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Love is the sound
of your door closing
as I leave for the last time.

All too often we mourn
the fact that the fire's burned out,
but I WON'T think of the embers!
I'll remember the blaze burning brightly-
-those nights that you dressed in moonlight
those morning that you were there,
soft and gentle, still dreaming.
Viancy Sep 2
I imagine that the best possible future,
is the one in where I can look at the sea waves breaking on the shore,
without mourning their end.
I was just thinking about how our brain is fixated with keeping things unperturbed...even though life is all about change.
You were chaotic
  Like the ocean's rage on a stormy night

You were also harmonic
  Like how birds synchronize in flight

You were silent
  Like how a butterfly would flap it's wings in air

You were deafening as well
  Like a how bomb would explode and shatter my ears

You were lonely
  Like how your anxiety creeps in when you're at a party

You were friendly
  Like how everyone looks at you brightly

You were everything I never would've asked

You were also everything I would've wanted

You were Mine
And I was Yours

You destroyed me,
  Like how you hugged my depression away

You built me,
  Like how your smile makes my day

You were what I had prayed for
And I'm thankful that I did.
I asked of no name but I had wished so what was given I must cherish
Caitlin jesse May 28
To be sad

Is to mourn over
As decorated
With your crest

It means that
That's all thats left
And you
Are gone

You sure do
Look good
In the moonlight
For the moon
Doesent die

And it glows
To remember you
And tells all the stars
About your life

As your bearing
May hang
From its crest
Of a crescent
David J May 22
Its just suprising
How quickly the world can change
From colorfull... to gray
"Back so soon?" my heart says to istself, "yeah, i guess i'm back." I reply "but, it was kinda nice..."
I will return to that emotionless state, but this year... it wasnt so bad, i got hurt but perhaps the high was worth the pain...
Empire May 3
Please let me hurt
Let me grieve for myself
All of me I had to release
I know I'm supposed to smile
But I don't want to anymore
I need to cry
But I don't remember how
I need to hurt
Because it is after
I've mourned my losses
That I can move forward
That I can change
That I can improve
And when I'm finished
I'll be beautiful
So, please
Just let me feel this
It's really okay to feel pain.
Kale Apr 28
Morning and night
I will never stop
loving you
I will never forget
How you loved me,
How you treated me as a
How you and I created this
Beauty ,
That constantly reminds
Me of our love
I will never stop
Loving you
I will never stop missing you
Empire Apr 22
I was dying
Losing my mind
Killing my body
And it lasted so long
I forgot how to be alive

I spent so much time
In that awful place
I made it my home
I hated it, but it was mine
Until I escaped

From a surge of bravery
I got out
And everything got
So much better
Way too quickly

But then it started to fade
The excitement wore away
I started to remember
What dying felt like
And I needed to mourn

So here I am
In this place in between
Not dying anymore
But not euphoric either
I am just here

I don't know how to mourn
When no one else can see
That I'm hurting
Because I'm not dying
I'm fine, but not quite

Haunted by memories
Of what I was
I wander through these days
Wishing I could escape
This place in between
But in a way, I like this place I've found. I now know, though, that I can make a home for myself in the worst of places. I just don't know what this is.
evita Apr 21
we are gathered here today
for a dry-eyed affair.

there is no need for candles—
phones light up this room.

peanuts and candy wrappers
are scattered on the floor,

and the gaudy matrons
glint and gossip in the pews.

let the adults brag
about scholarships and diplomas,

let the relatives unearth
tension and deception

while the dead lies
surrounded by white flowers.

is there even room for mourning
when we are all so busy talking?
just got back from a week-long writing workshop in the mountains. today is the last day of my aunt's wake. the heat in the province is unbearable.
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