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"Are you still there? Are you still listening?"
"its not like i've typed out our conversations many times before.
the things we said in days previous, couldn't live too long inside of me
so my fingers got used to pressing against the easily bruised keys of the phone screen until every tap kept telling
to run,
lightly and with love.
its seeing the
criss/crossed markings like nautical charts. laying out the gorges and gaps ahead for us, why couldn't there be another way
i thought to set sail with your spirit
clutched tightly to my chest.
"i don't think so."
Is this the Subject, of the story                    
The way it is, explained to you,
Those, just playing their part,
Or you really, just that board,
Your life, without a clue.

Is it all about competition,
Bragging rights, about what you do,
You will never get ahead,
When you only follow, their rules.

Those voices in your mind,
Your inspirations, for life, this time,
At different moments, in this journey,
They come to life, to keep you in line.
2/12/2020 AD   Tom Maxwell
Naveen Malhotra Dec 2020
When I pointed
My finger
It was Moon
When I pointed
My finger
It was Sun
But you
Focussed only
On my finger
Languages imperfect
Imperfect descriptions
Never focus
On imperfections
Search for
Deeper messages
Kennedy Dec 2020
hey, bubby.
i just wanted to see
how you were doing. but, i guess,
this is my answer? it's weird,
in everything that hasn't been said,
i can still hear you loud and clear.
the days are getting shorter,
but they still feel long.
these are trying times, for everyone,
especially for you, though.
i hate seeing you this way,
i hate watching life take its toll on you,
watching the light drain from your eyes.
your smiles have become so scarce.
i want to hear your voice,
did you know i adore our nights together?
sometimes you talk, usually its very angry,
frustrated grumbles of temperatures,
and my moving way too much.
othertimes its sweet, unheard of things.
things i'm truly surprised by.
just the other night, you told me
i am beautiful,
that you like making me smile.
when i began to sniffle you held me,
you said it's okay to cry, especially
with you here for me.

hey, bubby.
now, i know i don't say it a lot,
you know i'm not the best with my words.
thank you.
you have treated me so kindly,
and you have shown me so much.
you, my darling, are so wonderful.
you are the brightest star in the sky,
just as beautiful as the full moon
both, inside and out.
and you're so bright, not just intellectually,
but in the most magical of ways.
you're the reason for analogies to exist.
Valentine Okolo Oct 2020
My love    
I will not ask you
to be a pigeon or a dove
cooing your pleasures away
in our liquid moments of love.
I will not ask you to be tender
or to be a timid voice,
suspended in song.
If you must be anything, my Eve
please be thunder,
and shake the foundation of our union
with the audacity of your desire.
Unleash a cry from within
with a purity that vibrates glass.
Do not let your touch become ordinary
like words uttered without meaning or intent.
Do not be
a sapphire sky filled with birds in flight.
If you choose to be anything, my love,
let it be lightning.
Yes, be lightning,
and write your name across my chest
in fluorescent text.
Show me what it means
to be electrocuted by your nails.
Deep love messages for her
Oskar Erikson Aug 2020
a book of poems
written by hands now holding  
someone new.
i ponder
whether the stanzas
still wreck havoc with your heart.
i wonder
can my lips can reach you through the useless pages.
ex lover
poetry written with ghosts
can only haunt who caused
the poet to suffer.
Anais Vionet Aug 2020
I’ve disappointed heaven
and I can tell you why -
I angered a silver angel
who came down from the sky.

She said, “I'm just a messenger
sent to share the word.”

I stood stone-still and waited
and this is what I heard:

“The coming Judgement will fulfil
- the rightful verdict of the Lord.”

“OK…” I answered, shyly -
in an effort to prompt for more.

But the seraphim started fading away
as if the message finished her chore..

I said, “Wait! I need a message I understand
- you have to give me more.”

The angel's face turned angry
and her tone became unkind -
she flipped her hair like a mean
girl and muttered “NEVERMIND”.

So if you’re messaged by an angel,
I hope you fare better than me
- I couldn’t decipher the message
- and she flew off angrily.
"Angels" have tried to help me but I far too frequently miss the point.
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