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Kale Sep 16
The sickly taste
Trickles down my raspy
Waiting to burn the thoughts
Of the conscious
And birth the child
Of uncontrollable antics
Wondering where
The people that said
They loved me
Are laid to sleep
In their earthly home
Or if the new ones
Say it so boldly
Would like to join
Them in the holy
Kale Sep 16
My love is confused
It is entangled with depression
Anxiety and non committal views
My love shows me nothing but pain
And loneliness
Shows me my worthless existence can
Still be awaken
And greeted by a blank canvas of
Meaningless lonely adventure
Kale Aug 6
My ever expanding mind
Thinks back to when
You were here with me
Holding me
Kissing me
But I know now
That even a man as good as
Will leave
Not because you wanted
But because our destinies
Seperated our souls
Hence why I will
Touch the cold crevices
Of your tombstone
Because you left me
And now I am..
Kale Aug 6
The lust of a woman
Sometimes hides
Behind their gaze
They think
They want
They crave
It’s not easy hiding
The emotions of a goddess
But when it comes to fruition
There is complete and utter ecstasy
Kale Aug 6
The Mind
Vast and full of depth
Like the open ocean
Rumbles with storms of thought
That crashes against
The peaceful environment created
By dreams of adventure
By songs of love
By the dance of wonder

The dangerous ocean can be stilled
And so can the hurricane in the mind
Kale Jul 2
Love is something fickle
It can be sour as a pickle

Love is something that is bright
It shines straight through the night

Love does not have any cost
And it does not show frost

Love is love
no mater what race gender sexuality
Love is love
Kale May 31
Give me One Day
And I will gift you plenty
You are my breath
You are my soul
All I need is you
We are lowly humans
That seek that one
Special person
To love
To hold
To cry
To shout
To seek freedom
And abstain from hatred
I just need that One Day
To show you
You my love
That I am the one
From Day One
Dedicated to someone
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