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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
My rough past, a lonely gravel path that directed me here
One riddled with loathing and fear from myself and every peer
It all pales in comparison to each and every fallen tear
Added to the unforgiving shame of having tried to check out that one year
It's this reign of pain that stops me in my tracks like headlights freezing a deer
It's clear I don't know how to steer and can not get out of first gear
My entire windshield is a rearview mirror, the next tragedy always closer than they appear
My over corrections and over reactions are too severe, they're starting to break down the veneer
Put in place to simulate normalcy and hide the real me but I'm a horrible engineer
The intentions were sincere but this cavalier attitude never allowed the good in me to adhere
I've given in to my dark passenger allowing it to commandeer the space between each ear
At the time I thought it'd be far messier if I tried too interfere with the puppeteer
So I grabbed a few memories as a souvenir and tried to disappear

Persephone Feb 2022
I was at the centre of her anger once.
It was violent and unforgiving.
It made me forget who’s mercy I should be asking for.
Or her’s
Carlo C Gomez May 2021
Bitter moon

Cold harvest

The fruits of your labor
never to ripen

Whimsical youth
absentmindedly fell -

Love to the stars,
oath taken to stone;
to help you,
instruct me.


Stillness the moorland
of cherry pie kiss,

Patience, wise virtue
foremothers instilled,
jeune fille
in submission.


Tame was the Beast
at the mountain's heart deep,

Wild was the Princess
in her dreams of pink sweet
sins, secrets,


Long were the years
under fallen rocks over.
Now doubtlessly

Black was one night,
set her sadness alight,
but the ash left
her colder.


Monsters awakened,
set the footpath ablaze,

Freedom I call
you, trying to persuade
you, truth
Eli Feb 2021
when i look into your eyes,
they reflect a million tiny memories.
when i see your smile,
each word that comes out reminds me of what you said.
how am i supposed to act like nothing happened,
when your sole existence screams it into my face?
Pensai Jan 2021
Alone, cold,
Fighting a battle that began before our conception.
Cursed. The physical manifestation of ones fathers mistake.
Emotions removed, confiscated. No longer relevant.
Sympathy lost when love failed us.
Patience is the only retribution.
The endangered struggling black father.
On the verge of self destruction.
Restricted from the love of his own life force.
With no direction. No support.
Intense emotions personified by a series of precise phrases representing static progress and consistent negligence.
Our efforts are never enough.
Our words mean nothing.
Our concerns, suppressed.
Our worries, neglected.
Our respect, vaporized.
Our life. Devalued.
The endangered species

The struggling black father...
Depression can be detrimental to a Black Father determined to defy history. Men struggle. Men fail. Sometimes life deals us a ****** hand that takes time to play through. But society has no patience for a man in the process of bettering himself. Especially a father....
Guss Dec 2020
More the I drink,
The less you do,

So Death is walking with you,
And walking with you,
All alone,

The hate you breed is made for one,
And the drink you took was made for fun, So why is it,
you are alone?

Two hearts or three,
The more the strength,
Two tongues at least,
Should be the length,

The blood it needs to be pure red,
The worse it is to use the dead,
Don’t fail to use the ***** flail,
With rust and mold and hair assailed,

Then spit on dirt and churn the mesh,
For bone will rot like all the rest.
And death will take with curse and sail
And whisk you off to your own hell,

This curse is made with hate and power,
With all four corners,
And angels power,

Don’t doubt the strength,
Of birth and death,

The first and last,
Will be your breath.
awknight Nov 2020
I reach for your aches
your skin jumps away;
in pride you find truth
but insist I am your
     only lie.

Eyes of brass search for harm,
creating their narrative --
things to pass.

But dear,
Can you see the wounds along
my already scarred

We should be breaking bread,
a communion of souls.
Instead my welts bleed as your words land,
unrealizing across something
already so broken.

Again, I bleed in painful silence.
Mark Toney Mar 2020
In your parched desert land
As the pendulum swings
And your friends are all gone
Still you’re moving right along
Like it doesn’t mean a thing

In your parched desert land
Thinking life’s unforgiving
Why not swallow your pride
Take an honest look inside
Join the land of the living

In  your parched desert land
Your manufactured death valley
Kind response was so important
Yet your manner was discordant
Isolation’s blind alley

In your parched desert land
When they take the final tally
You’ll surrender the fight
Find exquisite delight
In your brokered finale

© 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
3/9/2020 - Poetry form: Rhyme - © 2020 by Mark Toney. All rights reserved.
Rylie Lucas Sep 2019
Another day goes by
Uneventful, fake
The happiness subsides
Leaving a cold, unforgiving world
In its wake
One day
I'll finally know what it feels like
To enjoy waking up
To enjoy life

Today isn't that day
Maybe tomorrow, maybe never...
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