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Invisible Oct 7
The world goes round.
So why do we go straight?
A set path we have paved,
Through the blood of Earth.

This is the way of the world.
The way of the world is us.
Drowning our guilt,
In the Earth's innocence.

One's an accident.
Twice, a coincident.
Three's a pattern.
Four's just pushing it.

Soon we'll be lying on our backs,
Eyes half-closed, minds so cold,
In the shallows of what we have broken,
In the pain of what we leave behind.

We are in the center
The center will hold
But our center has already fallen
It cannot hold any longer.
William Yeats - The Second Coming
Shofi Ahmed Oct 3
Before a split second
that shows up.
And gone before
the blink of an eye!
Eloisa Sep 28
I know that we took the wrong roads,
But come on, hold my hands
and let’s find a place to turn around.
It’s not too late.
Let’s not give up.
Nylee Sep 28
In a second
I experienced the life
sweet and sour
Zane Smith Sep 12
we only have one moment
each individual day
where nothing will ever be the same.
days and months repeat
years do not.
every second
we are somewhere else
Trout Sep 6
Now do I give a second chance
Since you became a manly man
Since I would rather be distasteful
My past only proves that I would take

Misery clouds our intuitions
I guess I must be
A criminal
Because I
Am a prisoner
And people hurt
For a reason
As far as
Reasons go
I don't have many
Just a bucket
Full of guilty
All the lies
That I tell
To the me
In the mirror
I know I'm
No good
But god I'm
Just a little girl
Only fifteen
Aren't I allowed
To think
I'm pretty
Can't I believe
That someone
Might love me
What happened
To twirling my
Fingers in
My curled hair
Because they
All say to
Trust my intuition
But intuition's
A *****
And she says
I don't want
To hear
That is my
My saddest

I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not
I am not
Nor am I
I am not
I am not
I don't know what to believe anymore. Sometimes, I want to believe that I am not bad, but it just seems so fake. I know I'm full of ****, and I might as well own it. Right?
Quinn Adaire Aug 28
One step at a time
One task at a time
One day at a time
One second at a time
Maybe I won’t break down this time.
One step.. two step.. three step...
Ziya mansoor Jul 31
On a blazing day
with brand new thought
But found that
the heart which was like an flying bird
which used to travel without tickets
and used to think whatever it needed
but now ...
it was blank
it didn't go anywhere

it didn't think anything
it was blank

Don't know why
Don't know what

I walked there and here
towards the stoop
in one way I was alone and behind
from the world
in another way I was along and infront
of the world

I took a second
To open and close my eyes
the heart which was blot out
as a  new balloon
was now blown
and filled
with new ideas and thoughts

At times a second can give a second chance
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