Beckon 5h

The black names drip from our obituaries, sticky and thin.
You would think they would burn into our minds,
the brand of injustice against bound skin—
But a headstone is lost in unending lines.

It is horrifying.


How do we allow one man to kill another in cold blood?
Life spilled pours out in floods
Our men in blue drenched red
With the staggering numbers dead
And we sit back with “not all cops are the same”

Not every officer’s a killer but do you remember the names
Treyvon and Michael and Eric and Dontre and John and Ezell and Dante and Tanisha and Akai and poor little Tamir, who was still a kid,

Tell me what he did?

There is systematic opression and agression against a group skin defined
Where murder is fine, it happens all the time, killers let off the line
Because of an oath that should bind
The oath they forget, the promise to protect, held up for all citizens except
The ones they choose to neglect

The badge not a shield but a riot ram
Against those that take a stand
And raise defiant hands
For the names lost in the clatter,

Black Lives Matter.

I have lost my mind in the violence. Or rather maybe it has stolen it from me. In any case there is an attempt at semblance, this need to make sense of the senseless. So many names are drip drowned in blood and how do centuries float?
Leielani E Oct 26

White body kills Black body
But no body saw a thing.
Every body has an opinion
But no body has the truth.
White body thought that it could
Beat the blackness out of Black body
But Black body stayed black.
Black body cried out,
"Some body! Please! Help!
This violates bodily rights!"
But still, no body heard a thing.
White body has weapons
It inherited from its ancestors:
            White Privilege
            Justice System
Black body had a weapon too:
White body stays free, remorseless
While Black body lies in the ground.
White body's name is America.
Black body's name was Black Body.

Hadiy Syakir Oct 24

Kudos to Kaepernick.

I just cannot drown all my beliefs and ideas, even if it contradicts my flesh and soul. When I heard that not standing up to the tune; that has always succeed on sweeping all of the messes underneath the sad reality, to be deemed as subversive, I know that Rosa would definitely grip the seat tighter than ever.

Kneel my friend, kneel.

To drag our body out there, all over the precious hills and fields, while acting like the scale that has always been set fairly below you all this time, will hurt you more than myself. How can a mere matter of things can decide our future, our destiny? We shall shape our fate, you shall shape your own fate, and to be judged on the perception biasedly build for thousand of years, is not one that should be endured by anyone or anything in a tiny dot within this vast universe.

Kneel my friend, kneel.

And for that I cannot stand proudly and profess my love to you as for now, eventhough I will always wear my heart on my sleeve for you to see. To be cheated, to be manipulated, to be deemed as surplus, by those at the tip of the plateau, that cunningly asked us to forget all the tangles and wrangles for the love of this sacred land, while unashamedly distribute everything off the soil, off the ocean amongst them, is the last thing that we should allow to happen. I am one of those that can't simply put on the mask on top of our meant-to-be honest faces, to say hail to the thief is worse than an eternal grief. I have never dreamed of burying the hatchet with them, not even for a second and if I ever did it, I shall be condemned and dismissed for forgetting the roots, the fons et origo of mine. To love you does not mean to stand still to the soulless melodies, to love you doesn't mean to bow down to the meaningless piece of cloth that has overseen countless infiltration and bombing over the years.

Kneel my friend, kneel.

To love you is to fight for the rights of many, in any means, even by not standing up. When black is no longer becomes the symbol of miserable, filth and calamity, we shall then breath with ease and fully embrace the real meaning behind all those majestic words.

Kudos to Kaepernick.

Aaron LA Lux Oct 20

If you don’t have patience,
that weight might get you 4 to 8,
if you don’t pace it,
that weight might make your loved ones have to wait,

but I guess that’s better than a 9 to 5,
from 20 to life,
rather be a free man locked up inside,
than in prison on the out side every day of my life,

run away slaves still runnin,

we were once kings,
they turned us into pawns,
how we’re just corporate meat,
for sausages from Uncle John’s farm,

how quickly one can go from,
being Father King to an Uncle Tom,
these cities were never meant for us,
that’s why we’re restless and never feel at home,

anxious yes but if you don’t have patience,
that weight might get you 4 to 8,
if you don’t pace it,
that weight might make your loved ones have to wait,

the whole farm’s for sale,
there’s much more at stake than just steak,
Holy Cow where are we now,
somewhere between Chance and Fate,

