Cynthia Jul 31
No matter where I am
No matter where I go
You are always present
In confusion
In despair
Joyful music
Trembling days.
Kate G Jul 26
Please fair partner, help a soul whom is stricken,
Bend down as I lay here and yelp solemnly fading,
Hurry before I succumb to the pain and infliction,
Assist a fellow player in delaying an early ending,

Do you not remember me aiding you previous?
Have you forgotten our loyalty, our engagement?
My willingness to fight does not make me impervious,
Not to bother and beg but I’m fading into pavement.

My vision has turned a deep shade of bloody red,
An ombre of grey is mixed as seconds tick by me,
These hands clutch and contain a weapon great,
Show mercy fellow samaritan, stop to save thee,

Give me the savior’s juice, dying is simply no fun,
Please good teammate, revive I have the raygun..
Liz Carlson Jul 22
When all energy is drained from my body,
when my bones creak and crack
and my body has no strength;
I put my trust in You.
I trust that You will use me for Your glory.

Father, use me when I don't feel usable.

All you require is my faithfulness and trust,
then you restore me.

Lord, use me when I don't feel usable.

When I'm broken down and life isn't perfect,
use me even then.
When my flaws and scars are evident to all,
use me especially then.

King, use me when I don't feel usable.

When my heart is broken, and I reject you;
even then use me to bring glory to Your kingdom.

Savior, use me when I don't feel usable.
Ilion gray Jul 13
If the endless invoked me
I would leave these days.
Without me -
the solidarity of hidden deserts
Under unfounded skies
Will still be resting,
If I remain
Amidst the swaying morning,
by earth-
Inside your space,
Only my hands-
Dark as shadows of holes
In the walls behind heaven
Seconds dripping,
billions all at once...
Trying to keep every drop of you
-in my hands/
But you are a quasar
Even breaking atoms,
collapsing everything /
And lowering yourself
back to earth,
inches, equal aeons /
Here in this place
-Where no one ever goes,
I watch the universe
In my palm, I witness
the strength of megallactic clouds-
I am alive,
Because I snatched only the essence of the galaxies
bleeding /
your skin is perfect,
No man could ever touch you..
You having been born of tears,
Of the endless face of God,
Racing back/
Down through
Darkness' unnamed
And unnumbered,
Rushing down
Leaving every empty space
Stained with the fingers of your
Flames while you
escape heaven/
I will reinforce
Every constellation,
Else the ether
could never hold you.
for a moment /
Your skin was placed
superbly over
and flesh, Veins, endless ...
And all the tender entrails ...
in its time,
Sat suspended ...
Remember ...My love-Forget
all other things-
But this:
When your eyes finish....finally
...It wont be day ...
nor December,
There won't be rain,
And stars will not descend
From the space from which you came woke up in childhood ...
You have learned to dream in mirage of minutes,
Be Silent in the shaken shadows
Of hours..
just once you were called by the finite-
But do not be afraid,
My love-
Because the caverns of my heart,
were forged in the thickest charms
In darkness
In the unchanged
Spaces of gods thought
-I'll tell you now ...
Spill everything,
from your fury down
inside me,
Because my emptiness can not be filled-
when there was a real light,
in the days of the day -
I sat with the wicked /
In kingdoms, where light can not pass!

-In repentance,

I will save a calm battle/
Until every atomie of my skin has perished
I will rage against the black angels-
In the clouds Behind your eyes -
Until the ice,
Until innocence...
When they lay you in the empty space,
soon you will be the bones,
and the flesh unexcited.
The unexpected veins of the earthstar,
Your scent goes away from the moon-
Your breath on my skin is gravity/ only you could be born once...
as a single kind of dust drifting with Silence/yet, violently Bubbling,
and Spinning-Recklessly /
Endlessly, forever!
The poets call it cupid,
Skeptics speak of Damocles,
Chemical to logical,
Songbirds in the trees.

Just some bubbling excitement,
Or a sentinel steadfast,
Maybe it’s fits of crazy,
Emotion in contrast.

In the heat of your body,
Above the way that I feel,
Under the taste of your lips,
Before you I kneel.

I offer my turmoil,
You surrender your stresses,
To define this true love is
Beyond our guesses.
K N Brown Jul 2
I had given up

on a place like Heaven

when I realized

that I was mistakenly placed

into the confines of Hell

and that my only savior--

the all powerful,

all giving,

and all merciful--

was a beautiful lie
Dirk Salimus Jul 1

There's still hope
Believe me when I say

Jesus,He isn't your savior
They can't tell you that,
You owe him everything.
He died for your sins,
He suffered and struggled,
He carried that cross,

Without him by your side
You'll have a happy and meaningful life
It is not true that
You can do everything because he strengthens you

Don't waste your time living like this
You can do everything, ONLY BY YOURSELF
You're a fool if you think that
He could save you

Hey man,Get your mind straight.
My dad is a pastor and he challenged me to do a reverse poetry.
Lily Jun 29
He put all of his
Trust in the Savior, Jesus
Christ, and all was well.

my muse is the love of my moonstruck life

he is the totem that I wear around my neck, my emblem of infinite protection
he is the stained glass lampshade by my bed, shedding light on my inner colors
he is the savior of my soul, my thunderous hallelujah

even when I am not a picture of beauty, he wants me pressed against his chest
even when I am wicked, he never lets me go

within every life-altering moment, I fantasize that I am running into his arms, his tall frame embracing me with all of the love in the world
his crystalline eyes call me home

I desire him at his worst and at his best
we wipe the tears off of one another's face and steady each other's heartbeats through the pitch black night

he is my friend
he is my freedom
he is my family
he is my favorite
he is my forever
he is mine
he is me

his acts of kindness will never be forgotten, whether it be a soft kiss on my hand, an opening of the car door, or a homemade cake for my mother

not even the moon could know the extent of my adoration
my love for him is never ending, reminiscent of the ever expanding universe

my affection for him blooms with every day
with every quarrel
with every word
with every caress
with every breathtaking glance

as he lies in bed next to me, I cannot stop the tears from streaming down my cheek, for I am overcome with love
it is 5:03 am
he sleeps in restful peace
he is the face of purity and light
I feel a brush on my shoulder and a whisper in my ear as my muse beckons me to come back to sleep
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