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I'm here
I'm finally here
I've worked so hard for this ending
And now,
I finally have it'

I've dreamed of this for years
I've shed seemingly endless tears
But now,
this is my reality

I've hurt so many
So many more are in danger
All because of my love for you

They called me crazy
They called me insane
They called me psychotic
They called me deranged

But they do not matter
They were all wrong
They can't understand
That this was their true ending all along

Why are you not speaking?
Don't you think we're meant to be?
Are you even still listening?

Can you hear me?
Herselfher Feb 11
He cared, So he said
I belong to him
An object he was obsessed
ISHA Jan 17
They say I give to much, and take too little.
I don’t see it that way.
I want love so I give love and yes expect it in return.
But no matter how hard I’ve tried, I’m
always left behind.
Chasing paper,plastic, and silicone.

I’ll still wait for love, even if it never comes.
I don’t deserve picture perfect.

I want your flaws and your struggles too.
To them your worthless, to me you want less, which means your worth it.
I’m not obsessed just lonely.
Mackenzie Jan 15
No means no
It does not mean convince me
I do not want to get in the passenger seat
As a child
Throughout my teens
Harassment is engraved deep into my memories

Nap time
A touch over my jeans
The teacher did not mind
We were just kids, right?

No became a new word
with a new meaning
Flashbacks to heavy breathing
Your sweat dripping onto me
Singing my skin

At the age of six
When most kids are playing games and learning cool tricks
You harassed me with
Words i could not repeat
No means no!
****** boy get this through your head
Give it a rest
Silly girl, you're playing games
And this is chess
Make a move, what’s new
I’m always next
I think now, you must have been obsessed

No means no but
in your head it meant ***
No, please don’t leave us alone
I knew where this would go
Flashback to the sound of doors being locked
Give up
Your pants are already off

No does not mean convince me
But it didn’t prevent you from stealing my virginity
Engraved into my brain
A cookie wrapper
Just to be safe
I screamed no but
It was ****
Izzy Aghahowa Dec 2018
how am i to breathe?
without knowing every breath
and every second that comes with
the one after the next
for the absence of expectation
is nothing but fear
when every moment could be sacred
and could be known to the millisecond

i am precious with your time
i count the steps you take and the ones that will come with it
for i don't know when you will next step
with me there to count
and for me there to think about your every precious inhale
and exhale
Inspired by T.S Elliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
sarah Dec 2018
my mind is racing
but my heart's keeping up
my body's chasing
a dream i just can't touch
so close to reaching, but it just slips away

staying up late just
to think of you once more
but i can't get enough
i think that i might be going mad

i can't bring myself to think of anyone but you

call me obsessed, you got me too messed up
life's got me feeling so dead and the remedy is you
call me obsessed, it can't be bad to confess
that i'm falling in love with you over and over again
call me obsessed

every night, i
see you in my dreams
and then i wake up
you disappear from me
and i'm stuck with your ghost until i see you again

i know i shouldn't
give you the time of day
and write a song to
give all my thoughts away
but maybe a cleansing is what i need, because

i can't bring myself to think of anyone but you

call me obsessed, you got me too messed up
life's got me feeling so dead and the remedy is you
call me obsessed, it can't be bad to confess
that i'm falling in love with you over and over again
call me obsessed
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
You never leave
I have you by the ear tip
Like a child's favorite story
Like its never gonna end

I can feel the feverish rush
Of your spins
And the calculous miracles
That we'd let in

You're never gonna leave me
Because you're forever emblazed
In my head

Because anytime your available
A thought of your body touches
My nerve endings
And I don't know whether
To answer or to dance

Because let's face it
You've got me
With tongues tips
Tasting forever happiness
And multiple desires
Ride off of expectations
Onto a cloud like Nine

Don't worry
We'll make it
Out alive
Or will we

Drowned in each
Others potions
Until our tongues
Melt together
And we become one

One touch
One word
Away from eternity
Louis Haynes Nov 2018
How can i get over a love when I'm so obsessed
Im obsessed with how she treats me and how she clears my stress
Everything she does for me comes only from her heart
Thats why i wanna be the sunrise to her, "her daily start"

Each moment i spend with her makes me feel more happy
I put the smile on her face when she's feeling ******
I heal her on days she isn't able
Just to show im a man who has alot on the table

But even if we both were to have feelings growing so deep
Are we really ready to seek its peak
Cause as long as temptations creep
Many affairs will be leaked

And thats something the heart of this man can't take
My biggest fear is facing tremendous break
Cause when I love i give every bit of me deep inside
Just to show her im down to ride

So yes im obsessed with good woman its true
If your reading this is that woman you
If your willing to grow as a family and live a great life
Can I grow with you and make you a great wife

Cause love gives me strength and the stronger will to stand
It teaches me how to be a man and take demand
It teaches me about intimacy and how to treat my lady well
Never making her life a living ****

As i keep living one day It will all change I to will find my mate by soul
Completing one of my biggest goals
So why would i be obsessed with love cause its a risk most should take
Cause you never know when the outcome becomes great
My First Poem On HelloPoetry hope you all enjoy please give feedback
Annie Nov 2018
shallow heart and a heavy head
the echoes of words we never said

one last time you look at me  —then you look away
feels like i am pushed into a night from a sunny day

i can see through you –you're crystal clear
too many emotions to deal with, but there's no fear

you're easy to adore, not easy to hate
too **** to love, too pretty to disobey

you're the tower i need to climb
i know -you know
but you keep asking me if im fine
obliviously —

you're the one building up the dynamics
a force we dont need
you keep adding up the bricks
the gaze and your subtle tricks
you know -i know
CautiousRain Nov 2018
Why would you pretend
that you weren't in love with me;
continuing to play so dangerously
against others' skins,
trying to tempt something
from within yourself to not be
so **** obsessed,
so obsessed, I see,
that as soon as I was let go,
you looked inward
and started to project parts of me
onto every other girl.
If you want a girl to have the exact same behavior and ideals as me and you QUOTE ME to them even though these aren't your opinions, they're mine, you're hoping you can mold them INTO me
that's scary and NOT how it works at all
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