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I can't get caught in love no more,
Love can get real twisted real quick,
EMOTIONS involved changes everything,
Can't make promises,
Things always happen unexpectedly,
EMOTIONS can get the best of you.

Web of lies get real wicked,
Web of destruction gets real twisted,
Web of love is dangerous,
The webs ties you in deeper and deeper,
Can't help who we get tied into and with,
Our EMOTIONS take over our judgement.

Loving the wrong one can have somewhere you don't wanna be. Loving the wrong way will show you things that you thought you'd never see with your eyes. Love is more fatal than the drugs we take.
Your heart can mislead you,
Follow your mind not your heart.
Cvash Nov 7
Loneliness is wicked
Drags my feet on the floor
Cars go passed and wind howls
Everything stands still and its hands chokes the neck of my clock
Stop scratching my mirror you demon
My self image is distorted as it is, without you
Creeps into the bath through the drain
Or at night seeps through from in between the sheets
I can see it staring at me from the camera on my Mac
I stare back
Keeps hiding when I’m in the crowd
Wicked, wretched, nasty, relentless you
Kelseyd Oct 30
I craft a wreath of skeleton
and dried twigs, and the creeps
that crawl with things in the dark
places that rattle near our house. I

remember before the fall how you
loved Halloween, the pretend scare of
demons, when trick or treat meant only fun, and
nightmares existed

merely in dreams. After your therapy
session I will brew hot cocoa with
marshmallows white as my knuckle bone,
listen as you tell me things to make

my own blood boil.  I will put on my mask
to stifle the screams, and show you
how to paint the ghosts with smiles.
I cut the dead

flowers with a sharpened blade,
but cannot get the stems to uncoil
just right. I curse myself, again.
I fear I will run

out of time to shape the mouths of
jack o’ lanterns into permanent grins,
something wicked-like, this way
that always comes. Last night

I had to dream again. My father
chased me. I was a buffalo.
Some day you’ll let me show you
which way you need to run.
Spriha Kant Oct 1
For concealing myself from the wicked eyes of melancholy , I tightly hug reverie and melt into its fragrance on intertwining with it as a twinkling soul.
Siyana Sep 28
He spent his life crying Daisy, while she danced on his grave...
Kasansa Kuya Sep 23
I I I I…
in the kingdom of the broken hearted
"I strive and cry"
it does not matter why
"to see you come by"
what am I ,
"lacking someone like you"
its something you cant deny
I can only be myself when I'm with you
"like a person with a cheater partner"
you're distraught
withering in a disaster
"and it hurts a lot"

"however none of those are as cruel as I"

as I couldn't even spare you any of my time.
a heated exchange
Is this real life?
Or is it just another dream
This one is different
This one is powerful
As breathtaking as a miracle
Like a lake
Calm and serene
Is this really what it seems?
Life is confusing
Important and given
That smile melting away the madness
Wondrous and willful
Whimsically wearing down my walls
Driving me wild
With it's mild
But I digress
Not sure what this means
Still seems like a dream
But I realize
This is reality
And I'm pretty stoked...
For Vanessa
Amanda Hawk Jul 14
Wicked is your tongue

Saying forgive me

And I am sorry

Love is poisonous

From your mouth

I feel tainted and alone

Each touch that grazes my skin

I wonder if I could just leave

With you hand lingering in the air

Tangled in my shadow

Would you keep drowning

In your insincerity

Or would you finally realize

You will never have me
Behold the King upon His throne
Who utters judgments set in stone
He gives the wicked what they earn:
The death for which their own hearts yearn

Though oft for filthy, guilty men
Whose sins no scribe could tell by pen
This King, in love, steps off His throne
And trades their rags for His own robe

Feeling numb to what's coming
A fading reality, a coming duality
Society just victims
Of a corrupted system
I want to help them
Though I'm wicked
And most certainly not welcomed
I must do something, anything
Against those puppet masters
Who control the system

Perhaps I'll start my own secret society
A flip of the pyramid
A rebellion from within
Ah, I don't know
Just thinking.
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