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Two ancient eagles often meet
free and high, celebration dancing our death spiral or mating dance.

Flying over this weeping willow forest lands we found
Our white willow tree bark healing properties own
salicylic acid relieving pains and inflammations.  

Our beautiful pendular branches, the weeping willow trees of us, symbols of fertility are; out willow trees grow best by side roads by body of water rivers lakes, or ponds. And us special eagles, mate by the sea.

And like us our willows of life attract scary snakes, but also birds bees butterflies, cocoons moths many diverse birds make a home in us. Our willow trees seem to hide a fertil sadness within.

In our roots, creatures find habitat restauration erosion control and perfect ******* growth of 6 to 8 inches length.

Our willow trees filter poisons grows quickly and live longer with a human touch like ours.

Our weeping willow tree established root systems decontaminating water and soil.

Raindrops drip down our leaves. My weeping is called pillow P**y willow tree.

When our weeping tree grows largest it casts a grave size shadow and a family member goes supernovae or so it's written.

Thank you my weeping willow tree, sweet poet mine for placing baby blankets under our weeping willow tree.

Your invitation uncovered accepted loved and cherished eternally.

To the one poet Sonnet 75 my
True love, this one honors the day my smile captured thine heart, my weeping willow my everything beloved.
Inspired by a tree of life planted in my honor once upon a time.

By: Mr And Mrs Andrews
b e mccomb Sep 2022
i let myself
slip away

get lost
in other people's

i fell out
of my purse
or forgot myself
in the pocket
of my winter coat
a suspicious
(not sure what)
was missing

it's easy
to get trapped
in a screen
a mental box of
away my weekends

so easy
to forget
is so often
simply found
in creating

it's been
hard lately

i've been coming
to terms with
my mental state
for ten years
and i'm still not

in knowing i can't
change this
can't fix myself
and that maybe
the drugs don't
even work

it's not

this is not

"no drugs
no therapy
just raw-*******

it's funny
until it's not

it's funny
until the darkness
starts creeping
its way behind
my ears and
muffling reality

it's funny
until i get drunk
funny til i

(i hate saying relapse
as if slicing open
my own skin to
calm down is
some kind of
addiction i can't break
because it's not
i don't have to do this)

it's funny until
it's not funny anymore

it's funny until i get
dragged under into
apathy by my
mental to-do list

message my doctor
about the meds
i stopped taking
two weeks ago

and call the other doctor
to get seen about that chronic
blood condition that almost
killed me that one time

call about the
call about the
call about the
driving lessons
call about the
rest of my life

i'm spiraling again
different time
different place
same looping
descent into
my own madness
copyright 9/5/22 by b.e. mccomb
Nothing is scarier than being

So much emotion your emotionless
Silent and quiet
Hands twisting imitating the spiraling in my brain
Being confronted upfront and blunt with all that pain
Just numb
and nothing
The endless nothing
Screaming at you behind bars
The rage
The seething hatred
You scream
Screaming back
WHY ****** WHY
******* ANSWER
Always nothing
Never an answer
Waking up
Head in a field of wheat
Just a dream
Look close at nothing
To hurt nothing you would have to reach through bars
But bars are there to protect
You put them up
You did this
You don't want to hurt nothing
Nothing is always there for you
And you realize
Realize nothing is you
Behind a bars your own reflection seethes back at you
And nothing more

Wordless is scarier than
Read it forwards and backwards
Two in one poem
UNiTY Jun 2022
Born into the darkest maze,
lost within the ruler's gaze-

Delivered at the peak of downward spin
no choice to speak, no chance to win

Going under arrows , went over my head
cannot tell direction , pull me out of bed

And when I reached the cliff at the end ?
I wondered just where else my eyes had been

Looking at the light I know it seems so hard to summit
If I climb this outward spiral, tell me will I plummet?

Fly right upward past denial, do I have the stomach?
Reflections Of Healing PTSD
lucidwaking May 2022
I wanna look as different as I can
Than the girl you fell in love with.
The "girl next door,"
With the frizzy brown curls
And wide eyes -
I don't want to be her anymore.

I want to dye my hair dark green,
And get the kind of nose piercing
You said you didn't like.
I want to get a beautiful tattoo sleeve,
An old bald guy smoking a cigar,
Tattooed somewhere on my stomach.
I want to get some boots and overalls,
And maybe start smoking.
Hell, I wanna get my **** pierced,
As scary as that sounds.

I want to have scars
That are visible.
I want to wear mascara that runs.
On the weekends, I wanna get hammered
And bring someone home...
Even though it'll make me feel empty.
I'd like to quit my fitness center job,
And make 20 bucks or so a night
Doing drag king gigs.
I want to ruin my family's opinion of me
By coming out.

I don't care if
I'm seen as wild.
All I want is distance,
Pushing the life I used to love
To the other side of the globe.
I want to get lost if I go looking for it,
Unsure of which wind will take me there.
I need to launch it so far into the void
That it stops existing.

I've got to get away from
The life I used to love with you.
I'll be drowning in my sorrow forever.
pilgrims Mar 2022
Bald eagle presents overhead
Lazily looping, wind under wing
Feeling natural
Being free
the spiral through skies
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