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Katie 21h

Day 1 - Abandoned

A child stands alone,
Crying with the falling rain.
"Where did mommy go?"


Day 2 - Seclusion

Friendship is a lie -
Five years alone on the streets
Taught me that lesson.


Da­y 3 - Pain

My whole body aches.
The cuts and scrapes still won't heal.
Robbed of my safety.


Da­y 4 - Remember

Mother told me:
"Stay here until I come back."
I'm still here, waiting.


D­ay 5 - Hurt

He came back again.
Body and mouth, screaming "NO!!!"
He never listens.


D­ay 6 - Hate

Why can't I fight back?!
He's been doing this for years -
Fresh salt in old wounds.


Da­y 7 - Gone

Thinking it over -
Eighteen years now, mom's still gone.
She's not coming back.


Day 8 - Melancholy

I'm miserable:
Homeless, starving, *****, sickly.
Nowhere to call "home".


Da­y 9 - Loss

My mother is dead.
Today's newspaper said so,
But I've known for years.


Day­ 10 - Silence

Timid stray cat
Draws near and sits beside me,
Sleeps without a sound.


Day­ 11 - Emotion

Childhood memories:
A family, mom and dad.
Where did it all go?


Day 12 - War

Fear races through me.
I won't let him win again.
Blood stains the sidewalk.


­Day 13 - Paranoia

I drop my weapon.
Panic and guilt surround me.
What will happen now?


Day 14 - Limbo

Ignoring the truth:
Is this what "guilty" feels like?
I can't live like this.


Day 15 - Insanity

Clinging to my thoughts,
The last memories of "me".
What have I become?


Da­y 16 - Abuse

I was four years old,
Barely old enough to read,
When mother left me.


Day 17 - Desolate

A lone survivor:
Both parents dead, no siblings,
No home to speak of.


Day 18 - Isolation

The streets are empty.
My shadow and broken glass
Litter the alley.


Day­ 19 - Missing

A tattered poster,
With my name and old address.
A ghost of my past.


Day 20 - Lonely

The stray cat returns.
It falls asleep on my chest,
Fills the empty void.


Day 21 - Hope

The cat meows at me.
I don't think it wants to leave.
Have I found a friend?


Da­y 22 - Cloudburst

I saw the sun today.
It rained while it shone, of course,
But I still saw it.


Day 23 - Luck

A lost wallet, found -
Enough to pay the bus fare.
Where will it take me?


Day 24 - Outside

Leaving the alley.
I don't have much to bring with,
Just my bag... and cat.


Day 25 - Journey

The bus comes on time.
Pay my fare, choose a seat, sit -
No more looking back.


Day 26 - Horizon

Look out the window.
Cat sleeps on my lap, purring.
Watch the world go by.


Day 27 - Redemption

My trip is over.
A new city, a new life -
I'm ready for it.


Day 28 - Future

Cat walks beside me,
Birdsong fills the quiet morning.
Time to start over.

A story of patience and courage.
One poem for each day of February.
I pin the anemic bodies
of poems
to the bed of palm
like they are cadavers
waiting to be
d  i  s  s  e  c  t  e  d.

This is the
I know to
make sense of things,
each enjambed line
a heartbeat closer
to understanding this
(or letting

I gawk at the contents
of the shelves
that live amongst the
curdling strips of wallpaper.
Yellowing mason jars,
each containing some
tragic specimen swimming in  
formaldehyde tears--
Plath's last breaths;
Sexton's paper cut fingertips;
Van Gogh's severed flesh.

The sight of this
ghastly collection
sends the scars on my wrists
into a spiralling ache.

I once made the mistake
of assuming poetry
would instantaneously
exorcize the aching--
it only brought me closer.

But I must remember
that bleeding is the last stop
on the route to mending;
it's gotta hurt
before it can heal.

