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Kale Aug 2020
I guess I am dead now
The love that kept me grounded
Was whisked away by
The cruel hand of misfortune
And I was a fool
I didn't see it coming
The idea that I was hoping
Things would be long lasting
I was wrong
Now my cold heart beats
Twice as slow
Will you cry at my funeral
My love?
I'm sorry
I should have been there
To protect you
To love you
To fight for you harder
But you know fate
Always giving me the bad cards
In any case
I think I am leaving this earthly plane
And I'm sorry
I couldn't hold on
I couldn't live in this broken world
Without you
Kale Jul 2020
I can’t take it any more
The clicking clocks
Drive me ****** insane
I am bored
I am going insane
I am inside
Talking to myself
I can’t even ensure that
This is my present reality
I am legit bored
Mad ramblings
Kale Apr 2020
He’s waiting for you
In the corner of your eye
With a creepy smile.
He wants you to give in
To follow him down the dreary road
Of Madness
Hoping you’d want him to relinquish
You from the confines of safety.
He is chuckling,
Smirking ,
Watching intensely.
He wants you to make a mistake
So he can **** on
The sweet blood of innocence
That was delivered
Kale Dec 2019
The golden sun
Sets on the oceanic view
Kissing the traveler
That fumbled his way
through the soft sand.
The traveler mourned
for the touch of his
spouses warm embrace
But all he could
do was watch her
From his unearthly plane
Kale Nov 2019
The ticking
Of the accursed clock
Is a constant lullaby
That weighs heavy
On my beating heart
Each tick of that clock
Draws near to the day of
Eternal Slumber
Where I would be left with
Nothing but the clothes
On my back
Alone .
I don’t have family in Arizona more specifically America so I was feeling a bit lonely. Enjoy the holiday if you are in America
Kale Nov 2019
The icy air hits
My warm face
It is that time of year
Where the Christmas music
Chime down hallways.
People filled
With Joy ,
With Hope,
Dance through the streets
Until morn
Waiting for the Jolly
******* to slide down the chimney
To provide the undeserving
Winter is supposed
To be a time of cocoa
Winter is supposed
To be a time of glad tithing
Winter is supposed to be
A time of family
But with each ornate
Decoration I begin to hate
Each simplistic snowfall.
Kale Nov 2019
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not sad
The darkness keeps
Eating away at the remnants
Of the pleasant facade
That I built for myself
But I am not sad
Until I am returned to
The Earth from which
I was born
I will refuse to make
The inconvenience
Of my sadness drag
Me into a pit of darkness
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not sad
I am not
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