ruffy cho Jul 11

the speed of a falling raindrop
is 32 feet per second
it's something constant
i have read about
at the science section
of a worn down daily.

given different conditions
and cloud forms from nimbus
to cumulonimbus
or if there even exist heavier,
darker, sulkier clouds,
then it will remain the same.

raindrops will drop at that speed
like the way cherry blossoms
fall at 5 centimeters per second
as identified by Shinkai
accompanied by that sad story,
sad love song and sad vibrant colors.

i have always expressed
adoration at constants
starting at elementary algebra
when miss hernandez introduced
the concept of non changing
ever the same values
unaffected things
like pi or the gravitional pull
or even the speed of light itself.

i always get to thinking
if constant hearts ever exist
or if it does, for how long?
ever changing had been
a major human quality
so is inconsistence
a constant in the human heart?

the anatomy of a constant heart
is a favorite mind palace of mine
i wander at the highest floor
taking my time to build up what would be
the ideal constancy and perfection to me
a woman of digits, numbers and measures

a paradox of consistent inconsistencies
wrapped around every pumping chamber
smooth muscles embracing the equation
like dialogues of yes's and no's
between tissues and muscles and blood
a focus group discussion of conflicting parallels

my poems are also at wattpad, in the poetry collection titled wild heart.
an online digital collection will be available at issuu on october 2017
Jobira Jun 27

You drive too fast on
The speed lane, to escape away
from life, paying no mind
To the chaos. But life will
Catch you on your the next exit.

Take the time, to breathe.
Zan Balmore Jun 24

Dulled bright blue as last of light
but time is night.
Where are the stars?
The Summer has eaten the refuse
electricity left.
What is want?
Blame people for the worst.
What is left?

What's left:

(thick skinned upright shells like cars so well developed for speed that the time they took to make is now time we save with quick cuts with content cut from cloth for your hands romantic now only in dream)

Shae Nicole Apr 26

It was late and he held me
Tender and close
Like a lover, but as a friend
He put his cheek to mine
For what may have been the last
Time. It's what keeps us apart

Too much time
The wrong time
Too early along in time

Oh how I hate time
For it only takes from us
That which we want.

Yet in that one time
It was exactly the opposite.
For that moment i wished
Time would stay.
Alas, he fled, left me alone.
Time ran faster than ever before
Ripping him from my aching arms.

So silly, that time.
Oh how I hate time.

Always seems like it goes too fast or too slow.

I get behind the wheel
of the fastest car
there is,
but only
drive it up to 40 -
that's kind
of like
the perfect metaphor
for my life
right now..

blustering south winds
have blown constantly all eve
they're packing some speed

Away amongst the dappled sky
You see me racing swiftly by
And harken to my engines cry
The heavens ever speeding nigh
For thrust will push me swiftly high

Tis skyward that I fly!

The jet stream takes me rapidly
The form aerodynamically
To the place I mean to be
A bullet shot from barrel, me!

So fast a blur is all you see…

To lofty places I ascend
The constellations to befriend
And through the space which has no end
I strike the fabric, make it bend

Before spacetime itself I rend…

I land in distant years behind
My eldest kin I hope to find
For in their strength they’ve become blind
A warning have I in my mind

“Beware, the future is not kind…”

And when my purpose here is done
They hear my mighty engines run
I launch once more toward the sun
My sonic blast, all hearing, stun

Like bullet shot from smoking gun!

Then back through rift I must return
Slowing by my retro burn
But soon a dreadful thing I learn
A comet speeding struck my stern

Stranded now, defeat I spurn!

For though my state is more then grave
Tis home my soul doth wholly crave
And so a plan I start to pave
A burnished sail my life will save

For I can ride a solar wave.

Now close to earth I soon will be
Approaching far too rapidly
For burning is my craft, yes she
The one who swiftly carried me

Crash! I plunge into the sea.

My ship is recked but I survive
Drifting eastward half alive
When to an island I arrive

And on said place, for life I strive.

Then after months of living there
Illness I take through lack of care
But then a ship, tall sailed and fair
Picks me up, off island bare
And gives me drought of spirit ere

Death claim me or age hoar my hair.

And when I am safe home at last
Infirmity from me I cast
Recalling engines mighty blast
My journey to the distant past

And galaxies rushing toward me fast!

I write it down, just how you read
And tell it true to all who heed
And now conclude, for I am freed
With brand new rocket, lightning speed

What a wondrous life I lead…

Dedicated to my beloved spaceship Scarlet Thunder, she has brought me safely as far as Venus.
Oskar Erikson Mar 28

It's cold and warm but neither really wants to connect which is understandable really who wants to give 100%
so go back and forwards it's rocking horse hopes and flag posted dreams fluttering in the grey breeze named
it's not forgetting to remember,
it's about remembering to forget.

Susie Ivan Mar 12




Horse, tumbleweed,
small house from the 1800s.




I had to drive through NE Colorado and it was a real struggle. So boring. My best friend and I played I spy but it was a very boring and easy game.
Diána Bósa Feb 27

My neon-hearted one,
vibrating throbs shining through
the soul-soaked night. It

is an endless ride
on this forlorn, pebble-skinned
autobahn; I still

can feel you out there.
Your heartstrings are like distant,
radio waves; such

beautiful white noise
attached to the senses of
mine anchoring me

into a godspeed
velocity just to safe
and sound; here and now reach you.

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