So I write,
bear the sting
of these words
as they stitch together
the tattered patchwork
of my heart;
until the scars meet
at the pinnacle
of my anatomy,
bright constellations
flowering from the darkness,
starlit tulips
that shake the
sorrowed dew drops
from their rain-torn petals,
celestial hieroglyphs
waiting to be read--
This is your history;
not your future.
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Ammar 7d
Rebuilt, I have
Wiser, I became
Just, I believe in
Empathy, I spread
Fear, of losing it all again
I came far in this one year of my retribution.
Be the places you will become
Live the lost days
Don't bother melting the past
Live today thawn
Remember only tomorrows
Filled beyond full love
Read it Say it  Dream it Feel it
Haylin Feb 1
"...The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work."
~ 1 John 3:8

"...people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment..."
~ Hebrews 9:27

"But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
~ Romans 5:8

"When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows Me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life.'"
~ John 8:12
You don't have to be a believer to understand.
JoJo Jan 30

I wrapped my heart in
and watched the foxes
roam the vineyard
until You
and prodded
and left
the 99
for me.

God's love is more powerful than I ever thought.
Tatiana Jan 29
For the next two weeks he digs a grave.

He deftly wields a shovel
with hands that have forgotten
what it's like to hold the tools of life
He only knows what life is like
when he digs a hole for holy men
who have cheated others into strife
who have hurt their children, brothers, and sisters
who have made damaged wives
So for two weeks, he digs the hole deeper
than regulation states
for men who were mistakes.

The more time he spends digging
The more time the dead spend climbing

And they're always climbing
the ranks to be on top.
Falling again, bones breaking on impact
they just shake it off and start again.

He met one dead man who climbed to the top
with a light glowing where his eyes should be.
The dead man shuddered, bones rattling a song
of all the people he had wronged.
He was more bone than skin
More ghost than human
But he came back with sorrow on dried, discolored lips
and the grave digger wondered if
he could have redemption

For the next two weeks he digs a grave.
Bardo Feb 4
I knocked on the door of Fame,
She kindly opened up for me and
   spoke my name
And smiling, bid me enter
(I must have made the grade this time)
Inside lay a whole new world, a world
   of wonder
She looked at me as if to say "Where were you all this time, we've been waiting on you".

Well she fussed over me something
Lavishing on me gifts and sweets
Showering me with praise and high
She was great she was... O! She was
Bestowed on me great new names,
I was an intellectual now, a member of
   the intelligentsia
I was a 'great artiste', a Big Star
I was part of the Elite
I was one of them now, I was one of

I got to sit on my little seat at the Big
The others sitting there they all smiled
   down at me
" Look at me now ", I thought to myself, " look where I am and who I am, who would have believed it ".

Puffed me up no end she did, inflated
   my ego
I thought I might up and float away
And for awhile, a little while I was


But the House of Fame had another
   face I found
Would invite young hopefuls in from
   outside, young aspiring artists
Allow them to come and read their
   works, exhibit their wares
While those sitting there around the
   table, they'd judge them
Like little Roman emperors we were, giving a thumbs up or thumbs down
Some of my fellows, they were quite
   brilliant at it
The way they could dissect a work, get
   right to the heart of it
And sum it all up,
And they could be so funny with it as
They'd make you laugh with their
   witty remarks
But there were times though, when
  things they could get a bit ******
When they'd turn on someone, heap
   derision on their work.

There was this one young lad I
In his hands he clutched some papers,
He held his whole world, his whole
   life in those papers
You could see it in him, just how much
   it meant to him,
Sad to say though, he wasn't all that
Well they just took him apart, they hit
   him like a hurricane
You could see his disappointment, see
  his face drop
His world start to crumble,
   his hopes and dreams start to die
Could see him almost shrivel up right
   before your eyes
He'd may as well have been in front of
   a firing squad,
"It had to be done", my fellows would say, " you had to be ******* them, they
   had to be told"
And they could be so witty, my fellows,
   so funny
They'd make you laugh, laugh at
They all laughed, I laughed too and then...and then, I thought of you, I thought of you.


