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Lyla Sep 29
Don’t think now
Don’t delve into your mind
Don’t even try.

But there’s so much to think about

You know what happens
When you get to know yourself
You remember
The problems
They get bigger the more you think of them
Just stop

How can they not
SAT’s, college
Work, homework
Should I keep this class
Don’t even get me started on my friendships
Who’s the real one
Would they even notice if I was gone
Would anyone’s world come crashing-

You’ve gotta stop.

I can’t
And my dad
He doesn’t have a job
I haven’t seen him in a couple weeks
I miss him

Stop, just watch an episode
Forget about yourself
For a little while

Okay...that sounds okay


But I’m sad...

Caught in the landslide of memories,
feels like this spiral never ends.
Even the pain it hates me!
It creeps under and pulls me out along.

This thing inside me
can't forget, can't relate.
Never lies, never betrays,
yet I'm dying to forget!
Invisible Sep 16
Aren't we all
Out of control
Spiraling up the towers
And tumbling down the markets

What we need, we can't get
What we don't, we get
What we want, we don't
But what we want, we get

We fear, we fight
Our worries rise
We're left with so much
But nothing at all

We get up and find
Claws in our way
As if weren't already
Bruised enough

Aren't we all
Out of control
We fear for us
And no one else

So, when we spiral, we spiral as one.
Well, we're spiraling. 'We' isn't us 'we'. It's them 'we'. Well, sometimes it's us 'we', but anyway. Does that make sense?
A message from you
and my mind is spiralling
on the road of overthinking.

Wanting to embrace you
even at the risk of you deserting me
once more.
We don’t put a label on it
Because we don’t want to fit
And commit.

We keep it fun and chill;
Nothing serious
No consequences
No future
Nothing romantic
Trying to keep it platonic.

Doesn’t it sound ironic?
Because I am frantic
About you, boy.

Trying to be ice cold
Pretending we are something,
when we’re nothing.
I am losing my mind.

You play these games
Trying to make me insecure
About all these other girls.

So I play along
Because it’s love,
Maybe not long lasting
But real.

But we’re just spiraling
No end; not infinite
I guess I can not pretend
For I don’t want to be this type of girl.

I want to us to burn;
Our hearts to yearn
Our souls to learn.

I want attachment,
Security and stability.
I want it to be long lasting
And not a temporary fling
In the center gravity holds
tightly as we spiral
awaiting to enfold
ever pressed in cosmic vinyl
A vast collapse, as light is burning out
to charcoal ash. My sight can’t guarantee
a single step ahead: the irony
of eyelids open, dressing minds with doubt.
The sweetest cherry flags were shouting loud,
as if my muddled brain could hear the screams;
react to some acceptable degree,
not plunge into the spiral or blackout.

Now time is bending, blurring all too fast
to pinpoint how to cease the looming threat.
The motionless abandon of the crash
takes aid away from tests and rules I’ve set.
Now trapped down here, in torment, all I ask
is “Please can someone help me to forget?”
nathanthepoet Jun 11
is there nothing left or anything more?
lifes been a wreck since you ran out the door.
never ever in my life will i love another like that,
theres only one soul mate in this life you see,
and for whatever reason she was dawned upon me .
ill always cherish those few moments close to my heart ,
even though you could care less as you tear me apart.
taking away my mental state and leaving me in solitude.
the me you knew is gone you took him with you .
thats a piece of my soul ive lost forever ,
cause i wont see you again , ever.
i say that not in hate because i know its true ,
no matter how much i loved , i didnt mean that much to you .................................................................­......................................................
just a exp i hope no one gets to share .
a l e x Apr 3
Lost in this place
With a grimace,
No where to go
No one to talk to,
Heart's  torn
So is feeling forlorn,
Wanting to quit
But it's hard to admit,
Thy body is weary
Thy soul's  not a beauty,
Finding pieces
Seeking for peace,
Oh life,
Let this all end please...?
digged from my old notes
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