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A troublesome tempo
that I so coolly kept
locked 'way inside my chest
for far too long-
Brought forth in time, at your behest.

Those silvery eyes must truly be
like slivers of marbles made from the
dawn high. As if an angel -in perpetuity-
had plunged from the heavens
directly to me.

She is soft, like the beat of a butterfly's wing-
and her hair, it flows like water in the wind, though
the greatest thing of all
which will, or won't, appall,
is by luck alone I've somehow become her beaux.

And truth be told,
She's got me sold.
For Her.
i saw no point in telling
all she meant to me
of how i loved her
and of the dreams i had
as she never believed
those words for long
simply wouldn't accept
their true meaning

instead i bought
flowers and chocolates
and wrote a card
for her to read
over and again
until she might finally
see what i see
and fall in love
Ash Feb 8
An arrow pinched
Between delicate fingers,
Gently nocked, but aiming true,
Pulled taut against the bowstring.

It sings through the air,
Harmonious, but decisive,
And it strikes silently,
Knowing only one destination.

...And so begins Cupid's hunting season.
Araw ng mga puso na pala,
pero bakit kasi ito'y inimbento pa
kung pwede namang araw-araw tayo'y masaya.

Di na kailangang maghintay
sa Pebrero katorse para tayo'y maglakbay
habang magkahawak ang ating mga kamay.

Kahit saang dako pa ng mundo tayo maligaw,
tayo'y kakanta lang at sasayaw,
at ikaw ay pipiliin pa rin sa araw-araw.
Odd Odyssey Poet Feb 2023

alone and happy on the 14th
i rise to the occasion; as it's
beautiful rose


roses that are red, and violence not so
new. sugar lips of a nightmarish diabetic kiss,
but what stops a love sick fool

               ..i sit back, and watch the view


a heart made of steel
someone stole your heart easily, cos you're
leaving the windows of your eyes so open;
there's going be a lot of robberies this
Valentine's day


here's to a valentine red:

red as the flags of one you
should avoid with caution
red as the daring run of emotions
being chased by a bull
red as the tomato of a terrible first
kiss, causing acid reflux
red as the overdrawing of your account
all to prove you value someone for a day


"would you be my Valentine,"
he asked her on his knees

A chuckle she gave, "tis these only
few times I have a man on his knees,
afterwards spoiling me with dinner and
eating out"

                                               wink, wink.
Sean Feb 2023
my thoughts scattered like chaff in the wind
dandelion seeds in a spring breeze
when you first spoke to me

"deep in thought, are you?" you ask, smiling
the cafe was suddenly so loud
your eyes so bright
life so vibrant

i smile back, nervously hesitate
(is this happening!?)
then "you caught me
lost in the urban sprawl of my mind
it's nice to meet you, i'm sean"

but before we could touch
you disappeared down a side street
lit by neon signs; red, pink, blue
and i realized you were just my fantasy

a desire, too good to be true
Methmi Mandara Feb 2022
Why just one day for your lover
To take her among flowers in a rover
Limited for one day and be over

Chuckling couples with chilly chocolates
Red roses represents romance
Lips laid, long licks


Don't bound to the February Fourteenth
Make everyday as a quarantine
Alone with your valentine
For the Month of February
Tiana Lloyd Feb 2022
I yearned for peace,
To silence the chaos of my mind.
Craved a quiet solace
Sought to close my heart
Until Fate wove
Our bonded twine.

Two wayward souls
On separate paths—
“Coincidentally” align.
This perfect pairing,
Our missing piece
A testament to
Divine Design.

We navigate this expanse
For which only the boldest
Are inclined,
Of life’s tumultuous spectrum—
Erratic fluctuations, vacillating
From arduous to Sublime.

It takes an acute endurance,
Coupled with two spirits
In their prime
To overcome insurmountable
Which so often bend
The Strongest

And yet our love
Transcends all trials
And to you Alone,
I resign…
To the man who mends
My heart
I am yours, and you
Are Mine.
I vow to cherish you
Until my last breath,
Until the fabric of
To my Saving Grace,
My Singular Proclivity—
A love poem penned to my soulmate
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