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Aster Rowen Dec 5
A lost glass slipper
Shouldn't mean a broken heart
A locked door
Upon the highest peaks of a castle
Shouldn't mean locking yourself away
The bullseye shone brightly of an arrow
Shouldn't lead to running away
It's the ever after that counts
Everything else before
Everything after
Whether you choose your own path
Which always tends to be the case
Just know you're not the only one
Longing for freedom
Cause remember
This is your Happily Ever After
Z M Dec 3
Why did you give me this?
What use is a broken arrow?

They all tell me it’s fine, but can’t you see
It’s sort of cracked in the middle,
Who are you to tell me it’s fine?
You clearly are blind,
Ignorant to the screaming arrow
Who only hopes for the flight
to clear mountains, ******* clouds

To pierce the shield
straight into the heart of the enemy
and damage the insides
Oh, how he will cry in agony
How he will finally understand the meaning of

Why is mine broken? Look at all the others
Flawless and ornate in every detail,
What enviable carvings!
Some are made of pure gold
but never burdened by its weight;
Contrary to what I was taught
Gold is stronger than steel
Lucky *******.

I have rust on my hands,
I grip
Tighter and tighter
Red drips

Maybe I should be more gentle
because everything seems to be on the verge of
any time

As I feel myself becoming weak,
It is time,

Time to shoot the arrow
Time to become the archer I have always wanted to be
I can still win this


I close my eyes

Mercy hold me now
I missed the mark
What’s do be done
When the archer’s shot
‘Round target passes
But another shot taken
May find the mark

So mercy,
Mercy hold me now
I wait for impact
And a ****** dawn
Time has frozen
So that this moment
Is perhaps the longest
I have ever known

Mercy now

Fainche Nov 22
an arrow with its sharp tip
‎could strike a heart ‎painfully sweet
the one who aim—concentrated, sweat dripped,
‎just to clasp his lover's love

‎an arrow with its sharp tip
could either ‎save lives or slay lives
if he aim with ‎villainy emitted throughout his soul,
he might dispatch his lover's life
Nathalie Nov 17
There is no lie in her fire

Only those that

Dare come close enough

Resonate with the growing kindle

Of her flame

The risk is worth forsaking

As the draw from her arrow

Pierces through the illusions

That keep them small

Her light grows

In proportion to the study

Of the heart

Which illuminates the souls

Of those that lay in waiting

Between revelation and sleep

There is a turning point

That impedes the way back

To forgetfulness

Opening only further awareness…

werdnaZ Nov 13
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the miseries of my numbness
im fine
Danielle Oct 29
Shoot down those stars!
Their time of ending has come.
No bitter words,
Or tears shall fall,
From the bright windows of heaven.
For their time of ending has come.
On swift arrow’s wings.
MicMag Sep 25
impact me
so invigorating
you raise me high
from the deepest valley
to soaring peaks of love & life
pointing me in the right direction
all I have
all I want
all I need
You point me toward the heavens
SEYI KING Feb 2017

I am as a *****
To an errand I cannot wave
Where I go,  I cannot say
But where I am, I cannot stay
There is a face behind this string
And even he I cannot see
But once he pulls, I obey
For then I am finally free

First they lay me down for years
Amongst steel that is sharp and thick
But then the day draws near
Bearing foes with stones and sticks
Though I am small, I am fast and sleek
I don't fray my path is strict
At first sight, I am nothing to fear
At first strike, I am a lot to bear

Without a doubt I bring despair
Often leave them deep in grouch
Pain I caused, beyond repair
I felt his rage by how he pouts
We both clinging to his life
See him fight with all his might
As he drips onto my head
I fade away at my journey's end

Sayer Jul 28
When you wait for morning to come every day
you have no days anymore
just a ******* up version of time and candy cigs
become real cigs and ****** **** is always ****** ****
and I feel like I always need you as horrible as you are

in the back of your car or the front
i took you both ways and you told me that's not what love really is
and it's all my fault in the end because i follow everyone
i meet to their own back alleys to be stabbed in the back

with a tack to the center of my heart
the arrows follow a hundred percent to their mark
that's just my luck
i hate a good ****
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