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Chris Dec 2018
Seek it and Don't resist it
Say more
Seek it and don't resist it...
Fate..Say more

Except for people you can't save.. Mislead yeah..
The rhythm and diamonds off
And there all flamed up

Don't need em to make a hit
Metaphor Metaphor
Let's run this ****..out..

No weary rest....
Unless ending it
They are who
U should be fine.

Off with the wicked...

Cause in the minds mind mind
Yeah that's right
I'm in the middle

Now you should accept the fact
This is how you reach the stars now..
If ur sure they serve the mark
Ill show the passion...
Hayley Rena Dec 2018
Thinking of you is a toxic euphoria,
a lovely danger,
you’re a sugar-coated wicked temptation,
comforting hurt,
a beautiful disease.
Written// April 25, 2018
You use to sneer at me,
As if you were better than me,
You use to look down at me through soft lashes,
You smoked so you could slowly choke me with ashes,
You would say "Without ME you are NOTHING",

Well I might not be much, but I AM something,
I will not stand in your shadow, I'll cast my own,
I won't let your self loathing deliver me into an early grave stone,

Although I must admit I crave the feeling of your flesh upon mine,
I want to slide your taste over my lips like fine wine,
Im slightly disgusted by this need to satisfy this primal hunger inside  me,
My body betrays me while an unnatural **** brings me to my knees,
The only good thing about you was your ability to ******,
Only through carnal cravings could we call a truce,

You thought that if you could make my body feel good I would need you,
You would tell me that the only thing I was good at was laying beneath you,
You tried to dig me up so that I couldn't bloom where I was planted,
You thought those fevered desperate kisses would keep me enchanted,

I left because I got tired of your **** games,
we don't share anymore perverted love claims,
When I think of you now I snicker, too no one in particular,
I liked how you were twisted and ******,

But thats all I liked about you,
Its funny how I was so drawn but also so repulsed by you,
I guess that means that I'm a little sick too,
I don't regret it though, cause then I'd have to admit that a part of me cared,
Try not to mourn the wicked temptations that we shared,

I'm fine on my own, are you;
Timur Shamatov Nov 2018
Passion of this night is blooming into
What we would only know as love
***** bodies clutching to each other
Satisfied, resuscitating from unison ******
Never thought that deepness of your eyes
Would convince me otherwise but
**** baby you got me falling
Throwing fear and caution to the wind
Never wanna lose the the rhythm of
Hearts beating as we lay chest to chest
Souls are morphing into one as
I feel your lips on mine
Taste so sweet so right
Never felt more real as I do with you
To you my dear I wish to say “Hello”
Cause in my heart I know that
With you is where my heart
My soul
             My love
Thought about writing something for a dear friend with whom I got to spend some time with.
Amanda Nov 2018
Your photo is a
Reminder not everything
Is as it appears
So many things in life are not what they seem on the surface at all
Timur Shamatov Nov 2018
Everything and more that’s what I’ll be
We have all night yet still to go
So close your eyes and lose control
Bodies twisting, arching at a thought
Cause when I kiss your neck
I touch your soul
Sweat your body covers
Nails digging into flesh
Squeezing me so tightly
Never let me go
Closer still as one we grow
Falling deeper into yen
Minds dreaming of what’s next
Bodies acting in response
Dancing to the rhythm of our hearts
Folding, bending into ****’s decree
Slow and deep our bodies rise and fall
In your eyes I see my word liquefying into bliss
In the way you bite your lip and moan
As **** changing - morphing into
Something so unreal yet so profound...
Leila U Nov 2018
Tell me about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her black pointy hat,

Her black screeching cat.

The night she flew thru the sky,

The night she touched the stars and danced for the moon,

Her dance a gift and a goodbye.

Tell me more about the wicked witch of the west,

Tell me about her auburn hair as it turned to dust,

Her angel voice, her last scream through the air it ******,

Tell me about her godly form in the flame, her last words whispered

A deep cut through our chest.

Tell me more about my sister,

Tell me about the Wicked Witch of the West.
Demonatachick Oct 2018
In the mirror i find myself how did i come to be?
since when did my reflection
take over what makes me.

Who is this crude impostor who uses my eyes to see,
who is this kindred spirit that screams inside of she.

I turn myself from the mirror from her who's trapped within,
but find a wall in front of me and reflected a wicked grin.
just a late night fantasy, I hope everyone is enjoying spooktober x
Blade Maiden Oct 2018

This ripe darkness
this mourning dream
a wrenching weakness
fit for the guillotine

An arrangement made
sheer comfort prepared
the end of fate
and, oh, how I dared

This dry paper
this cold pit
an agonising vapor
that smells of blood and spit

'Tis my mind
my wicked flesh
a soul pined
peeled off and fresh

Dressed soft tongued
I raised Cain
being shunned
silenced I remain

This dawning fright
this nightly echo
here comes the blight
light, don't let go
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