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Neelam 2d
The time spread out the eternal
as the night embraced
intimate secrets within darkness,

As the moist dispersed,
the sweet scent of euphoric
wavelets, dessicated air
pierced the soul with
glad tidings of the Dawn

Eyes caught the glimpse
of the first rays, and it's
time to drown within
the fatigued brainwaves.
Dedicated to all musicians who work alone in their studios from 9 to 5 (9 pm to 5 am).
Fickle to the ears and solemn to the soul is the truth she unfolds,
A tedious maze of reckoning lies with every answer she shares,
A woman of wonder.
Bending to the moon forevermore the waves collapse against the shore,
The push and pull a rhythmic tantrum abiding by natural cause,
A sparkling realization to the infinite balance vested beyond our reach,
A tale predestined transcending script and linguistic compression,
Oceans galore.
a stranger to all and family to few I stand before you,
unknown and masked in anonymity my pen speaks volumes my voice could never reach,
today I lift the veil and show you the woman hidden between the lines,
A treacherous journey one embarks on to heal,
With unexpected turns in the path it is not linear,
Through adversities there will be triumphs,
In hardship you will prevail,
Keep going in the direction the universe has set for you,
Keep growing at the pace that is right for you,
Individualize your experience and embrace your process,
You are deserving of the kindness bolstering within.
Melody Mann Jun 4
An assortment of constellations scatters her surface,
An aura of serenity cascades across her conscious,
Benevolent is the truth vested within her,
Divine is the mystics she pursues,
A wanderer weary from travel she rests upon the fallen star,
Regaining her momentum to stride across the dreamscape she ponders,
A silent soul forevermore,
Searching for the essence infinite.
Melody Mann Jun 4
In the ruins of memories shall I scavenge for relics,
I seek totems of our union and idols of our departure,
For in the battlefield we shared I sit to relish the agony of separation we now bare,
To the crimson kisses staining our surrender,
A salute to fractured promises.
Melody Mann Jun 2
Confide in me she whispers,
Peeling away each layer that traps his essence,
Share your devious truths that ache to surface,
Confide in me,
Trusting her gestures he dismantles his barriers,
Flooding her refuge with stories untold,
He confides in her solitude.
Elliott G May 31
Life in solitude, emptiness surrounds
Silent mist rising in the serene woods

The birds seldom sing their songs
Satins, sapphire, and soul

The stream slithers in slender streaks
Squeezing past senile saplings

Squirming into the smooth sky,
Set clouds slink upon the heavens

Brush speechless under solemn gaze
Tranquility seduces scruffs of leaves

From past autumn, someday stalling
Another year, or another two

And life keeps skidding, sliding
Around the slow line of time

No stopping, no pause
Sanctified continuum.
Andy Chunn May 29
In Teapa he now makes his home
After his journey from the states
Trouble caused his heart to roam
And sorrows filled his plate

One friend asked him about the gun
And what he planned to do that night
He said he’d do what must be done
And anger blurred his sight

He shot her down and did not care
The gun still in his hand
His woman said that she had dared
To love another man

Someone asked where he would go
Where he would run or stay
He simply said I do not know
And headed down Mexico way

People staring from a distance
Some just mumble and turn away
And he can tell in just one instance
What they mean and what they say

So when I see him on the street
I shake his hand so he will know
He has a friend and when we meet
I simply say “Hey Joe”
A tribute to Jimi Hendrix and his song pinned by Billy Roberts called "Hey Joe"
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