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I'll forever love you
your still here In my
heart, always and
forever that we said
to each
Written on all Birthday cards Valentine and
Christmas every year without fail, but they're
not now written because you are no longer
Sadly now gone so Birthdays, Valentines and Christmas will never be the same but I'll never forget you my beautiful
Birthday Valentines Christmas will never be the same for me now you have gone
soMEone Jun 22
To [insert name here]
I'm writing this letter to tell you
I still pick my scabs
Whilst sitting in the shower
Under the rain of my depression
I'm writing to tell you that
These scars are no longer just mine
They're yours too
They are yours and mine because
I don’t want you to find your own
Little herd of scars
I want to share mine
I want your pain to be mine
But darling
‘I want’ is equivalent to ‘I need’
And I need you
Another for my girlfriend <;>,<;>
Daniel T Feb 27
Right now, I'm here; stuck without her.
Empty, I could have the world,
but it's not enough, without her.

She's all I want. Even 4 days away feels like too much,
She had to leave, and now I miss her touch.
I miss her blonde hair, her stare, I miss her ****
I miss the love... ****!

This is cliche, and I'll wear it out.
I can't convince myself to write anything else,
When this is all I care about.
I'll be grouped in with the lame poets.
The ones who never write or sing of laughter
I can only write of the one thing that matters

2 weeks before Valentines, and I already know
That I want you to be mine
... for the this one, and the rest of them.
I love you Alexandra
Theresa Marie Feb 21
How can you run when you know?
⁃Neil Young

Our words won’t shake the world enough to grow flowers out of gunpowder, or bright red, blood-curdling screams.

But we can try

These kids were 14 when they closed their eyes for the last time
They were 14 when the stepped out their front doors for the last time,
Their fresh eyes were swallowed out the back of their necks

I look at them the way I look at a blank canvas
Opportunity cascading like waterfalls
I look at them as a museum that was waiting for art
Waiting for love
And America
I am waiting for love

I was 14 and I was stuck in my own head
Trying to find something to belong to but searching in all the wrong places.
I was 14 and I too thought more about ending my own life than I would like to admit
I was 14 and I never watched the news because it never pertained to me

You see,
I was selfish for thinking the news never pertained to me
I was selfish for staying so disengaged, desensitized
America, my home, my nightmare
Wake up
Blame the video games, blame mental illness
But America, look
You’re killing your children

Wake up,
Because I am sick of praying
I am so tired of feeling helpless
Maybe there’s something we can do
Let's make our voices heard
Let's turn our lost blood to ink
And scream to ******* artist himself,

I’m sorry, Mr. President
But, did you get more than you bargained for?
We’ve been patient Mr. President
And we’re ready for your response.
Wake up, Mr. President
How many lives must be lost?
You’re a ******* artist, Mr. President,
But you can’t worm your way out this time
Don’t choke now Mr. President
This problem is kinda huge.
This country is a divided wrist, Mr. President
And your stubborn orange skin makes it seem as if we’re going to lose.
Jean Lewis Feb 18
Trust this once, I be honest
If naught, I be your detest
I request... see not my best
Lest, you see my life's a mess.

Knight nor angel be my fame
Yet demon may be my name
For I am void, all the same
Might once, the beast has been tame.

Read your "Words," few times over
Feeling this guilt forever
Hoping I was better
"I'm sorry..." speaks my letter.

Know not, if I caused you smile
Only knew, I made you cry;
I bear not a will so vile
"Forgive me..." for much I pry.

Laziness, I call father
Fallacy be my brother
But trust, pain too my teacher
And hatred my named lover.

I come in princely garment
Yet, naught stranger to torment
Believe... this time I lament
I too was broken and bent.

And as you read this seventh,
Naught deadly sin nor Godsent
Please wait... make way for the eighth
I hope you come not I to hate.

'Til eight day, my feelings last
"Til thirteenth hour, I stand fast
At world's end, I turn to dust
Your sake, I accept all cuss...

By no means, am I kidding
You're pretty, I'm not lying
You know, I'm at your bidding
Your smile, beauty undying...

Your hair not black but silky
And eyes that shine so brightly
Thy skin looking so dewy
You're extraordinary...

There are times when you're silly
Know that I will set you free
Ask I, try look at what I see
You're truly perfect to me.

Trust me, need not you be strong
I am here for you lifelong
And give me a bit of prong,
Then I will prove the world wrong.

Know that I have found a clue
Right now, I give you my cue
Too deep, too much, too hard, too?
I only wish to be true...

Warmer red and cooler blue
A purple rose is your hue
Beauty be gone, without "U"
I am always here for you...
This Fourteenth, I am Honest
-Jean Lewis
Jody Feb 18
Please don't pity me because I am single
I enjoy life, get out, play hard and mingle
Soul mates will meet when the timing is right
For now, I'll do me so the future looks bright.

Being alone is not making me pensive
It's opened my eyes something extensive
I'd rather see love than have it myself
Seeing you thrive is good for my health.

I see all your posts of how happy they make you
Of bad and good and of all you have been through
Of how they are faithful and loyal to the end
Of being being a lover and also a friend.

Being single has not brought me sadness
I'm seeing love thrive in a world filled with madness.
To me that is beautiful and that's that all I need
As long as love lives, my sorrow is freed.

What does bring me sorrow are all these **** cheaters.
These liars, scumbags, and f** spouse beaters.
It's ignorant, and no it is not the human condition
It's going on too much and needs decommission.

To all the boys sending ladies pics of your ****
If you're trying to get any, that's going about it all wrong.
Sure some are into it but, they'll say if it's true
That's not how men act, what's the matter with you?

Spreading love is my purpose, I can't let it die
My heart beats as long as true love is alive
You can call me a wimp, or call me a hippie
I really don't care, so don't get all lippy.

This is for everyone who is in love or inquiring
Your love is amazing and I find it inspiring.
Let's get rid of the habits that have diluted it's beauty
Love is resplendent, and to protect it's our duty.

Please don't think I get sad when I see you're in love
Wishing for someone is not what I think of
True love persists, and for that I am grateful
Please keep love alive and away from the hateful.

Some call it all fake or just a chemical reaction
But what brought it on? It's not just from attraction.
Monogamy's not necessary to survival of species
It helps with procreation but, it's also our Achilles.

Our minds evolved love because we aren't human without it.
It's from the soul, if you never felt it don't try to doubt it.
Don't hate on love, it has the best of intentions
It just wants to grow and spread it's affections.

And for now I'll do me so the future looks bright
I'll find my true love when the timing is right.
Keep this in mind as we mix and we mingle
Please don't pity me because I am single.
With Valentine's day recently I have been seeing a lot of couples talking about how happy they are and how they feel bad I don't have anyone. I wrote this to try and show I could care less if I have somebody I love seeing love not just being in love. Thank you.
Aidan Mays Feb 16
When shadow, what ruins the glint of light on dew,
does cast a moment in all of what can't be,
the wait for what is there, but seen by few,
starts search for those who find they cannot see.

But even the lost can hear the song of love,
and even the broken can feel the warmth of joy,
but time, what seems to stop but for the mourning dove,
must take a dream of love to then destroy.

Then when time slows its pace to give us breath,
and together we find our dream that lacks in strife,
eternal our love will be with no found death,
and in all things, we'll find a love of life.

Now and always, my love, we'll see things through.
Now and always, the one I love is you.
The space imbetween when we're cuddling tightly
Is far too much
How do you think the distance effects us?
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