maxime Apr 4

reading through the lines
desperately trying to find a meaning
a message
a long lost letter
a blip in the dead of night
you're looking where there is none
while the answer stares you dead in the face
yet your blindness is unconscious and overwhelming
your ignorance is involuntary and compulsory
open your eyes, little one
the outside world is more obvious than you think.

Izi Rose Gabel Mar 24

To all the underdogs of the world.
A day will come where we loose.
But today, is not that day.
Today we fight.
No. Not Today.
Someday flowers will fall.
But no. Not Today.
That, that is not today.
No, No. Not Today.
It's a too good day to die.
No. Not Today.
Never Die today.
Light breaks through the darkness.
Run if you can't fly.
Today we will survive.
Walk if you can't run
Today we will survive.
Crawl if you can't walk.
Today we will survive.
Get ready to gear up.
Not Today!
Never Die!
Never Ask!
Shout, "NO NOT TODAY!!"
Never Kneel down.
Never Cry.
Hands up.
No, Not Today!
Not, Not Today.
See, we couldn't fail.
Our faith is entirely on each other.
Whatever you say.
No Not Today!
Never die today!
Trust me!
Im on your side.
Together, we won't die.
Trust you.
You're on my side.
Together, we won't die.
Trust the word 'together'
Trust that it's bulletproof.
No! Not today!
No No No

This is a song by a Kpop group called BTS. I changed the lyrics so it's almost like a poem. The song has a very good message and wanted to put it into a format of poetry.

You are not enough, as you are.
You need to be perfect, beautiful, unique.
Define yourself, pick a label, conform.
Don't be too fat, but don't be too skinny.
Get that healthy glow, but stay out of the sun.
Everybody has a talent, why haven't you found your's yet?
You are special but not as special as me.
Believe in what we believe, but always be a rebel walk your own path.
Take the high ground, but don't rock the boat.
Less is more and more is better.
If you can't make it here you can make it any where.
If this place doesn't place will eat you alive.
Check your privilege and stop the disparity.
But matching those shoes to that blouse is absurdity.
If you're normal you're boring, if you're boring you're worthless.
Follow me and you can be beautiful, buy this and you will be worthy.
Only the beautiful deserve love.
Fix yourself or one will ever love you.
Live your best life, Buy more stuff.
Minimalism is being surrounded by a small few very expensive things.
Success is fame, fame is success.

©LadyofRavenhill 7/6/16

Everyone dreams in a language
receives the same message
and interprets it differently.

one of those messages
dreamt of in languages
seen in wild images.

Mirage's mirror me in
this dream
a sweet symphony
and it all comes back to me
but somehow

World poetry day 2017.
sunprincess Mar 17

Spectral in heaven as climbs
the frail veiled moon
So climbs my dreams

So yesterday in father's  exquisite garden
where crystal water's flowing, flowing
flowing from an adorned goddess fountain
and amongst lovely flowers blooming
blooming, blooming, blooming

i inquire of father, my father whom i adore
my loving father, the king of all dreams
daydreams,  night dreams and fantasies
and such

Father, from whence does dreams come?
and he explains this mysterious mystery
Of little messages from muses eluding
more than some,
dream messages so mysterious to me

And my father the king of all dreams replies,
"All dreams love, my child whom I adore
are designed from a fine misty mist
As pure as pure and as fine as fine can be

Caught betwixt dimensions of timeless time
and heaven's fine pure line of divinity,
As any fine misty mist is purer than pure
and finer than any of finest sunlight
you see

And like sunlight slips through our grasp
yours and mine my dear you see,
such is our dreams and such is time,"
says father, "betwixt reality and infinity

Dreams of every origin and means my child
dreams of light and dreams of darkness
are spun only by mysterious dream weaver
Dreams are yours and dreams are mine
dreams are everyones"

And so contemplatively, i inquire of father,
"father, now i'm more puzzled than ever,
how does dream weaver spin so many dreams?"

And father replies, "an interesting question,
my child, and one I must ask dream weaver"
and still i am puzzled

Dreaming Liza Feb 21

Reminders are everywhere;
In messages,
And especially my mind.

February 21, 2017.

Jaded from your viciously captivating smiles,
Ubiquitous yet blurred and vague,
Stinging pain from this weird emotion,
Thank you for the greeting,
It made me happy just by seeing blue and white,
Naivete has taken over me, flustered red.

It's my birthday. I'm usually blue but... I guess my heart's beating again. I'm exhausted from it though. Thank you, words can't express my gratitude.
Vyscern Dec 2016

With all these voices in my head
And all the messages I've sent
All the replies I never get
They say forgive and then forget

Everything I've done has led to regret
And stood me up right on the edge
Feet halfway over the ledge
Wind in my face and what comes next?

A flashback to memories
With violent ends from violent deeds
I see them right before they bleed
And cold shivers run underneath

I've been called both crazy and insane
Like something's wrong inside my brain
To everyone else I'm not the same
I ain't normal, I ain't plain

But then again, I didn't want to be
It's not my fault I cause unease
I don't see what everyone else sees
I see dead men on their feet

Why fight on and be so strong
In a world where I don't belong?
Where everything has gone all wrong
From ongoing wars to the suicide song

I hear white noise when I walk
And whispering when I don't talk
A shadow behind that always stalks
Paranoid, eyes like a hawk

I'm sorry I'm not what you wish I was
But don't hate me just because
I don't meet your expectations
So give up on my resuscitation

"You cannot revive the dead and damned"

Evan Crow Dec 2016

They speak in riddles snakes who desire your comfort.
Who bleed the foolish to believe in hopes far to great to be anything more than empty promises

The heat lighting promises a storm soon so very soon they will understand .

The night seemed darkest when embraced by thought.
Silent they slither were wolves simply howl.

bitsy the poet Aug 2016

Last night
I talked to you through
a tin can and some string.
You said you were okay
and then I was okay—
okay with everything.

Okay with everything.

© Bitsy Sanders, August 2016
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