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Jules 1d
When we're together
you put my heart at ease
But this still hurts
You're no good for me
Can't say I don't jump
when I here you're name
Because of you
I'll never be the same
All this "love"
Is crushing me
Was supposed to post two days ago but this website is a disaster.
Anastasia Sep 19
thinking about the way we used to be
and then looking at your face
its like
shoving cotton into an open wound
it's soft
but it hurts
you're so happy
without me
and i don't know why i act like it's my fault
i know it's not
i can't help but feel
that i wasn't good enough for you
i miss you
i really do
And I love you when I’m sober and aching for your touch.
And I love you when I’m drunk and out of my self made funk.
And I love you when I’m swirling my hair on the shower wall and even the nights when my knees shake and I’m ready to fall.
And I could list the ways I love you until there’s no more air and I will love you as you push back my hair.
And I was made to love you, oh how I’m ******* sure.
I was made to love you even though you now love her.
This was a draft from last summer when I thought I met the love of my entire existence. He now has a new love so I had to switch the ending.
Lee Aaun Sep 11
Time doesn't heal.
It reminds you,
where it hurts
the most.
Again and again.
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
The way you shine through my windows panes in the night.
It feels like you missed me and needed me.
I feel your warm hugs that got me out of my bed.
Calling me out to play underneath the night sky.

Can your gentle breeze heal these wounds?
Can it blow away the pain I've endured?
I looked up to the sky, it's dark blue.
Keep this a secret, I trust you.

I wish nights like this lasts even longer than daytime.
Spending the night with you brightens me.
If this moment could last forever,
I won't go back to a long period of slumber.
is anyone out there?
trisha Aug 28
so when they tell me i'm pretty
i'd lie
i just don't see the beauty
that lies in mine
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