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H    is for help! you know I'm alive
E    for estranged, expressionistics
R    eading rhymes- revise, review
        reprise, recite- rethink and renue.
O    verwhelming-
        vertly, overdone-
o  ntology~
Still, I'm the one.
I'm the hero, of the story-
Don't need to be saved.
No one's got it all

"I aint no Cinderella, I aint waitin on no prince to save me in fact until now I think I been doing just fine- you think I sell my body? I merely sell my time."
sheloveswords Jan 12
I see The Most High in you
                                          yo demons hate that. . .
The Space—between two Seconds—
Is wider than the Sea—
Is smaller than an Atom—
Is all Eternity—

I slip into Forever
Between the tick and tock
Of ageless Time's forever unwinding
Chronoscopic Clock—

And there I see together—
In perfect Unity—
My Savior—ere and after—
His Birth and Calvary—
Beneath the fair blue face of Heaven, harp
In hand, a shepherd flats a D that's sharp.
He plucks and tunes and finds the perfect pitch
And plays a harmony exceeding rich.
The afternoon is hot, and all the sheep
Are full of grass and falling fast asleep.
Cotton ball clouds go slowly floating by
While drowsy songbirds neither sing nor fly.
Even the shiny fish in waters cool
Nap in the cooler shadows in the pool.
Save for the sound of rills that gently spill,
All things are silent.  Everything is still.
     So too a watchful lion keeping eyes
Upon a ewe lamb dozing where she lies.
As still as stone he stalks his sleepy prey:
He's waited patiently the livelong day.
And now the time has come to work his plan,
While most at ease is bird and beast and man.
He takes the first small steps in his approach,
Then breaks into a run and completes the poach.
Bewildered sheep in panic loudly bleat—
Asleep to wide awake in one heartbeat!
The shepherd's senses rush, and running down
The brute, he smites the beast upon his crown.
Dazed and confused, the lion drops the lamb
That lives but by the grace of Him, I AM.
The shepherd grabs the lion's beard, and, hair
In hand, he slays him (as he'll slay a bear.)  
     Returning safe the lamb unto the flock,
The shepherd goes and stands upon a rock.
He lifts his hands to God, and, singing psalms
Of praise, he gives the LORD who's God his palms.
Cotton ball clouds go slowly floating by
As stars begin to twinkle in the sky.
Haiven Oconnor Dec 2022
Brown eyed angel
Sent to untangle my tangles
Shown me the lives I would have in different angles

Trying to Beat my addiction like Cain did able
2018 was like having a tv but no cable
Never thought my life would become this mangled..
So I left to become something more stable
Just to Find 2019 sitting at my table
Thanks for saving me my brown eyed angel ❤️
This poem is about surviving addiction and how god always does his work through the ones that love you the most.
Kelly Mistry Jul 2022
The role of a savior
Is a comfortable one for me

Because we think
If you’re part of the
Then you can’t be
part of the

Of course
This is a false dichotomy

Many of us are part of the problem
While simultaneously trying
to be part of the solution

There may be a place for a solitary savior
In certain moments
For specific circumstances

But lasting solutions
Substantive change

Come from a multitude of voices
Saving themselves
And each other

I strive to find my place in that group
Use my voice to add strength to the collective
Without drowning out those around me
ums Jul 2022
I was alone in the abyss, searching far and wide,
Its smile shot to me like an illuminating light.
I tried to grab the beam but there was a voice that said
Darling the beam isn't real, just ask for it's hand.
And out it came a hand so so bright
The darkness surrounding was consumed by its light.
The colors I saw were vivid and clear, all I needed was this hand to wipe away my tears

Alas the beam couldn't wash away my sins, I needed to see more and was consumed by greed.
It's human nature, it's our need. I wanted to see more of you, from the abyss I wanted to be freed.
The hand pulled away with such might and such speed and told me it didn't want to mislead.
I begged and begged but no matter my plead, I was gray and it was bright, it couldn't mix with my creed.

To the hand now I say, why did u illuminate my night to day.
If I had never known the brightness of the colors, the world around me would've remained gray.
Now as you slowly pull back your beam I ask in dismay, as you go please take this pain away.
Let me cherish and honor your word in spirit
Let me uphold your will and be consumed by enormous divine love
Let it not be me that faults, wanders off grid, journeys to fields with skull and bones, no flesh but dust, quiet with gust of winds that blow over temperate fallen seed
Where darkness looms with cries of tormented souls
"If only had we hoped", a phrase yet turned desire
Words now buried deep and left for ants to feed
Let me in on purity and comfort that comes with you through prayer
Inner love blessed by the spirit Let me grow more in faith
Let it be me, for its you oh Lord that I seek.
We often seek comfort in evil most times knowingly with a belief that as soon as we've had enough we can go back to Christ forgetting that the more time spent in the dark the more we die spiritually. There's nothing that hurts more than regret. When you have some inner darkness always seek light in Christ
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