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Sep 9 · 234
Take mine
Jolan Lade Sep 9
I need us to be mine
Your heart is golden, bright shine
Take your time and if you need a hand, take mine
Jul 29 · 113
Jolan Lade Jul 29
Rhymes are beautifully simple
Like the dimple beneath your nose
And for those who just don't understand
That love is just you who expand in my heart
I will start by explaining your dimple
Your beautiful dimple
Jul 24 · 206
Jolan Lade Jul 24
You are my flower sprout
And don’t trouble a doubt
I have no world without
I have no world without you
May 30 · 138
Please hold my hand
Jolan Lade May 30
Please hold my hand as we step out of my dream
Please hold my hand and follow me through the portal from sleep into reality with me
Please don't be a dream
May 23 · 213
Friends among stars
Jolan Lade May 23
Friends among stars
As we are flying through the moon's shadow
When time is irrelevant
Arent we just splashing in a puddle of space and time
Going e=mc^2
Apr 27 · 446
Someone to be
Jolan Lade Apr 27
I have found "a me", I have found "a someone" to be
I thought to myself that if this "me" I am right now, is not the "me" I am meant to be, then I don't want to be anyone at all
Apr 21 · 448
Jolan Lade Apr 21
Digital displays drawing    
Invalids imaging insights  
Targets theory towards
Typing tough themes
Explaining endless endorse

Towards my fondness of you
Devotion to you
Apr 2 · 126
See you
Jolan Lade Apr 2
I see you, and how you feel
I see you, and I've been there too
But put your mind though
Because you have to see yourself at the goal
Before you can recapture the controls
Before you can take back the rudder they so viciously stole
Fight against it or live with it
Mar 27 · 269
Jolan Lade Mar 27
Going seventy thousand miles an hour.
Our comet is increasing in speed, building up power.
We are exiting the solar system.
We will never look back, never miss them.
I will never get bored on a celestial object, in a lonely space if you are with me, and our love is the subject in a star full place.

You and me
Mar 22 · 188
Jolan Lade Mar 22
I want to go back
Before the me I am now
I want to go back
To the me I was then

I want to live in the world
Full of magic
I want to live in the world
Where the moon was reachable
And the earth simple
If I could tell my past self one thing it its, "toughen up my friend, you'll need to."
Mar 22 · 455
Jolan Lade Mar 22
I promise I will be good
Don't let anyone steal you from me
I will care for us as I should
I'm not always close, and I know that is hard
But don't let anyone see what I see in you
Don't take yourself away from me
Because you are the she, the she that makes me complete
I want us to be more, I need you to be mine <3
Mar 21 · 253
Somewhere good
Jolan Lade Mar 21
When I'm with you
We don't exist in the usual world
We enter a distant place, a place of which noone has heard

When I'm with you
We get detached from reality
We enter a state of pure immortality where everything is a possibility
I admire every atom that makes what we have.
Mar 18 · 253
Wicked Heart
Jolan Lade Mar 18
Your eyes locked my vision down
Your voice woke a beast in my chest
Your hug created electricity in my head
Your kiss made my heart warm
But will you love me past dawn?
Uncertainty rules my head
Mar 18 · 235
Jolan Lade Mar 18
Glancing upon the sky
Waiting for my wings to unfold
To begin to fly
Because at first sight, the clouds had me sold
You made my wings, you taught me to fly.
Mar 14 · 209
Jolan Lade Mar 14
Daily daydreams are where I find her
I see her in every corner of my mind
Targeting dreams where we are together
Talking in my sleep
Each and every moment, exiting and unique
I can't really do much else.
Mar 14 · 361
Science in us
Jolan Lade Mar 14
We are both equal to neutron stars
Affected by you, affected by me
By gravity, we are bound together

But between us, is a distance so far
And a black hole so dark
I can only júst skim your spark

"BUT NO!" we say
Take whatever it may
We will stick together

If we must!
Trow solar beams
Or spit with sparks
We will gleam away the darkness

If we must!
With gravity, we´ll pull
With electrons, we would
Crush the light years between us

Because we are both equal to neutron stars
Affected by me, Affected by you
By purpose, we are bound together
A poem I have been working on a few days, I hope you will find it appealing
Mar 14 · 115
Jolan Lade Mar 14
I have a letter for you
I would like to know you better
No pressure, we can talk, or never
It's up to you, you can leave it altogether
As long as you take your time to read it
Before you slip it in the shredder
I wrote it with ink and a few pixels
Mar 14 · 203
Look at you
Jolan Lade Mar 14
When my eyes look at you
My heart turns to me and shooks
Tells me you are on my pages
The óne in my books
Just really "a lot in love"
Mar 5 · 194
If we love.
Jolan Lade Mar 5
love love                                                   love love
love love                                        love love
love love                            love love
love love                love love
love love    love love
love love   love love
love love               love love
love love                           love love
love love                                        love love
love love                                                    love love
Layout inspired by Ciel Noir
Mar 3 · 169
Jolan Lade Mar 3
I want to be a peanut
My life would be much simpler, and
My feelings would be much smaller, but
I would be a peanut
Mar 1 · 228
Jolan Lade Mar 1
Will you be at my funeral?
I think of it as a lonely place
A daily thought I usually face
Sometimes I look at a friend
And I think to myself
Would they be at my funeral
Would they attend?
It's not a beautiful answer
Not in my head
A scary thought, really
Feb 23 · 267
Jolan Lade Feb 23
Thank you, February
You are the slight cold before spring
Just temporary
Foggy air silently flowing under a wing
Of the following months, you are a real legionary

