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TD Sep 2018
I startle when I see
the darlings of society
flaunt their scorn
like they have something left
to mourn.
This was a poem I had in my draft box for awhile.. just decided to throw it out there without a single edit. why not..
Isaac Aug 2018
Poetry does not
toot her own horn.

She knows that's what
invites scorn.

It was for honour that
she was born.

Those who have it
she will adorn.
Written 7 August 2018
Industrial Death Jun 2018
A past forgotten.
A time when the rain,
Never clashed
Against the Pane.
A time stretched so far.
A past so torn,
Stitched with a thread
To hide the scorn.

I never thought Time would come,
To meet me at the end.
Just to say farewell,
Leaving me behind
Where infinity shall begin.
heather May 2018
I hate a lot.
That's fine..


I'm not sure why
I hate so much or so
It's kind of like wind really,

and trite analogies;

I'm a big gust of hate and
I bend my surroundings because
I can, and because
I want to, and because
I need to.

I contemplated hating less and
My inner voice told me that was lame so
I hated more for a bit, cussed at a mug, swore at a cat, and
I was convinced this was okay.

And it was okay.

I hate a lot.
That's fine..

AW Frames May 2018
I once thought that mothers and daughters were forever

We grow we laugh we love how clever

Even when the storm clouds would spread

The sun would dance and the storm would bed

Mothers and daughters are to be

Nothing more than happy!

I use to think that way…

Until I became older and my mother gray

The joyous moments we would share

Became regrets and despair

To the point of no repair

What could have cause such a tragedy

Where love and joy lived steadily

Where do you go when the road is blocked?

The heart is chained due to the unspoken pain that is locked

A mother and daughter we are no more

Then 2 women with a stubborn scorn
Sam Mar 2018
A page not meant to be written
I conceal the words never meant to be read
From the book I was torn
Left to wither on a counter-top
Eventually met with scorn, and burned to ash merely as a way to move forward
For my words could never be accepted
Only rejected
Despised by the masses for standing out so proudly
The once golden page that defined the book
Reduced to nothing more than a pile of soot
Simply for the words that couldn't be understood
EricM Feb 2018
You were close to angelic
Almost too much to bare
And like a scoundrel in heaven
I knew I didn't belong there
That smile on your face
I could never seem to bring
Your eyes so aglow
I even heard you sing
I asked for one more chance
One more night alone
Of course, you said no
Then you held me so tightly
Just because it was cold
Just because it was cold
melanie Nov 2017
I sought the stars
with wild, hopeful dreams
to only come up short
& break the cheshire moon

My childlike heart
now beats with  a cynical clink
& the sky is barren
where light once shown

jilted, tilted, scorned
reckless laughter flows from my lips
Tristan Brown Oct 2017
Humans are all one
However we are not all for one
Instead we are all for ourselves
Humans are not perfect
And that I understand
But instead of trying to strive for perfection
We **** one another because we want to feel powerful
We scorn one another because we want others to feel our pain
We break one another because we want someone else to be broken
We hate one another because we want someone else to be hated like we are
Then, we **** ourselves because we don’t want to live like that
Because we don’t want really want to ****, or scorn, or break, or hate one another
We just want someone else to feel human
All of us are human, and none of us are perfect. Know that no matter who you are, there is someone else out there that feels your pain.
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