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OpenWorldView Oct 29
You mind your steps
   after you've stumbled.
You miss your home
   after you’ve left it.
You value your health
   after you’ve been sick.

But you can’t enjoy life
   after you died.
carpe diem
Rose Oct 29
Humming to this ***** of mine
Knowing my fate before it begins
I am simply no care
No matter at all

I am second best
Always last
Never quick
With no wit

I am a single wrapper
lost in the trash
Just a blanket
For cold souls

Like you
again and again, i am hurt by lose i let near, i know what i do is wrong but i can't seem to stop for my heart wants to love each person even if they do not deserve my love.
Riptide Oct 22
The best way to not have your heart broken;
Is to act like you have none.
And he picked her over me,
Now I will always be second.
CeilingStar Oct 18
At this exact second
someone, somewhere
is so elated
they could burst
into dazzling fractals
of every colour

Right now
a polar bear
lays it's wearily
weighted head down
on the ice
to never
get back up again

At the same time
a simple soul
is laying in bed
unable to sleep
restlessly but contentedly
writing a poem
curled up
in the small
of their partners back

This very minute
someone sent their
last goodbyes
tied to a loved one
on a burning pyre
sailing swiftly
into the horizon
along with
their own happiness

And at this hour
a whole person
lost a piece of themselves
so largely irreplaceable
that they couldn't
possibly ever
fill that empty hole
except with a
salty sea
of tears

As one sun sets
another one rises

As one dims and wobbles
throwing it's last
lowly tendrils
of dull grainy light,

Another sun is rising
strong and high
shining beams
so piercing,
shards of light
so blinding,
that you couldn't
hope to hide
from it's warm
content embrace

Right this second
someone bellows with laughter
while others weep and bleed

Every single event
is happening
right now

So maybe this
will get better

When I'm taking things for granted I like to remember there's people with a lot less
- it puts things into perspective
And likewise, when I am sad, i like to imagine someone somewhere is having the happiest time of their life
- it makes me feel better knowing the world isn't always a sad place
Eric Babsy Oct 8
Cold and heat combine.
Temperatures are a gaze we lose our mind.
Currents of the ocean predict.
A pattern for me and you something we can not forget.

Weather is used as a weapon.
Not only by nature but second guessing.
How can this be, you would ask?
Something more you can give us, something we could grasp.

We are all in for a rude awakening.
Electricity is all that they would be faking.
Plants and animals cease to exist.
The kind of anger that makes me pound my fist.

This is the only weapon they can use.
To feed our guilt to fill this ruse.
Being human and united is the only way we can be.
In the future maybe then you will see.
Mandalina Oct 3
I don't want to be that friend.
I don't want you to hit me up
whenever you're going to do something
because she couldn't join.
I don't want to be seen that way.

I'd like to describe myself as spontaneous,
but in reality I'm just insecure.
I need your approval
and I'm scared you'd look at me differently
if I would ever tell you no.

You're constantly including me
and I know I should be happy about it,
and I am.
But I can't help but think  that I'm always the second choice.
Because she has demons and is unable to come.

I have demons of my own, too.
But because of her I don't dare to share them with you.
I don't want your pity,
but some days I really need you.

I want to be a positive friend; a light in the dark.
And I guess that's why I always say yes.
Because I don't want to reject you;
or let you down;
like she always does.

But by constantly hanging out I've become attached.
You are important; you are my family.

I hate it because in some wicked way
I can't stop noticing all the signs and hints
that tell me I'm nothing but
a second choice.

You are so kind and welcoming,
you make me feel like home.
I don't even deserve it and it's so ****** up
and I know I should be thankful
but right now all I feel is hurt.

You might not see it like I do,
and you always assure me that I'm important.
But in the end
all I am
is a substitute friend.

Edith Leal Oct 2
“So that’s it? You’re just letting me go?”

I’m not just “letting you go”,
You see... you chose to do so.
It started off subtle, slow.
I will not intercept with your flow.

Don’t get comfortable, you won’t stay.
It might hurt, be as it may,
I’ll get going and be out of your way.
Someone once told me that my biggest flaw is that I do not give second chances.
Riptide Sep 29
Since the second we were born
We start dying
So it isn't life
It's death
sky Sep 27
I’d let you tear my heart to pieces
if it meant you could love me
for even a second
and I wouldn't regret it.
Heera Sep 21
I'm being kind,
Not trying to be cheesy...
First, because i know what it is to be left alone
Second, because i'm not a flirt..

I'm being a human
Not a desperate creep
First, because thats who we all should be
Second, because i know the difference.

I'm trying to cheer you
Not finding a way to access you
First, because i'm sad myself a lot of times
Second, i don't want anyone

I'm trying to make you feel your worth
Not see my worth
First, because i'm struggling to find mine too
Second, because i don't need you to
I guess many people misunderstood my kind comments and words to be a flirt or something.
Its not like that guys.
I understand being genuine in social media is like being a lotus in mud
But i'm not trying to getanything out of here...
I don't even know anyone
Nor you know me.
Someone i knew misunderstood me too i guess.
But i don't mind
I'm not forcing anyone.
Good day.
But please don't assume about anything you don't know ever in life :)
Its good to just ask.
I think it has become weird and alien to be human
That when people see someone helping or saying good things
They assume they are being desperate.
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