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Violet Feb 20
Sun goes down the littoral,
Painting shadows on the sky.
If skies could tell stories,
Tonight it's telling mine.

The orange molds memories,
Language of love,
Beautiful stories,
But swiftly slithering to mauve.

The vast blue says torment,
Rivers I've cried,
Sleepless nights,
Tears that have dried.

But when the blue will turn black,
It'll scream pain.
As the memories erase,
Loving I'll forsake.
Long time no see :)
Nicole Sep 2022
memories are treasures
that you're supposed to bring
not a pin that u have to endure,
that keeps u from moving

go on, move forward
and stop being a coward
close the door and just leave
remember, nostalgia deceives
memories remind me of beautiful days and pain me at the same time by keeping me at a place where i can't move forward nor backwards.
Daisy Darling Aug 2022
why can't i be happy?
i have everything i could dream of
except i don't have u
so how can i be happy?
seeing the glass as half empty instead of half full
Daisy Darling Aug 2022
none of my memories are about the happiness love brings,
all of my memories are about the sadness it brings.
Broken Pieces Dec 2021
The day is bright and beautiful
The sun is shining
My life is lavish and wonderful
Smiling, but not trying.

The world is quite colorful
My dear you are lovely
My life is perfectly perfect
But hidden within it's ugly

The world isn't bright
People ***** out the light
Everyone eventually hurts me
No matter what I can't be free

Everyone just smile
Everyone stay for awhile
People throw me around roughly
Isn't the world just lovely...
Karijinbba Aug 2021
No supply no fuel no liability
Not emotionally invested
No injury caused no moods
🦋no tears no control.💤💞
I'm ice cubed blank canvas.
Sometimes love is earned.
precioso passion fruit noni pie
No shame exist is writing poems dedicated to our loved one  
corresponding if love is the end.
Risk we take in the arena of love
But I know, I don't linger long
where I don't import or belong,
trust and divine true love.
Or for any rainy day or if
Missz fairy gone months
💞 returns love is earned🦋
By KArijinbba
Zoe Mae Jul 2021
I was gonna hurt someone today
But I forgave myself
so everything's okay
Katerina Landon Jul 2021
There needs to be a goodbye.
Inside my head at least.
There is only an endless sea of ideas that are having their feast
And I feel like drowning in it.

It is funny, because I just now am learning to swim,
At the tender age of 28.
And it was looking like I might actually be able to activate
The truth within me.

Couple months ago I have found the sense
To escape the lies.
Before that of course I was only looking for truth inside your eyes.
All I found was

A man incapable and a woman unable.

She was, well, not me.
Some twisted, cornered,
Broken version of me that I never could have imagined the honor
Of even dreaming.

She was looking for healing
In every pair of eyes,
but hers.
In every gush of wind to bring the release and the lightness
For the spirit in her soul.

And her soul, oh her soul cried.
Tired, trying to be heard,
Her soul tried every trick in the book of the earth.
And she heard.

Finally, angels praised, she awoke.
Her soul was revealing the truth she has always known.
It is dark, 11 p.m. on a Tuesday night and as always,
She is alone.
did you feel it with me on this?
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