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Woke up drained wishing that I was dead,
this life has meaning but only in my head,
I give her every part of me, and she asks me to repeat what I just said.

Now how does she not know
which direction my mind will go?
Her veins and my blood flow,
and a pair of hands to row.

It’s taken a toll and far too many years,
back and forth shuffling blame and our fears,
she lets me think I drive, but we both know she steers.

Now how can I stay strong?
Always repeating that one song.
She’s right until she’s wrong,
but I’m not where I belong.

I accepted a truth and made a lie stick,
covered and layered it over so outrageously thick,
she keeps me alive, but I’ve always been sick.

Now how can she not see
just how vital she is to me?
Giving priceless stock out for free,
but I’m never where I should be.

Woke up drained wishing that I was dead,
my heart breaks as often as she breaks bread.
I give her every part of me, and she asks me to repeat what I just said.
Geant Feb 4
Is it forever you carry that small knot
Right beside your heart
For someone you miss.
And whilst they are there,
A void,
A cage,
The strongest iron chain
Prevents you reaching out
Through the pride you clasp to your chest.
Or the resentment that lingers.
Or just the sheer foolishness you regret,
As those words so easily,
So bitterly,
Slipped from your lips.
And now the path you both tread has become a void.
And regrets so cavernous cut deep into your heart.
But you know no way forward.
Jeannery Jan 21
Hearing it makes me wonder,
How do I love that heart?
Will it make my heart apart?
Will it make me suffer?

I met you with that heart
We are the same
We're not the firsts
And it's hard


As katy perry said, "Comparisons are easily done once you've had a taste of perfection" and that hurts the most and that's just so true. How do we really love a secondhand heart?
jaelyn lance Jan 16
I thought I wanted you.
But what i didnt know...
Is that I need you.
You make me feel warm inside.
And you bring out my smile.
You love telling me,
How much you love my giggle,
The shape of my nose.
It's really cute.
We are innocent and young.
But then..
As we stare into the golden mirror,
Repeatedly saying "mhm"
You suddenly move.
To.. look at me?
You say mhm.
And you're no longer staring at the mirror you are staring in my curious eyes.
You shift the way you are sitting.
I feel dumb for not understanding.
But then you gently lean in.
And kiss me.
But you really have to leave.
Which is not fair to me or you.
I gently nudge you off of me and I sound like an idiot as I say
"We're going to get caught"
I'm not sure why I said that.
And its not like anyone would care.
I want to crinkle up and hide.
I'm so awkward.
That was the second.
Farheen Khan Jan 13
Do I ever get a second chance
To things i could never have again
To love i  could never feel again
Is guilt and regret that necessary
Why can't I just get
A second chance
Make sure you spend enough time with your loved ones... because once they are gone their is no second chance and I really miss my grandmother these days hope her soul is in peace ❤️
amelia Jan 12
walking past fountains of roses,
she caressed them with her hands.
soft petals kissed her fingers and
thorns, piercing the pads of her fingertips.

wandering to the golden pond, lying
letting her hands play in the fronds of the grass,
flicking up glistening emeralds of water that
in the sun.
flickering moons,
fresh diamonds,
new life so quickly taken.
written whilst listening to your song by elton john
Johnny walker Jan 11
I'd been to Heaven and lived to tell about It
In her arms It's Heaven
where I truly
For now, she's passed away I know I'll never see again a once In a lifetime opportunity to see
And live to tell all of Its existence for I'd been to Heaven and lived to tell about It
I no I never love that way again so I dought I'll
see Heaven for a second time but at least, I saw It once
When you love someone so much you're In Heaven almost
feels you are actually there
Cait Dec 2018
Second place doesn’t really hurt as much
When that’s all you’ve ever known
Second to be born
Second to be considered
Second to be called on
Second to be loved

First chair? Not likely, you don’t belong there
And don’t fool yourself, they never really loved you first
You’re second through and through

And maybe that’s why the spotlight scares you
You’ve never known what it feels like to own one

Silver may be prettier than gold
But that doesn’t change the fact that your story never gets told
One of the first poems I ever wrote, I edited a little bit but decided not to change too much from the first draft.
Jeroen Janssen Dec 2018
He left the house in such a rush
He could not stand the noise
The screaming, crying and shouting
He had no other choice
Than to run across the front yard
Where no flower had grown in years
To be thrown upon the pavement
Drowning in his tears

He walked for many miles and thought
Of the freedom he had gained
In the myst of night a bar appeared
A warm shelter from the rain
He drank and laughed and drank some more
While old friends had been long gone
He threw up on the pavement
Thrown out and on his own

For hours and hours he crawled and found
The streets were dark and cold
Till a new day came upon him
And a new life did unfold
A woman, young and beautiful
Took care of him that day
Their love should last for ever
And he would always stay

But darkness came and took her heart
She died one night in May
She left him a handful of flower seeds
And no more words to say

He wandered with no purpose
The years went by and by
Till he came across a front yard
Where the earth was hard and dry
A degraded house was all that’s left
And a memory of sound
In his hand the seeds of love he held
And he dropped them on the ground

Then suddenly he stopped and turned
In his eyes the light was new
From the ground where he just stood on
A flower gently grew...
Misfortune, choices, love, a second change. That is what this is about.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
There Is nothing In this
life that compares to love
hard to find hard to keep but when found the feeling you experience Is truly unique
And when you thought this would last forever Is suddenly taken from you, first anger at being robbed of her love then thoughts of all the things you'll never do together
Places been places planned to go the last time you held her hand, kissed her lips then undressed her and made love to her laid there afterwards together
eventually falling to sleep
In each other arms beautiful warmth the heat generated from our ***** bodies as we slept
In peaceful dreams none of
of these beautiful moments will ever be again, and the truly hard part you're left to live the rest of your life with no second chances all that went before lost forever the day your life stood still
Life stands still the day your loved one die all the thing you'll never do again no more
beautiful love making all gone forever no second chances In this life
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