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A cryptic world of curious colours,
Hung high on wonder, the heart flutters ー

                                         Through a jungle of concrete,
                    Where lovers float, contrived and incomplete.

       In sterile forests of traquility and solace,
  Past crimson ardours, drifting away with the hours.

                               Beneath the dreary slurs of neon blurs,
                   Amongst those still seeking sights on static city nights.

                            But as time drones on,
                 Its seeping irritation surges unto a new dawn.

Recoiling; return from the roads you've spun,
Nestled in the embrace of a heatered home ー

You are one;
I had some spare time on a lonely Valentine's.
I've spent so long trying not to feel
But you,
you made me feel
My heart a fortress, and you broke the shield  Unaware of the power you wield
Unaware of your strength,  your steel
In awe of your beauty , you queen must I kneel?
Your heart , I must steal
The consequences worth the deal
Your love helps me heal
Thanks, you found a cure
I was hiding behind the wall
But you made me feel
larni 1d
“happy valentine’s day baby”

“stop texting me”

“don’t force love”

“i don’t love you like i used to”

“we can still be friends”
true times, true story.
The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
he looked so sad,
he was talking to himself,
he was cursing himself.

He said:
I could have had her,
I could have been happy,
if I only wanted to,
I could've been happy by now.
But I'm a ghost,
I have no life,
since the day I said 'No' to love.

I am a mess,
I want to die,
my heart is an empty house,
locked from inside.

I have no purpose,
no goals,
no future, no past.
Since I turned my back to love,
my time is a pile of dust.

I could have had her,
if I only wanted, I could have had,
I could have breathed her breath,
I could have smiled her smile.
Her beautiful eyes,
I could have seen with,
but I've chosen to be blind.

Her voice, I could have lullabied,
but I've chosen to be deaf.
Her lips I would have been kissing now,
but I've no lips, only dry wounds,
since I said 'No' to love.

I thought I could be happy
on my own,
I am a *****,
a selfish *****,
I am a mess,
I am a dead man,
I am a ghost...

Oh, it's my bus,
no it's not my bus,
no bus will take me where I want,
no bus will take me home,
I have no home
since I said 'No' to love.

I have no home,
my grave's my home,
since my love's gone.

The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
a shadow of man
in tears.

It was me.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’m late to this thread
I was getting some head
Faith 3d
Ah, February
It is the month of love, and
Total rejection
I can be a really skeptical person,
I don’t believe in ghost, and just think of weird things that happen as coincidences,

But, as flower petals magically float down toward my passenger seat, just before I close my car door.

I felt chills, as if memories from past lives rushed through my skin like electricity when you touch a Walmart cart.

Instant, waiting for a reaction.

And if that isn’t one **** of a metaphor,
I don’t know what is.
Mims 3d
Suger kisses
Silly crushes
Candy hearts ask
"Will you be mine?"
Wandering eyes
A glance at her thighs
Thorns on the roses in the bouquet you bought yesterday
Two things that can pierce
And in between
Two things that bleed
Heart shaped cardboard boxes
Filled with chocolate
And caramel
Walking through target
Commercialised, consumerisim
And everyone likes talking about how
This holiday is what it is for more sales
Than romance
And its true
Sugar hearts do not equal ancient love
But we love to spend
Money and time
On someone we love
Or someone we are saying sorry to
Maybe its the same one
Humans are so cute
Making cards
Red and pink
And surprising with favorited
Chocolate things
But today is take out
The girl your 'one true' doesn't know about
Or maybe they do
But choose not to mention it
Because maybe they



Lacy black things
Long receipts
Long nights
Not at the office
Where you claim to be
Let me ask you
Were the flowers for her

As large, and as beautiful,

As the flowers for me?
Things I hear about in wine tainted conversations between the wives
Laura 3d
satin shades of ribbon tie the knot around my heart
more than I wanted to you I've given
tell me why should I play my heart?
like "does he love me, or not?"
I guess the sky is still blue and my feet are on the ground
I guess I've still got looks on my side when you're not around
but that means nothing now
all at once you lied too me
bet you feel like a flying bird but don't swallow me
because I want to be free and who am I for you to be?
I guess its just another Thursday on my own
i've made this one into a song if anyone wants to listen :)
Haylin 3d

Cupid can go **** himself
Doesn't he know that arrows are for killing?
Does he even have a hunting license?

What was he thinking
When he shot
This hole
In my heart?

Was he trying to make me bleed out?
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