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Kassan Jahmal Sep 2022
Oh sorrowful song,
As the chords they go‚ÄĒlifting minors
And falling majors, flat to the eyes, D minor
Of the saddest song:

                    He sings with a choke of voice
                    Smoke from the lungs, a smokers abyss
                    His pipes are cold,
                    Blackened in the airways of the exhaust
                    Exhausted by the pleasures; only pleasurable at first.

Oh where are the words
The words to speak ill of another colour
Must of been caught up in the smoke‚ÄĒin the years
The years he said them marginalizing without remorse
In it's race, sped into discriminating; on his own tracks
Of how the world must only revolve around him
His wife had shed a tear in her prayers, "Lord do a working in him"

                   But his heart was made cold and hard
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† A stone‚ÄĒpaved by cement of his opinions concrete
                   His racist abuse was made public, non discreet
                   So how would he fit a colour of world being discrete?

Oh the upbringing, hierarchy forced in eyes
To follow a father's pride‚ÄĒa fitting bride
He was unaware she wasn't hundred percent white
And in the end, both father and son died alike
Ironically chocked by the black smoke rewarding cancer inside

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†The sad life of the black smoke racistūüö¨

                        The son hopes not to follow his father's line of smoke.
Lazarus Bertsch Sep 2022
Babe tell what's wrong with me
Voices pierce my skull
I pray to god that hell help me
I guess I'm wrong
They say gods actually helping me
What's going on
Seems like the devils on my shoulder while gods in my mental
Used to be a opioid adduct used **** with Norco
Hearing voices at night telling me wrong not right
But its right to be wrong but wrong to be right But that's all too political right
Whites killing blacks than  blacks killing whites
School shootings Got parents paranoid when they say
Mom i promise I'll be fine

Were all god's children why do we got to fight
Another topic why do women not have rights
School taught us from a early age
My body my rights
So why are politics
Saying abortions' are just no right
When a parent isn't ready they are not ready
Save the child abuse, emotion abuse
The therapy and pills that consume
Otherwise there be more caskets
Than baby shower baskets
In our life

I'm sorry for every one struggling with abuse/racism/sexisms'/and to all the parents that lost their children in the school shootings. My condolences go to you… I'm sorry
...get this trending.. these are real problems in the world and people need to come to the realizations that these things are not right.
GaryFairy Jul 2022
Life imitates art... and electronics?

Everything depends on the plus and the minus. The positive and the negative. Including heaven and hell. Don't get it wrong either. Being positive isn't saying "let it go, it will be fine" it is saying "no, it has to be this way"! It is thought to be cruel to tell someone they are doing something wrong. But is it cruel for a cop to harass someone who is cooking burgers outside? I don't really think so, but it is WRONG. You stand in that negativity protected by a union of black wires, Blue wires. I am the positive red wire that they try to call negative. I choose to be the white, neutral wire, but they say ******* is wrong, and make it a race issue. I scream, "*******"! They say no, so I go back to being the red wire. They say that is wrong, but I still choose my own power. So, are you the red or the blue? We depend on each other, even with opposing polarity. You can't be red, white and is impossible.

(electronics have a red and a black wire for positive and negative. It used to be a red and a blue wire...and a white wire that is represented by an N.)
birdy May 2022
eyes a steely blue
skin a bone white
the lights red and blue
the air taut and tight
my fathers skin is brown
mine is fair and white