somewhere between total failure and absolutely great,

not a rapper not a chance,
at least not anymore,
not here to sing and dance,
I am not anybody’s whore,

this is Capitalism gone wrong,
Consumerism gone rouge,
where every new idea seems so passe,
that it’s out of Style before it’s even En Vogue,


yo yo yo,
Yo MTV Raps got you to dance,
but all those black faces dancing got the white pockets paid and,
most of all the One Hit Wonders didn’t even get a 2nd chance,

gave all our time to Time Warner,
but we all know Warner Brothers is anything but a brother,
from the corner office right back to that corner,
from the lime light right back to those street lights,

better get right,
better save and invest,
we could get an island for what we spend on these diamonds,
know when to hold ‘em know when to fold ‘em well you know the rest,

if you don’t have patience,
that weight might get you 4 to 8,
if you don’t pace it,
that weight might make your loved ones have to wait,

but I guess that’s better than a 9 to 5,
from 20 to life,
rather be a free man locked up,
than in prison on the out side every day of my life,

run away slaves still runnin…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

author of multiple bestselling poetry books.

How easy it is to forget.

When it doesn’t affect you.

When the ones lost, weren’t your loved ones.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t your child on the receiving end.

When it wasn’t your daughter shrieking for help as some man had his way with her.

Indirectly telling her, her body only exists his pleasure.

How easy it is to forget when it wasn’t you that missed the call that may have allowed you to talk your son down from that ledge.

How easy it is to forget when your mother makes it home, and you didn’t even think to worry.

How easy it is to forget, when your father won’t get mistaken for an immigrant.

It’s easier to forget the horror when your family isn’t the one being torn apart.

You see how easy it is to forget, when it’s not their sisters and brothers being left for dead.

You see how easy it is to forget, when the bodies don’t look like you.

Flint Michigan still does not have clean water. Puerto Rico is part of America. The veterans you love so much are jobless and homeless.
Jayme Oct 4

Resilient not militant, your scare tactics won't make me compliant
Emancipating my people with a defeaning proclamtion that we're no longer being silent
We breaking free from the curse of Lynch and what ya'll taught us not to appreciate
Which is funny cause the things ya'll taught us to hate
ya'll turn around and appropiate
We got clowns in power positions trying to hender our greatness in every way
Muthafuckas hiding behind white robes and expecting us to trust them oK.K.K
My brothas and sistahs stop accepting what ya'll been given
They beat us with whips and held us captive with chains
Yet ya'll glorifying that shit in material things which is a fucking shame
Kings some of ya'll find power in guns instead of books
Queens some of ya'll find power in looks instead of books
Kings some of ya'll find power in bodies
Whether you killing, or nutting in them
Another statistic is what they want you to embody
Queens some of ya'll don't understand the power in your bodies
For you birth and nourish an entire  beautiful generation
Wake up and stop sleeping that holds a lot of meaning
We took care of theirs too
Whether threy weren't ours or they were forcibily ours
They were still fed from our breast, and consoled them when they fell and held them to our chests
Black people wake up and stop sleeping
Don't let them kill you, your presence holds a lot of meaning
Prominant leaders, alive and dead
Malcolm, Martin, Lumumba, Angela, Assatta, Bobby, Huey, Garvey,  Ruby, Booker, Du'bois, Thurgood, Medger, Tubman, Parks and many other I didn't name
Their greatness and legacy lives and runs through our veins
So wake up, lets RECLAIM!!!!

this world is
falling apart
terror is

natural disasters
striking every other
day it seems like

kids bringing guns
to school where they
are supposed to learn

old men shooting up
music festivals leaving
50 dead and 500 wounded

police killing innocent
black lives who are
doing nothing but
living their lives

im so sick of it
this is not my world
trump is not my president

this is not the world
im going to raise my
unborn children in

i refuse to live in
a world where
terror is everywhere

i just want to feel
safe without having
to worry about if
im going to
survive another day

