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Jenn 1d
im always gonna come second
aren't i?
whether its with her
when im with him
or with her
when im with him
i just
give up
LC Apr 25
the lion tiptoes in circles around her.
her mind spins in opposite circles
while the voice in her head yells "run."
but her limbs freeze and lock into place.
she hides her breath deep in her lungs,
staring straight into the lion's eyes
hoping it won't feel the fear in the air.
each second crashes onto her shoulders,
until the lion slowly saunters away,
becoming a small shape in the distance.
#escapril day 22! Re-posting due to issues with the website.
They say life flies by in a flash
Then why do these nights feel so long?
Things haven't been the same all alone
Ever since you left every second feels wrong
Its like time has slowed waaay down
KM Mar 9
break from this hiatus of pressure
back to ultimate rebirth
there is room for a different world
in action
Seconds, minutes, hours, days.
All of these times come, and then go away.
For some men live but a second, few a hundred years; but rest assured all return to the dust, then fade. So spends your time wisely, if just a hasty second or patience year.
Louise Jan 15
Almost three decades later,
and the position I take in my own life is second place.
I placed the blame of my position on the loved ones I trusted
but they are not the ones to take blame.

Two decades have passed,
and I still placed myself second to those
temporary in my life.

Most nights I lay my head on a pillow
filled with the tears I cry myself to sleep.
These tears carry the pain of invalidation
from the loved ones I trusted to love me.

The kind of Love
that I should be giving myself.

A decade into existing on this planet,
and I am so confused by the mixed
feelings my young heart felt.

She craved the loving touch of her mother,
but it was met with bitter words.
She ran into the street to play with the neighbor's kids,
just to be met by mockery and confusion.

She awaits her father from yet another work trip,
just to be met by a distant stranger that
rather be occupied with anything else
other than time with his daughter.

She sits in a classroom filled with
other kids that don't look like her,
confused with many questions
but too scared to ask.

I have put myself second in my life,
believing that I do not want anyone
feeling that way.
So I took it upon myself to put them
in first place in my life.
And now,
I am the one feeling the pain
of always being in second place.
There's an upside up topside
unless they've lied to us.

The only thing we can do
Is that Hill Street Blue thing
and be careful out there.
Red Nov 2020
Second chances exist in the smell of pine needles on a winter day
A walk as the day wakes, bleary eyed and yawning
As dawn breaks to show sunlight over the steepest cliff
The wind in my hair even after I swore I’d shave it off

It exists in the Avett brother songs
Words I learned from someone I used to hate
Melodies that help me heal even now
While the record spins by my bed and I feel like like I’m just now breathing for the first time
The birds chirp to their tune and I can’t help but sigh deep,
in and out

Second chances exist in these moments I’ve crafted
The smell of a candle from a friend long ago
A necklace someone once thought I’d hate
On the dresser my mother built for me
Books I shared with the girl I grew up with
Pages I prayed she’d hold dear even when we parted
A well loved shirt and a hope for my future

Of coffee and cold mornings with you by my side
As we dance to no song, in time
Step, and swing.
You in my arms and your love in my heart.
Onward, towards nothing in particular.
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