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there was no escape
your soul bewitched mine
the instant our eyes met
on velvet nights
our bodies bled into one,
moonlight kissing flesh
a love so full of fire
the stars themselves
faced inwards to watch
our nightly worship.
- my heart still remembers your touch, does that make me wicked?
Don't know what to do,I'm left confused.
Is there anything in this world that's less abused?
Can't pretend to know what I don't,
Can't answer world's questions,I just won't.
Corrupted,polluted and wicked world is all what I find,
You are true? Well,u are gonna get down to the sand.
World is just a wicked place with wicked people.
teju Jul 22
There is a face which is hidden
Always with a bad idea in mind
A wicked witch is alive in there
Active enrichment in its
bold anger color
Loads of cruelty
Wants to live in the blind darkness with
strong harshness
In every person called
the Monster!!
I don’t understand why
It hurts so bad inside.
Each word
He speaks
Is like a knife in my heart,
A stab in my back that makes me sting.

I don’t know why I ever let him inside.
Why I let him make me cry.
Why I let him into my safe zone
Let him into my sacred space;

I gave him the key to my gold
He scratched at it,
then spit it out at my face.

Not sure what hurts more than this,
Salty tears and puffy eyes
Trembling hands and despise.

To feel so ashamed for letting you see me,
Telling you my secrets like an open book
All i am is another story with no happy ending
I’ll never get naked for anyone again.

I wanted to feel safe and beautiful.
But now all i have is empty walls and endless thoughts.

He laughed and then he cried.
He regrets what he did
And now I have to pay the consequence.

Trying to go about my day, trying to forget the mess you made.
So I smile, I walk and talk like nothing ever happened,
But deep down the memories of watching you love someone else
Replays and replays through my head.

It’s sickening, can’t stop looping.
The sound is screeching, pounding.
it used to birds chirping,
Wanting to scream, nowhere to run.

But i keep quiet.
I’ve chosen to forgive, because I see you.

But forgetting is something, that I’m not capable to do.
So please forgive me, If I keep bringing up the past.
I promise you, The wound won’t always be this raw.
The scarcity of it won’t last.

Bare with me, baby. I ask.

People make mistakes and maybe all that was fate.
I tell myself everything happens for a reason; maybe the feeling will go away.

What a gruesome mess of salty tears forever strolling down my face.
I can never forget the pain.

Give and give
They will take and take..
Until you have nothing  left.
They will leave you with a jar, only full of your own tears and call it fate.

Making you feel like you’re the one who did this, you could’ve been better,
Prettier, brighter.
maybe smile a little bigger,
maybe be a little thinner.

I start to vanish

They will leave you stranded
In the realm of emptiness,

When i speak up, He tells me it’s my pride.
So i swallow my words.
I die.
I die.
I die.

He lies.
He lies.
He lies.

I cry, I cry, and I cry.
So pathetic and so disgusted.
The humiliation, to see i was so easily decepted.
I wanted to  believe that he did love me.
He was too blind to see.
All that unfolding in front of me.

I picked at my skin,
Screamed, cried and plead for him to come back to me.

I begged for his love and that’s what disgusts me.

I should have kicked you and her out, but i was too deep in my own sorrows without a doubt.
Wishing and hoping you’d come back home, into our sacred space

I wanted to hold your face against my soul and i hated myself for being so vulnerable.

Why would I want someone who used me like a puppet on a string.

Lets not forget if I stand up for myself, I’m a *****.

Forever astounded at the egoism.
Mislead and now pleading

Wondering where you went wrong
Wondering what you did to deserve this mess.

Feeling abused and despaired.
Was I a fool to think you would be there?

I could never stoop down to how you mistreated and disrespected my heart.
Nothing about that is art.

I’ve forgiven but the heart cannot forget what has wounded so deeply.

   You did nothing wrong sweet sweet girl, all you did was give your love to the world.
You can’t control how others abuse your heart. Don’t let their foolishness take away your heart.

Don’t dare let those dark shadows capture your pure form.

Be true to yourself,
especially if you are falling apart

Cause the world desperately needs more devotion and less promotion.

But remember
The ones who give away their hearts to a wicked spirit  
Usually end up, with sunken souls in the dark.

Be careful of whom you give your love.

For anyone who gives the time to read my poem completely, thank you. I wrote this about two years ago. As you can see, I was completely infatuated with someone who treated me like dirt.. I finally got past this point, and I realized, I didn't love him.. I loved the idea of him love me. And once I realized this sad truth, he owned my heart no more. Thankyou for reading again. Just a bit of my heart and tears poured out onto paper.
This wicked world,
Is where I grew up.
Hated the crowd,
But I don't give up.
People stab me right in the heart,
And act like they are hurt.
Feeling this for ages,
Been living in the cages.
Philomena Jun 24
"Some girls like diamonds
Some of them want fancy things
They hunger for the taste of glamour
And we rot and find some others' rings

Your sweethearts need their princes
Flattery and filthy pearls
Barbie, don't mess with the Marilyn kisses
Your original material girl

But I'm not like those other types, baby
I'm your ****** creature poster girl

Make you crawl, make you beg, make you plead
Make you want, make you hurt, make you bleed

So toxic
****** creature poster girl

Make you laugh, make you cry, make you need every little slasher
**** the father's sweetheart, ****** creature poster girl

Baby, you can keep your diamonds
You can burn all your fancy things
I hunger for the taste of a painful week
That can survive my wicked sting

Darling I don't need no princes
I'm no damsel in distress
The only thing I'm needing is for you to be bleeding
From my homicidal kiss

You see, I'm not like those other girls, baby
I'm your ****** creature poster girl"
Her wicked tongue
caressed my ears
with promises of ****** grandeur
all I wanted was to be held
until I slumbered
I need you so much that it hurts
Like you'll never know, when you're not here
Odd isn't it that something so perfect can be pervert
Very much so as you whisper in my ear
Every second of your absence tears me apart
Yet when you're here you break my heart
Over my head or between my legs
Untimely demise you cause me

I love you so hard it kills me a little more everyday
I love you
Little wicked man over the moon 
Smiling like he knows it all 

On a Summer night Wispering my name 
Drawing lines over my heart insane 

His deep dark eyes scars over his face 
Like a broken story is about to die 

Trapped me beneath his ribcage
Like he wants me to feel his rage 

I speak, 
we are same aren't we
broken us
broken people
broken promises 
broken stars 

Smiling at me he said, he knows it all.
Ylzm Apr 10
Do you see what I see?
Do you hear what I hear?
Songs of Joy, Silence of Pain;
Pride and Triumph, Prayers and Tears;
When the Righteous Flourish, the People Rejoice,
But when the Wicked Rule, the People Groan.
Pro 29:2
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