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jcl 7d
Animals have an intuition about danger. Men have “gut feelings.”  I should have listen to mine.  The first time I saw her, I knew she was dangerous.  I could feel it, and it excited me.  She was a predator, a tigress, a seductress on the hunt.  A wild, untamable savage woman who destroyed men.  She would destroy me.  I saw it in her eyes the first time I saw her.  She was walking by with her girlfriends, laughing and giggling  She looked up, caught my gaze, and my world suddenly froze. A thousand feelings were expressed in blink of her eyes.  She told me I was prey.  She told me I would die. She smiled, releasing my gaze.  My world rushed back into focus with the abrupt harshness of a slap in the face.  I was sweating. I was afraid. I was excited as I  watched her disappear into the crowd. I was reeling, trying to conceive a way to approach her, to find a clever, witty one liner to distinguish myself from the rest.  I set my drink down. I couldn’t think of anything.  I was spent.
Written  May 13, 1998 Paris, France while sitting at a bistro
Forget the onion and all its layers
thats obvious
You are undeserving for such a cliché
So I invite a different perspective
Think of a base, flour and egg kneaded together like I need you,
so dense in identical morals
Folded with mirrored ideology of future fortuity
Dipped sensually with a sauce so thick,
Thicker than blood or water,
Blended as one to create a sea of red as deep as our hearts pumping vitality
Sprinkled softly with the most palatable, mouth watering mozzarella
Each placing full of utter affection,
Long lost stares while you sit innocent to me feasting my eyes upon your moreish persona.
The only quandry we must face is whose decision that day of toppings to showcase
Who gets the chance to tease additional flavours, delicious tasters
To open eyes to attributes unseen before,
Hopes set high to electrify taste buds
Wanting the other to crave more

Ingredients brought together for a flavoursome pizza
You are my hawaiian
As i,
Your meatfeast.

Opposing trimmings
Eachothers 1st choice
One anothers perfection to quench their dying hunger
The anaolgy I concoted best used to describe my relationship.
My partner and I have opposite interests, humour, and past times,
but we sit firmly in a body of identical morals, integrity and honour, mirroring each others.
A pizza is nothing without a strong base.
Toppings can be changed and mixed to any combination.
The base is the structure of our love, ***** and rigid.
The toppings are interchangeable extras that we diversify daily to develop and grow together.
JKJI Mar 1
Leave me dead or numb
instead of hurting,
like skilled hunters do
when they catch prey.
conflicting species
test the limits
to assert power
between themselves
i need to thank my ecology teacher for this
The days, they flee like frightened prey
From ravenous needs of the past,
Appetite that feeds on today,
Voracious hunger’s everlast.

Still open wounds prey on the weak,
Tomorrow’s young without defense.
It’s deadly game of hide and seek,
It’s pain’s surviving consequence.

Tomorrow has not built the strength
To outrun this ferocity,
Anger pursues and shortens length
So it can feed on what could be.

The ruthless past pursues to feed
In service to instinct to ****,
Attack and let the future bleed,
To prey on time so it stands still.
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Apporva Arya Jan 4
When own blood betray,
With emotions they play,
It all seems grey,
No hope for a better day.

And only I can pray,
Loving myself is the way,
Time will make them fade away..

They had betrayed,
What we were yesterday.
Its my dreams,they betrayed.
now i say,we cant stay.
No time to delay,
Run Run you!. The karma's prey..
It hurts when a family betray. It all seems grey. But all i can do is prey,love myself and do my karma. Time and Karma has sparred none. I am forgiving them all.
BlueInkDitty Dec 2018
Open your head and colour my mind,
I'm giving a hold, I'm giving my soul.
Hinder my life and take what I find,
I'm giving my all, drawing on your walls.
I'll be the flesh if you are my skin,
I'm singing your song, will you sing along ?
So fall on my body, if your words can win,
I will give you all, my rights and my wrongs.

You're walking with the hungry wolf,
Hunting me in my dreams,
The shark I love to be scared of,
Swimming in my streams.
And I'm feeling all your energy,
As another storm in my sea.

And I'm hiding still,
From a love that kills,
Within days,
And behind my gates,
Struggling without hate,
I'm the prey.
I can see your heart, we are the same,
I knew from the start I'd burn in your flames.
How can I stay away from your hands,
When our beginning may be our end.

You're running with the lion queen,
Tearing at my chest,
The tiger inside is raging,
Leaving me no rest.
And I'm feeling all your energy,
As another storm in my sea.

And I run and flee,
From the love in me,
But she stays,
And behind the doors,
You are hunting for,
I'm the prey.
8M Dec 2018
My eyes are dull
Darkness flows fast and
Steal my heart and
Fly away

Darkness flows fast and
They'll go avast again
Fly away
Just like the hawks

They'll go avast again
Tooting the horns
Just like the hawks
They've found their prey

Tooting the horns
Searching for love
They've found their prey
Bombs away

Tooting the horns
Steal my heart and
They've found their prey
My eyes are dull
Lady Ravenhill Dec 2018
Frigid wintertime
A northern, feathered owl floats
whilst watching the mouse
© LadyRavenhill 2018
Haiku 67
Arcassin B Oct 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

Kissing the ring of death , now that ain't what you want to do,
Their painting the town red ,really just to make it dead,
Unlock the third one , right in the middle of your head,
Find your power , anything to get loose,
Anything to get loose, that makes,
Other geese jealous and fly away from the one spitting all the
And we don't bother, for all you hypocritical people still on
Soul comes alive like the crow in night when it stalks its prey,
Better hope you do,
Despite the circumstances , I still can't do,
I'm aware of this world , I'm aware of the truth,
I'm aware that they want to make slaves out of you,
I'm wishing that the most high comes through,
I'm wishing that the more that I reach for it, I could see
A better virtue.
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