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I’m the queen of overthinking so you have to know that I’m overthinking things each night that goes by, afraid that you must have, or will, changed your mind.
Nigdaw Sep 16
Speed king

Stolen car
Tyre scream
Rush, adrenalin

Forget cops,
Don’t stop
In flight
Across night

Take your fill
Ride the thrill
Like a wave
Surfing on danger
Pushing limits
Better than any pill

Charred remains
In the countryside

Someone’s pride and joy
Will be announced dead
On a doorstep
In the morning.
The concept of being deceivingly perfect.
For you were the someone who I wanted to stay.
I‘d constantly remind myself not to expect
cause you were a race car in a speeding highway.

I thought that I’d actually be getting somewhere.
We were going in full speed but never stopping.
With the familiar cool breeze running through my hair,
You were just speeding past while I was still walking.
It's been a while since I've last seen you. Can't wait to see you again next week.
Aa Harvey Jul 22
Life in the slow lane

There’s a tree over there.
I know you can’t see it, but I don’t care.
I never needed you to see it, for you are not here
And I could be anywhere.

The kids are playing and singing their songs.
With experiences they learn their rights from their wrongs.
We are all teachers, learning all the way along.

Why is that dog barking?
When no-one pays it any attention.
Oh yes I forgot to mention, that is it *******.
It has never truly ran free.
Prisoner sent to detention.
Taken wherever its master may lead.
It shouts out loud I need to eat!
I need to run!  
Or I need to ***!
Language is evidently not in what you see.

I chase a ball of love alone.
Got no hot number on my phone.
The buttons are not worn out from typing text.
I have stopped my endless search for ***.
Just give me fresh air and a place of peace
And I will leave you all to your jealousy.

I see a couple holding hands, with smiles on their faces,
But I have seen this before and I know how the story will end.
The beautiful nectar that begins as love, ends as faeces.
At the end they are not even friends.

Here comes the bus.  Next destination please.
It’s getting late now, heading home for tea.
Still thinking of peace, love and empathy,
But I am incapable of understanding anything I have seen.

A motorbike goes flying on by.
Pretty soon they will be up in the sky.
I take the slow lane, no need to rush into the darkness.
All that is there is an endless list.

I already see the mother as she cries.
He’s being praised for the fact that he died.
I read about him the morning after in the paper.
Adrenaline seeker seeking similar.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Josh Jul 10
You're the one
And the next feels right
I'm in debt to your focus on me
My eyes won't leave you
Hope we can be, I'm in like
I'll be yours if we meet again
Make me the one
Have you been in love?
Lovely vector
Aa Harvey Jul 5
Bee in the distance

As Humble flew along,
He could see some bees flying away in the distance.
He was so excited to see new bees,
That he flapped his wings as fast as he could,
To fight his way through all the turbulence.
The wind was against him, the bees so far,
But he was determined to meet them, so he flew like a shooting star.

There were two bees that seemed to bee following,
A much smaller bee who was in front.
Humble thought it must bee the leader,
Because it dodged quicker than the others could.
It zipped in and out of the tall corn stalks;
It would disappear down…and then shoot back up!
He could see the broken pieces of the corn as he flew above.

He didn’t know why they didn’t all just fly over, there was no rain;
But once more they all suddenly vanished again.
So he dived in after them and quickly made his way through the corn.
He had a few close calls and nearly hit his head more than once
And then suddenly he flew past something lying on the floor;
It began to shake its head, it was only stunned…

Humble quickly realised he had been chasing a much bigger wasp.
I’m out of here he thought and was quickly up and gone;
But out of the corner of his eye he saw something as he rose,
He saw the difference in size between one wasp and the other;
There was no way he could just go.
He had followed the wasp but now there was a bee;
It was further in the distance, but he couldn’t just leave,
The wasp to catch the bee, so with all his speed,
He sped after the wasp, giving it all that he had got.

As the wasp in front of him forever gained on the bee,
It suddenly felt a hand on its stinger and Humble gave it a twist,
With all his might, he span around as fast as he could,
The wasps head was spinning quickly, navigation on vacation
And with a mighty crash, there was a huge cloud of dust and a thud!
Humble kept on flying, feeling dizzy himself,
But he saw the line of the horizon and once more all was well.

Once more he got closer to the bee and said wait for me!
The bees eyesight wasn’t the best
And it could only hear a wasp still chasing, so began to flee.
It darted to the left and quickly back to the right,
Humble kept a close eye on its movements
And lined the bee up in his sights.

He was getting closer, so the bee flew straight up into the air;
Humble was determined to follow, so flew up without a care.
As the two bees rose up, going higher and higher,
Humble began to lose his strength and his body began to tire.
Soon his wings stopped and he could only drop;
The clouds above grew smaller and soon he would bee gone.
He closed his eyes and tried to flap his wings,
But his energy was gone, it wasn’t happening.
The ground approached at speed, he thought he was toast,
When suddenly a hand grabbed the back of his fur coat.
He tried to look behind him but he could not see,
The bee who was carrying him to a place of safety.

He started to flap his wings and shouted let me go!
He wiggled to escape but still the hand had a hold.
He span his body around so the other bee was closer to the ground
And he said let me go or I will fly down.

He was so busy trying to look over his shoulder
And reach the hand that had a grip,
That he didn’t see the sun flower ahead,
But the other bee did.

With a huge use of energy the other bee span them both back around
And let go of Humbles fur and disappeared without a sound.
Humble was moving too fast, to change his flight path
And suddenly he crashed and landed softly into the sun flower...

And as for the other bee?
Humble heard a laugh…

By the time he had found his composure
And made his way out of the flower,
The other bee had disappeared
And Humble was left alone to wonder…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
sought solace for a high
running laps round infinity rings
it’s irony to chase after peace

a hazy face to lean towards
motion blur
let a unhinged heart cease.
Little Bit May 11
Driving on bridges
Over rivers
To see the sea
Breathe the
Salty breeze

Mind the
Posted signs
That advise
Who decides
The rules
Who knows
If they’re
Good for me

Maybe I peak
At 80
While you go 60
Coasting by
The coast

Driving on bridges
Over rivers
To see the sea
Breathe the
Salty breeze
RVani Kalyani Apr 30
Feel like the time's running faster,
Life's that long tongue twister.
When a van   crashes into a car parked outside a house.
And bolts it
How insane is that.
Some people are thoughtless destructive
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