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Heera 1d
I'm being kind,
Not trying to be cheesy...
First, because i know what it is to be left alone
Second, because i'm not a flirt..

I'm being a human
Not a desperate creep
First, because thats who we all should be
Second, because i know the difference.

I'm trying to cheer you
Not finding a way to access you
First, because i'm sad myself a lot of times
Second, i don't want anyone

I'm trying to make you feel your worth
Not see my worth
First, because i'm struggling to find mine too
Second, because i don't need you to
I guess many people misunderstood my kind comments and words to be a flirt or something.
Its not like that guys.
I understand being genuine in social media is like being a lotus in mud
But i'm not trying to getanything out of here...
I don't even know anyone
Nor you know me.
Someone i knew misunderstood me too i guess.
But i don't mind
I'm not forcing anyone.
Good day.
But please don't assume about anything you don't know ever in life :)
Its good to just ask.
I think it has become weird and alien to be human
That when people see someone helping or saying good things
They assume they are being desperate.
Anya 4d
When I was young enough to remember
my dad told be not to be one
an "also ran"

It was only when I was older
I understood
She is a swimmer who has been to state
I also swam
She's gotten second place in piano state
I also played
She's the varsity goalie and incredibly athletic
I'm also a goalie
He's our debate team co-head and one of our best
I also debate
She's amazing at writing poetry
I also write
Her squash team got second in the state
I also play squash
She was the lead of the musical
I was also in the musical
I could keep going
But I think you get the point
So what,
if I've tried everything
do everything
know everything?

I have to find
that one thing I'll be the best at
I can't always be an also ran
gracie 5d
it's funny
how quickly you can be discarded
when something better comes along.

deep down you know it's your fault,
but you decide to pity yourself.

you flip through their photos;
smiling faces gleam back at you.
"why wasn't i invited?"
that small and jealous child
that lives in my mind whines at me.

this child quickly becomes a glooming figure.
a figure of some black fog
that seeps through my veins
and swallows me whole.

this is the autobiography of a second choice.

the choice they forgot about.
the choice they see
when all the smoke is clear,
and one sad, sullen apparition awaits;
wanting to be chosen.

with my head down,
and my hopes high,
i walk with them.
Chicken Scratch,
chicken scratch,

   Scribbles, smashed against the page.

You are my Poem.

~Robert van Lingen
Anya Sep 9
My best friend was mine
Before the snooty girl stole her away
With the lure of a stupid fashion show instead of doing gymnastics on the bars
During recess
Like I wanted
What’s wrong with gymnastics!?

My first crush was mine
Before he got a BOY best friend
And then he picked HIM instead of ME to cut the cake
He was mine first!

She brought in a dream catcher
To class
I watched it’s beautiful blue beads and
As it’s feathers were softly ruffled by the wind
But it was hers, only her nightmares were blocked
I have nightmares too!

They like her more then me
They laugh at what she says
They don’t care what I say
People look at her
They listen to her
Not me

In math class
She always wins the games
And gets all the candy
She’s the fastest
Cause she’s got all her facts memorized
Faster than me!


has best friends
get their crushes
has awesomer stuff than me
are cooler than me
are smarter than me
are better than me
are better than me
are better than me

My god,
what a distorted perception of the world I’ve had!
gabriela Sep 1
our hands touched for a split second
but it’s all I’ve been able to think about for days
Traversing my minefields,
   Is an impossible task,
Find another way around,
   So that you don't get hurt,
Because that would be sad.
I don't want to make you sad.
Was part of I Am Not but i decided  to split them into two independent pieces.
The seance,
Between my heart and mind,
Serves to intertwine,
My thoughts I might find,
Buried in my heart,
The kinds that tear me from my feet,
Up till the moments I've died.

Every unwaking second,
Is a moment I find,
That my heart and mind,
Can be...


~Robert van Lingen
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