Now some writers when their very
  young write great stuff even then
I'd be only too proud to have written it
   myself if I could
But when I think back to what I wrote
  early on
I close my eyes and wince as if in pain,
I shake my head and grimace, "awful,
   terrible stuff, what was I thinking"
Guileless, naive, infantile,
   incomprehensible even to myself a
     lot of it, without wit or cunning
If any of it ever came to light I'd be so
   embarrassed, I'd be mortified,
I feel I'd have to flee the country, go
   and live in some remote jungle some
And never show my face again, I
   thought it that bad,
It was like some ***** guilty secret I
   had to hide.

And you know I couldn't help thinking
   what if it was you standing there
Before this - this Inquisition, reading
   your work
How they'd listen to you probably
   with mouths wide open almost in
Barely able to contain their laughter
And when you'd finished
How they'd wink and smile knowingly
   at one another and maybe say
       something like
"And what do we have here, what
   exotic creature
From under what gilded stone have
   you come out from under"
And then they'd lay into you... "this
  *******, this ****, this mindless
    drivel, I never laughed so much in
        my life! these inane ramblings,
This guy he must be the village idiot",
And what would I do, would I rush to
   your defence, would I lift a finger
     to help you... No! not a chance
I'd just sit their silent and not let on I
   knew you, just watch them take you
Like lions in the arena, tearing you
I'd even join in, yea, I'd laugh too,
And what if your eyes met mine, well
   I'd quickly look away,
" I don't know you, you're not me,
    you're not mine,
And if you were  I'd disown you
I'd have you erased from my past,
You're an embarrassment to me
You're worlds away from who I am

And later in my room alone would I
   think of you
And what it was like for you back
And that world you came from
Would I remember a boy so utterly
   lost with no hope of ever getting
All alone with no one to show him the
With a mind like a war zone, broken
   and bloodied, pummeled from every
Trying to make sense of a crazy world
Trying desperately to keep a grip on
To cling onto something, anything
   that'd keep him afloat,
Trying to write because he thought it
   was the only thing left that he could
(Someone who'd never even been a
   reader of books...
Do many writers write just to stay
   alive ?)
And the more I thought about it the
   more I began to admire you
How really it was quite amazing you
   were able to write anything at all...
And to think that I would just sit there
   and watch this, your... your
         crucifixion and do nothing,
That I could betray so brave and
   beautiful a boy,
Wasn't the shame not yours but all

And maybe they'd bring you back a
   second night saying - laughing!
"This one was so good, we had to bring
    him back again to impart some
      more of his little gems",
And to see you there the tear stained
   face, the dead eyes with no light left
      in them
Devoid of all dignity now, begging
   them for some sign of approval,
    some gesture, anything at all !
Looking at them as if they were God
And you were nothing but a piece of
   **** on their shoe
Would I finally have the guts to stand
   up and call a halt, would I !
Jump over their Big Table, go and take
   you in my arms
And tell you" It was alright, that I was
  here now and was so sorry I hadn't
    been before ",
And then turning to them say -admit,
" This, this *******, this drivel, this
    village idiot
This was me when I was young,
It kept me alive, it gave me hope when
   there was no hope ",
And smiling at them I'd say, " and I'd choose him every time over any of you
   sitting there,
What do you know of me and my life,
  what I've been through, were you
      there ?
And turning to you again I'd say,
"Let's get out of this place, we don't
     belong here
This isn't us, this isn't who we are,
Let's go home the two of us, you and
   me together,
Let's go home.
Never been to the world of fame, this is just an invented story. Is not so much about fame as about self acceptance and accepting those parts of ourselves we'd rather hide and bury and not let the world see.
Quixotic Jan 26
Brandishing a scalpel
I chisel free my heart
Lift it thumping to my lips
Taste the first brawny bite
My own lifeblood drips down my chin
as I smirk in victory.
In matters of the heart,
one must consume or be consumed.
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