the white man calls the fuzz
the neighbors are a buzz
the man reported kidnap
feels just like a slap
we've been caught
in the white man's trap
Khoi May 2022
Who's persistence is rife
can I see and feel what begs
and in the order of love
you still offered me a knife.
Erik T Blaze Apr 2022
Sad to say.,
There's a portion of me
that's still feeling like I'm -trapped-
Am I totally lacking the con-fi-dence?
And its not by any typical blow to my
" Ego " or by any
Taken in and out of context
sorta like the excess of many accents
Feel'n I'm from another
( Yeah ) So I guess you can say.. that my
current  per-so-na-li-ty is quite the
Op-po-site  of
" Freedom's  Plight "               ( books )
That is based on a quote from a ( note* ) that's deceivingly not
" Gift " wrapped
Thinking that I'm not.. wrapped to tight
Out of sight like a  cold - - - swipe
Though my insight in hindsight  seemingly be
Cold- as- Ice
As I'm steady  catching these fades off of  -two- blades
the fall is displayed
/ Artistically /
Perpendicular to the perfect picture
An illustration that I must of-- slipped
All clinched up with both my fist  Up
And now my up side is.. Down
With both my feet above my - head -
Can't seem to place my feet  back on the
- ground -
And when I really think about it?
It has always been ( Me ) against the world
Cause when I turned my back on it?
I was caught lacking while slip'n
Falling back into my old
But the fault is neither a Black or White
" Thing "
I'm currently talkin bout a mixed.. blend
Just as these thoughts un-hinge to these new
But that's  regrettably.. the time I would hate to lend
while peeling back the fore-
( Smh )
Now tracing back to the quote.,
Lost in time  like a faded note.. endorsement
Bottled up with.. distortion
Forced to make a choice.. Truth or Dare?
Not- a- Fair
While currently  not liking how the " Truth "
And that's when.. you are
in--discriminate--ly are shedding light at
both ends.. to possibly ( no end  ) to see an
And it's all
Pain--stakingly because?
I'm so sick and tired of tying up these loose.. ends
For Justice?
For Justice??
Has not been served
Cause everyday
I feel I'm being black balled systematically
like a.. bow-ling
But the only difference is between -Me- and
" Them "
is the color of my  Black
And that's  even when
I choose to go.. qui-et--ly
as I switch.. lanes
Cause at the end of the day?
I would still be.. just another quote and quote  " Black "
Who's humbly living this life the best way that only ( He )
Or should I say?
As only I.. can
Not focusing on the next.. Man
For my only focus now.. is ( Yah ) the God of Heaven
And my bread of choice is  un-leavened
And his eye is truly on the
Spar--row¬†¬†¬†‚ě° ¬†( spare "/" row )
Peep*   the Arrow
And now..
The only pathway I'll take for the means of e-scape
For me?
Is Narrow
( note* ) Notes or thoughts recorded in a note or notebook or books in general. Also, relating to the things we've been taught that may have influenced us in one way or another + or - ( note* ) Could also mean a suicide note or letter that was purposely left behind to be discovered
( Peep* ) referring back to the bow-ling Pin reference
Ludovico ludo Apr 2022
Why am like kid to dance on my father's grave.
Why am not sure about my fallen story of love.
Maybe the passerby call me crazy of course they are not sure about who I am.
But they need to know the truth and the world needs to know all but still my mind is allergic on there quotes.
The world is truly nothing as it gives me reasons to back in my sorrow gracias.
Really our clan is not like wheels, so that we can back in our blood shed, and paint our feathers with the curse of black allies.
But please reflect on me, from my family grave I grew, in eyes of my heart murders I make my roots and again with the hands of my neck slaughters we make our land green by irrigating it with forgiveness and remembrance.

Now you can understand how my pain is my back pack that seek my joy but still be my burden to bring me down of my crown.
My king size my rope, there still a farm we need to renovate and tighten our knots so that the eyes keept at us many needs to change.
As we grow we will understand, once we were church mates later we became killers and others became hunts, once we were brothers later we fights in court, once we were Brothers later we became enemies, haters, and nightmare living.
From my pain I saw my light, I ended up smiling, my God served my soul and brought united
Really they fought, they cured our wombs, they rescued our blood, they vallued our land, and seek my happiness again.
Again we ate our bread with juice instead of roots and thirst, we made it sadly to make happy land ancestry DNA.

Let's build together, let's continue our strategy straight forward to our motto.
I see my lights starting and my vow renewals with my heart beeping maybe am winning and my sword will protect rather than shaddind our blood with innocents soul.
I see Victorious holding victory and the victory is my pride and that's our light.
Hello poetic people!
Am proudly happy to share you this new poem about Rwandan Genocide Against Tutsi of 1994.
As today we remember overmillion Tutsi that killed for no reason but only how there nature, yes there were innocents and the rest of them have developed themselves and there are making there life better.
So I shared you this poem I made today so that it can help you understand how it happened, ended, and the rest servived and creates there next life. ©2022 ISHIMWE Jean Louis Segoe
Big Virge Sep 2021
So As You Go Through Life...
And Become MORE WISE...

