their eyes, red and swollen
In the corner of this house, there is deafening silence
screamed by my father's mind
And my body shakes as if riding a bus through a bumpy road,
I'm numb enough but i still know
We have different monsters
We face each day, we don't know if we're lucky that we survived
I don't know where their minds are,
and I'm willing to hide behind
the ignorance of this war

Yes, this is the kind of home I return to
Maybe that's what established the bliss of not knowing
Maybe I'm starting to consider not coming "home". 8/19/18
Xylos 2d





Why am I GLAD?

If this makes any sense to you, you know the pain.
We need to dream big, my dear.
We can afford to indulge
In  praises,
And gifts.
We might not really understand
The meaning of the gifts.
We think that someone is trying to
Buy our affections
When nothing could be
Further from the truth.
Pass the psychedelic juice, Jewboy,
'Cause I ain't feeling so good.
You think you're having trouble
With all them haughty women?
They don't pay me no heed at all.
They'll just let me
Waste away
Right in front of their own eyes.
What the hell are you concerned about, Jewboy?
Forget about all that shit for awhile.
Say one of your Torah prayers for me.
I'm dying out here
On these Streets.
Dan Beyer Aug 12
What good does it do the world for me to relax?
What sapience does it bring,
For me to sleep and become lax
While others, the subject of winters sting?
Others thirsty, dying, hungry
And me impervious all the while.
What good am I to feign ignorance.
I, who laugh, and dance, and smile.
Elliot Munro Aug 11
Ignorance is bliss;
Sweeter than any kiss.
It’s an unfair kind of careless care.
This idea of something you missed,
A tear which never needed to be known,
There. In the mirror. Wipe away the smudges and it becomes visible,
Clearer. Shown in a smile that some would call naive. But you don’t because Ignorance is richer.
Your ears burn bright but you believe all is well, that all is right, so you continue your life like a phone in a theatre. Beating on the drum of negligence, perfectly pitching yourself as a heedless, harmonious heap; inauspiciously and ironically thinking ones self, misguidedly, meticulous. Inadvertently beautiful.
Ignorance is bliss.
Poetic T Aug 9
Visual delusions:

Scrutinizing the acuity of
            what is visualized.
But sight is only validated
by the morality glazed over.
Until narratives are edited
to mimic a reality of self delusion.

Oral formalization

Dictation versed within syllable
            delusions, never sounding
the reflection of thought to breath.
But sour exhalation collects on
vacant windows, spelling other
          than what is breathed outwards.

Auditory silence

Auditions drummed within,
echoing on shallow walls,
           nothing wrote within
A tirade of failures woven with
three perceptions. Collective ignorance
April Aug 9
The truth ripples,
Bowed and twisted by so many
Silver tongues.

Twisted is the glass we see though
Cloudy and hidden by turns
Trapping us in blissful ignorance.

Ignorance is not bliss
When you long for a truth
That no one wants to find.
They are blissful in their ignorance
She takes pride
In knowing
That her beauty
Is superior to That of others,
To an aging gentleman,
The beauty of women
Is just a way to open up
A synaptic pathway
It isn't anything
To be coveted
He wants her
To share her soul with him,
But she can't share ANYTHING,
Because she has bought into
The Gospel of Capitalism
All my life I was afraid
I was beside you more than you know
I gave everyone who came into your life a mental exam
I didn't approve none
I couldn't trust them
Something told me not to
Fear told me not to

I sat at the top of the steps most nights piercing through the railings
Just to keep my eyes on the guy
He was known to get violent like daddy
You couldn't protect yourself b/c you were so weak from your favorite red & white can
I had to protect you
I listened so closely
Most nights I didn't sleep until you were safe & sound in your bed
Little ole me

B/c before I knew it, we were pressing our feminine bodies against the door
Demanding this coward stop trying to force his way in
He banged, kicked & fiddled w/ the door knob with nothing but determination
Fear of him breaking into our home came flooding in
No one but me & you mom , trying to stop a monster from clawing
I'll never understand how the next day your fear vanished
As  you flung open the door so eagerly to let him in
Yesterday he was a suspect for breaking & entering
But today he's your boy toy
Sad to say my fear from it all hadn't disappeared over night.
When a child becomes the mother’s protector.. who protects her?
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