I always thought
the forest green
on the train to your house
was of such a nice colour.

William Marr Jul 4

a desolate street

A car with its windows tightly rolled up
stops for the red lights

in the rear-view mirror
a dark figure
Sir, buy ...

The ashen driver
steps in fright on the pedal
and rushes through the red lights
like a rabbit running for its life
... buy some flowers
today’s Valentine’s Day

balls May 17

Your lips are chapped,
But I promise
You can borrow my Coconut&Pear
Burt’s Bees chapstick
(You love coconut--Did you try
That coconut bar soap I got you for
Valentine’s Day yet?
By the way, I still think
Coconut water is disgusting).
Let’s ride our bikes
To the house of the girl I babysit.
They live on a farm
Where it’s always sunny and windy,
And we can look out over
Hills hiding behind hills hiding behind hills
To watch all the amazing things that
That the sky will do as it
Closes its eyes.

Lauren Apr 8

Valentines is red
Mondays are blue
Forever I am
Confusing the two

Few and far between
Are my moments of stillness
Earlier, upon the comfortable quiet
An aching, a burning, encroached
In my gut the intruder buried himself and
I feared a bout of choking loneliness approached

Refusing to concede forlorn spirits
I realised it was actually merely just
Indigestion and heartburn
From the poison pies I had inhaled
(Comfort food—I never learn)
The frank and the fake
I suppose I struggle to
Stomach this heartache
This indigestion and heartburn

Selling roses by train stations
That's where I'll look for you
I half-expect you in the Stockholm rush
That sweeps me away
I think that you'll be at some bar
As I wait with a sick stomach
Blocks away from some castle
Bumping into people who've bought roses
And chocolates
For the ones they've found
Just another February the 14th
Same the world over
Är du kär just nu?
The sensation of
Arms snaking through coats
And wrapping around warm waists
Cuts through a cold winter night
As I walk
And my hands turn blue
Unheld and holding nothing
The lights don't shine particularly bright

Deeee Mar 3

It's the night of the 13th
The moon is bright yellow
My eyes are almost as large
I'm wondering where you are, what you're doing
I'm wondering what you're thinking about
I'm wondering...
What if you were here?

I close my eyes and imagine your scent
like fresh oranges with ginger
like morning dew on the grass

Do you think of me like I do you?
Do you remember the fire we had?
Do you miss me?
Do you care?
Like I do?

The hall drowns with laughter and romance,
As couples sway together and dance.
Some sits aside, staring enviously,
Thinking how frivolous it can be.
Some laugh and shouts instead,
Imagining their dancing too, but only in their head.
But no matter how much corny it may seem.
Dancing with someone you like, is an attainable dream.

We're having our Valentine's party now, Feb. 28, 2017. I'm just sitting here so I decided to write a poem.
court Feb 26

when the one you love is far away,
how do you spend this lovely day

flowers and gifts come your way,
but its hard to say if you'll be okay

I want to feel your warm embrace,
not the fur on this plush animals face

soon my love our day will come,
but for now we shall be numb

I wrote this on valentines day and never posted it because I hate it. But I figure why not? Someone might like it and find it relatable. Any suggestions, let me know :)
Gene Feb 17

a bittersweet scent fills the air

some are blissfully unaware
trap on their own world for two

some are filled with despair
trap on their hearts reserved for /you/

some are questioning what they have
some are still holding on the past
some are just barely holding on the pieces
some are clawing their way out

some are confused, some are clueless

some are waiting for a surprise
some are wishing for anything at all

some are hurting, some are hurting

letters, flowers, chocolates, surprises
let me show you my love

oh no we're just friends
this doesn't mean anything

you know that you didn't have to
I wanted to

thanks but...
I understand

When will my time come?

021417 / 4:31 pm

happy late valentine's to all
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