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William 4d
I tire of seeing what I desire taunt me just out of reach.
Many a number of dreams while I slumber push me into the breach.
Feelings of dread from the thoughts in my head, unable to send them aloft.
My mind it wanes from internal pains and visions I cannot throw off.
Inwards I spiral towards total denial of emotions that seem to propel.
So slow I do creep, the pain it runs deep, traveling towards unending hell.
Exhausted I lay, my head in dismay, begging for it to all end.
When will I know?
Time, it runs slow, can someone just be a friend?
Mark Parker Sep 25
Rocks ripple my river reflection
as amber and caramel leaves spiral
from sleeping oaks
landing atop water as lily pads
and clothing my mirror image.
I envy the resting trees,
tucked in for the winter.
The place exists somewhere, I just have to find it.
his pain, a spiral.
coiling and tightening, confusing and suffocating
his pain was a sweet illusion
his pain was for me
i cannot bare his pain any longer
Giovanna Jul 28
In the middle of a war,
maybe with no shore.
Not a defeater.
But no better.
Weary with no sword.
Not metres apart from being floored.

Stuck in the thought spiral.
Tears filled in a barrel.
Your arrival, a hope,
like a climb up rope.

Still in the fight.
Now standing upright.
A finger on the trigger,
with you as my aiding pillar.
There's someone always there to support you
starstrike Jul 16
Cowardice grips me tight
and guides me in all the wrong directions-
like a puppet I go where it wants
I flee from Commitment, from Growth
and float aimlessly in pools of despair
created as a byproduct of Cowardice’s actions

there are times where Bravery finds me
floating by solemnly, head barley above water-
it releases me from my shackles
and in those times I remember how to swim
I remember how to command my own limbs
and I emerge and I stand, to face down Fear

but inevitably
Cowardice finds me once more
and when I blink the chains return
and it pulls me in all the wrong directions
leaving me craving Bravery’s warmth
just out of reach now, I grasp for it over and over
but I-
I just
Evening Motion Sickness

Twas for the river that I think of you.
About that agony smile.
The denim closing stars following as we walk to "Fourth time Around".
Those grey soaked fingers.
The curls of brown blanketed.
The easy clouded stride.
That soft sight peaking back like film.
The grasp in grasp.
That defying glide from the lips.
The silent dance from the waist.
So wicked.
The further air.
The fruitful chaos.
And the watery time known before decay.

Garrett Johnson.
Fin.     What's wrong/ Nothing...I had a  good time, that's all/ Cool, me too.
Frannie Jun 22
Sometimes I dig myself in so deep that I can not get out.
So deep that my cries can’t be heard,  no matter how loud I shout.
So deep that the light above is quickly fading away.
So deep that the darkness blends my nights into my day.

I’m crying, begging, pleading, asking, please come save me now.
I’m trying hard to climb back out but I can’t help but drown.
I need the light to come and turn the somber mood around.
I’m sinking further, deeper, deeper deep into the ground.

You see I need someone to help me, come and catch me when I fall.
So if you hear me begging, can you  please answer my call.
I mean I need someone to save me when I’m down, I need your all.
So if you have some time to spare please baby break my fall.
That wretched face
Inside of that beautiful skin
I couldn't see
I cannot believe

Swirling in the delusion
You created
Your tainted caress
I hope we never ever met
But the smile that gave away
My trust
Your illusion

Now I'm so sick
of your *******!
Its clearer than ever
You dragging me in your downward spiral

You've tore me inside out
But I've finally figured out
What really must be done
No mercy! No remorse!

Oh my beautiful liar
You cold blooded *****!
Never I thought I would do this.
Now I'm on my knees
You brought me down to your level...
Quixotic Apr 25
Broken, hollowed out
I lie in a spiral of
My mind. Dead to all.
Is this a haiku?
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