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Marri May 3
Call me obsessive,
I’m just a passionate lover.

I lay awake at night,
I look at the ceiling thinking of you.
Sometimes I never sleep.

I’m not obsessive,
Just in passionate love.

I stay in bed all day,
I close my eyes dreaming of you.
Sometimes I never wanna wake up.

I still have your clothes,
Some never washed.
I put them on and pretend I’m you.

I sit in front of the mirror,
I touch myself as you.

Call me obsessive,
I’m just your passionate lover.

I take hot showers.
I let the water cascade over me with eyes open
So I see the shape of you.

You stand in the shower with me,
Hair wet, and bright blue eyes that come alive.

I let the air cloud,
I let the windows fog.
I suffocate myself to hallucinate you.

Not obsessive,
Just passion filled.

I just want to love you,
I just want to hold you.
I want to wear your skin,
Feel you hot and fleshy around me.

I lay on the ground where you’ve walked,
I touch the areas you used to inhabit.
I still feel you here, I still feel you there.

I want to be hurt by you again,
I want to be bawling and weeping in love with you.

You’re obsessed,
I’m simply passion based.

You can’t hate me for that.

I want to be you,
I want to have you,
I want to be loved by you.

I’m obsessed,
Borderline obsessed.

And completely passionate.
About you.
mari Mar 25
This love feeds on my tears,
the kind of love the old me fears

I need you to be rough while I shake,
can you do it all for my sake?
Of course not,
I thought

I'll bring you joy,
I'll bring you pleasure,
all to be your toy

You can look,
I'm all yours,
even though my body shook,
I offer you everything

What are you thinking?
Is your mind blurred like mine?
Do you still think even someone like me can shine?

What's wrong?
Is it guilt?
Is it binding you down?
Hey, why?

You put your faith in me,
you told me I'm a gem,
je to vážně kdo já jsem?

Those were lies, right?
You were so nice,
fall in love I might

I was lonely,
I get greedy

I want you whole,
something I cannot get,
I'm all yours,
do you want to bet?

Do you know how many tears I've shed?

Icy cold touches sliding down my skin,
can you touch my neck,
wrap your fingers around it,
I'm already shaking,
press a little more,
don't leave me hanging

Desire me,
think of me,

I want to be on your mind,
but instead I get answers I don't want to find

This is too much to bear,
I'm not ready,
I've become someone I don't recognize,
yet I want it all,
and it tortures me
If you asked me how I feel, this would be my answer
No one Mar 24
When you hear the word cannibal

all you think of are immoral animals

Those who tear his own kin

apart, limb by limb.

Those who are consumed with the idea of gore

and once they have it, want more and more

When you witness the act of cannibalism

you think nothing of it, because it's an anomalism.

Because the more realistic example,

is us humans tearing each other into shambles

over vile words, wealth, and power.

Our foundations just run-down houses of lies we call a tower.

Then our leaders call these nocuous acts,

things that help our nation stay intact. 

Our society is filled with immoral obsession,

hidden by smiles and good looks called deception.
Falling in love is not rational. It's madness. A beautiful, wonderful moment of magnificent insanity.

Look into my eyes...

and they say
"I'm obsessed with you. Utterly, willingly, and wonderfully"
Amy Mar 13
Don’t let something like a boy drive you crazy
Soon it’ll turn you boy crazy

It’s not health to obsess over it
People will think your crazy

Some even find it unattractive
I think it’s just crazy

Something that’s forced
Can turn crazy

Love takes time
Don’t force it, give it time, it’ll be less crazy

Sometimes you think it’ll never come
But that’s someone thinking crazy

When people grow obsessed
They’re asking for the mayhem known as crazy

Amy says, let love take its time
Don’t force it, don’t turn crazy
Jajana Jan 5
I don’t know what time it is
Don’t care if it’s day or night
Others don’t shine for me but through you I see the light
I am deep in love
Deep in love
Deep in love
I am flying above
Flying above
Flying above
For you I might be another face
But you don’t know I am an obsessed case
Obsessed with your existence
Hopefully I’ll close the distance
Cure for an obsession- get another one
sarah Oct 2019
being in love with him
only made me hate myself more

-an excerpt from an article i wrote when i got bored :) check it out if you'd like
i procrastinated my english homework for an entire week and decided to try out writing a story about my failed love attempts instead :)
Jules Oct 2019
Back in July
you crossed my mind
And ever since
you never left
A slow, slow process
I can't deny
I fall for those eyes
every time
A few words
of which confessed
Blah blah blah
I'm still obsessed
Tanay Sengupta Sep 2019
Darkness divine,
walk beside me.
Can we revive
what we don't see?

Through misty eyes,
we see the lies
that they disguise.
Such fallacy!

Obsessed with the shade of the night,
Blinded by the fear of the light.
Can anyone tell me oh why?
Why do we pretend to not see?

Everything's an illusion in the broad daylight.
Confusion created by the distorted lies.
Haunting us every day and every night.
Truth is an ideological sacrifice.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I have tried to do a few things in this poem, let's see if you can spot them.

Hint: Look at the metaphors, progression, flow and the syllables.
eva-mae Aug 2019
there is a terrible pain
an aching waking dragon
writhing inside
At her name

there is a terrible fright
A devastated, hatred
which arises
At her sight

A terrible fear
Much deeper, the reaper
Has come
For me.
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