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SquidInk Feb 15
Happy Valentine's day to my ex
I will always smile at our pictures
I will always find you funny
I will always contemplate saying something to you when I see you
I will make fun of you to my friends to help me cope
I just wish that I hadn't completely lost you
Towards the end, we weren't in a healthy relationship
But I still miss you being my best friend
I still miss texting you good morning and goodnight
I hate that we have shut each other out
Because no matter how much you ****** me off I wanted to be there
Because you were my best friend
i miss the other parts of you i lost when i lost you
The First Valentine Poem

Charles d’Orleans (1394-1465) has been credited with writing the first Valentine poem for his wife in 1415. Charles wrote the first Valentine poem in the first year of his captivity while being held prisoner in the Tower of London.

My Very Gentle Valentine
by Charles d’Orleans (c. 1394-1465)
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

My very gentle Valentine,
Alas, for me you were born too soon,
As I was born too late for you!
May God forgive my jailer
Who has kept me from you this entire year.
I am sick without your love, my dear,
My very gentle Valentine.

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Valentine Poems for the Ultimate Lovers: Mothers

Mother’s Smile
by Michael R. Burch

There never was a fonder smile
than mother’s smile, no softer touch
than mother’s touch. So sleep awhile
and know she loves you more than “much.”

So more than “much,” much more than “all.”
Though tender words, these do not speak
of love at all, nor how we fall
and mother’s there, nor how we reach
from nightmares in the ticking night
and she is there to hold us tight.

There never was a stronger back
than father’s back, that held our weight
and lifted us, when we were small,
and bore us till we reached the gate,
then held our hands that first bright mile
till we could run, and did, and flew.
But, oh, a mother’s tender smile
will leap and follow after you!

by Michael R. Burch

Your love is as delicate
as a butterfly cleaning its wings,
as soft as the predicate the hummingbird sings
to itself, gently murmuring?
“Fly! Fly! Fly!”
Your love is the string
soaring kites untie.

This is another poem suitable for mothers, especially for those with children who are growing up and learning to fly on their own.

Sweet Valentine Poems for Sweethearts

Passionate One
by Michael R. Burch

Love of my life,
light of my morning?
arise, brightly dawning,
for you are my sun.

Give me of heaven
both manna and leaven?
desirous Presence,
Passionate One.

don’t forget ...
by Michael R. Burch
(after e. e. cummings)

don’t forget to remember
that Space is curved
(like your Heart)
and that even Light is bent
by your Gravity.

This may be a good Valentine poem for someone who "centers" a household or relationship with their love.

Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
by Michael R. Burch

Kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’
the bees rise
in a dizzy circle of two.
Oh, when I’m with you,
I feel like kissin’ ’n’ buzzin’ too!

I dedicated this Valentine's Day poem to the love of my life, but you are welcome to dedicate it to the love of yours.

The One True Poem
by Michael R. Burch

Love was not meaningless ...
nor your embrace, nor your kiss.

And though every god proved a phantom,
still you were divine to your last dying atom ...

So that when you are gone
and, yea, not a word remains of this poem,

even so,
We were One.

The Poem of Poems
by Michael R. Burch

This is my Poem of Poems, for you.
Every word ineluctably true:
I love you.

Sudden Shower
by Michael R. Burch

The day’s eyes were blue
until you appeared
and they wept at your beauty.

This is a "rainy day" Valentine poem that might come in handy when the weather interferes with other plans.

Let Me Give Her Diamonds
by Michael R. Burch

Let me give her diamonds
for my heart's
sharp edges.

Let me give her roses
for my soul's

Let me give her solace
for my words
of treason.

Let the flowering of love
outlast a winter

Let me give her books
for all my lack
of reason.

Let me give her candles
for my lack
of fire.

Let me kindle incense,
for our hearts

the breath-fanned
flaming perfume
of desire.

This is an "apology" poem that may come in handy when trying to make up, and perhaps make out!

Passion & Desire: Some of these poems will go well with gifts of lingerie …

Sappho, fragment 42
translation by Michael R. Burch

Eros harrows my heart:
wild winds whipping desolate mountains
uprooting oaks.

Sappho, fragment 155
translation by Michael R. Burch

A short revealing frock?
It's just my luck
your lips were made to mock!

Sappho, fragment 22
loose translation by Michael R. Burch

That enticing girl's clinging dresses
leave me trembling, overcome by happiness,
as once, when I saw the Goddess in my prayers
eclipsing Cyprus.

by Michael R. Burch

Show me your most intimate items of apparel;
begin with the hem of your quicksilver slip ...

Warming Her Pearls
by Michael R. Burch

Warming her pearls,
her ******* gleam like constellations.
Her belly is a bit rotund ...
she might have stepped out of a Rubens.

If your lover isn't rail-thin, this poem may be a good way to compliment her curves.

Duet, Minor Key
by Michael R. Burch

Without the drama of cymbals
or the fanfare and snares of drums,
I present my case
stripped of its fine veneer:
Behold, thy instrument.

Play, for the night is long.

