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My words don’t have arms big enough to hold these great and growing feelings.
They stay in my insides
Crowding out
Grinding down the subtleties
That reside near the edges in the used to be,
that cushiony soft berm.

It was comfortable in here once

The Room for Interpretation,

now lost,
now over-full,
balloon-bright and tumbling one voice and many into and out of supremacy.

These great and growing feelings
and my insufficient words
that fall from me one-by-one into place,
the thudding truth in basic blue.
Samara Jul 2020
Feeling insufficient.
Knowing I'm insufficient.
Wanting insufficiency.
Not quite sufficient.
Comparing and contrasting.

Wanting acceptance to be my most authentic self.
What is my most authentic self?
Where do I find her?

Focusing on the next milestone.
Getting there and doing the same.
What do we meet at the milestone?
Will be happy will be content will be accepted will be winning,
at the next milestone.

How do you live in the present moment?
What is the present moment?
lanico Dec 2019
the mountains keep laughing,
and mocking me from afar.
they keep mocking the useless
attempts i make
to feel like i’m worth
to feel like i really am enough.

they keep pointing at me
telling me i’ll never be
like my little brothers’
or that i won’t ever be
as clever
as bright
as wit
as my big brother is.

they keep reminding me that
i won’t ever be
as sufficient
as i want to be.
gabrielle Feb 2019
is it enough ?
are my words enough ?
am i good enough ?

nothing will change,
nothing will be enough

i am loving you
going on without yours
i think that is enough.
- a random question... for almost 80 poems i have published here,
am i good enough ? for my age, am i ? not better, not best but good ? -
BEK Nov 2018
I was like a third grader on Show and Tell day with a boring rock collection
Although it took me years to create
And much resiliency through countless voyages
I had no intention of having it on display

But you were there
A rare and unique beauty
For you, my show went on and on
I displayed parts of me, piece by piece, by piece
Hiding nothing away

"This is from the time I sat on the beach and let the waves form me."
"This is from the time I was boiling hot and shot out of the earth."
You politely asked questions at first
An "ooh" and "ah" here and there
You're kind in that way

"This is from the time I surrounded myself with lots of other broken rocks for far too long."
"These are my remains from the time I jumped off a cliff."
I forgot to practice good showmanship
Leave them wanting more
I thought, maybe if I go on, you'll stay

"This is from the time I was under enormous heat and pressure."
"This is from the time I stumbled down a gigantic mountain."
I was consumed by the hope of captivating you
Maybe there was at least one noticeable rock in my bucket
Or perhaps a chance that I have quite an impressive array

I regained my senses
The clouds of hope that had muddled my view had now cleared
I noticed I ran out of "cool" rocks
Or maybe I never had any
I realized that I lost your attention long ago anyway

You were preoccupied with thinking about how cool the magician that came before me was
I thought, "Pleh, how cool is creating illusions and disappearing just to reappear in a box somewhere in another room or making you jump through flaming hoops?"
Or maybe you were anxiously awaiting the Show and Tell Grand Finale
The kid with the adorable puppy
I guess I really can't say

I decided to end my show with a bucket full of unseen rocks
I walked back to my desk shoulders slouched
Head slumped, level with the creaky old floor
I made a wish for the magician to return to thrill you with endless spellbinding tricks
Or maybe you'd be able to go home with the kid with the puppy
How cool is geology anyway?
Ken Voltaire Nov 2018
I am minuscule.
Shame and remorse lie on my breath,
An ample bed.
Fear overcame me,
And thus I was deceived by my own self.
An abundance of cowardliness,
That lead to pain and suffering,
Continuing ever still.
My mind and will are weak,
But bound by love,
I hope to keep.
That I will never be good enough.
Too many mistakes.
Too many slips and falls.
Too many cliches.
Too much dependency.
Too much weakness.
Too much reliance.
Too much regret.
Not enough affection.
Not enough truth.
Not enough surety, confidence.
Not enough time.
I fear,
That I will not grow fast enough.
I tell myself I don't care
but underneath,
I feel scarce.
sometimes I feel afraid to breathe, the world keeps turning and in the end, i am unacknowledgeable.
Àŧùl Jun 2017
I had met her only once.

Kissed I had her dry lips twice,
Night I slept and she kissed me,
Oh she woke me up to join in,
What I did was to drink her lips.

When I missed a chance to romance,
Have I such a memory? No,
Always cared for her throughout,
Truly I have loved her since eternity.

Yet she forgot about the care,
Oh, she ignored it conveniently,
Under an effect of worldly desires.

Did someone else prevent her,
I suspect her father made her,
Destiny is a roadblock in here.

The story ends with a breakup,
Hanging in obiter is happiness,
And each expectation shatters,
Tantalising hints of eternal love.

Another time I have failed,
Upon life she was a scourge,
The story is being renewed,
Ukulele orchestra plays within,
Morose tunes it plays lavishly,
Night fell long ago but it never ends.
My HP Poem #1582
©Atul Kaushal
Nath Rye Mar 2016
her eyes glistened
as she stared blankly
and trod upon
the fine line between
her imaginative world and her reality.

as she realized that
the life people think she's living
and her reality
couldn't be farther apart
a tear rolled down her cheek
followed by another.
and another. and another.

This girl, was the one I tried to love.

I tried to love a girl
that seemed to simply
need guidance and support

but little did i know
she was a void
that longed for care
but was never satisfied
with what she had.

I gave my all. I really did.

i gave my all
but as she gently nodded
and pretended to be fine,
she looked the other way
and began sobbing
lying in wait of someone who
could actually help her.

I'm sorry.

I couldn't be the elixir
for the problems that kept you up at night

I couldn't be sufficient

I couldn't be your **messiah.
it's another 5am work, i'm so sleepy, i did this in 10 minutes
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