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The whiter you are,
No matter the race,
The easier for mainstream
to accept your face.
From Asia to America,
Dark means bad, poor, *****,
Working in the sun,
Living a life on the run,
From police,
From prejudice,
From pain.
Kore 4d
it's easy
     the hatred
of Me.

until I cease
          to blend

and what has
        been lying
in wait
Anna Grace Nov 10
It was a bag of prejudice ******* with strings of judgement. I would know it anywhere. The chill of its indifference never failed to give me nightmares.

Curious thing this is, never curious about the things that tie, a strange fascination with the catabolic, breaking down bit by bit, every standing bridge, till in loneliness, paranoia takes seed.

You call it religion, I call it fanaticism.
You call it ethnicity, I call it a lack of humanity.
You call it antisemitism, I call it disparity.
Diversity versus equality: we know who always wins.

It is always easier to pull apart.

We pull apart a country, a society, sometimes a family just to fit into boxes that do not matter. Whatever doesn't fit we scatter till we are surrounded by blood splatters.

Cannibalism is bad. It is bad to consume but when you destroy the other when you take away their means of life and livelihood, is it any different from taking their lives?

You notice diversity by the differences, not the radiance of their smiles, that does not depend on colour or creed. It is simply a bunch of basic human need.

But you would rather take than provide. You would rather push everyone aside who is not from your own box and then you put yourself behind locks to protect from those you deprive.

Why not for a change simply be alive, appreciate another life?
Why not smile at another smile, irrespective of race, colour or creed?
A new day starts with a new cry for life, every day, around the world, a new beginning.

Let's open our boxes. Let's give away our prejudices and exchange them for compassion. Let's untie the string that ties us to our antiquated narrowmindedness. Let us spread our wings and fly.

(c) Anna_Grace
Everyone is in a battle field ,the course depends on which you wrestle against
Beings with baremouth filled with uncouth language surrounds us
A frail and feeble cotton mind buried in lies they pollute our lives with
Staining my hope for living
The stage gave me strength
I too am a fighter
Multiple eyes plants on my skin, focused on my lips as words made way
Whilst I rendered their world silent ,with truth flooding my eyes a disposition that raises brows
Gender suppression
Color oppression
Body shaming
Cultural and religious diversities
They are nothing but challenges to live better
Creating a world outside the beliefs and customs we're taught to  live by
Besides there's no blind thought in the room of wisdom
Today the sun rose earlier than it did same day last year
A beautiful reminder to the oppressors
An eccentric spirit I have
Who have wandered through the years of judgement fighting the course that had me in bed during dinner
Past tags there's more to be felt in human society
Representing the downtrodden with vain and Lain hearts
Transformation is found in each of their belief
A hope of arrival
Alongside an end to the death stakes littered in our hearts
Freedom is never granted until it is demanded for.
Sketcher Nov 1
I go home to an empty room,
And stare at the white wall,
Reminds me of the recess kids,
That pick on me when we play ball,
Waking up to eternal doom,
Then out of bed I crawl,
There's just way to many stresses,
So I just hide away and stall,
Eventually school starts way to soon,
Feeling worthless and small,
Always having second guesses,
It's just a constant inner brawl.
I'm white...
Sketcher Oct 31
Jack and Jill,
Wanted to ****,
Their father's other daughter,
She was brown,
And out of town,
So, they quickly planned her slaughter.

Just the thought,
Of her face brought,
My tears of hate to vapor,
Once she's dead,
I'll feel no dread,
I'll steal her will, that small paper.

I am Jack,
I will attack,
My dumb adopted sister,
In the night,
With my new knife,
Sure, I am considered bitter.

She walks in,
******* skin,
With my sharp brandished weapon,
Blood pours out,
She doesn't shout,
Cause she's already in heaven.

Hid the body,
In the soggy,
Closet underneath the stairs,
People question,
My depression,
For my brown sister, no one cares.
Influenced by the popular nursery rhyme, "Jack and Jill".
Dawn Treader Oct 27
And they'll **** you just the same,
On a bus, in a church,
On a plane, or on a train,
Doesn't matter your name, or what it is you do.
Your brown skin, part of you,
Some want us dead; an extremist point of view.
The neighbor calls the cops, guns are drawn,
At a Pig roast on your own lawn,
******* fools, you're just pawns.
In a noose swinging from trees,
Or a bullet to the brain whilst on your knees,
At a Kroger,
Or holding a toy,
When you're just a little boy.
But you're a good Black, right? Wrong.
They've hated you all along.
Want your vote! Got your vote!
Go behind your backs slit and your throats,
Have the nerve to use you as a scapegoat.  
Welfare queens, gold diggers,
Deadbeat dads, all of 'em, nothin' but *******!
But sure, play their tune,
It is you who's the buffoon.
Look at you, all aglow,
As you dance in the minstrel show,
You'll bleed red, like your vote,
On your own blood they'll watch you choke.
I'm sure there are some Good Ol' Boys you'll make Proud
You're covered,"protected" in a fake white shroud
And they'll **** you just the same.
I don't normally write about my societal or political views but I have been bothered by the recent upticks in racially motivated murders and assaults and by those who think they aren't black or that they're better than regular ol' blacks.
dessa Oct 24
my father told me not to date black boys
one day while eating supper
and i couldn't help it, i had to ask why
he looked at me with seriousness in his eyes

he told me that the black boys he knew
did everything they wanted to
and if that meant they wanted to hurt me
then that's just what they'll do

i was confused so i asked my mom
if what he said was right
she sighed and said that it would be better
if the man i wed was white

i shook my head and told myself
that, after all, we were an asian family
running through our veins and out through our acts
the culprit, colonial mentality

i huffed and went in my room
as agitated as ever
for the information i held back
was that my current crush was black
Yes, this really happened to me. My parents aren't the best models of equal treatment, but I understand their good intentions of wanting to keep me away from harm.
I live inside my head most days,
Data transfers from and to my brain.
The outside world is out to get me,
The outside world is out to get me.
We **** eachother for what we aren't,
And hate eachother for who we are.
I'm lacking balance, I'm staying in,
Stacking violence up to my chin.
Attacking people for their skin,
You aren't a label; stop enabling it.
I'm stuck in my head, inward so much,
The onward life follows, but hollows a lot.
I know it exists; the terror, the fear,
But caught up inside, it fails to appear.
It fails to scare me; it fails to phase me,
That people love hatred, and they love to hate me.
I tend to ignore it; subconscious or not,
That human against human is a thing that is fought-
This poem was inspired by graffiti i saw on a bathroom stall. It said two things: deport all muslims; and **** all ****** now.
I live with such a nice family, I tend to forget all the awful people in the world.
All feedback is welcome and appreciated
What do I tell these boys?

Call them a prince,
and they are likely to be assassinated
for the thrones, they’ve yet to sit on.

Call them commoner
and we deny them growth and glory
we handcuff their dreams to mediocrity.

Call them pauper,
and they will live and die in gutters
ingesting poison, thinking this is all they deserve.

What do I tell these boys?

Find your voice and speak the truth.
Speak what you see, how you feel,
never swallow your own tongue.

Risk being called ungrateful
risk letting them know that your superpower is simply being educated.
risk letting every achievement become a new target for them be to aim at for.
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