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Unhinge my deepest insecurities
And grasp me within the safety of your love.
Light a match within the hallowed halls of my heart
And I’ll watch the demons flee.
Meme Dec 6
Playing games with the devil
Living in a world of sadness & despair
With a heart that's damaged & broken
To far beyond repair
What if these are my last days
Will someone find me lost in my ways?
Wandering, looking for hope
Praying that someone will find this note
I don't want these to be my last days
This burden rest so heavy upon me
Digging into my soul & becoming so needy
Do these have to be my last days?
Yes, last days of sorrow
Last days of wishing for no tomorrow
No more “I'll borrow” when it comes to happiness
My Lord is waiting and He will give me rest
I passed the test
I made it
With His grace, mercy, & love
I can now live a new life from above
Free of pain & no more worry
As I walk this solid earth
*** is always before me
Protecting & caring like no one could
Through that pain & scary sorrow
He stood
Waited patiently-my Lord
New life in you
Those were my last days of no more tomorrow
Each day is brighter
And I'm loving the creativity from this writer ...
Mat Dec 6
gritted teeth, paving
the sidewalks where we
told each other that this
had gone too far.
market lights illuminating
the cascade of mistakes - lies
we told ourselves at night
to keep afloat

treading water until dawn.
with a cry, savior!, so
soft we could not hear it ourselves,

if our, savior!, did hear
would he bother to save!
two watchdogs disguised as
masochists waiting for
the other to leave
the flock behind,
or would he look
the other way, knowing
that we can't be, saved!
unless we want to
save! ourselves
Your word kills me more than this knife pierced in my chest
I was your saviour
And you are the death of me.
Here is our story:
The beginning still plays on my head
The images are vivid and alive
You are the one that needs saving,
Lying ***** on the street at a cold winter night
I was a passerby who got a glimpse of the homeless child
Our eyes met, just like that
And we became meant to be

Both wearing their birthday suits
In a home built for two
The love burning like a wildfire
As two bodies intertwine
Pushing each others limit
In every passing hour,
You go rougher each time you are inside me
And always finish before me
Leaving me craving for more every **** ******* time

What happened next was a disaster not worth telling
So, let us end it here and not open old wounds
You must go in your own way
And I on my own
An old poem that I decided to finish. Not that I really care.
J A Perkins Nov 15
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the broken boy
Who dies and dies.
Toward the Son,
His hungry hands
Reach for one
Who understands
With drops of rain,
The Savior cries
For the little seed
Who tries to rise.
And, as the teardrops
Kiss the ground,
The seed can hear
The soothing sound.
Inspired by
The Savior's plea,
The seed becomes
A fruitful tree.
Poem from a broken boy
Micah Gerdes Nov 10
You are my body armor
My Kevlar

You protect me from enemy fire
You secure me in situations dire

You are heavy but the end result
Is worth the struggle
Who is your Kevlar?
Latifah Nov 4
This whole time
I’ve been looking for my savior
I didn’t realize
She existed inside me
She was just too scared to come out
But now she’s unleashed
Lionhearted and undaunted.
silver poet Oct 29
she once held a blade against her wrist
as she thought she didn’t deserve to exist

ready to splatter blood of red
the thought stuck in her head

she cried inside
as she lied

to her mother
about her lover

the lover who beat her every night
and she covered the wounds by daylight

but one day she found her knight
who gave her wings and might

gave flight to her wings
made her one of the kings

who brought her strength to raise her voice
she learned again how to rejoice

the knight was there for her every night
and every time she would see the mirror,
she would see the knight,
cause the knight was her
As a 13 yr old, most of my friends don't really understand this poem. I wanted to share hoping someone else could.
Forests are dark because
Light cannot enter.
So the only way
to see, is the light
you bring
in your
Forests = ******
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