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Viktoriia May 13
a paradigm of solitude,
a monotone reprise.
she's desperate for a little break
to stop and shut her eyes.
a symphony of tragedy,
a prayer in disguise.
she walks her path so stoically,
but all their hymns are lies.
a disbelieving audience,
a concert of goodbyes.
she's desperate for a little break
to stop and shut her eyes.
Karijinbba May 11
Dearest true love:

It's mother's day dearest darling: My blessed imaginary friend PJC/JPC= rddbba- well not so imaginary but a real true love.
You your blessed deeds remains like the stars above like the many constellations, distant in sight, but never far from mind and heart.

There are so many treasures gone wrong all which fell into enemies hands treasure map and all. Even my offspring went missing. Janehiltonmay
Our dream that did not breath in the face of reality. My heart is shattered glued back together together, Its a stubborn heart of gold does anyone need such a heart? Alone and destitute kept alive by grace of an old memory chip. After all the sacrifices carrying for everyone beloved-
On my own again.
I love you so much and you my precious grown treasures my children, my true love pat= rdd be well my love thank you for thinking of me loving me across the unsurmountable obstacles.
May God keep you blessed safe never ever feeling alone I am just a thought away..loving you understanding you treasuring all of you all that is a part of you.
It looks like I did read between the lines and I need it now that I am older

Much love true love Mom.
Angelinabba. AKA Janehiltonmay.
All rights reserved 41654-10:30AM Mich Mex.
RC May 10
I sometimes wonder what it's like to have real friends
and I realize the reason I don't think I have them
is because I'm not one
I'm selfish
and I don't want to know what you're going through
because I'm going through enough
and if I care I care too much
so I'm absent
and I'm convinced that one day
I will be able to fill my cup
so I can healthily pour over
but until then I am not a friend.
His last words; I tried
He last heard; I know

The next day, he saw angels fly
The next week he felt them glow

The years stacked on like fire
The same years he met people he didn’t know

Until the time came like chain on a wire
Until he met the person again, that made his heart grow
I haven’t given up,
But the energy inside me
has dimmed over time.

Life has swallowed me whole,
And I’m caught in the tide of a
never-ending spiral,
Drowning at every word.

Will I make it out of
this storm, or be carried away
by the waters, no sign of life
and screams left unheard?

I’m content with suffering,
but this emptiness inside me,
persists without warning.

I forgot how to feel,
Forgot how to smile,

The last time I felt

I haven’t felt that
way in a while.

And so life
reminds me,

That no matter
what I do, or where
I go,

My problems always
follow me, even when
I’m alone.

I haven’t given up,
And I haven’t broken

But I know my
problems won’t go away
until I’m six feet underground.
Bowedbranches Apr 24
I guess I should thank you
For the solitude
I definitely do
Deserve some me time
relahxe Mar 28
The windows are closed,
The lights are off,
My mind and I are all I´ve got.

My friends are there,
nowhere to be found,
and I am here
all alone.

I wish I could,
reach out and feel
the love for you
I always craved.

But all I have,
and all I know,
is the way
the bottles
stir up my soul.

I missed you once,
I missed you twice,
Then I drank,
Forgot at once.

I knew there was more,
and I opened the door,
you entered with pride,
but I was alive.
A C Mar 22
When I’m in my solitude
Like when I’m in my room
And that’s why I choose
I love to enter my mind like it’s a separate room
Now when I’m forced to enter my brain
Cause what’s on the outside causes me pain
like when your friends do include you with their other friends
and it feels like i’m circling the drain
like when your high school and you the one that’s lame
and you don’t fit cause you dye your hair every color of the rainbow
and each month it’s never the same
or when your boyfriend breaks up with you
so you have to take a break from interacting with the world and every dude
I don’t have to imagine how it feels when shawty did the exact thing she said she wouldn’t do
and you say **** school
so you tell your mom and your mom tells your school counselor she pages you in her office so you can have someone to talk to
but when I choose to be alone
that’s something I own
that’s something that founded
now when you go to a predominantly white institution and get called ****** on the way to dorm on a college game day
you cant help but to feel other
to acknowledge your color
and feel like you cant relate to another who hasn’t had that experience
you just go to your room but not cause you choose
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