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My Dear Poet Feb 20
While you advance in front of me
I’m already a step ahead
studying your moves from behind

While you may rule over me
I’m only holding you up
for your fall

While you ignore me
you’ll forget to listen
and fail to hear when I come
it seems to me
that breathing deeply
and counting to ten
just gives them
another opportunity
to irritate me
even more
James Rives Feb 4
she sometimes views herself a burden
but in reality she is part of my ever-evolving serenity.

imagery of the sun invokes heat, brightness,
positivity-- the moon is cast aside.
but in her blue-green eyes, I see the tides pulled by sincerity and pride in tandem.
bella luna pequeña.

coffee mugs, chocolate milk, Bob's Burgers, black cat, canned soup, Civilization, peace.
her rhythm matches mine and blesses me.
we aren't perfect, but who gives a ****?
i will be the sun.
David Hilburn Jan 21
Is water, evil?
A reign of the old...
To lengthen a chaste of a swindle?

Spit, indeed
Spite is a fouling light...
Meant with troubled mercy, is spice heed?
Looking the horizon, *** is where might...

Has an owe
Owed the timidity, of a love...
We are the seldom, of vice come to know
A reach of sanity's reality, hunger for a covenant?

Choose meagerly...
And a whole decency, becomes our decision
Noticing the bared future of sovereignty...
Arbitrary brass will do; for a secret, a hap, and an intimation?

Love, is a memory fed...
The drama of sophistication, met
For the only liberty of avarice, ever lead
With the voice of deliverance, are we mercies; living's moment let?
Angry as a force of nature can be, is a lover yours for a running willed, or hunger stilled? Ask when anarchy has a voice to ask you, do lambs serve lions the truth...
If you're going to wait
Make sure it's
Worth it
Making sure
No need
Keeping track of
You are
It takes as long as it takes
Jamesb Dec 2023
Like the moon I have
A dark side,
Just as everybody does,
Even the most amazing
Alabaster lady,

But the most important
Aspect of the moon's
Dark side is not
The darkness but
The mystery,

The unknown unseen
Parts of us,
However my dark has been,
Remains indeed,
Illuminated by

Self knowledge,
A new found self respect,
Self awareness,
Aware of my great worth,
And the value that I bring,

And I finally love who I am,

Now to find the one
Who will admit
They love me too,
Entirely, wholly,
Mugerwa Muzamil Dec 2023
Patience is divine and a panacea I know
It is time watched through an hour glass
Through observed pain for every grain of ash

You own it, honor and peace finds you
You ask a thing from God
And be blessed to know
Somethings may need to happen
to be answered

May be some one has to be born
Some may have to grow old
May be at times, even some one has to die
That's how weird it could get
Or you may need to achieve
a certain level of wisdom
For your prayer to be answered

And when you're in rush for answers
Then grief, despair and devastation
overcome your peace
And even honor and dignity fractures
Many things may need to happen
For you to rise.

Jamesb Dec 2023
...have appeared that
I thought it was all about me,
But it truly never was,
It has always only been,
Ever about just you,

I did let my pain
Obscure my focus for
Just a little while,
But even in the midst
My intent was all on you,

Or maybe not because
You alone are merely amazing,
Loving gracious and kind,
What's got my wholehearted attention
Is actually US,

Without me or you
There is no us
For either of us to focus on
Or worry over,
Just you and I apart,

And whilst I would not
See that come to pass,
The choice my side was made
Long ago,
The choicè and the knowing

Are yours to find,
But know this lady,
We have already been
So very much for one another,
For my part the best moments in my life

For you too the best of times
As well as the worst,
But the question I would know?
How much more might we yet become?
This pretty much speakz for itself
Goddess of USR Dec 2023
In the heart of Dublin's misty embrace,
Where cobbled streets whisper ancient secrets,
I stand, a pilgrim seeking solace,
And weave my tale of love, redemption, and forgiveness.

TheThird Key, a relic of our shared past,
Lies dormant, waiting for its turn to unlock,
Not a door of wood or iron, but the chambers within,
Where echoes of hurt and healing intertwine.

He, the wanderer, once lost in shadows,
His footsteps faltered, love's path obscured,
Yet now, with courage forged through trials,
He approaches the threshold anew.

I know you are sorry, whispered by the wind,
Carried across the Liffey's silver ripples,
A melody of remorse, soft as the harp's strings,
And I, the listener, attuned to its bittersweet refrain.

Patience, a virtue etched into my bones,
For time dances differently in Dublin's alleys,
And forgiveness blooms like wildflowers,
Resilient, despite the scars etched upon our souls.

He, the alchemist of his own transformation,
Brewing potions of self-awareness and growth,
Each drop a testament to his inner aliveness,
As he raises his vibrational frequency, inch by sacred inch.

Undying love, a tapestry woven with threads of hope,
Stitched by moonlight and whispered promises,
I hold it close, this fragile gift, and offer it freely,
For love, once kindled, burns eternal.

And so, my Love, as the third time approaches,
Know that I stand here, arms open wide,
Compassion flowing like the River Dodder,
And forgiveness, a beacon guiding us home.

Third time's a charm, they say,
But ours transcends mere superstition,
For in this Dublin twilight, hearts entwined,
We rewrite our story—a symphony of grace.

Let the third key turn, unlocking not just doors,
But the chambers where love heals and forgives,
And may our souls dance, unburdened,
As we step into the charm of forevermore. 🗝️💕
For CBM of Dublin sent with a thousand kisses💋🦋
Jellyfish Dec 2023
If you give up on waiting,
the pain of loss will **** you;
If you let go too easily,
you'll drown in queries.
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