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It’s fun to Journey, inside my mind,
The more I search, the more I find,
Many Visions, messages, positive signs,
I collect, rearranging, into understandable lines,
What ever I’m thinking about, at that moment, in time.

The original: Tom Maxwell © 3/30/2022 AD
mariella Mar 30
the interactions,
messages and conversations,

i appreciate it a lot.
i appreciate you.
i appreciate,
the simple things.
It’s five minutes to six am,
I have been receiving messages,
Then writing, I finished one poem,
At four fifteen, another at five-fifty am,
I’m tired, thinking of bed, with,
Twenty years, of experience, I have to,
Stay with the flow, it’s exciting,
When different thoughts, visit my head.
I have to catch them when they appear,
In my mind, without notes, or writing,
The subject can vanish, what a bind,
Never written, or said, always take time,
Listen to those voices in your mind.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/14/2022 AD
6:02 am
Leah Carr Dec 2021
Reading old messages
A broken-hearted one's
Favourite pastime
Scrolling back
Line after line
Night after night
The dark and the light
You see it all

It transports you back
To the time they were written
You view your past self
As they believed
Those now-broken promises
That you'd never be
Where you are now

I cant believe
You said those lies
And now you're not here
To hear my cries
You're gone.
That's right
Gone forever
And will I ever trust again?

It was January, twenty - four, in the year 2019,
I was hurting from an infected, tooth, it was 2:00,
In the morning, I saw myself in A dream.
My image was standing, in the corner,
Looking about, 30 years younger,
In clothes, I use to wear, I could not believe,
I had to get up, and walk over there,
I was not afraid or scared, more curious,
Excitement, flowing in the air.
I remember, saying you are me, I reached,
To shake hands, only A blank face,
A motionless, body to see, The sound, of a vacuum,
Distracted me, I thought, it was early, for the maid,  
What could this sound be, I saw an image of my maid,
With her glasses, hanging, down from her head,
Then I woke from my sleep, I was lying in bed.
Was the infection, that bad, I was about to fall,
Then my subconscious, said, not your time,
Then gave me a wake-up call
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/10/ 2021 AD 7:00 AM
MuseumofSoph Nov 2021
I’m sending you messages
Are you even getting them?

“Come back to me”

I hope you listen
Lanz Gabor Nov 2021
to believe in what was lost
for over a dozen months
-to fall in love, but slowly

from those old pictures
of blisses and grandeur
to new messages unread

for what reason was it
to be found living like that
only to be forced dead

now, one can never expect
a sharp cliff waiting for them
at the end of a short story
for d
Chandana saige Oct 2021
You are so irritating without replying
but I dont want to break your rules
Oskar Erikson May 2021
"Are you still there? Are you still listening?"
"its not like i've typed out our conversations many times before.
the things we said in days previous, couldn't live too long inside of me
so my fingers got used to pressing against the easily bruised keys of the phone screen until every tap kept telling
to run,
lightly and with love.
its seeing the
criss/crossed markings like nautical charts. laying out the gorges and gaps ahead for us, why couldn't there be another way
i thought to set sail with your spirit
clutched tightly to my chest.
"i don't think so."
Merlie T Jun 2021
Drunk mit dem joint,
forcing myself to write
Listening to songs I know
work me up
Feeling their message deep
I wouldn't feel
this way if it were another time
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