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Mane Omsy Sep 28
A little bit of rain
Expecting more from the lord
Just now, the right way we sway

Lighten the lost souls in the darkness
Let them wander with ease
Occasions that occur very often
A mild notion to be burned
dizziness causes to sleep very happily. Sleep tight at night.
I don't even know your name,
But I think I know something of
The state of your soul,
My Dear Poet Friend...

For, we're all stricken with
The same disease

A poisonous venom
Which courses,
This very moment,
Through all our veins

A disease for which I have found
But One Cure


And I must warn you,
My Dear Poet Friend,
Not to look so long
Into your own heart

For, there you will only find
The disease

Kennedy Sep 18
Why do I pick you up?
Energy bleeding
Gasping for relief
No solace in
Your (you’re) gray;
Hunter Sep 13
I’m here to admit,
That you are my medicine.
I’m on my knees,
Begging you not to leave.

Baby I’m really on the ropes this time,
Wake me up when they build a time machine.
So I can search and look,
Just to find you in my life earlier.

But no excuses,
I got this feeling in my bones,
That you’ll be the one to set me free.
Thank you for the happiest year of my life princess.
I've met someone special about fourth months ago, who's been helping through the hardest moments of my life. She took me in when my parents forced me out, despite my setbacks she been bringing happiness into my life .
Autmn T Sep 9
And the boys see your tears as nectar. Flocking, not seeing the cyanide flowing from your eyes, wanting to be the savior. They’ll never be the anecdote, but, after all, a savior isn’t needed, just wanted.
You won’t save me but I won’t ask you to stop trying either.
JayceeJellies Aug 26
Laying in the grass
you look up into the sky,
it's a warm night between summer and fall.
The stars twinkle and you let yourself drift off.

You're dreaming.
You're floating up to the stars,
all of the things that make you who you are,
encompass you.

Then you wonder,
is it wrong?
To wish for a savior?
I'm here to tell you it isn't.

It's okay to want someone to save you.
To long for them...
to wish they'd rush into your life
and be there to catch you.

You're only so strong alone.
It's okay to sometimes,
just sometimes...
want someone to be the hero you're dreaming of.
I want to strive to be worthy of your grace. So that the day I see your face, my knees will hit the ground in praise, but my eyes don’t drop to the ground in disgrace.
L Barbera Jul 4
I love you
like the sky loves the sea.
Your light shines forever
and it watches over me.

Your smile
is my savior,
from the place I tend to go.
When I think about you laughing,
my love for you does grow.
Nolan Willett Jun 25
In ancient unenlightened days,
There came a man whose triumph would’ve laid
Foundations for a better world,
Our inner compassions unfurled.
For we thought we found a holy seer,
To rid our lives of all our fear,
To tell us what to say and what to think
What to do and what to drink.
He did his best,
I can attest,
To warn us of that one,
Who would see all our progress undone.
Indeed, many in our history have been
Told what constitutes sin,
Left with a hurtful scar,
By one who never wandered very far.
And our true messiah saw
This prophet for a gaping maw,
Another of the tempter’s tricks,
A man whose touch could heal the sick.
For he loved God more than most
But found him in the cosmos,
Our divine provenance,
Rooted in collective consciousness,
Not an oath to take or die
Or a being to mollify,
Nor any kind of credo,
But an universal ego.
Heeding logic over gullibility
He recognized the liability,
One who would see them die for naught,
And stray them from the insight they sought.
But in trying to break the cycle
He heralded its arrival,
Enshrining the sun,
Of the cursed three-in-one.
He made a martyr
And thus followed generational slaughter.
Promising sacred haven,
Causing war and famine.
For deceivers are known to appear as savior,
For them there is no pleasure greater,
In casting down the righteous,
And rendering them mindless.
And so millennia could have been spared
From some cruelty our kind have shared-
So long and so onerous, never ending-
And our pity’s rending.
The earth’s inhabitants coalesced,
No longer their souls oppressed,
Saved from prejudice,
Alas, poor Judas.
Sorry I published this a couple times I had to fix some things and I like it so
If I can say unto this mountain
“Be Thou Moved”
I can surely move myself.

If I can say unto the waters
“Be dry”
Surely I can fill myself.

But these things I can only do,
Through You.
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