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Tammie 4h
Roses are red, violets are blue
A dinner you promised, just me and you.
Reproving winds lectured me in bites
For my barely-there skirt, and lustful eyes.

Sour cream lathered that oily exterior.
The aftertaste lingered, creating a barrier
Of which soft lips could not break through
Nor embellished flowers or chocolate fondue.

With our stomachs full, with more than just food
You brought me back home with beer-stained shoes.
My mind a fog. The Lamb now waits to be skinned
For the Wolf that set the ****** trap to finally begin.

Virginal blush, tinged with her bruises all blue
A dinner you had promised, just me and you.
be careful on first dates
a day of love
but spent it alone
saw you in a corner
but not on your own

beer in hand
big smiles and laughs
introduced by a friend
who knew we would cross paths?

conversations flowing
staring at each other's eyes
a smile like yours
caught me by surprise

left you for a while
and went for a dance
came back, you were gone
i've missed my chance

alone in a full room
thinking if we'll ever meet again
'twas short but magical
till then...
in that hour of meeting you, i fell for our conversation
Thomas W Case May 13
I remember Valentines Day
16 years ago.
I was staying at
the Salvation Army in
Des Moines.I was
going through a divorce
and trying not to drink.
I was competing in poetry slams
at Java Joe's downtown.
That little stage kept me sane.
Some of the guys at the Sally
asked me to write love poems
for their girlfriends- to get them laid.
I told them in order for the poetry
to not sound contrived, I might
need to spend a night or two
with their women.
They didn't think that was funny.
I wasn't kidding.
I ended up writing a decent
poem about the irony of the whole situation.

Well, it's February 2019,
and I'm in prison for drinking.
No romantic Valentine's Day this
year; but still plenty of irony.
Even in the joint, guys ask me
to write love poems for their women.
The other day, I did write
a poem for a guy's wife who is
dying of cancer.
I hope some day soon,
he gives it to her.
Dani Mar 25
As my heart is being shattered
My love is gone
I miss on the forever dawn I see

I wish he will find
That I am the one
Then we will walk together on the warm sun

To my lover
He will see
I love him forever so

Will he love me?
I wrote this poem when I was 11 years old, so about 9 years ago.
Xoe Feb 23
When I first saw you my heart broke open wide,
I longed from afar to be by your side,
Your purple hair flew in the wind,
My straight face had been skimmed,
I grin crept it's way up my cheeks,
I don't think I had smiled  in weeks,
The way you looked at me,
The sparkle in you eye,
You were all that I could see,
My tears were left dry,
You left me feeling the deepest feelings,
You left me thinking I could feel real things,
As my fingers run through your hair,
My one and only lover,
I know one thing for certain,
Purple, is by far, the deepest color.
<3    <3    <3    <3    <3    <3    <3    <3
SoVi Feb 18
Gave everything you had
To a love you thought would last.

You wanted to be there
By their side till the end of time.

Favors they asked of you
Stretched you thin like paper.

Your calls and messages
Were left on read, unanswered.

You waited for them
As the sun rose and fell asleep.

When you walked away
They decided to plea and beg.

You decided this was it
This will be your last first lover.

You said goodbye
To the person that made you suffer.

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Niki Feb 17
Running down the road
Hands intertwined
Locking eyes with you
Made my really shy
Cupid's bow in place
Getting deeper in my skin
With every experience shared
By only you and me
The sweetest death of all
To get struck by love
A pretty picture indeed
That does no longer exist
The room is pale in light
Quivering as dawn after night
Prickles run down my cold bare skin
Turn to throbs when she walks in

She is the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen and I can
feel my heart beat like hummingbird
wings as her lips sing I grasp every word

“You are too young to worry about chest pain,
take care of your heart and I’ll see you again
in seven months, you carry so much weight
Lose some of that and you’d feel great”

Her expert hands are strong yet soft
Like dove down on my chest as I cough
“Keep positive and love will find you
Go out even if you don’t want to.”

She leaves me to dress myself
Pick my coverings off the shelf
The room is as blinding bright
As when night gives way to daylight.
Steve Feb 16
I wrote your number
In my little black book
Times I pause
And smile to look
It’s the only number there
All the other pages laid bare
The only number I need
The only name in this book
- that I’ll read
The book is complete
The content replete
And its blank pages speak volumes
Thinking I should have written something for valentines.
monique ezeh Feb 15
I’ve always wondered if I know love.

I know
stomachs hurting from laughter, a mother’s perfume dabbed wrist to wrist and behind the ears, the smell of vanilla and cinnamon filling a house, shared lip gloss swiped on my lips and hers, a kiss on the forehead and the nose and then both cheeks, grass-stained jeans and the scent of chlorine from days I wish I remembered,
dancing and jumping and laughing
and breathing

I know
bruised knees and scabby elbows, runny mascara and smeared lipstick, broken glass and angry whispers, hiding under the covers, sitting with the lights off, chipped nail polish and picked-at hangnails and sad songs on repeat,
yelling and hurting and crying
and breathing

I know
the feeling of when you’ve inhaled deeper than you thought you could, when your chest hurts and you think your sternum might just crack in half if you don’t exhale right now. And then you do exhale, and you’re hit with a relief you didn’t know you could feel.
I know that love is in the sighs and the gasps, in the snorts and gentle inhales, in the shortness of breath and the calmness after.
It is in the pain and the peace. The noise and the silence.
The happy and the sad.

Love is in everything.
I know that much.
a lil v-day poem (because love is in more than just romance)
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