Indifference does not solve indifference

fire does not kill fire

Rage is all the rage,
except when the rage
is directed at me.
That's when rage transforms
into terror,
and terror is combated
with violence
and rage.


Outside one of Pittsburgh's many suburban malls
a middle-aged woman wearing a colorful hijab
held the hand of a little boy of about eight
as they walked past the entrance of a department store.
Three teenage boys leaned against a nearby wall.
One teenager wore a printed t-shirt of a confederate flag.
All three of the teenagers pointed at the woman.
They laughed with a roar of contempt
that exerted dominance over the sidewalk.
The little boy hugged that woman's leg.
He sobbed into the material of her long dress.
The teenager wrapped in the confederate flag,
he put his hands behind his head
and leaned back against the wall
in victory.


As a member of the White Race,
I am Superior to all the Dark Skinned People.
That's why I don't have to study read
Or learn anything.
I am  ENTITLED to my privileges

After I got laid off from the auto plant,
I got a job in a bomb factory.
Our orders really surged
When President Trump signed
That weapons deal with Saudi Arabia
Even though I don't care for Arabs too much.
Things weren't goin' so well for me at Home.
My wife walked out on me....
Said I was a jerk.
So, I decided to visit a Russian Brothel
That was tucked away
In a suburban cul de sac of our town.
Having sex with a Russian Woman
Was the most amazing experience
I had ever had in my life.
It made me feel as if my masculinity was being restored,
Which Barack Obama had taken away!
I told the Madame that I wanted her to work on
Bringing me a Russian Bride
So I could get more in touch
With my Aryan Roots.
I am now working on bringing Sasha here,
But I can't figure out why
These Commie Liberal Faggots
Are out to get President Trump?
Don't they know what it means
To be a True American?

I ain't no
Ignorant Redneck!
I ain't got no idea
What the Hell
I'm ignorant about?

Many of us are nostalgic
For the Era of Colonialism......
The good old days
When everyone knew
That the White Man
Was in control.
It's part of our fear
Of an uncertain future
On a planet impacted
By Global Warming

Social Hierarchies!
I'm superior to you
If I can convince you
To believe It!

The neighborhood was gentrified
And sanitized
No one
With a dark skin tone
Could afford to live there any more.
Everyone living there
Was White,
And they attended a White Church
Where Sex
Could  never discussed.
Jesus' teachings
On Compassion
Were wasted on the Congregation
Just as their children of these White Folks
Got wasted
And trashed out on streets
When they couldn't conform
With the norms
Of their sanitized, sterilized, gentrified families
Any more.

This poem was inspired by the REFUSAL of Mayor Sadiq Khan of London to cancel the Annual Caribbean Carnival in Notting Hill under pressure from Conservative MP's. Thumbs up for Mayor Khan!
David Hutton Jul 7

You see my face and race comes first.
I walk around and I feel cursed.
You greet me with "Ni hao!",
expect me to take a bow?
I filled the bathtub; go in headfirst.

Writing poems is always the best way to let off steam.
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