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james 7d
its two in the morning
and i remember the nights when i was 11
and i tried to understand my true nature
and became afraid and confused

because the more i asked why i
felt or thought some thing or way
the less i was sure
that i had no ulterior motives

(this is how i spent my weekends
when i was not comparing
the local colleges-
yes, i was very fun at parties)

i hadn't words for it then
just frustration and shame
but tonight, in the moonlight
i found them

"the world is a story, and we are all nothing more than untrustworthy narrators," i thought
over popcorn and juice

but i was so young, too young
when i started to ponder
what my actions and beliefs
could really mean

i wouldnt say im smarter now
i wouldnt say im more at peace
but really, the best thing ive done done for myself
is forget how to think
i am not exaggerating
when i talk about not thinking.
once i didnt really like
a situation i was in
so i merely pictured television static
and a blank white room
and i spent the next twenty minutes
not thinking.
Mary Zollars Sep 29
In a far away land, a long time ago,
there was a revolt in the kingdom of Nah.
The people were tired of the king’s dark ways,
and forced him to make a change.
“I do not wish to harm my land,
I hate to hear my people cry,
so I will change my ways to appeal to you,
and to prove it, I will build my castle from glass”
Now the people could watch him work,
And monitor all he did.
Assured that their king was honest,
the people went about their days.
But the king was harsh,
The dungeons were full,
Still the people would say,
“If his ways are bad,
Then why would he put them on display?”
Taxes rose, corpses piled,
And the kingdom fell to ruin.
When the people asked
“What has happened?”
A wise woman said to them,
“You turned the castle to glass,
But what about the king?”
Ylzm Sep 23
Blind faith betrays itself
in hypocrisy and double-mindedness;
the sighted sees
the blind hears
and imagined:
proudly believing it knows;
does not and cannot know
its own ignorance
nor tell apart lies from truth.

Boldly, in self-belief,
calling out and stepping out, to lead;
immediately, stumbles and falls.
blind followers no wiser.
groping and wondering
where the voice went.
Empire Sep 22
It’s fine
I’m fine
It’ll go away
All on its own
It won’t last long
Tomorrow will be better
(Tomorrow is never better)
You’ll feel better if...

What game are you playing now?
You said this last time
When you thought you lost your mind?
What did you say?
C’mon. Tell me.
What was your perspective on the issue?

You said,

And I quote:

“It’ll go away on its own...”

And guess what

It got so much worse.
ignorance is bliss

until you start desiring death
Di Verce Sep 20
Why seek to rule over stars you can't grasp?
They know you well, but you can't see them.
Only your hubris would lead you to shun
That which you don't understand
While you cling to your delusions.
How is it you're so quick to challenge your superiors
But you can't see yourself?
Apparently you are beyond reprieve,
Perfect indeed,
Like every other psychopath
Who doesn't listen to critique.
Di Verce Sep 20
Salom / Pax means the peace that comes with the presence of justice. The rule of law.

Peace without justice is merely indifference. It is no peace at all. As stated by Jeezus and Martin Luther King, "heroes" you worship because you enjoy the passive peace they gave you but which they hated.

Educate yourselves.
Were they passive do-nothings who accept everything and stand for nothing?

If the only thing you stand for is standing for nothing and doing whatever you please, you're on the wrong side of eternity, and that ain't love.
Stephen James Sep 19
the light
of galaxies

I spread my wings


with angelic beings

as the gray clouds
are receding
the darkness

the blind are
now seeing
while the gods
are meeting

so too
are mortals

who choose
the path of

they declare
to those
that's lost
hidden meanings

of signs
in the depths
that were kept
from those
less meant to bless

they were
not worthy

they sold
their souls
in exchange
for mercy

yet still
they cursed me

and then fields
were burning

the god of
stretches his
hand in

in judgment
they succumbed
to mental starvation

they could not
in his presence

lest they
be struck

they removed
their shoes
in sight
of holy ground

they committed
to a pilgrimage
to replenish
what was lost

the prize
was not
what they

still could
not grasp
what they
were taught

has a high cost
yet they lost
the plot

to dwell within
of their
own design

lean not
on your

should you
be trapped
in the snare
of an ignorant mind
a poem
sara Sep 16
Your kiss
Your love
Your touch

They never meant a **** thing to you.

Your promises
Your words
Your arms

It was nothing but a **** lie

You saw me fall apart
You just stood there
You just drove away

It happened all over again

Nothing but...
just nothing to me anymore.
lua Sep 12
There are certain things that are easy to understand but are hard to accept
And there will always be the guilt that comes with it
And maybe the ignorant should stay ignorant
Because then they wouldn't know what hurts.
Perdue Poems Sep 5
How do you filter your eyes?

a phone and screen filter easy
a button push to hide the unsightly
tap and your bubble grows
Surely our eyes cannot be filtered though
our eyes are eyes that see unwanted glimpses
of gruesome vile images

Perhaps our eyes have no filter

but we filter subconsciously
for who wants to see
that man on the street
that car on the road
both who we know
sit and plead
but tricksters they may be
until one day we see
no one in need

Our brain filters for our eyes
so we may see all the blue skies
and any cloud that may block our view
can be hidden for our plane of blue

What clouds your eyes
for your blue skies
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