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Hammad Oct 20
Should we give people
a second chance?
She asked,
It depends
"Whether we want to be stung
out of the same hole - twice" - I replied
Nikh Oct 2
The song begins as you drift in

Not unlike another being,
albeit I may be weary.

But I watch you dance before my very eyes; your movement reminiscent of silk in the wind.
Flowing with grace and confidence.

As the tempo rises, your actions speak louder than ones screams ever could.

Calling in those who care was no hassle for me, for your dance is a delight for all to see.

You spin and brace yourself for what’s to come,
I watch you mouth those words, ever so familiar.

And with your final Jeté all is revealed.

You fall exhausted and on the verge of tears; the weight finally off your chest.

I close my eyes... and breathe

The morning sun kisses my lashes as I break from my trance,
And you’re gone.

As your performance has come to a close I finally recognize your tune.

You always were a creature of the night.
Left Foot Poet Apr 2014
The first cut, indeed, the deepest, for when they cut the umbilical chord, and a life forever, alone, now forever commenced, another
sea of troubles, a cursed journey begins.

"Judge, O you gods,  how dearly Caesar loved him!
This was the most unkindest cut of all"

julius-caesar act-iii-scene-ii
J J Jul 28
Lift the crumb-sized bit to your lips,
Hesitate until it's too late for hesitation,

Fold to tongue and absorb those tasty, harlmess
Spider footprints and germatic warzones.
I thought I'd already posted this.
ShadowSpy Jul 16
First Impressions
A funny thing
Why does the first time you see me
Define me
Why will that forever affect your thoughts
Of me
And why are they so hard to change

It isnt fair
That you take second chances
All for yourself
And leave nothing for others

I want people to see the truth
Of me
Of others
And of themselves

First Impressions
i wish first impressions didnt always play such a big role in people's thoughts. i know its only natural, but they are so so off and wrong too often
Zack Ripley Jul 11
"What would you do for loved ones?"
"What would you do for yourself?"
"Why not?"
"It's selfish."
"Why is it selfish?"
"Because I'm okay being alone.
They're not."
"First, just because you're okay
Being alone doesn't mean
you should be.
And second, you're not alone.
You have me."
a coward holds the lovers card upright in his hand
told them both he’d take to the promise land
torn between two queens, all confused
didn’t want to leave any of them bruised.

a naive youngster held the fool in reverse
fell for all the tricks and games was the curse
she gave in full but took none, always came at second best
time wasted being used, finding out again she was just the guest.
a man afraid to choose so he led both on because he didn't want to hurt any
a woman believed him and she was always an option but never the choice
annh Jun 24
Stick girl embering,
Lollipop meandering,
Molten toffee trail.

'We discovered that one of the strongest links among us was questions about the morality
of what we do: when do
you press the shutter release
and when do you cease
being a photographer?'
- Greg Marinovich, The Bang-Bang Club: Snapshots from a Hidden War
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