deadwood Jul 11
Is there ever a greater melancholy
than permanent second?
Second best,
Second choice,
Second family.
All these things I am,
A second-hand human being.

No matter how hard and harder I try,
I remain inferior till I die.
A second-hand human being,
Not worth the greatest form of praising.

So as I stand above this bridge,
I recall all my 'almosts',
All my 'what ifs' and 'could haves',
To decide once and for all:
What if I jump a second time?
I'm tired of never being the best for anyone.
Your all I think about. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year.

It’s always been you.
It will always be you.
Every choice.
Every breath.

It’s you.

                            With love,
neha Jun 2016
don't tell me that you understand
if you're going to say that some win and some lose
because i know that
but i needed to be in the winning
i needed not just wanted
and that is what you don't understand
that is why


missed the point completely.
the full stop in the middle is on purpose, it is the point and the you is the person missing it, if you get what i mean :)
Amanda Jun 28
Know you'd be better without me here
Make it harder for you to adhere
To goals, one thing is clear
The "us" we are sober is what we fear
Hold you dear, love who you are
Treat you bad, keep you far
Further than the most distant star
Scared to hurt you and leave a scar
Hurt you and I don't know why
It doesn't matter how hard I try
Only make things worse for you and I
When will you call it quits and say goodbye?

Try to make it right but I always do you wrong
Say I will change but taking far too long
You're sick of hearing me sing the same song
Can we turn this back around, or are you already gone?

Most of the time wish I was someone else
Try my best to be happy, it never seems to help
You always tell me to be myself
I'm not good enough, that is easy to tell
I will never understand what you see in me
You think I am amazing, I disagree
I am drowning, dragging you into my sea
My life a mess dark and ugly
Two words I shout sometimes "Go away!"
Off-guard, you can't find the right words to say
The same day, ask you please stay
Must be hard to love a girl who never is okay
When this ends will you miss me like you said?
Travel across oceans to be by my side again?
I touch you in all the right spots in my bed
But could never let you see inside my head


Your soul is inspiring, balanced, real
I left old pain behind, wanted to heal
Your trembling hands decided to steal
Aching thoughts and unease I no longer feel
Just like a magician you put my pieces back into place
Anticipation filling the gaps and leftover space
I am starting to think I'll win this race
Is this only a dream? Will I wake with no trace?
If we are really here right now let me know
Leave me with a reminder to hold when you go
Lately my mind likes to bounce to and fro
One second feeling high, the next feeling low

You only know youve been high when you're feeling low
Joshua Nai Jun 8
This day you have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yet again, you gave me a chance. I will rejoice and be grateful of it!
Another day to feel your presence! I look forward to the day ahead!
to God
And sometimes I’ll get scared that you’ll find someone else.

Maybe it’s just a nightmare.

I’ll just go back to sleep.

                        With love,
Gray May 31
Go on, go closer to the mirror.

Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll see her.

She is exactly like you, and exactly like me.

Promise me you’ll never set her free
Umi May 2
The heart filled with love,
Dying, unable to protect it, decaying as the ash it has burnt out to,
All what is left is destruction, the emotions birthed by the abyss of an empty chest, such is the fate of one who has lost his ability to see, the ability to love love, now destined to be alike the undead,
Blind hatred raging with a dusty tone, forgotten and untouched in ages to come, undead wandering around, yet with no goal, no aim,
Feelings are but a blessing, without them one could be ruined, for even if they do bring joy but also pain, the experience to have lived through that, grown and understood their meaning is human,
"Give it back" she yelled whilst her blood drenched words stuck in her throat, seemingly unable to breathe by what took place,
A rotten heart may be dead, pitch black and left without notice, care
Sworn to change she cried her blind eyes out in the greatest despair,
While it ended with a brilliant smile, as pure as ash being scattered by the wind, her dreams were laid to rest and had abrogate, abolished,
Waking up in sweat, tears and joy from something which seemed to be a nightmare this girl tries her best not to end like her dreams,
After all, everyone is deserving of a second chance.

~ Umi
You don’t know if you’ll wake up tomorrow. You don’t even know if you’ll live to see the next second. Isn’t that kind of scary. We all have a expiration date. And you sure won’t ever know when that day will come until your looking death right in the face. I guess you have to look at it this way. Every single second your getting closer to your expiration date. So the real question is.

How are you gonna live your life in the next second?

                           With love,
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