Eyes of judgment
Whose sudden glare
Filled with scrutiny
Lives within
Are prideful souls
Each with thought of disdain
Over the heads of dishonored variances.

Racism is an act of bad attitude towards societies and cultures.

They named what they feared, after me
They called it black
They named what they could not see, after me
They called it black
They didn't see their dark side, yet named it
They called it me

They smeared my face with guilt
They squeezed all worth out of me
They did all this and more
They won, almost...
We are partners in crime
I let them

I sweat blood for centuries
I looked down upon me
I gave up, almost...
I even tried being them
A shadow of shadows
I lost myself, almost...

I am mad no more
I live in a mirror house now, with them
We see other faces and smile, almost
We see what we didn't see
I am me
We are free, almost...

minesh khashu

Minnie Nov 12

do we even belong here?
of course you do,
says the kind woman who
hands you a creamy Dove soap bar
to scrub at your brown skin
until it slides down the drain
like dirt you might have accidently picked up
from working in your garden yesterday

do we even belong here?
of course you do,
says the airport security guard as
he pulls you aside for your
randomized security check
and when he pats you down,
his pale hands probe under your
skin as if searching for a
zipper to pull your flesh off so
he can send you through security safely,
instead he finds nothing but the
red blood coursing through your
veins as if to remind him that we
are all the same on the inside

do we even belong here?
in this land where
the language
sticks out in sharp corners
like your knobby elbows and knees
when it goes down your throat,
clunky and awkward

do we even belong here?
of course,
show me where we belong,
in the makeup counters where
foundation cakes your skin
like moonlight, sallow and acrid
singeing your henna stained skin?
until it all peels away
(did you know,
band aids are supposed to be flesh colored?)

do we even belong here?
where insults slide down your back
like rain down a slanting roof
that will eventually flood your house
like tectonic plates quaking
under the surface of your skin
waiting to erupt
(storms leave no one unscathed)

Just a little piece I've been meaning to write for a while now, it's a work in progress so please be gentle.

Come on now!
We aren't racists!
We love hip-hop
And show our respect for Mexican Culture
By drinking  Margaritas
On Dia De Los Muertos.
I have nothing against the Elderly.
I visit my grandma
At least once a year,
In the Name of Progress,
Certain people have to leave
So others
Can achieve success.
Trends come and go.
Of course, trends that are the most aggressively promoted
Are the most likely to be embraced
Just as so many women will tell you
That they want to be courted by a gentleman,
In reality,
They just want a stud!
I think some of these activists
Are giving gentrification
A dirty name,
But don't you dispose of just about everything
Once its worn out?

This poem was influenced by a talk on the book, Death of a City, by Peter Moskowitz at the Blair-Caldwell African-American Research Library in the Five Points Neighborhood of Denver
James smith Nov 1

Skin is skin,  Heart is a heart.
What makes makes a mind to consider any is less like an empty bottle?  
To sense one is second-rate?,
Skin to skin, dust to dust, Bone to bone.  
Heart to heart superior Judge will sit judgment on disgusting hearts.  
Equivalent we are, as transgressors, we are.

01– November 1 17, made straight by propaganda crooked album, Sho Baraka Talented. 10th. Jesus Christ cover by Dustin Kensrue where music inspiration when I was writing this.
02–this poem is about what makes a person to think one race is better then the other or lower. To me the Bible teaches me everyone of us is low even me, God is the Commander superior.
Middy Oct 30

he brought a gun to school
with the lesson in a form of a bullet
he is the one around that everyone fears
the one you must and shall obey
his knuckle duster harder
than the front of a car
his fingernails bloody
with the blood of his victims

the teacher
the one who preaches in the lessons
who pays no attention to the cold words
the violence and the red stain in the hallways
the teacher
he said to us
about a new boy around
his face is darker than chocolate
and has a gleaming happy smile
but with feelings of nerve

he said to treat him well
to be good little boy
to tell him what good little students we are
to show him all the harsh rules

did we understand?
that was the question asked
what did we all answer at the end of the day?
yes sir!

