...about to do FORTY YEARS...

how much
more do
you need
to see
that you
are in
a tyranny?

This is akin to handing Socrates a poisoned vial

in his new documentary on HBO...

he says,
if it doesn't feel right

Does THIS feel right?

a million+white kids feel yah,
a million plus



a Black Life matters here..
Sol Saboni Jul 14

these tears drown me
as i stare at the screen.
the hearts of young Africans
still suffering.
they drown me into a harbor of guilt
be careful don't let those tears spill.
see we only care
when were forced to be aware
eyes stare st the screen.
wtf does this mean.
hide yourself.
fuck a gun.
living life this way.
fathers telling the world your not his sun.
girl you over here drowning,
creating rivers and streams.
claiming you know what being black means.
until the son goes down and you hear
about all these Black Men
Red Districting.
now you joining a fight
that barely has a side.
with way more history
involving you nor i.
whatever you say this is my life.
my choice, my party.
i can sit here and cry.
and deny, deny, deny.
while our brothers are being killed.
by ourselves more than them.
they don't view us as equal
and im not talking about them.
so girl play your part.
speak your mind
so that it looks like you fought.
for our brothers and sisters
who can no longer fight for themselves.
because our black people
tied their hands behind their back,
as they fell into wells.
of despair.
because in this world
as a gay
black man.
your just a beast with no nation.

Starin Jul 11

It lies in my skin,
It makes me who I am,
It makes me beautiful,
You saw and see me as lesser,
You look down at me with displeasure,
My big lips and bum were seen as ugly,
Now seen as a trend broadly,
My natural beauty has fallen in the category of fake,
My melanin aches,
My blackness sheds tears as my sense of beauty once hated,
Now brought into the public eye, now everyone all bums and lips inflated,
Something once that was seen as characteristics of my people,
Now a trend.
So sorry if I don’t follow a trend that is sickening,
But I won’t stop my smile from glistening,
Cause there are things you can’t take from us,
Our freedom, our pride, our melanin.

my features were always beautiful

Help me Sarah,

Help me Whitney,

All these sugars and creams makin' me dizzy.

Don't wanna be pinned down by Warner or Disney

But now everybody tryna get in me.

My black butt, my black thighs.

Been called a hoe by all the black guys.

I can't get no black love or satisfaction.

So I'll sip some Lemonade and finally take some action.

Bitch. It's now my middle name.

I'll never look back at Bugs Bunny the same.

I'm gonna catch myself a wha-bitt

Get myself high up, make it a habit.

I’m black coffee. Don't need no milk.

Help me Nina,

Help me 'Yonce,

I've been woke, stayin' up late.

I've been tryin' to curve on the self hate.

I've been so sleep, I forgot to love myself.

Love's the thing missin' in my mental health.

My black boobs, my black face.

I should've known they were perfect in the first place.

If I stand up, they'll shoot me down now.

If I get on stage, I'll have to bow down.

If I wanna sing, gotta go through the kitchen first.

They assume if I'm not drinking that I must be thirst-y

They tryna hand me caramel frap machine but I'll take some black coffee.

No cream.

Help me Josephine,

Help me Bessy,

I stopped using perm and now I'm testy.

They likin' my pictures cuz of my afro.

But like everything in life, it needed time to grow.

I used that shea butter, that coconut.

I wanna tell the truth, gonna be real blunt.

Ain't gonna fake, ain't gonna stunt.

I don't need milk. I'm black coffee.


I'm black coffee.

Some people don't like black coffee. Need some sugar or cream to make it less bitter. But me? I'm black coffee.
Jazzed Jun 28

BANG; another kid, another life

another dark toned baby
taken away for no real
another mother mourns
over her proudest accomplishment
another brother cries when he
passes that street corner
another sister says nothing...
she is desensitized from
last week's loss

BANG; a different kid, a different life

for a movement that goes unnoticed far too often

Im new to this- please leave me feedback

i am sick of writing poems
about skin color



bring back the boy, his hair like cashmere. bring him back and we will mourn

ordinary dead things, dead like american pride for anyone who doesn't fly a confederate flag.

black things, things that are purer and more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

mourn the feeling his mother must of known. child. poof. gone.
he is no more.

