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Why just one day for your lover
To take her among flowers in a rover
Limited for one day and be over

Chuckling couples with chilly chocolates
Red roses represents romance
Lips laid, long licks


Don't bound to the February Fourteenth
Make everyday as a quarantine
Alone with your valentine
For the Month of February
Tiana Lloyd Feb 17
I yearned for peace,
To silence the chaos of my mind.
Craved a quiet solace
Sought to close my heart
Until Fate wove
Our bonded twine.

Two wayward souls
On separate paths—
“Coincidentally” align.
This perfect pairing,
Our missing piece
A testament to
Divine Design.

We navigate this expanse
For which only the boldest
Are inclined,
Of life’s tumultuous spectrum—
Erratic fluctuations, vacillating
From arduous to Sublime.

It takes an acute endurance,
Coupled with two spirits
In their prime
To overcome insurmountable
Which so often bend
The Strongest

And yet our love
Transcends all trials
And to you Alone,
I resign…
To the man who mends
My heart
I am yours, and you
Are Mine.
I vow to cherish you
Until my last breath,
Until the fabric of
To my Saving Grace,
My Singular Proclivity—
A love poem penned to my soulmate
My Dear Poet Feb 15
I fell asleep
on Valentine’s Day
I’m sorry
I didn’t write you
I was choosing a card
in my dreams,
I slept right through
Dreaming of a pen
to write
I woke the day after
too late to be my valentine
I sign
‘Your sleepy admirer’.
Skin to skin,
Bones to bones;
I love you with every
fiber of my soul.

You weaved your place,
Your Persian blue
Into the tapestry
Of my amber hue.

How picturesque
Our sunset sky,
With embroideries
of amaranth divine,
like Venus’ blessing in disguise.
Happy Valentine’s everyone!
Katie Feb 14
Yet I can't feel a solitary **** thing
Thrilled, wrapt, beguiled,
bruised, broken, lost,
tempest toss’d
or star-sky smitten,
it’s your heart we love alone

even if it feels so,
you never are x
Katie Feb 13
I can still recall how my heart sped up so,
Yet the image of such surprises me.
Am I still capable of love? I don't know.
My eyes have been open so long, they can't see.

I've gone back and reread them,
Those words I wrote for you.
It was from this heart they did stem,
Yet to me now, it all seems untrue.

I remember that I remember loving you,
But in the years gone by my love has dried.
What would that I could choose to imbue
Another soul with what has since died.

But I can't remember how to love.
I can't be certain I can still love.
Natalia Feb 13
Valentine's Day, I'd sooner choke.
On sarcasm, on cynicism, on smoke,
Pollute my lungs with tragedy.
Let me not hear sickening words,
Regurgitated love, deadened eyes,
Empty promises, reused lines.

A worldwide joke
That we are all in on
We all laugh along
Year after ****** year.
And you weep when love ends,
Falling away so soon.
As if the day
Would have fixed your issues
Guess how I feel about Valentine's Day
Bright smile! like summers stuck in your teeth,
Oh how! beauty catches eyes;
    baited as fish,
Worming ways of compliments, for a smile.
Tightest hugs! feel so claustrophobic;
Closest friends, closed on time we seem not,
    to have,
Thoughts of pleasure! grasped with imaginary hands;
   You felt it before too?
Like fools in love—Tools to it's trait, (*******, but always
   nuts for more)
Trying not to fall deeper in our cavernous love.

                          A possibility?
        Perhaps in a heart's forgetfulness,

                         A reason?
      Only by a mind's found emotions.

Why do I hurt myself in delusions of lover's thought,

Simply because; I know I'll fall in love with —YOU!
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