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Kale Sep 2022
Hush child
It's time to go
They are coming
They running through
The bleak and dreary fields
They want to destroy
They want to ****
But we must not stay
For tales of our people's
Strength lives on
We the weak
Will never die
Because our hearts
Are filled with bravery
Filled with passion
We protect those we love
Now Hush Child
You are the future
When all is forgotten
You will live on
Hush child
Kale Sep 2022
These roaming thoughts
Keep crashing in my head
Forcing me to remember
How lonely it felt
To be with you
How you pushed me aside
To love on another.
I asked,
For a future with you.
But it seems that I’m not worthy
Of such hope.
My loneliness will consume
My fleeting happiness
I will always feel neglected
Kale Sep 2022
This kissing of the sun
On the ocean floor
Brings a smile to my
Forevermore .
Kale Sep 2022
One can never truly die
Until the great one
Sings his song
We must keep pushing
For there are challenges
Trials and Disparity
Lurking around each corner
We must continue to fight
Each day we must become anew
Touched by the sun’s ever cruel
Kale Aug 2020
I guess I am dead now
The love that kept me grounded
Was whisked away by
The cruel hand of misfortune
And I was a fool
I didn't see it coming
The idea that I was hoping
Things would be long lasting
I was wrong
Now my cold heart beats
Twice as slow
Will you cry at my funeral
My love?
I'm sorry
I should have been there
To protect you
To love you
To fight for you harder
But you know fate
Always giving me the bad cards
In any case
I think I am leaving this earthly plane
And I'm sorry
I couldn't hold on
I couldn't live in this broken world
Without you
Kale Jul 2020
I can’t take it any more
The clicking clocks
Drive me ****** insane
I am bored
I am going insane
I am inside
Talking to myself
I can’t even ensure that
This is my present reality
I am legit bored
Mad ramblings
Kale Apr 2020
He’s waiting for you
In the corner of your eye
With a creepy smile.
He wants you to give in
To follow him down the dreary road
Of Madness
Hoping you’d want him to relinquish
You from the confines of safety.
He is chuckling,
Smirking ,
Watching intensely.
He wants you to make a mistake
So he can **** on
The sweet blood of innocence
That was delivered
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