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I'm brOKen Feb 21
Now it's too late
For me to slow down
Must accept my fate:
The lost will ever be found

All down the drain,
Moments lost in a flash
Pushing limits,
We were bound to crash

No matter how speed
I can never seem
To reach
Where I have to go

No matter how fast
I know it won't last
I've always been too slow

Rolling down the road
You were in my path
You left me roadkill
And it makes you laugh

Carrying my loads
We came in contact
You died on impact
I was still intact
distractedpen Feb 16
When you drive, you think you’re so cool
In a car with a fresh paint job
Tires almost glossy
But you drive too fast
Your car is so clean
Because it sits
In your garage
I don’t know what your road is like
But you always seem to have a flat tire
And when we race
You think you’re beside me
You think you’ve beaten me
You’ve just completed your first lap
I’m on my twenty-seventh
Going on twenty-eighth
You’re not fast
When I drive, it’s a usual feeling
In a car with some age
Tires changed frequently
And I drive fast
My car looks used
Because it is
By me
Rarely in the garage - even when I sleep
My road is smooth and well-maintained
And my flat tires are swiftly changed, if there’re any
When we race
I sometimes start dead last
And I always soar ahead of you
You think fifteen minutes is incredible?
I’m at seven-point-seven
Going on seven flat
You think you’re so fast
You’re not fast
i wrote this to a specific person but found that it works for plenty more
Down from the mountains came
a bear of great renown
paws as large as sewer grates
wearing the ursine crown

It's fur as thick as armor plate
claws sharp and body strong
roaring screaming *******
of tooth and nail, so long

Wakened from it's slumber
missing the sight and sound
felling trees and lumber, searching
for what should have been
already found

Gems and jewels be ******
not precious too the eye
she'll search and **** each man
no obstacle, denied

So if you happen pon the path
and understand, you're dead
I won't have to run as fast
just faster that you
LOL based on an old joke:
"I don't have to run faster than the bear, just
faster than you!"
Patrick Wood Jan 31
Why Newton would tell you not to wear a seat belt

Going two miles-per-hour you’ll hurt yourself casually,
But if you add a zero to that you will be hurt incredibly.
Fine day we’re having, sure but the roads do look nasty.
No i’m sure it’ll be fine. But little did they know
their brains are soon to look like,
Well, dead brains.

Speeding two-zero-miles-per-hour,
Then in a flash, hearing scorn from Simon Cowl.
They’re in **** now,
Feeling very dead now.
This poem is deteriorating.
But it still rhymes.
So entertaining.
Based on a section in a science book.
Jules DelPercio Dec 2018
She and him and they are blue.

They try to stop the time speeding
between them, but it never seems
to go away.

He grabs his blue ocean and pulls
her underneath it,
burying her deep
into his love,

But she pulls away, and with it she took
his blue ocean.

I love you, I hate you.

I hate you, don’t leave me.

Now he’s standing there, bare nothingness,
with his blue ocean skinned from him,
And his love still burning for her.

Pleading for an explanation;

Turning her heart around she kisses
his head.

So soft it could **** you,

Evil as they touch,

Blue oceans as the time passes.
as dyne
packed parch
and hard
in pettifog
with hopes
of his
fine lore
would evoke
lavender oil
then exhume
reed with
desire there
longing Rembrandt
but with
gallivant now
ripe with
more gestalt
a gas with a reed
Sergio Esteban Oct 2018
I’d like to be away
In a world far away
But that won’t escape
The world inside my brain

I’d like to stop the time
Live frozen between the lines
But that won’t bring me closer
To a picture perfect moment
That you and I ever had

I want to live on your wavelength
Travel with you
At the speed of light
Any barrier
And travel parallel
To your sweet and endless path

I want to tell you that I like you
Have the courage
To make you mine
Too bad I lost the fight
That was going
Inside my mind

I’m endlessly falling
For someone like you
But I’ll gladly fall forever
If the destination leads to you

I think of you every night
And wonder where you are
Do think of me the same way?
Do you have the same thoughts?

I’m sure one day I’ll meet you
The moment won’t be perfect
But perfection is overrated
I’d rather meet you
In any way
As long as it leads me
To your mellow heart

My sweet nebula
Travel to me
As fast as you can
I’d do the same thing
If I wasn’t stuck behind
But I’m moving on
You’re my motivation
Even if met you I have not
mjad Oct 2018
Our song comes on as you hit the gas
75 on the freeway
You're going too fast
But today you don't care
You shout the lyrics
And play with my wind tangled hair
Marie-Lyne Oct 2018
Do not speed your life
Do not skip moments
Eric Babsy Oct 2018
They are rushing furiously across a danger path.
Trying to escape all foes in stark contrast.
Light brightly shining their path.
Escaping giant demons of wrath.

The day of reckoning is over soon.
Precious are the lives of a chosen few.
Above and beyond the swarm cries too.
Just the fleetest will do.

As they were born above the ground.
Crawling toward an evil and also hopeful sound.
Across the ground these demons pound.
The fault of some they found.

Driving their fleeting heart even more.
Kindly they beg the evil and demons who ignore.
High in the clouds the evil soar.
While the hopeful eyes of many are ready to look toward.

As the demons pass.
Steep trouble will find the many at last.
High above the evil gathers it’s strength fast.
Diving from the sky with speed blast.

Some are plucked from the ground by the evil.
It is feast or famine not to cause an upheaval.
Soon few of the many will be safe in their home that is primeval.
What these fleeting few have been through is unbelievable.
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