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Open to the mesmerizing sight of love, I would fervently pursue the captivating idea all on my own, like a lone wolf relentlessly hunting down its prey. With a predatory grace, I would skillfully stalk you, my innocent deer,—
In this unspoken forest of the night's serenade, where the moonlight casts ethereal shadows upon the earth, I find myself compelled to howl at the songs of their mysterious silhouettes. With an uncontainable excitement building within me, I carry a devilish grin that tugs at the corners of my lips, anticipating the moment when I can unleash a torrent of words, forming a sentence that will not only capture your attention but also leave an indelible impression on your soul.

My words, like white-water rapids crashing against the rocks, will bite down on your ear with a playful yet alluring intensity. They will weave sentences that touch the deepest recesses of your mind, evoking emotions that you never knew existed within you. Like a gentle caress that ignites a fire, my words will tickle your pleasure, awakening desires that have long been dormant.

With every beat of my heart, I am driven to explore the uncharted territories of love with you. Together, we will delve into the depths of passion, traversing treacherous landscapes of vulnerability and trust. Your heart will become my sanctuary, a place where our love can flourish and grow, protected by the fierce and unwavering loyalty of a wolf...
your gate wolf, forever vigilant in protecting the sanctity of our shared connection.
This was a challenge of using a word generator two give me two random words to write a piece on. "Gate wolf"
neth jones Dec 2023
the night cares                                                  
         and we are it's batteries
it licks us like a daring child                            
                 and the night avian raptors are tufted
  and their prey is energized              
  and the chase/escape scenario   is a burly-hurly
    flight night                                                  
and the trees push around the winds
and breath is the current of life        
and the furnaces tick down
and an unreal peeling                        
          of the church human bells
(calling the hour or the faithful to prayer)
 aids my constructive dreaming bleed
chimney awoke
the night licks me                                                  
                   like a daring child licking a battery
  but caring also                                      
                like a cat removing the amniotic sac
                 from it's newborn
Nyx Aug 2023
Like a vampire, I'd met him in the night
Seated by a fireplace filled with flickering light
The silence lulled as if drawing me in
Broken by his voice, dripping with sin

Dark hair beautifully framing his face
clear white skin, like an old portrait filled with grace
As if looking through me with those piercing blue eyes
Revealing the secrets that within me, they lie

To brandish a stake, to hold it tightly in my hand
Desire to pierce the still-beating heart, return it to the land
Unlike a gentle melody dancing in the night
The taste of iron on my lips wouldn't feel right

Trace the lines of my body, call me mine with those lips
Enchant me with that sweet tongue, Let my reality begin to slip
Caress me with those cold hands, Hold me tightly in embrace
Tell me all your heart desires, what you dare not face

Close your eyes for but a moment, Feel the warmth of my skin
Let it radiate around you, Breath it all in
Now run away quickly, Flee while you can
Before the prey falls captive, to this hunter of a man

Quench your thirst

It's such an obvious honeytrap
Rene Arreola Apr 2023
Snakes have gone loose
In the forest of your mind,
While the sharks in the seas of your eyes
Take the bait I have carefully reeled out.

You’ve become purely animalistic;
As are your intentions.
Coincidentally, your mind has become flawed.

You and I are part of a crucial ecosystem,
The circle of life as we know it.
And it seems that you have become confused
As to who is the apex predator in this food chain.
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2022
I pray to my Lord; as the prey in this crazy
world, dressed in sheep's clothing of all
those wolves.
All lurking around with no good.

Shepherd guide me; I don't always know
where to go. Staff of mercy; disciplines hurt
of the rod, but keeps me on my track to God.

Teeth marks; and ****** holes in my leg,
went chasing on greener pastures. But instead;
I was caught down on my defence.
Wolves only see red; as they have their prey out as
a spread.

The prey prays not to be prey; by the longest
prayer of all the sheep's prayers.

Carlo C Gomez Mar 2022
seduction of fascism in mind,
like tumbling autumn leaves
ever and always
on the steps of a country house.
always and ever
just outside the aix-les-bains dance hall.
his blousy new bride
and her old lover
aware of his sympathies and
  the danger he presents to them.

seduction of fascism in mind,
ever and always
on a deserted alpine road.
always and ever
one trail of blood,
remnant of the preyed upon.
she screams against the glass,
quiet devil in the backseat
haunted by the disorder
  of his own mind.

eyes opened to
his own mutability.
alienation is immanent,
bred in the bone.
a desperate need for gravitas,
built upon vaporous credulity.
and she is pursued through the woods
ever and always,
through iridescent fields
always and ever,
until finally in his crosshairs
  she falls.

those like him have not suddenly
vanished from the earth, but
  are merely lying in wait.
MuseumofMax Nov 2021
I saw a little car today
zooming past my window

It was so small
yet it moved so quickly; unafraid

a bigger car approached it
swerving just before the crash

but there it stood resilient
waiting for its turn to go

and all I could think was:
how do I be more like that?
Sonorant Jul 2021
Little lamb, lone in the brush
Without a mother’s feed.
Who is to groom the gloss
Of her delicate clothing?

Little lamb, who sings to me,
Unlettered melodies,
Why does she wag forth
These eyes of rust—
In pensive gloat ache
Sipped sinews of her throat?

Little Lamb, bleating to bleed,
Ventures frail, tender limbs
Deep within Tophet’s Vale.
Meek, she slips in buried sheets.

Little Lamb, orchid chewed to root
Bask and bathe the moon
Twixt her thighs.
Splayed upon pastures
Nourished with tears.

Wine spilled into the milk of being.
She drinks the rich grain.
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