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Shofi Ahmed Jan 17
Meet here the open future shows up
at the earth's hub-moon's anew rallying
to the untouching-sea the Indian subcontinent's
corner to the ancient wind!
Absent Minded Jun 2018
Your lips glow
With the vibrant radiance
Of a Stinging Nettle
Watered with Glowsticks.
Salmabanu Hatim May 2018
I am a CEO of a big company,
There I am a ferocious ,powerful and majestic lion,
With distinct prowess of leadership and charisma.
At home my wife the lioness sits on me,
A nimble hunteress
Stalks me with flawless patience,
Waiting to pounce on my slightest error.
I am reduced to a timid mouse.
I compromise on everything,
Not because she is right and I am wrong,
I prefer peace to maintaining my ego.
Dawn Treader Feb 2018
Silver tongued serpent,
Emerald-eyed warlock,
When he speaks, the crowds will surely flock,
Raven-haired "deity"
Creator of his own piety
Atheism is my saving grace
Otherwise I'd be caught up with him in some cult-like space
He, a fierce lion
I, a timid gazelle
This shapeshifter of a man
Stalked his prey until she waned
The energy to avoid his pursuit is well beyond drained
I put up a good fight, ignored his advances every single night
Professing his love to me tested my might
Am I upset this man wore me down?
In the beginning, indeed.
But now I understand that we were both in need
Of someone who could withstand intense emotion
Of someone who would show unfaltering devotion
Reluctantly starting a relationship, in denial of my feelings.
sunprincess Mar 2017

Oh! Oh! Oh!
I'm drowning in Love's sea
And there's no one to save me

Only his charismatic smile
And his charm

And beaming luminescent love light
may save my life
And bring me safely ashore


My love in seduction you radiate charm and charisma
Dare to be different being real beauty of the universe
My love in love you are most beautiful love stanza
There is no one like you my love you are so diverse

I am really in love with you my love less i will die
Please do not test my nerves or I will definitely leave
Take me to the the eternal heights of beauty to fly
If you ask for truth you will not be able to perceive

Let me be on the path of love to take your beauty along
Love always remains in the company of *****'s knot
Let us be together to blossom in spring to sing a song
Beauty is gracious in her charity and love is a beggar's ***

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Kale Nov 2015
Oh my love,
With your endless
and Personality
Can we spawn
The birds of love
This great day.
We are unable to grasp
Anything ending
What we hold dear,
So please treasure my heart
And treat it with care
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