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Jay M May 15
With each passing day
There is more that I would like to say
Than a few simple words
To let them fly free as birds
Into the open air
Yearning for all to be fair

Another day
Do I ever wish to stay
At the side of an angel, alas,
Mother’s forbid such romantic tales

Indeed, all is strange

Listen to you heart
O the things it shall tell you
Very interesting things,
Emotions are

Yet always so very curious
O the curiosity of it indeed
Under the nose of those that disapprove

Communication, words flowing through the air
Alas, kept in hushed tone
Never before such a risk
To be presented

Yes, indeed all is well
O, but don’t tell
Under the stars, all is swell

Stretching across the grand expanse
Ever so wondrous
Even words are not great enough to describe its grandeur

This world is surely strange
How human emotions work is stranger still
At the end, does hope whisper in a cautious ear
Telling of possibility and chance?

- Jay M
May 15th, 2020
A strange one. Sometimes the things I write even surprise me.
--Transatlantic accents--

There is a trill of culture in the air
As she rolls her r’s, deadens her stressors
Tempered Aristocratic, if we say…
it is so, it is, so… aspire pleasant
in a covert Copacetic concede

Oh man… you know in that transatlantic
Cultured air, rings more in 1918
Than those cushy Jack Rose cocktail glass clings
A pandemic grift is crossing the seas
Drifts With the doughboys and Gibson girls keen

This girl isn’t a gas, not the bee’s knees
Has no interest in class, for whom she reeves
A dandy or heel, you’ll fall for… her plea
Has been here before this pestilent thief
And now she is seen… in twenty- twenty

The voices now, from the “curtains” clutch call
Of rejoices when the invasion will fall
To the choices when set free from her thrall
And the skies no longer a grey cast pall
We must rise, our Humanity… for all
nightdew Mar 25
you tell me you care,
your words warm me for a little,
but a fire in a blizzard will always be put out.
i think not
I don't care,
About the other messages;
Popping up,
At the top of my screen.

I just want to stay here,
And wait;
For your next message,
To come in.
I don’t want to see you anymore
For I should have always hated you
But I didn’t, because I just met you
In a hallway, I didn’t necessarily like…
But more of all because in the phrase sugar and spice
You seemed like the sugar but turned out to be the only reason I cried

It’s been a while now and I just want to ask you what have I done?
It’s about everyday that I hear new things about me.
I just want to let you know that all my life I’ve perceived from the sight of some other
Only your vision is one I have not come across to see.
In this tiny life of mine never have I crossed paths with someone who has a perspective like this towards anybody

I don’t blame you,
For I am the one at fault.

Not because you were a nice person
Neither because I probably did something
But I am here because I believed in you.
I believed that anything I do, you. Would not turn
But, I was wrong.

That is why every day next to the wall that is covered with dents and the paint that this world calls blood I wonder
What is worse than caring for someone who never cared for you back
My response Is caring for someone who never knew.
Days pass, years too
And as these hours go by you are no longer the person you once knew
You are dead, dissipating in this thin, cold air. Deceased.

So, to the other side of my soul,
Please, stop.
Quit acting like the sugar in my life because, in the end, I have to suffer, not you.
Quit being the vision that see-through but just cannot hold afar and sight.
Quit being me because if this goes on then I don’t want to see you anymore.
To the other side of my body
Why don’t you love me, can you not see me cry?

I am breaking down next to you why can’t you stop me?
Do you really think I like to break us like this, never.
So to the side of me are you ready for leaving, have you packed your bag full of memories?
Because if I could hate you then I would
But, you are weaved into my spirit and these needles don’t work.
Don’t lurk behind someone who you hate.
Do what you have always done leave me in the dirt
For one of us needs to go.
I have never actually liked myself for as long as I can remember, this is a message to my worst enemy.
22 messges
45 missed calls
None from the person
To whom my heart belonged.
Winter Sparrow Dec 2019
Red skies cover the land.
Expanding, taking over the north and south.
Becoming a shadow of a land, uninhabitable.
Even the survivors have escaped.
Can the trees stand up again?
Can the rivers fill up again?
And if they do? How long till they disappear?
Nina Dec 2019
I'm reading all of our old messages
And imagining those days
Reliving those memories
I cant help it but to smile
And laugh
Such a wonderful moment
And yet
It hurts so much
That I'm crying
Crazy how its just old messages
But im still able to remember vividly of those days
Just through texts
Jules Oct 2019
I've been put in a tough space
Moving on but I still love that face
Changing rhythms
You show no sign
Don't worry mom
I'm doing fine

Gathering messages on the run
Exploring another is too much fun
Remembering slowly my thoughts on you
Knowing I loved just more than a few

Shamefully wishing you by my side
You're words hurt me
don't you mind?
quiel Sep 2019
The words hiding behind my mouth are cradled in my soft hands
Hold them, feel their heat, decode the messages under my skin,
Each of them from a language you cannot even recognize;
The familiar sights of home are nothing but
Empty bottles of knowledge kept away in a box only I hold the key to;
Run towards me and please please please listen to me, for
My words cannot bridge the gap between us although
I have tried; with
No clamor in the background,
Ask me to repeat myself once more, and please please please
Listen to me.
yet another acronym poem!
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