Megan Parson Dec 2017

As the phone battery died,
So did the light in her eyes.
The mystery message denied,
From prying and lies.

Inspired by our dependence on our life lines, our phones !!!
CrookedMantis Dec 2017

My cap hides papers in its bill.
I find a new message each day.
They always give neat information.
How it knows these things I cannot say.

It told me why the stars twinkle.
It told me how most caps are sown.
Yesterday it told me you hate me.
So I guess I should leave you alone.

My thinking cap just informed me:
That you beat it, so it would die.
Why would you do that? I hate you too!
You can't fool me! My cap wouldn't lie!

Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2017

When guests visit you,
Don't ask about their family,
Ask,"How is your mobile?
Is it doing well?
Has it got a new cover?
What about the speed of its internet server?"
Then inquire politely,
"Do you want to charge your mobile?"
It will bring tears to their eyes,
You have clenched a bonded relationship for life.
Admire their mobile with interest,
Like you would their kids.
Appreciate their what's app messages,
Their comments on Twitter and Face Book,
You will have a friend for life.
Last offer if they need your WiFi password,
Your friend will breakdown with
You will get the bestest hug ever.

This is a world where people are more crazy about their mobiles than relationship
Jas Nov 2017

There's something about text messages in the dark.
Late at night, with the glow of the LED
Illuminating one's face, burning the eyes
It's romantic and slightly painful all at the same time,
It's usually for love,
At least it sounds similar to it.

There's something about text messages in the dark
When you wake up from a nap.
Those tend to feel like
Midday shipman reminders;
One missed call from this one,
Several from that one
And a few text messages from friends -

Or when one arises, yawning
From a deep slumber and repeatedly slaps the bed in search of the forgotten phone burried underneath the covers
Scrolling through feeds, counting messages
Noticing the ones in particular from a special person
That's when one realizes they've missed their chance at a flirty conversation
But boy do they have something to dream about now
Oh, there's something sweet about text messages in the dark.

Ollie Sep 2017

I think we're just will-be reads
As we lie down here in our beds
It's 2 am and none of us are sleeping
We're messaging and thinking and trying and crying and
"I'll read it in the morning"
And we're all just will be reads and we can thread the stitches in our broken hearts until we're dead or someone turns 18
Cause that's all we can do
Your messages will be read, they've said
Cause what else can we do?
How else do we get through this without your messages in the morning
Beautiful messages from you
Yes, that's all that we can do
And we're just will-be reads with broken heads and minds and ways to go
What the hell else do you expect us to do though
I'd rather not be will-be read but what other choice to have
Do I run away again? My parents getting the last laugh
I'm not 18 and I sure can't drive and we all wish that we weren't alive and these goddamn will-be read messages just keep coming
And I guess I'll keep writing these odes to you
To fix it up, said color blue, until you finally admit this shit ain't stunning
We say we're just hanging out
But we're leaning on each other
We fucking need each other
We lean on the need for our broken will-be reads
And I say broken too much
The man says
"I don't want to turn any of this into poetry
You're so beautiful
Flowers turn their heads to smell you"
Visiting Hours
The visiting hours of my heart will always be open
So we can rely on will-be read messages
For there is no will-be read to a Heartbeat

this is an ode to my better online friends. I've only shown it to one and idk if I should show it to our main chat. It isn't very good.
arielle Aug 2017

sent 2:41 am
delivered 2:41 am

read 2:43 am

left on read once again..
Nashoba Aug 2017

You say you hate me. You say you don't love me. You say you never did. These words you use are swords from the mouth of not you but of another that I not know of.
Pain grasping me, wrapping around me encompass my every thought the images of you lashing out at me the Meer horrific thought.
I've never wronged you. Loved you. Tried to be there for you. But had this stolen from me. As if death was provided at this very moment you wrote those words of hate in that message for me.
You have not been taught what love is for sure. Lost in the shadows by the mean ones in your life. Hateful is the term the teachings that you are taught each night.
My home was full of love. And will always be for you. No matter how evil the words you spew as I know it is not you.
Pray to God. God hears us all. God will listen when you think no one cares at all. I will always care and love you just the same. No matter what anyone one tells you. I am not to be blamed.

Crimsyy Aug 2017

29 messages
to realize all the wasted time,
one explosion
and you go take your faults,
make them mine,
Oh dear you knew
I planned to stay until the end.

But I won't compromise
my boundaries anymore,
I'm not just a vessel you cherish
when you wish to pour,
Now I'll be the one
to close this door,
No I no longer care to be yours.

And I won't regret
the truth that I said
Couldn't keep your
ego satisfied,
left your bitterness unfed.

You asked me to go away,
I'm sorry I couldn't
fill up your plate,
but my voice is
something you'll never take.

You asked me to go away,
maybe we do belong
in separate lanes,
but you're gonna end up lonely
with that sourness in your veins.

Andrew Kerklaan Jun 2017

The darkness gives way to butterflies and repulsion breaths life into statues of dead dogs...    
These horrors must be kept.    
Though stitched eyes would bring no release to these lost soldiers    
A forest far away burns down and you scream my name    
Crying all the while, the mother's child dies    
Will I ever be free?    
A shadow looms through the window and you reach to the outstretched hand    
Will you take his word over the eyes in a painted room?    
Faceless words mutter silently in a meaningless language    
These premonitions so clear...    
Could I simply be slipping out of view once again?    
Lost in a dream about a dream    
Eyes flutter open    
The beating of wings of glass winds

A knife's edge will cut through the night and leave me in silence    
Quiet and alone, you will die!    
A wealth of burden all his own to eat    
Darkness gives way to the dawn and the butterflies take flight though the deliverance of daylight

This poem I wrote in 2011, it's one of the very first I ever wrote. I hope you enjoy it.
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