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Hint from a fire
Set in marvel's simplicity
To tell the tale of senses, we seek for ire
A total of essence with a risk, towards complacency

Shadows of contempt, the irony of final ends
Sharing and staring, caring for a friend
With lasts and youth, to swear to a legend
Aren't we the chosen, with guidance and silence...?

Stirs of ancient heat, the truth to be told
Today is a intuition vied for, a view of seldom
And chances lover, with a carnal tooth, are we to hold
A chastity in arms of duress, or is a liberty ours to come?

Taint a rhyme, but a reasons song?
Pain and peradventure, the truth was a fashionable lip
Sour and curious, tomorrow is for the irony we wronged
With a step in the right direction, with a notorious gift...

Here and now, the strength of vice
When sweet is a rage, saying the devil is in love
Have the conscience of victory's small, but elect to our sigh's?
When a hope has a creation to run, isn't their a clue to offer...
Sincerity around about now, seems to begin here...
He was all charisma, curls, and commitment issues
And ****** I fell for it
vonny Apr 16
hearing you speak makes me cry
because i can't tell if it's another lie
the words that exist your mouth are fake
well spoken words make a nice template
your mouth shouts, "have a nice day!"
but your eyes tell me, "it's all for display!"
someday i hope everyone opens their eyes
to see you without all your lies
i wrote this about a person i have observed. a lot of his words were very fake, and he put on a front a lot, and he tended to talk about deep topics such as mental health. it kind of hurt because i couldn't tell if he was lying about something so personal to me.
lilhadi Jan 8
“I lOve you”
Those words
                                      from her lips.
I believed her deceitful manner, her charisma; it was alluring.
I think most people take this as an s.o. but it could be anyone who stopped loving you a friend, a parent to just deceived you to get what they want from you. I also think of the devil to deceive you & feed you with lies to follow her.
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
I resist
the temptation
to become fond
of politicians
who entertain me
with clever lines
said with likeable energetic-charisma;

I do my best
to evaluate
how a politician’s policy-proposals
will affect
the joy and happiness
of myself
and others in society.
Shofi Ahmed Jan 2019
Meet here the open future shows up
at the earth's hub-moon's anew rallying
to the untouching-sea the Indian subcontinent's
corner to the ancient wind!
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