a wand of disappearances
operate in our very
who is the conductor
of its vanishing

where once our fellow
poets did pleasantly
now the wicked wand
has eradicated their

numerous blank spaces
symbolize the conductor's
employing a wand which
has emptied the

black the hour
black the day
a black instrument
whisking them all too
suddenly away
a wand so dark
of intent
wanting to wane
our writers tent

the subtracting conductor
will be planning future
so be mindful of its
wand's unsolicited
Up until three days ago, poet Rye Sing was actively contributing and commenting on the Hello Poetry site.  I find it most strange that he/she has just disappeared into thin air.
kelia Feb 16
you are so lovely in your wicked ways
you are heavy
i can feel it, so can the room

everyone is waiting for that pause
the one you find yourself existing in

you are so lovely in your wicked ways
finding the quirks
the imbalanced romanticism in their dialect

'yeah, i’m a southern boy'
the kind you swore you’d stay away from

you spent too many nights with knights at rogue water
underage but over your limit

oh boy, that patagonia
slinging country song quarters into the jukebox

take me home!

you are so lovely, even in your wicked ways

do you like country music?
he turns left for the freeway
do you know how to drive stick shift?

you are so lovely, even in your wicked ways
i didn’t fold her laundry
she left my XXL t-shirts without wrinkles
pink, without wrinkles

you are so lovely in your wicked ways
he mixes a couple of drinks for you
reaches to grab your hand from across the bar
seared by the tea-light candle

i waltzed out of that bar like i had him
he is small and beautiful with a temper
i could love him all while hating him

i’m just a gal whose nose bled
after falling into his bed (more than once)
more than once
smc Feb 13
tiny jewels

the ones
w     e
in peru

and she laughs like
fairies dance around her

she knows
what she did
to what was once
Amanda Feb 2
You play your wicked games with me,
Why do you treat my heart like a toy?
It's beginning to feel like my
Pain is something you enjoy.
Short but meaningful. Criticism is always welcomed here.
Gergana Jan 3
Looking through my messages.
Shit, I used to have friends once.
What happened? What changed?
I happened, I changed.

Not as sweet as I used to be,
Not as stupid as I used to be.

So weird, so twisted,
who would like to be your friend?

No one was there,
no one wanted to be there
to help me with my pain,
to wipe my tears away.

No one cared for the wicked creature,
for the broken girl on the floor,
crying herself to death,
drowning with her own tears.

It's ok now, I'm alright.
There's nothing to worry about.
I'm just gonna smile, like I always do
and you're just gonna pretend you believe, like you always do.
Just like we always do.
velvetstunner Nov 2017
they said we are crazy
i got wicked only when i'm with you
my throat clogged
my bones chilled
at the beach
licking mangosteen juice off your skin.
em>W h o    i s    t h i s
(I got a secret)
A smile that can't be wiped off
A smile's Contagious
Cheeks Bleed
Everything's Absolute
So,  U n a t t a i n a b l e  &  C l e v e r
A p p e a r i n g
P r o vi n g
Life's but a tale of unfortunate events
T i m e s   a   t e m p o
R i g i d  &  S t a g g e r i n g
Choose to  D a n c e
See it as the  
O n e  &  O n l y
S  p  a  r  k
P l e a d  for it
Get on your knees
It is the only way
We take the  I r o n  in the  F i r e
The   H o u r g l a s s   Slip s   A w  a   y
S l i p p e r y  S a n d   P r o v o k e s
F i g h t  or  F l i g h t
What will we do?
(You Powerful Goddess)
L o v e  or  L e a v e
(Leave them Better,
Then when you Met them)
B  a  b  y  ,
He could be all  Y o u r s
F i n d   o u t
R u n
W a l k
C r a w l
Pull That  G o d d a m n   A r r o w
We are  H e r e  not  T h e r e
Yeh hear
R e g i o n s  are  just  I l l a t i o n s
Love is  W i c k e d  &  C o o l
Don't miss out
Thank the  G o d s  of  t i m e
It's giving  D u t y  &  W a r r a n t
B  a  b y  ,
M a n i f e s t  the  B e s t
Celeste Briefs Oct 2017
They call us wicked,
But they don't know the half of it
Cause all we are is shadow
When it comes down to it,
Sisters of Supreme Darkness,
Dancing with the flame within
No Earthly thing can sunder
These ties that bind us
To the sacred song.
Listen, Mortals, hear the spirits sing;
They call us wicked,
But we know where they all sleep
For we give birth to the nightmares they fear,
Listen, Mortals, heed and hear
Coven's cries echo through the night,
We fly, take to the stars,
Blow a goodbye kiss
To the fading daylight
This is a poem about how most people perceive witches in general (ya know, old and ugly and bad, right?). Believe what you may and what you want, either way, let it be a Blessed All Hallows Eve tonight.
Nandan Sharma Oct 2017
I know the wicked
In me.
I know the decent
In me.
I know the timid
In me.
I know the endurer
In me.
No, I don't know,
Which one would last.
olive Oct 2017
Such a little baby,
So green and so small,
Think of how crazy,
No one wants her at all.

Some say that she’s vile,
Some say that she’s cruel,
But all the while,
This just gives her more fuel.

Though all the things said,
The girl does not crack,
All this has led,
To a knife in her back!

They say that she’s wicked,
It’s chaos they’ve brought,
Her aura is livid,
Wicked’s something she’s not!

She is not all these things,
Her compassion shines true,
All the hurt that it brings,
Makes her look like a fool.

In a panic and a hurry,
Her whole life is changed,
The girl now must scurry,
In fear of being caged.

She runs and she flies,
To a place far away,
For herself now she cries,
She’s safe for the day.

No one is born wicked,
It’s something you become,
Though she’s been afflicted,
She is still full of love.
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