my thoughts on what is going on in the world right now
Jasmine Aug 15

I am the shadow of trayvon martin
Lying on the ground just as he did
I'm black just as he was
I wasn't planning to die that day either
I wasn't threatning nobody either
that day
The gunshots echoed
just as loud
when I was shot down as Mike Brown
yet his name echoes through the streets years later still
mine followed me to the grave
They don't care about me it seems
If I cried "what about me"
Who would ever see?
because my hashtag has even been drowned so deep in the depths of R.I.P's that I can't barely breathe anymore
When we think black brutality
Why do the names of trayvon
Rush to our heads just as fast as blood once rushed to theirs?
Does my black life, too, matter?
I can't blame you
That there have been so many deaths due to oppression and police brutality that they all seem to sound the same
No matter how loud we scream Black lives matter
We will never be seen as the living
But the potentially dead
We cry for justice to a system that's no longer built to accept us
A president that tries to forget us
A black voice will always be too loud to a world who never intended on listening
Who am I?
Besides a hashtag and a t-shirt with my face on it?
A black lives matter sign and a melanin fist?
A statistic?
I am black excellence
Regardless of how much sin you may see in my kin

A piece from the perspective of Black oppression victims unheard
JFree Sep 27

In response to "To the football players who took a knee," by PluviopileSr:

In response to all of the people who have tried to silence our suffering:

So, you think we are disrespectful?

Jump into my skin.  Walk to school each morning, head held high and feet grounded into the concrete.  Continue walking as cars rush by, and pretend not to notice as some of them roll down their windows.  Be warned, they will hurl insults at you.  "N-ggers don't belong here."  "Get off our street."  They will hurl back-handed compliments.  "You so fine, mama, you gotta be mixed."  "Come in my car, baby, that ass belongs here."  Don't respond, but know that later these words will echo in your head, making you a foreigner in your own home. Get used to saying "no," without saying no at all.  And when you do refuse, don't be surprised when those people pull over and leap out of their cars.  They will follow you.  And you will have to determine whether to stay and fight or to run.
That is disrespect.

Get taken aside by a mall cop.  Have that cop ask your best friend if he stole the shoes that sat on his feet.  Watch them argue, attempt to step in and pacify them both, and listen as the cop spits at you,"N-ggers like you are always lying."  Your best friend will respond like lightning, but you will feel the entire world begin moving in slow-motion.  His fist will pull back, veins popping through his dark skin, and your first response will be to hold him back and push him away.  To avoid any chance of conflict.  Avoid any chance of danger.  He will try to fight, and you will not.

Elders teach us that if you act and dress professionally, keep your hands where the officer can see them, and don't speak back, then nothing bad will happen to us.  But take a moment to watch a video.  Watch Alton Sterling, whose name I still have trouble saying out loud, be shot as he lay on the ground.  Watch Delrawn Small simply approach a police car before he is shot.  Watch this happen over and over and over again from the intolerable comfort of your bedroom.  Your brother's blood is spilling on the concrete.  Your sister's feet are dangling from the floor, and you are doing nothing.  You are not allowed to do or say anything without being told that you are disrespectful. People police your tone in order to muffle your message.

No one who is protesting has said a word against the military, against the people who fought for us to be safe from other countries.  The two topics are completely different.  But we cannot forget that now is the time to protect all of our citizens.  Protect us from each other, from extrajudicial murder, from the system that has kept people of color from feeling heard in America.  The flag stands for a history of citizens who fought for their freedom, but we can't deny that it also holds the black blood which has been spilled and never given justice.  

The military and the murder of black men in America are completely different topics.  Putting them together is irrational, and it is a way to divert from the meaning of kneeling during the National Anthem:

Our country is in a state of distress.  If no one will acknowledge that, we will fly our own flags half-mast.

There is not a God who can provide liberty and justice for all.  He does not change people's minds.  It is our job to live, live freely, and to make our own choices on how to treat the people around us.  Whether or not you follow the Bible, Torah, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, or anything else, we must acknowledge our differences and treat each other with love.  Your emotions and choices are your own.

So yes. I'll take a knee with Colin Kaepernick. I'll do that any day, if it means not standing with the system that makes life more difficult every day.  Because what is more important: being safe or being heard?

kindlewick Sep 26

you can talk
about the sacrifices that people have made for this country
you can criticize the successful people
who use their fame to draw attention to issues they care about
you can criticize me
and other people who think unquestioning love of country
is dangerous.

but you cannot tell me
when unarmed black men get shot by police officers
(officers who are not held accountable for these deaths)
you cannot tell me that nothing is wrong with the way things are.

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