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Mahati 4d
I respect myself
Maybe you don’t
I care for you too much
To walk away
From your ignorance
Teaching you helps us both
So i stay
And i bare
No, I’m sorry
I don’t
Not anymore
I have leared to say no
And walk away
So I don’t bare
I walk to a safer, more free environment
With my head just enough high
And back as straight as possible for me
And i do come back
To see your growth
I respect myself
After all these experiments
I have done to feel more
After mistakes
I didn’t think in those moments
I felt
There will be more of these
But i know where’s the line now

I respect myself
Dana Dec 6
What would it be like
To go back in time
When smiles came easy
And life was kind
Would I trade mistakes
And the lessons learned
For a fresh clean slate
And stones unturned?
JJ Inda Nov 28
Worn out soles
skids across
the crosswalk,
skips and struts
down the avenue;
unaware of the haves.
Positivity and morality are running low, not a whole lot I can do
I don't know for sure but my future cannot be completely thought through
Sometimes I wonder if I'm just a fading light that's barely glowing
Each day becomes slower, I wonder if it'll keep going

How do others do it? Continue to smile even when everything's wrong?
I don't understand how you continue to act and sing along
Even though everything clearly no longer matters
I can no longer hear myself above this chatter

Positivity keeps people alive, right?
Yeah, I guess I'll last until tonight
Maybe I'll continue for a few more days
Give me the strength to think of some different ways

I can't keep this up for much longer
Even though if I do, I'll become so much stronger
I don't know how to feel anything anymore
But to keep others happy, all the feelings I can't feel, I'll ignore
Kate Oshla Nov 26
So that they aren't scared

So that they don't feel hurt

To give them a second chance

So that they're easier to use

So that they feel heard

So that I'm not alone
I was born into light
from a warm and cozy ****.

Raised protected without a fight
in blissful ignorance of impending doom.

The separation made it fonder
and the blue had no bounds.

But I lost the ability to wonder
and life made no more sounds.

Now I am sinking into the abyss
Stephen Nov 20
The world is a gaping maw of ignorance
Filled to the brim with hatred,
Unadulterated bigotry,
And millions of eyes,
Blinded mid-lobotomy,
That self-performed procedure
That protects the subject
From any sudden understandings.
Things are not as they ought to be,
But then things never were
And never will
The world is the way it is,
And those of us who couldn’t cut into our own calculating core,
Those of us who attempted the task with a torrent of tonics
Instead of hammer and shiv,
Find ourselves wandering through a wasteland of willful
Idiots and bigoted bullies.
Try as we might to open their eyes,
Open their minds,
We fail.
Their eyes are hollow shells and dust.
Their minds are awash with religious rules, rifles, ruination,
Walls, borders, fences,
Imaginary lines drawn everywhere,
Over everything,
And their brains are protected from learning anything new
Or different
By miles of scar tissue and an overabundance of barnacles.
So that leaves the rest of us,
The ones with eyes open, minds primed and wide,
Lost in a world of people who will never understand,
Never let real freedom ring,
Never erase the imaginary lines they drew themselves,
Never accept that everything they believe
Is preposterously perverse.
The more we try to spread the truth,
Attempt to put an end to the primitive procedure of self inflicted
The more they try to stomp us out,
Extinguish our flames,
Burn us to the ground.
But we continue to fight, to bleed, to die.
Sometimes because we still have hope that things can and will
Get better.
But more often than not,
We fight on because it's the only thing that keeps us
From picking up that ice-pick ourselves and becoming
Another one of the mindless masses.
Ilyssa Sophia Nov 19
I have never known a child-like wonder as with the first snow
This year it is a November night
when the sun has begun its work at deceiving your Circadian clock
Now you cannot keep time like before—
when darkness sets before the dinner table
and only street-lights illuminate the figures that weave in and out of each other,
flickering like candle flames—lucid but intangible
Tell me of a rapport truer than that of people looking in the same direction—up,
through the flurrying snowflakes on their ignorant journey
towards pavement that is perhaps not cool enough to sustain them

But when the snow sticks,
it is frozen glitter that falls through the air with inevitability
and without purpose
It is always "how" and not "why"
Your naive astonishment skates only on untouched surface—
that which blankets the Earth with a blank slate
That which covers the human tracks,
the stains that come with living,
those place-based memories of all you wish to forget
That which leaves room for new imprints to be made and left behind

Watch as they build men out of snow,
searching for humanity in everything they touch,
as they launch icy globes at one another that disintegrate on impact—
It is so easy to forget
Rick Warr Nov 14
sometimes i’m shocked
by the smallness of my world
at times something happens
that spotlights my ignorance
and i don’t worry

coz knowing all
will never be
and knowing that
reminds me

how what we know is ever
in philosophical doubt

and what we know we don’t know
is massive, multiple and manifold

and what we don’t know
that we don’t know ..
that unfathomable
black hole
really can’t matter

leaving me in a state
of mysterious wonder
accepting happily
that there is much to ponder
but there is no hurry
so what me worry
Ring the freedom bells and free,
The sheep that dissent in a fit of pique.
Why needlessly slaughter, one at a time,
When they themselves jump off the cliff,
All in a row, at the end of the chime.
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