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Zack Ripley Nov 1
As my body gets weaker,
my mind grows stronger.
But I can't help but wonder how much longer my heart can hold on.
Hold on to the faith, to the dream.
But more than anything,
I wonder how much longer the love in my heart can hold on to me
Pillu Nov 2020
Dancing on the wet mud,
Laughing altogether,
Completely soaked in the rain,
After forgetting all those miseries,
With them beside me.

But now,
Sitting in the dark,
Covered in blankets,
Watching the birds shiver,
Flinching at each thunder strike,
I wonder,
Have I grown older? Or weaker?
Each time when it rains, Pillu sits near the window, looks at the children who are playing even under the rain. This was her past, when she had so many friends to play with, but now, she sits alone, and watches the others playing happily. She has no more desire to enjoy the nature.
Has she grown up?
Grey Mar 2020
My cries for help

Have been ignored,

I don't think I have the strength

To scream anymore.
m i a May 2016
you were a ****,
and i was a flower,
you held greed,
and i held power,
but one day,
the sun came out,
and with no doubt,
you recieved all the light,
and i had to fight,
to get was rightfully mine,
you kept growing taller,
as i kept getting smaller,
i loss my beauty,
my petals,
you were tearing me apart,
you were weakening my heart,
i'm tired of this,
now is the time,
that i start,
to take back what was mine,
it's going to be a long process,
but i'll just progress,
further than i have before.
for you are the ****,
that holds greed,
and i am the flower,
who holds power.
the **** represents anxiety, while the flower represents all of us who are fighting this terrible mentality. stay strong.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
I'm the one that's supposed to be holding it all togeather
Making everything better
But the ropes are slipping
And the blood will soon be dripping
It's all about to splatter on the floor
I wish I could just turn and walk out the door
There's no where to hid
To many salty tears cried
Nothing to do but watch
In the depression's belt another notch
Seen it coming for months, no one to help
Bend over let life give me another whelp
Because who is there to pick up the one that kept it all togeather
The one that the storms they where supposed to weather
Who is there to help the one everyone turned to
The one that now can't pull through
Can you riddle me this
Where is my bliss
I need to know
The ropes about to go
With enough pressure even a diamond can crack
And I'm much weaker than that
Erika Castaldo Dec 2015
I remember it so clearly,
The dark oak of the table,
The smell of her cigarette smoke.
We would sit every night and play
500 Rummy.

Then she started to get weaker.
I would watch in horror
As my grandmother’s hands shook
With every set she put down.

The oak table turned to the
Bland plastic of the one in the hospital
And her cigarettes were replaced with
An IV and an oxygen tank.

The next night
I sat in the living room,
Glaring at the empty table
And the unopened pack of cards.
They mocked me.

I dressed in black today,
When everyone tossed dirt
I tossed an Ace of Spades
And an old Zippo.
Kale Oct 2015
When you stumbled into
My broken life
We were filled to the brim
With fleeting romance
That Controlled our Minds
But then I realized
That our love was false
And the sweet nothings
Were the web of the poison spider.
And I realized you were leading me
To be a prisoner to your wicked smile.
I thought I couldn't escape
I thought that I was weaker than you
But my belief is the
Control you had over me
And so I decided that I should
Run Away
Hayley Cusick Sep 2014
I'm in the dark
losing my sight.
I've tried so hard
to find the light.
but the black that engulfs me
keeps pulling me deeper.
whispering in my ear,
to become someone weaker.
just take me
Leah May 2014
I destroyed my body
for a peace of mind i never got.

It's amazing how at one point in my life
I will be extremely close with you and then
later you will become a complete stranger.
You passed me without a word,
without a single acknowledging look. But,
you were the person, who once knew me so well
that you knew all my dark secrets and saw me through.

You were the smell before the rain but
now you are the blood in my veins,
a heart without chains.
No one's going to kiss the pain away. It's miserable, tired and lonely.

— The End —