but soon
his dark skin was bleeding
bruised and beaten
black and blue
his eyes had a blacker ring
his nerves were skyrocketting
his happy smile gone
in one single punch
one cruel word
that was all it took
now there is a hole
a bullet hole in his kind heart

can you find the bully's backstory? comment it down and i'll happily repost a random poem of yours. :)
i will reveil the winner at any time so search hard!
here's a clue: it causes bruises. many use it everyday. someone can be hurt by it. anytime, anywhere.
ps: im writing on school computers so sorry for any mistakes
zero Oct 25

The death of a generation,
is another one born,
a world without hatred, is the future we deserve.
With no need for words that are savage to the ears,
we welcome the new, brighter years,
without terms like fag, terrorist or nigger,
a world where we are all equal, it seems a lot more bigger.
To be short, we need a new world,
without vintage views about current people,
without terms of hatred,
without the pains of the ancients.
A world with our younger people,
who are tolerant, beautiful, and human.
A world where women can be naked,
yet still not be asking for it,
where people can wear burqas,
and not be terrorists,
where lovers can hold hands in public,
without being abused,
and where black men and women, our children,
can drive a car and not be beaten.

A newer world is needed.
Are you joining us?

death to the old views, in with the new.

Spread the White Man's Gospel
All over Planet Earth!
Tell them to "be fruitful and multiply"
So they can become
Your slaves!
If they become terrorists rather than slaves
All the better!
How else will Defense Contractors
Increase their profits
Without an enemy
To fight?
Unwanted girls
Are good candidates for Prostitution?
How else will American Men maintain their Reputation
As "Moral, Upright Christians",
Without the presence
Of cheap, open and available vaginas

This is my own take on Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden" Donald Trump/2017 style
Maxx Oct 21

White whispers represent chains
Preventing change.
The action of
Perpetuating that which we
The sun of sin shining
Dimly through
The smog of society
By the few,
Not nearly enough.
“All lives matter”
Fictitious feelings for a ‘flag’
Feigning support for
Social inequalities.
Politically correct where it
Counts –
Beyond the front door,
Not behind.
News headlines turn
Silent dissenting into
Violent lamenting.
Willful ignorance is
Deliberate destruction.
The true tragedy,

My experience with racism as a white male living in a gentrifying North Philadelphia neighborhood
Steve Page Oct 19

Today we have the labeling of people groups.
Yesterday we had the suggestion of an inherent disposition to dishonesty and violence in some groups.
Tomorrow we will have the careful counting of individuals and the placing of individuals into each people group.
But today,
today we have the labeling of people groups.

For those of you who are new here, we recommend this period drama underlining racial differences with a subtle suggestion of inferior intellect in some groups indigenous to warmer climes.
And here we have a persuasive and tabloid friendly research paper that hints that children of mixed race tend to struggle in school. You'll be relieved to see that it hasn't any distracting data.
And on the shelf beneath you'll see there's a picture book version for younger children.

Over here is the arbitary divide between us and them, with a useful circle of arguments to differentiate ourselves from others.
Here we have colour coded lables to more easily distinguish between  people groups. Yes, that's correct, we have three labels: white, black and, a recent addition which is now available for added distinction, rainbow.
Oh yes, when engaging in any discussions, for your own safety please ensure you wear these ear defenders.
To ensure a free flow of visitors we have erected large signs in three languages marking where charity at home ends. Yes, after rigorous focus group testing we have selected the English language in three font sizes.

We are coming to the end of this orientation tour.  Please note the subtle but effective shedding of compassion for those who appear or sound different to us.  This underpins the necessary disregard for the rights of others that we assume for ourselves and for those like us. It is almost imperceptible I think you'll agree.

But the priority for today, as I say, is the labeling of people groups. 
No questions.
Shall we begin?

Prompted by Through by David Herd.
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