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Dead Rose One Feb 2015
8:00 am plenty of time to get

it's how people meet

no worries here,
tinder-ed tendered thundered
by 9:00
I'll be fine,
possibilities multiple, soul flayed,
body at risk, hookup sweet,
no problem,
will line up a few,
on the hour,
star power,
no heart, but
candy is dandy
when you need a date
on Valentine night
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Maia Vasconez Mar 19
For some of us it was Valentine’s,
for some of us it was the first day of lent.

So what are you going to give up?
She was sulking on the couch,
he was doing coke in my living room,
and there were strangers in my home,    
I’d let them in.
I was just sipping lime and gin.
They wrecked my house,
and I let them.

I said, I’m serious
what are you going to give up?
And we went around the circle,
one by one:
I told him to
stop doing coke,
I told her to
stop dating older men.
They both said no,
they tell me to stop being a buzzkill.

The room swelled. We moved downstairs
and she was
dancing on a pole,
and he was talking business
with people I didn’t know.
And I was taking shots of ***** then
I wanted to feel like
a swing set.

I was swaying and
he was holding me upright
and he was
placing his jacket on my shoulders,
I have always been the coldest.

His arms cinched around my waist
and he was like a life vest.
And for a moment
I was above water,
or at least not drowning.

On the counter,
there were wilting roses and
chocolate covered strawberries.
In the mirror the word LOVE
spelled out EVOL.
There was pink on all the walls,
a bowl of candy hearts that said,
I don’t know how to be sweet
I don’t know how to be soft

He was playing with my hands
and tracing circles in my palms
and I was letting him.
I was getting drunk,
and he was begging me to
take another shot, and to
take another shot, and to
take another shot,
to break my will.

He found a way into my bed,
he asked if he could stay
and I don’t know why I let him in.
He was not special and
I was not that drunk anymore.

It was lent and I was
going to give it up,
give it all away,
give in.

It was lent and
I was going to
give up.
The other day I wondered, who you spent Valentine’s Day with?
Was it a him?
Was it a her?

I wondered the other day, was that look for me, or was that look at me?
Did I mis-judge your smile?
Your stare. That stare, was it in my mind?

The other day I wondered, if you knew, I once stared (and stared),
and stared, at the back of your neck, waiting to ask if you needed a seat.
I lie, I just wanted to know if you needed my seat. Instead, I sat.
And I sat. And I sat, eyes closed, listening, listening, listening.
I listened to your voice.
I watched. I watched as you found another, a seat that is.

My first of, what I now know, many chances, gone.

I wondered the other day what it would be like to lay next to you. No I lie, I wondered what it would be like to lay with you, entangled, enveloped; to look in your eyes; to kiss your lips, your neck; to touch your skin;


The other day I wondered,
do you even know,
I exist?
Theresa Feb 23
Thou’st inquired to the cause of my love,
I must sayeth thy query bewilders me,
When thou, as an angel sent from above;
Enriches mine soul that now calleth for thee.
With thine eyes akin to stormy oceans,
And hair a halo of most purest gold,
Compels mine heart to thy subjugation,
And melts hence the raw frost of winter’s cold.
That sagacious and cultivated mind,
Forever infatuated and wonders me.
Thou witty words and sound of voice I findeth,
Enthralls my mind and charms me to thee.
Thou a being too divine for reality,
Knoweth that my love for thee outsteps infinity.
Wrote this on valentine’s day
Gale L Mccoy Feb 22
self-love is /gorging /buying /hoarding
the discounted chocolates
in the darkest corner
brands unheard of
the forgotten relics
considered a step below the rest
to become a delight to enjoy
for those whom
valentines day does not serve
discount chocolate
doesn't care for the reason it's consumed
just that it's consumed
and with abandon
a prompt a writing friend gave me! 'discounted valentine's day chocolate'
razzle Feb 22
whenever i hear you talk,
i get shivers down my spine
why do you make me feel this way,
your hands intertwined with mine?
you make me feel amazing,
compliments at every turn
why do you make me feel this way,
when will i ever learn?
you'll never realize it,
you'll never feel it too,
but somehow, i hope,
stars align; and you do.
LATE VALENTINES DAy poEM!!! this isn't about anyone in particular, but its still cute.. uwu
The Calm Feb 18
I've spent so long trying not to feel
But you,
you made me feel
My heart a fortress, and you broke the shield  Unaware of the power you wield
Unaware of your strength,  your steel
In awe of your beauty , you queen must I kneel?
Your heart , I must steal
The consequences worth the deal
Your love helps me heal
Thanks, you found a cure
I was hiding behind the wall
But you made me feel
larni Feb 17
“happy valentine’s day baby”

“stop texting me”

“don’t force love”

“i don’t love you like i used to”

“we can still be friends”
true times, true story.
Peter B Feb 16
The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
he looked so sad,
he was talking to himself,
he was cursing himself.

He said:
I could have had her,
I could have been happy,
if I only wanted to,
I could've been happy by now.
But I'm a ghost,
I have no life,
since the day I said 'No' to love.

I am a mess,
I want to die,
my heart is an empty house,
locked from inside.

I have no purpose,
no goals,
no future, no past.
Since I turned my back to love,
my time is a pile of dust.

I could have had her,
if I only wanted, I could have had,
I could have breathed her breath,
I could have smiled her smile.
Her beautiful eyes,
I could have seen with,
but I've chosen to be blind.

Her voice, I could have lullabied,
but I've chosen to be deaf.
Her lips I would have been kissing now,
but I've no lips, only dry wounds,
since I said 'No' to love.

I thought I could be happy
on my own,
I am a *****,
a selfish *****,
I am a mess,
I am a dead man,
I am a ghost...

Oh, it's my bus,
no it's not my bus,
no bus will take me where I want,
no bus will take me home,
I have no home
since I said 'No' to love.

I have no home,
my grave's my home,
since my love's gone.

The man on a bus stop
on Valentine's Day,
a shadow of man
in tears.

It was me.
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