Are You the Thief
by Michael R. Burch

When I touch you now,
O sweet lover,
full of fire,
melting like ice
in my embrace,
when I part the delicate white lace,
baring pale flesh,
and your face
is so close
that I breathe your breath
and your hair surrounds me like a wreath ...
tell me now,
O sweet, sweet lover,
in good faith:
are you the thief
who has stolen my heart?

by Michael R. Burch

Come to me tonight
in the twilight, O, and the full moon rising,
spectral and ancient, will mutter a prayer.

Gather your hair
and pin it up, knowing
that I will release it a moment anon.

We are not one,
nor is there a scripture
to sanctify nights you might spend in my arms,

but the swarms
of stars revolving above us
revel tonight, the most ardent of lovers.

Second Sight
by Michael R. Burch

I never touched you—
that was my mistake.

Deep within,
I still feel the ache.

Can an unformed thing
eternally break?

Now, from a great distance,
I see you again

not as you are now,
but as you were then—

eternally present
and Sovereign.
Ann M Johnson Feb 14
Valentine Serenade
I am not able to conduct a parade
I would not want you to catch a chill
in the icy cold winterland
Lets stay inside where it is cozy and warm

Let my warm up your heart with songs
old and new as I serenade you
I hope the songs sung for 45 minutes
take you to the Top Of The World
because Baby Baby, you mean so much to be

I hope you will get to know me better As Time Goes By
and know that I am with you through both your laughter and your tears
I hope you will learn it more as i get Close To You throughout the years
You are My Funny Valentine that is for sure maybe that is why I Can't Falling In Love With You more each and every day
After years of darkness now I See The Light as it is shining in your eyes
If you Kiss Me in the moonlight it will be a truly Wonderful World.
I am singing for a Valentine's celebration in the Apartment building were I live and there will be a potluck afterwards. My guy friend heard me practicing and got an early Valentine's serenade. The songs I am singing their titles are woven throughout the poem. Here I share this poem, with all you Hello Poetry friends.
Hex Feb 14
The sun that shines through morning sky,
Need not compare to your shining light.
The birdsongs blended with flapping wings,
Need not compare to the words you sing.
The glow of dawn, and awe of life revived like Spring,
     Need not compare, to the beauty you

A Summer's breeze, nature's ivory dove,
Need not compare to the grandeur of your love.
A flower's petals, as pretty as lace,
Need not compare to your elegant grace.
Grey skies or blue, any version of daytime,
     Need not compare to a love so sublime.

The safety of home, an escape from night,
Need not compare to your company's respite.
The warmth and safety of a roaring fireplace,
Need not compare to your loving embrace.
A climb into bed, nay, any day, any time,
     Need not compare to a reminder
     you're mine.

Every day my love grows stronger, and that will never end,
Only to you do I wish to tend.
I've found my one, and if you are keen,
      For life, I'll be your king, and you'll be
      my queen.
A poem for my Valentine, made public in the spirit of love. Happy Valentine's Day. 💕
It was just yesterday
when you decorated my locker in a shower of glitter-stickers
and big fat hearts
that made me smile ever so foolishly
he's the perfect, kind of-
an equation with different variables
(which -coincidentally- matches with mine)
that made (sneaking) finding moments
         between (our)        rigid                   bodies
easy; but
we both know, all moments sum up to zero,

is there really
n o t h i n g ?
do i even, mathematically, make sense?
Parker Vance Feb 22
You're miles apart from
God, I know, but I see the
Divinity in

your careful silences
bottled tight insight
tight-lipped smiles.

I need to stop there.
Stop these abundant
love poems about the sorrows

I cannot fix
pnam Feb 14
My love you taught me how to love
Feeling of love, that this heart showed
How many colors you spill, of love?
Reason for my love, you then asked?

Without you this life is so incomplete
Now when I realize how far away love was
Sheltering me in your heart such a treat
As beads of  love strung tenderly in gauze

At times  self-love seeks love from a stranger
At times a few moment with a loving heart is enough
At times to feel a heart dearer one has to live farther
In serendipity we met in love, leave me never in a huff

Think and despair not my cherished beloved
Must I say your love was so wondrous
I promise to be with you now and always beloved
You asked, I say all your concerns are needless


Hindi LanguageTranslation

Mere Humdum..

Pyaar aapne hume karna jo siklaya
Pyaar ka ehsas is dil ko jo diklaya
Kitne pyaar ke rang chalkathe hain aap?
Phir Pyaar ki vajah poochate hain aap?

Yeh zindagi to aapke bina adhuri thi
Ab maalum hua pyaar thak kitni doori thi
Aashiyana aapne dil mein basa kar hume diya hai
Pyaar ke har lamahe chun ke is dil ko piroya hai

Khud ko chaahne ke liye kabhi gairon ka pyaar chahiye
Dil ki nazdhikyon ke liye kabhi dooriyon ka ehsas chahiye
Kabhi chand lamhay kaafi hain aap jaise dil walon ke saath
Ittifaaq se milay ** meharbaan kabhi na chodna mera haath

    Bus Itna ab na sochiye mere jane-mehboob
    Dekhiye pyar kiya aapne bhi bahut khoob
    Zindagi aapke saath vada hai mere hum-safar
    Har sawalon ka jawab diya humnay aap rahe  be-fikar
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