It Gets Hard To Deny...
That Our Human Kind...
Indulges In Tribes...
And Divisive Vibes...

From Ancient Times...
To The World Today...
We Continue To Fight...
And Divide In Ways...
That Really AREN'T Great...
And STILL REFUSE To Unite... !?!

It’s A SAD Thing To See...
That Some Humans Feel...
That They DESERVE To Be Seen...
As A... SUPERIOR Breed... !!!

Because of Their SHEEN...
Or Because of... Money... ?!?

When These Things Just PROVE...
That Divisions RULE Their Attitudes...
And How They Move From Being At School...
Where Youthful Crews Divide Into Groups...

To Groups Online...
Who Divide By Lines...
That AREN’T So Nice... !!!

Some Divide Because Rhymes...
AREN’T What They Like... !!!

While Some Seem To Divide...
Just Because of... PRIDE... !?!

And By Being... Sly... !!!

So Choose To Hide Behind...
A Code That Invites...
Their Lack of Vision...
To Lead To Division...

So They Choose To Use Scripture...
Like A Form of CONSCRIPTION... !!!!!

Because They’re CONDITIONED...
By... Divisive Thinking... !!!

That Begins To GNAW...
As Well As... BORE...
Just Like WILD Boars...
When They’re At WAR... !!!

Or Just Like WILD BISONS...
When They Are Fighting... !!!

... BUTTING Heads...
Like Evander And Tyson... !!!

And Let’s NOT FORGET...
How That Lead To EAR BITING... !!!

You See.....

... All This DIVIDING...
Has INSPIRED My Writing...
This Piece To Suggest...
That THIS NEEDS To END... !!!

From EGO Driven Poets...
To This Need To Defend...
Some RIDICULOUS View... !?!

That We Need ALL These Groups...
Instead of ONE BIG TROUPE... !!!

Which Sets A Standard...
That Leads To Factions...
And Tribal Fights...
That Fuel The Minds...
of... FBI Types... !!!!!

Like That HOOVER Guy... !!!

Who Then Contrive...
To Use DIVISIVE Factors...
To Make People DIE...
Way BEFORE Their Time... !!!

That’s Right Like Black Panthers...
Like The CHAIRMAN...
... FRED HAMPTON... !!!

So Divisions SHATTER...
And Create Chapters...



WITHOUT JANE or Doris Day...
But In Ways So INHUMANE... !!!

That They DISGRACE The Human Race... !!!
That Claims To Be... SO GREAT... !!!

But NATURE... IS This Way... !!!

From Lions And Their Manes...
To The Prides That They Maintain... !!!

So Maybe That’s Just How...
Humans Are Meant To Get Down... ?!?

To Embrace Tribal Ways...
Like Those From African Plains...

But Should We Not Have Learned...
By NOW... That UNITY Serves...
A Much GREATER Purpose... !!?!!

Than To Get On Peoples Nerves...
Until They Choose To HURT...
Or End Up Doing WORSE... !?!

That’s Why I Write These Words...
of Honest... Simple Verse... !!!

In The Hope That They Will NURSE...
And HEAL... Divisive Herds...

It’s A Dream To Want To See...
UNITY For... Humanity... !!!

It’s Way To ALL Human Lives... ?!?

So These Poetic Lines...
Define A DIFFERENT Fight... !!!

They Fight For Humans To UNITE...
And To Fight For What I See...
As Being What Is RIGHT... !!!

For Humans To Now Recognise...
That It Really Is Time...

For Us All To DENY...

All These.....

..... “ Divisive Vibes “....
So many people talk about the idea of unity, but the question is, is it a realistic ideal to truly believe in, and if it is, why aren't we, as the human race doing so by now ???
Carlo C Gomez Aug 2021
Racist in a cab,

Heading for the wealth
of the Tulsa Wall Street,

His hateful hands cannot
drown God in an pond,
but they've often
lynched his sons.
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