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Songs are an escape.
You don't hear the lyrics, you listen to them, and you truly understand the artist and don't feel as alone as you felt when you started the song.
Songs are a type of poetry that has music and is likewise written out of deep emotion.
Not some shallow stupid feeling that's temporary, but a feeling that stays with you for a lifetime
James Shayne Oct 4
Hi, my name is **!
Who are you?
I’m James

Thank you for being my savior
You left too soon and I never really processed it
I don't want anyone to feel how I felt when I was told
I still regret not going to your funeral

My tears are a gift that you never got
Still making it up today
maybe the saline is for my pain or the pain I know you couldn't talk about
Troy Oct 3
Destruction is coming
Though many choose to ignore
The call of beings
You can not yet comprehend

We bare no ill will
For we are humanities last hope
We have chosen our contacts
But will you heed our warnings

We lie in wait for you
Be sure to heed our beckon call
For if you chose to ignore
You will all surely fall

The darkness that follows
Will devour this plane
For you must answer the call
In order to save you all

Fear not the voices
That appear from no where
For this is just us
Pleading for you to hear

These warnings are true
Though most just shrug it off
For those who hear us
We beg for you to help

Your people are naive
They lack trust and humility
For you were not created for war
But created for peace and love

We bestowed upon you the knowledge
To save yourselves from damnation
Though all that followed
Was war and greed

Your ignorance has shown us
That you are far from complete
So heed our words
Do not retreat

We ask of you
Who hear our voice
To speak up and find
Those willing to listen

For those who refuse
Or call you insane
Do not get angry
For they are but children

We seek the ones who lived for millennia
Those who’s souls have lived
From life to life
We ask of you to listen

Seek out the salvation
In which we gave you
And once you do
Spread it to all who will receive it

Worry not about those who reject
For they are too young
Too foolish to acknowledge
That time is almost out
Blade Maiden Sep 22

In awe of nature
high on its vigor
Shadows dancing through
dark forests of my mind
thunder breaks open the sky
lightning pours down from the heavens
with relieving sigh

I am struck down
by creational forces
the only god I need
cause she is none
Nature won't bow
there's no need
just go
run with its wild horses
Stop fearing
what was yours from the day
you were put in this earth
just like a seed

All is one
I am one and
I am all
I feel the storm
raging on
Inside me and
all around
Hold onto the winds
for I am bound
to this chance of living
and I am not afraid
of what nature is giving

This macrocosm
this moving world
the ground on which I'm standing
There's nothing in pain
no being can harm you
all will be overgrown
all enemies will eventually be slain
There's no need to hide
your darkness or your light

No, I promise, I won't
I won't be terrified
Kemy Sep 7
It’s astonishing how you knock me off my feet
Enrapture spoken, sentiments we savor as we greet
A relishing secret catered for me, my needs, as we mental feast
It’s getting harder and harder to breathe
Echoes turning, twisting, as they blissfully weave
I wish I could take a journey through your mind
Dine on the emotions you refuse to hide
Cautionary pause, where are you, do you no longer reside
Tempting fate of awakening emotions dancing inside my head
Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread
Dreams of roses, chocolates, wine, a silk covered bed
Beautiful images of a love to be shared
Where feelings could suddenly vanish into thin air
No safety net, no sure bet, hotter than July, to have let
Nurses cannot heal thyself
I need a quick cure from sipping the tale of Sleeping Beauty’s lover’s cup
SOS smoke signals has been sent up
Rescue me Destiny, Fate knows I cannot swim
Horde of feelings have quickly flooded in
Melody of the heart sounds sweeter than the violin
No shore, no dry land
State of mind standing upon quicksand
Tarzan swing me from your vine, refuge needed in this moment in time
I need an escape from this deep ocean of carnal designs
Mind management, intoxicating as sweet wine, softly trickling from off a grape vine
You’ll be the one who brings the pain
Bring the umbrella in the pouring rain
You’ll be the one who makes me cry
Bring me the tissue to dry my eyes
You’ll be the one my heart can’t deny
Sending my body beyond pleasure while entwined in the sky
Whispers in time are arresting, strong
Tarzan embrace me, cocoon me with an escape song
As I tightly hold onto your body as we swing in ecstasy all night long
Distance shouldn’t matter because at the end of the day we’re all under the same sky.

Unknown Author
mc ish Sep 6
our fingers lace
in a vast depressing attempt to keep safe from yourself
i feel responsibility in the slits that take form in your psyche
i should learn how to stop
learn how to breathe
learn how to not
fantastic uncertainty for days unknown
does not equate misery by my shattering ribcage
please think of me again
remember my name and let me save you next time
its a Touchy Subject
Gods1son Aug 29
This world is in a mess
I refused to be depressed
Just too many happenings to digest
Oh my God, this is too much stress!

True people are rare as a Unicorn
Maybe beautiful souls are yet to be born
Or dead in the tomb
Are we corrupted from the womb?

Selfishness is the order of the day
We care less if it doesn't pay
All I see is mere pretence
Been a while, I heard a true sentence

I cry, we need a Messiah
I lie, we are the messiahs
A better world starts with me
And continues with you

We are "messiahs"
A M Ryder Aug 21
My fondest memories are those of you
And listening to you sing
For moments could go unnoticed
While time drifted from the mind
You are nothing to regret
You are not a bad person
You are but only, a miracle in the making.
And soon you shall be a savior to those
Whom you used to be. They need you.
Cynthia Jul 31
No matter where I am
No matter where I go
You are always present
In confusion
In despair
Joyful music
Trembling days.
Karliah Jul 26
Please fair partner, help a soul whom is stricken,
Bend down as I lay here and yelp solemnly fading,
Hurry before I succumb to the pain and infliction,
Assist a fellow player in delaying an early ending,

Do you not remember me aiding you previous?
Have you forgotten our loyalty, our engagement?
My willingness to fight does not make me impervious,
Not to bother and beg but I’m fading into pavement.

My vision has turned a deep shade of bloody red,
An ombre of grey is mixed as seconds tick by me,
These hands clutch and contain a weapon great,
Show mercy fellow samaritan, stop to save thee,

Give me the savior’s juice, dying is simply no fun,
Please good teammate, revive I have the raygun..
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