just a shell on the floor, and the officer is given paid leave, hailed as a hero to the right wing, gun slinging, bible clinging majority that 

elected our president, and now will tear us apart
through protests, twenty two dead in manchester, stabbings on 

bombs, steering planes into the world trade

forty nine dead in orlando, four dead in ohio
and it just goes on and on

we come out, with signs and voices
someone shoots us down

i want war, not to defend honor
but to bring back the boy

bring back the boy who once stole
just to pass the time

and take away the officer who thought
petty crime

was worth a life
or two

bring back the boy, the boy who is all of us
bring him back for all the others

the others who saw the black tongue of the bullet
in their final moments

and cried
for we are too worthy for a city of ash

A repost.
Micaiah W Jun 15

Shoot me, You might as well, cause I'm a threat
A threat to your system, a threat to your net
profit and status quo, so pick up that gun shoot me and pray to the ground I go, and when you bury me you better call me a madman and pray that the martyrs don't grow

You may as well shoot me Mr.Police officer,
It may put your employers at ease
One bless black man with a heart of power
One less antibiotic to your disease
Don't forget to tell me I'm resisting, don't forget to tase me til I fall
Don't forget to choke me so those listening won't hear my struggles, my calls
Don't forget to have the media depict me as a thug, and a criminal and a menace to society
Don't forget to  reprimand and berate me
Remind  your older white listeners that my kind, my skin color
is still not considered American Propriety
But more like American property, disposable goods

So kill me, the cameras are recording but don't worry you'll get off free
Might be just a conviction but your Massa's new henchmen and Massa still got the key
A couple months paid administrative leave so you can sit on a beach, drink some ice tea
Mad that you can no longer put chains on our wrists so you put handcuffs instead
No longer pulling whips across our backs so you bury hot burning lead
No longer working your fields for all to see but instead privatized free prison labor with your warden holding the key.

Martin told me when he us that he had a dream
I got his same DNA in my bloodstream
And in every cell in my body I feel the effect, I teem
I boil I scream, when I see a black mother or father gunned down by police men and the children witnessing the death, the blood, the stream.....

I scheme, and when I sleep, I dream
And when I dream it's bad news for you
to avenge those we lost by crimes, undue
To put a stop to all of you.

Jasmine May 29

They used to murder people that look like I do
They do murder people that look like I do
They've taken away my freedom and put my mind in a cage
No use to fight the bloodshot eyes
Stained from the tears I cry
Our cries for justice and equality they are trying to hide behind bars
because they know that nobody dares to read between the lines of white lies
They are trying to silence us
Keeping an entire race from the ability to arise

When blackbirds die, why can't we ever hear their screams?
Maybe that's why they never hear our screams,
For black lives to actually matter

Injustice has grabbed us by the hand with a grip that we can barely withstand
We cannot break free from what our skin defines us as
They say be afraid,
I'm just another face in the crowd of a picture of silenced serenity
Because dark skin is really just a picture of crowded statistics and percentages
We stay in the shade because that's the only place we seem to fit in
Maybe that's why we seem to be walking in the dark like zombies
Killed by the sweetness of black suicide , genocide
I'm tired of trying to put my sorrows aside

Our children love to play in the rain
Dark hearts
Dark souls
Dark minds
Seem to come along with having dark skin
The rain finally gives it a companion
Our little boys can finally find a release
Cry the tears they always held back
Because they were taught that real men don’t cry
But the rain
Protects him from criticism
He asks
“If I cry alone,
Will heaven still accept me?”

Let us pray
‘Our father who hide in shadows
Humble be thy name
Thy love will never come
Thy affection is solely done

An integration of lines from pieces I've written in the past on women's rights, relationship issues, and race inequality. Hopefully this can help some see that these topics are one in the same.

man tells me
man is you
man is that argument
man is that saying
man is that bias


...is my fists,
ending you
that argument
your stupid sayings
that bias


I'm coming for you man.


My burden is too heavy to carry
People of my race are dying
One can't walk on the side of the road
without having a bullet pierce
through their melanin bodies
or brown sugar
I can't accept the violence
I demand sacrifice to the wrong guidance
'Cause I can't sit and cry with a tissue
preparing a eulogy
for my blood brother and sister
who've been shot by the minority
I step foot on this ground
and declare an apology
Slave me not
for I am a human
Can't you see the protests ?
This is not a contest
What happened to the freedom knot ?

Equality and diversity?
- I can't accept the current adversity
Rights and responsibilities?
- But black beings are bein exposed
to vulnerability
Rules and regulations?
- I thought we had amalgamation

World War III ?
No ...
I want us to be free

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