relationship." They say.
"I would never be able to handle it."

Well, the truth is
The way I can handle it
The way that helps me to "cope"
Is purely the fact
That my relationship is not
a Long Distance Relationship at all.

In this Love miles may be tangible
but they are everything but definable.
We had Love before there was a distance
and that distance will never be used to
Define us.

No matter how many miles there may be
I can still feel her Spirit with me.
Her laugh rings in my ears when I can barely muster a chuckle
Her fingers gently touch my skin when I drift off away at night
I can hear the gentle yawn of her voice when I get up saying,
"Good morning."
I can feel her singing along with me in the car to our Song when my voice cracks.

Our relationship is not a Long Distance Relationship.
Just because there is distance
does not mean that distance defines It.
She isn't absent until I come home
or when he visits me
My Love is always here.
She may be in whispers, and small chuckles, and light sighs
But a part of her is always here
Always with me
Always there
and I can feel it.

So in a sense
our Long Distance Relationship
has no distance at all.
Because creating distance means to separate or to bring apart
And that's not what our relationship does in the slightest.
If anything
these 1,446 miles bring us closer
Closer than we could ever imagine.

I'm not saying that I enjoy
not being able to physically see her everyday.
But this chapter in our Love is not hard or difficult or too much to handle
And it certainly isn't bringing us apart.
Because we both do not see any other option
This is worth it.
This is right.
This is It.
This is the kind of "It" that everyone talks about
we all hope for "It", search for "It", even die for "It."
and we are so blessed to have found It so early.

So these 1,446 miles will not be permanent
but they are so indescribably worth it.
Set and Done. I'm not going anywhere. I cant wait for the day I come back and be with you forever.
Slime-God Apr 27
Watching saplings grow
A young crow awaits their fruit
Plucking it's feathers
Patience was never my strong suit, nor was nurture, perhaps in spite of this something beautiful will grow, fit even for a fickle crow
thyreez-thy Apr 21
"I can wait" I said, meaning it genuinely
unbeknownst to  what it would be costing me
they say love takes time, and that patience is a virtue
with how long its taken us, how much of this is true?

Did I smother you? are you even afraid to lie?
does the truth eat you up? tell me are their other guys?
Your silence speaks wonders, I wouldn't even fret
at the fact you lost feelings or had just as many regrets

Maybe I'm being too forward, you must be busy right?
Yet I have my doubts, thinking every single night
I promised to be faithful, I promised to be true
and I blindly trust you, although I've never even met you

Heaven has a plan, I know this is our test
and if we succeed we'll give each other our best
I hope this is true, I wouldn't want our first fight to be our last
hey.. can't we talk this out and go back to the past?

Regardless I'm waiting, weather in good favor or in vain
Nothing can faze me, weather you still love me or bring me pain
I'm ready when you are, just tell me the truth you coward
you can talk about it anytime, yo still remember the password?
A poem on a current predicament
I don’t know much about god(s),
But I do know a lot about water.
If there is
A god
She was sitting right there in that bucket
Carried by Bly, carried with grace
And on the beads of her work
That streamed
Right to her smile.

Her smile.

So seemingly undeserved in the context
Of the situation,
But she taught me that.
And hope
And love
And to be patient.
Because this is one life
And they’ll “get theirs”
In the next one
But try to have faith
And give hard in this one
Because in the middle of all of it
You can’t control any of it
Except who you choose to be,
Regardless of what you’re working with.

So, while

I don’t know much about god(s),
I’d like to believe I do know plenty about me;
And I’m choosing to sit,
         Forever, underneath a magnolia tree.
we’re close
we talk about *** every chance we get
she doesn’t know that we’re friends, but I do
I’ve told her my fear of ***
and she says you’re not weird
she tells me this is normal
but her definition of normal is as firm as wet paper
she is a funhouse
a haunted one too
I don’t know how to tell her that she can be just a house
one she isn’t afraid to live in
she writes poetry too
in them, I don’t see her, but the words belong to her
her poetry is confetti at a funeral, out of place
it is beautiful
I believe she is poetry
her mouth, a shotgun of emotions
sometimes too sad, too truthful
how can I tell her not to love the apathy?
we tell jokes too
laugh at our sadness
skydive in our happiness
all to make the lonely go away,
at least for me
I think she might love the lonely
she wears it like armor.
CJ Apr 3
I walk alone
on this dirt road
Carrying my burden
my fears
my hopes and dreams
Waiting for that someone
who keeps his word
and stays
through the lush and the barren,

fosiya Apr 2
Patience requires strength
Patience requires consistency
Patience requires discipline
Patience brings tears
Patience in the end reminds you why you waited for this sweetness
Anais Vionet Feb 26
After a period of self-assessment,
I’m trying to be a better person.

I want to be more patient, not just ferociously busy.
I want to practice gratefulness, be less snarky
and relentlessly sarcastic.

And even though I keep it pushing, by trying
to put these changes into action, out in the world,
the project is way behind schedule and over-budget
- I may have to make cuts.
Those who
Withstand the darkness
Could gaze the Moon
Even better

There is

Make it ART
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Mark those words
If those mountains could talk, they would
If those sculpture could talk, they would
If your walls could talk, they would
If the mirrors could talk, they would

They are there
To witness
To console
To listen
To reflect

They thrive
In silence

So do you
Genre: Observational
Theme: The Purpose
Author's Note:
To be aware
Of every thing
Is the best gift of life

To be unaware
Of anything
The second best
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