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Ylzm Apr 10
Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Songs of Joy, Silence of Pain;
Pride and Triumph, Prayers and Tears;
When the Righteous Flourish, the People Rejoice,
But when the Wicked Rule, the People Groan.
Pro 29:2
Wrap the bones
of wicked men
and gravel it below

Coat with sand
and dampened soil
nay let a white bestow

Sow a seed
of blossom blood
in center of the ground

Watch it spread
to heaven's eye
'til no grave is to found
Sounds a bit vaguely horrid, huh?
Anna Apr 3
This is not a fantasy book.
This is not a story were the girl gets her prince and the boy slays the dragon.
This is not a story with a wicked witch or magic shoes.
This is real life.

The girl paints on a smile and the boy drinks away his fears.
The dragons are our deepest darkest thoughts.
The wicked witch is our crippling depression.
the magic shoes are just shoes we wear to make us seem like we have life handled.
This is real life.

This is not a movie where everyone lives happily ever after.
This is a world were some people don't even live.
This is a place were people are just surviving.
This is real life.
Sometimes our journey seems like a fairy tale but for the majority of the time it is filled with pain,stress, and anxiety.
Luna Jay Mar 27
This town is too dark for picnics,
But it’s just perfect for skinny dipping.
Just dark enough to accept
Your body image.
Your bumps, blemishes, rolls and curves.
The intestines swerved,
Our skin merged,
And you can only
Find your love for me in the darkest of towns.
I miss the bright lights that used to greet me-
But now I like it better when the moon meets me.
Bohemian Mar 21
Was about to turn off the lights to cry.
Global warming has caused drought inside
One side of it,
That I can say wickedly,
I'm lovin' it
I'm livin' it !
The wolf came upon us all
to devour the wicked and the weak
he would stare into your eyes
if he sensed you were good and true
he would walk away
leave you and yours
to live another day
So when the wolf came near
I chose to stand
next to you
zz Feb 25
they say blood is thicker than water but haven't they heard
of ichor?

the deep felling within, when you sense that something may
go wrong but let's set that thought aside because you don't know
what happens when the blood boils of gods and goddesses
or when the hues of gold and silver yearn for solitude as they
transform into something new; more precious, more expensive.
falling from the slick blade of a hero, poison to any mortal. but us-
humans- are wicked. if that blade falls into our palms, we'd corrupt
the world by spilling ichor for our mutual misunderstandings. so
we let ichor fall back into history- a curse for the reader- hoping one day that it'll fall into innocent hands so that once again,
unleashed from it's chains, would come Hade's hounds coming
to get you.
ah sweet greek mythology
Annie Feb 19
Chained to the cruel power of conflict
Between what I want and what’s best for me
My heart’s throbbing as if I’m being chased
By late night panic attacks, immortal memories

Captive of this room built inside hate
I have to be honest, I can’t do this anymore
Screaming the truth in the shadows
Painting a different picture as I walk out the door

Stumbling in the garden of thorns -I thought of as roses
Blowing on dandelions torn in my bleeding hand
Had I not mentioned how broken I feel?
Stepping over the beautiful castle I made of sand

Crumpled up letters of confessions I write
Of things I want myself to know now
The ones I keep forgetting like a careless child
Bring me the “you” who hadn’t lied, I’ld bow
Amare Leslie Jan 31
Diminishing into my own hands.
A simple hello opened my eyes
to the truth of my wickedness.
memoona kazmi Jan 27
and when i try to look,
through the red velvet curtains,
of my murky room,
i see moon,
drenched in blood,
looking as vicious as it could be,
half red moon,
moon tinted with red drops,
drops of her blood,
and no matter what i try,
to look for,
a red haunted moon,
is all i see,
oh i see it......
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