Sunlight or sacrifice
Why must I choose
This swollen ring
Stuck around
My middle finger
Has grown too deep

I try and pry it off
To make amends
With the wicked
Let not the sun go
Let it grow between
Our toes in the sand

Feel the salt lick your skin
And become attune
With the natural energy
Manny Jul 31
You're so beautiful
When your cheeks are blushing red
When you look directly in my eyes
With an expression that can't be read
And look where all of this has led
You're lying in my bed, just like I always
pictured in my head.
Your body shivers with excitement
Though your tears are screaming "dread"
Maybe its the breeze you feel, the
windy chill, from hiding in this shed
Or is your body breaking down
It's been three whole days since you've been fed
I had to punish you somehow
The other day you almost fled
now I feel misled, you turn down my love
And run instead
You cry all night, you wont eat bread
You shout and fight and hit your head
against the frame of this old bed.
if only you listened to
Every word I said
There'd be less pain
It's better now if this goes my way
So just play dead
Sorry about this messed up poem.  
I had this idea for a while that I wanted to write a twisted love story about a stalker that kidnapped the girl he is infatuated with.
Sara Kellie Jul 24
You're trouble, you're toil.
Yes, trouble and toil.
With you I think I'll bring to the boil.
A pinch of salt and a teaspoon of oil
but not too much, your taste it'll spoil.

I'll take off your beard.
To eat that would be weird.
But gristle that makes your two knees,
into cracking, oh yes please.

With mint sauce on each cheek
two kebabs that are sheek.
Not keen on the chin
so I hope you don't mind
but that goes straight in the bin.

Chop, chew, swallow and digest.
Can you guess which part
of you I like best?
It's your nose that I grate
all around the edge of my plate
and because I've asked "Please"
that you try not to sneeze.
It makes a much better garnish
than parmesan cheese.

Savoury poetry by Kaydee.
I'm just messing now.
Simra Sadaf Jul 19
in a vigil of longing and yearning,
we are left between time and destiny,
by what might may we subdue time,
for it is leaving, it is a traitor,
by what might may we quell destiny,
for it is wicked, it is deceiving,
in lieu of longing and yearning,
a blade is plunged into our backs,
by what might may we annihilate
the torment of bad faith?
Shadow Dragon Jun 24
The mercy of God
saved him from
the world.

With his alleged
virgin birth
flesh from
light and darkness
mixed in a
good and evil

Flesh and meat
A member
to pluck fruit.
Wicked lost souls
belonged to
the lower order.
Jay Lewis Jun 20
Wake up and smell the coffee,
Your shaking you head.
Wake up and smell the roses,
Soon enough they'll be dead.

All this time,
I was falling,
for your punch lines.
Your bad behaviour,
I needed a saviour.

I was crucified,
with those knives,
You locked me up,
kissed me goodnight.

You kept boulders,
on my shoulders,
Called me darling,
Left me starving.

You bought me a
A ball and chain
Wrapped it around
my pretty veins.

A poison dart,
to my heart,
I must been going insane.
To play your wicked games.
Swastik Jun 8
O ye soldiers, RISE UP!
for narrow minds have,
come again.
O ye soldiers, STAND UP!
for they make things,
go insane.

They grisp, they grudge,
grunt the same.
They grind some minds,
And make them lame.

O ye soldiers, COME FORTH!
for these minds,
they stay so near.
O ye soldiers, be strong!
For they are,
bringing new fears.

They crave for blood,
whom they call,
their own.
For these minds,
so fallen.
No one is known.
No one is known.

O ye soldiers, BATTLE NOW!
for these minds can,
steal your dreams.
O ye soldiers, FIGHT NOW!
for are they not,
what they seem.

Wicked is their mind,
empty is their heart.
To make their time,
They come near you,
Come and break you apart.

O ye soldiers, RISE UP NOW!
for narrow minds have,
come again.
O ye soldiers, KILL THEM!
and hoist the flag of peace again.
     "This isn't who you are."

    "You're not the girl I used to know."

   "I don't know who you've become."

He repeats these lines
So much these days
It annoys me more than
A broken record ever could
Ever should
Ever would
Cause I told him
I warned him thoroughly

     "I'm not nice."

    "You won't like the real me."

   "I'm not worth fighting for."

But he didn't listen
He filled my head with empty
Promises that he meant
He filled my heart with hollow
Vows that he could never fulfill

     "How can a person be so cold?"

    "How can a lady be so cruel?"

   "How can you change so fast?"

He looks hurt and
I hurt a little
But I shut down
Cause that's what I always do

     "I'm nefarious, lover."

    "Had my heart broken a few times."

   "Now it's made of stone."
I hope Nefarious Breed finds this.♥♥♥
Raghu Menon May 7
It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer

With drawing all energy
With it's dry, dusty winds
With all vegetation turning pale and wilted

The birds are silent
They are somewhere not visible
Hiding in the little shadows and shades

The trees are still
The plants are withering
The road-side bush wilted and dry

The lips are dry
The skin is rough
The throat is burning...

How long is this going to last
Looking at the sky,
For some clouds which are scanty

Let that summer rain come
And change this wicked summer
Into a soothing experience ..

Till then...

It's dry
It's pale yellow
It's devastating
It's hot and
It's a wicked summer
clever May 7
my lipstick matches
the color of your blood on
my manicured hands.
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