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Both had roses red,
One enjoyed the beautiful flower bed,
Unaware of the thorns, he didn't dread.
The other was scared,
of the thorns he did dread.
Scared, what if he bled?
So much on the thorns focused did he,
That one day the roses died and he could only see,
Lamenting, "I couldn't enjoy their beauty!".
The other was content with the roses, he admired them everyday,
till one day, they withered away,
Alas he got to know of the thorns one day.
He smiled at how he didn't know this,
And came to realize,
That sometimes ignorance is bliss,
and it's folly to be wise.
Last two lines were coined by Thomas Gray in his "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College"
Only a fool could have discovered such purls of wisdom.
People often forget that there is a process of learning; we learn as we grow.
Advice is good but there can only be one set of hands on the Rubiks cube at any one time.
Ceyhun Mahi Feb 17
He talks because of endless ignorance,
Not that he has knowledge of any sort.
And every time he thinks he's in the right,
When just getting a bit of dumb support.
xavier thomas Feb 10
You didn’t give a __ about that women you slept with.
You “man” only cared about yourself.
When you lowkey forced having your way
When you lied about slipping a ****** on
When she told you- “don’t place a seed in me because I’m not on birth-control anymore.”
She cried her heart out towards you cause she felt like it was a safe place.
Yet, you didn’t care bruh.

What is responsibility to you?
What is accountability to you?
We trusted you with what we love
and you broke it

jammed a fat stick in its spokes,
overwound the mechanism,
twisted the arm at a funny angle
til it snapped

haphazardly snatched at the parts
applied inappropriate glue,
pointed to one or two others, then skulked away
pretending to have never touched it,
or even been there that day

even broken its worth can still be seen
with eyes that choose to,
heard with ears not deaf from
formless brays of sycophants
who may or may not be in the mirror

we will stickle it
every little bit of it
we will fix it like new new new
George Krokos Jan 31
Dogma and doctrine only hide the Truth
that is our birthright since the time of youth.
We have all been led to believe the lies
which the authorities show to our eyes.
The passage of time often does the rest
and makes sure curiosity fails the test
to uncover the truth that's been hidden
by all this dogma and doctrine ridden.

Ignorance is a strong, powerful force
that stalls investigations in due coarse
when people begin to suspect the wrong
they have been subjected to all along.
Authorities try to keep their power
with the dogma and doctrine they shower
onto the people who look up to them
quelling the light of truth that they condemn.

Nowhere else does this happen as often
but in religious faith which can soften
the hearts and minds of people to believe
that something else is just there to deceive.
A sad case of the blind leading the blind
which is one of the follies of mankind
who are led to believe what they're given
is the truth being like victims driven.

This doesn't mean that something else is true
unless it has been proven so by you;
through personal experience that stays
in your heart or mind and the doubt allays.
Take for example those few converts who
formed the body of the early church new;
what kind of experience each one had
making them join up and feel very glad.
Written in April, 2021
Mark Wanless Dec 2021
heard a single voice
illusion is reality
ignorance manifest
Yenson Dec 2021
So the hi-jacking of the unionized Dum Dum Chavs
became a fish-bone stuck in cheap teas drenched throats
and their asinine anchors broke and sunk without trace
and their demoralizing dirges become the jokes of the day
and their taunts and tormenting parades the idiocy of fools
and their street theatres demonstrates how stupidity works
and their seed planting shows inferiors are seeded to be inferiors
for they cannot read the lay of the land much less understand
the theories of germination
and our soft cell cowards and nounces in snowflakes rags
hide in their caves of Omni shambles with their small penises' mates
red faced and supremely useless
crying revolutionary song ' they have been overcome '
all these not in a Banana Republic but in the mother of democracy
and we laugh and laugh and laugh
this is the tale of the maladroits' maladjusted and mala-nothings
hahaha hahaha hahaha
King Charles III.....
"When I ride through the streets and see, you know, the Common Man staring at me, I'm struck by how little I know of his life, and how little he knows of mine.".
i believe in forgiveness
if a man told me to
but not in regards to truth
or proof for that matter
mark it with laughter
and a sprinkle of ignorance too
but not in regards to truth
Bryan Dec 2021
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