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August Oct 15
this love is devastating.
Ila Apr 1
You may think that I’m going to be talking about the word and feeling “love”. I may or may not be. It really depends on you, the reader, to determine what this “love” is.

Love ******* hurts. Love is time consuming. Love is demanding. Love will require you to swim the depths of the ocean and cross the largest of deserts. Love will not make it easy. Love is the thing you fear the most. Be it the monster under your bed with the red beady eyes and the horribly yellow teeth, or the 1,000 foot drop from the sky, plummeting downwards as you feel your stomach drop. Love will leave you bleeding dry from the things you do just for love. Love will not even realize that you are doing those things for love.

But love will repay you. In ways you won’t understand. Love will be for you during the worst times. Love will listen to you and encourage you to be your best self. Love does not even realize that love is doing these things for you, love is just doing them.

Love will not realize the effect on you.

For me, it has always been me crossing the deserts, swimming the oceans, bleeding dry just to please love. When will it be love’s turn? Maybe today, tomorrow, or a time that I’m no longer here.

I think love has been repaying me every since I started loving love. Maybe love has a different way of expressing love. Maybe the love that love gives is sweet, pure, and just. Maybe I just need to open my eyes to see that love will not cross a desert for me because love is standing right there beside me. Love will not bleed me dry, for love is the one rushing though my veins. Love is not the monster, love is the light. Love is not the fear of the fall, love is the trust fall, knowing you’ll fall right back into love. Love does not realize what I do for love because love is too busy loving me.

And now, I am grateful enough to see it.
Rinasekhon Sep 26
The collateral fiction of Waves
The sounds of echoes scream as I strained by my body by the beat of the music  
Tears pouring down on my  makeup
You can hold me down if you want to
I don't really mind 'cause I'd like to
Feel love, how it hurts,
Guillotined of principles killing my subconscious thoughts of the injustice
When we cling on each other bodies doesn't matter the weather changes on over the collide of pauses
And I was writing poetry about you every day
And yeah, I know that things
They never tend to stay the same
But I don't think you love me and it kills me every day
Burned out by the red cuff of over lining shine
The word we're unimaginable
By the colorful pigments of fools
Like the collision of her blames that blinds her before she flies higher than the stars
Blink of the moon and the perpendicular crimination of crimson cream
Bloom all over the sky of orange and blue
The sense of unhappiness is so much easier to convey than that of happiness. In misery we seem aware of our own existence, even though it may be in the form of a monstrous egotism: this pain of mine is individual, this nerve that winces belongs to me and to no other. But happiness annihilates us: we lose our identity
What was she supposed to feel
What was she supposed to do
In the different universe, how was her story gonna end
So many victims tattered her eager thoughts
It is better to lock up your heart with a merciless padlock than to fall in love with someone who doesn't know what they mean to you.
Let her sin away her thought of us
Let her devils ruin her soul and peace of mind
Pictures of her burns alive as the wave take her away
Hi, I am back after so long hope u guys enjoy this... Ciao... See ye soon till next time
Mark Wanless Sep 3
i am not a monk
from tibet just want to say
**** happens it hurts
Dream Aug 26
I'm a fool to be typing this out. I know you're doing good without me. I know you're taking all the anger out at the gym. I think I saw you drive past me last night. Or so I wished.

I hope you're well. I hope your dreams seem closer now. I hope you're at peace, Knowing that you don't have one crazy girl to be forced to text or call every day. At peace with your phone switched off, focusing on your work how you said things would be if I hadn't walked into your life.

I've typed this out, Knowing I can't hit the send button. Knowing I'm going to delete this anyways.

I'll always love you. I stopped hoping to stop loving you. I love you still. And always will.
I couldn't send this to him. So I posted this here.
Nilia Loh Aug 15
If words could pierce through you,
My poems will let you know how I feel.
But some things words can't express,
On days the skies are depressed.
If I could...I'll lend you my heart,
So you'll feel how it hurts.
I'll lend you my eyes,
So you'll see how much I cried.
I'll lend you my mind,
So you'll know that I'm not fine.
Nilia Loh Aug 15
Made to fight against each other,
In this battle for us to suffer.
Shedding blood sweat and tears,
For someone with a bitter taste.
Sacrificing everything I have,
Turning all of it to ash.
There you'll sit in your little throne,
With your little puppets to play.
All the dead bodies waltzing in your ball,
Those that have given their all.
Even if my life was surrendered,
You're still so self centred.
Never will you look at me,
Never will you care about me,
Even if I've given all of me.
You know what hurt me the most, Larry's last words dying on the phone, "make it better with your dad, you know you love him son" those words stuck in my head the scars have begun, dont Think I'm writing for fun, cuz I tried, you turned your back like it was a lie, Larry's last wish I'd defied, he didn't know the real you, was that a factor, through his eyes, you were a caring chapter, the very next page and I was the laughter, the very next day was disaster, Larry had passed, I didn't do what he had asked, when I told him I would, deep in my mind I was hopeing I could, deep in my thoughts he words are still put, deep in my heart I hate you for good

Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pull me from abyss,
Larry im sorry soul, i tried for you but now i fold,
Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pull me from abyss,
Larry im sorry bro, i tried for you and i can't let go.
I kept this write to myself for a few years now but it's been 3 years now and it just hit me hard tonight.
Ikurah Aug 9
sadness or love?

sad love !
Sky Jul 29
the more I endure
the more it hurts
the more I smile
the better it gets
because every smile
has the power
to uplift the pain and sorrows
keeping smiling please, smile your way through it all and never give in to the pain that lingers within....
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