Thank you, February
You are the soft entry into the year
For a soft assent, you are tributary
You are the air, the feeling, and the cold frontier
With you as the dignitary, we have nothing to fear
Feb 17 · 2.2k
By accident
Jolan Lade Feb 17
I've found you, runnning everywhere
in my bloodstream
I've found you, to be the power source
for my heartbeat
I've found you, to be the essential part
in a perfect dream
Yes I do feel very attracted to her
I must admit
Jan 4 · 386
Not Clay
Jolan Lade Jan 4
Hey you
My heart is not clay
And still isn't, whatever you say
You can leave or stay
My heart won't care, not even on the onehundredandone day
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
Your gates
Jolan Lade Oct 2018
I'm a lonely voice broadcasting radio waves into a deaf space

I'm unwillingly hidding in the shadow of all their grace

My emotions are an lonely civilisation in a empty space

My voice is useless when I'm outside their walls screaming at their gates

All that plays again and again is the shapes of my mistakes

While I'm sitting here wasted and displaced, sad I haven't got what it takes
Still here, locked inside my own sphere
Oct 2018 · 276
Never love
Jolan Lade Oct 2018
I miss what we never had
I miss the potential love, and what we could have done with that
Inking dreadfully
Oct 2018 · 390
Could be
Jolan Lade Oct 2018

I­ have tought myself to morse
So I can speak in codes when you won't listen
Because I you did not endorse
So clearly us it isn't
It could be us // 11000000000010100000110010110001100000000111001000000011001110
Sep 2018 · 301
Brother, I´m sorry
Jolan Lade Sep 2018
I'm sorry I had to leave you, brother.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not by your side, that November evening when mother took her last breath.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not with you by the side of fathers bed, that April night, when cancer carried him away.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not present to enjoy the beautiful moment you made me an uncle, that sunny day in June.
Brother, I'm sorry I could not be there to give you a hug
when she left you that cold December noon.
Brother, I'm sorry I was somewhere else, and let you mourne alone, that dark January morning
when the fever took your little baby boy.
Brother, I'm sorry I was not there to stop you
that foggy February morning you decided to take to an end.

But brother, ever since you were 6, and I 10
I've been waiting for you here
Here to welcome mother, the day she slept in
Here to greet father, when cancer delivered him
Here to take care of your little boy
Here to give you that hug you need, and to tell you I know, because I've been in your heart, all the way
You are not lost, brother, you are clearing a path
Aug 2018 · 294
Jolan Lade Aug 2018
I have a convenient little helmet
When the world becomes overwhelming
It offers protection, an atmosphere that takes me to the stratosphere where I can be myself
In my helmet, my bubble I am me, in my bubble I don't need to see the horrors of others
In my bubble, I can be free, see the world in my own colours
When I exit my bubble I put on knee-high boots, a protective safety suit and a good pair of really thick gloves. At my waist, I carry a big revolver that will act as a solver. Because with humans you cannot argue and be nice, cannot talk and make peace.
In my bubble
Aug 2018 · 325
Jolan Lade Aug 2018
I'm done, going
I will be far away, not caring what you are doing
I will be closing my ears
So ******* with your empty words and fake tears
Just done
Aug 2018 · 5.2k
Heart in the chest
Jolan Lade Aug 2018
Flag on the hilltop
Waving in the breeze majestically equal to the mountain it is built on
Soldier in the war
Standing heavy and direful, facing evil with brothers and valour
Heart in the chest
Lead the way, fight the war
Be open and keep the sword at the readiest
It takes a backbone and a strong heart singing a firm tone
Aug 2018 · 280
Jolan Lade Aug 2018
I need a mechanic.
Because you forgot me and turned my heart metallic.
You stopped caring and my gears turned rusty.
You never called and my display went fuzzy.
You don't write, you don't text...
Have you moved on to the next?

I'm standing still, sinking into the soil.
The rust is taking over, I'm leaking oil.
You sold me, and I want to cry but I can not.
You need to hold me, but you tightened the knot.
I need to cry but I can not, I am cold and on my knees.
Machines don't cry, so you told me.
I need you to be there, I need you to care.
Jolan Lade Jul 2018
You will be the sun, and I the moon.
I will reflect the light, the shine that shines from you.
I so close but you so far, almost just a distant star.
When you apper I will leave, but I still see your light, still reflecting your shine.
In between us the earth, that we both see, for this we both care.
The earth, the love and without us it would not be there.
In a sky of stars, I cannot take my eyes of you. I cannot exist, cannot fight without your light.

Inspired by TSPoetry
Jul 2018 · 266
Broken armor
Jolan Lade Jul 2018
To you, someone special
My heart was rickettsial
But you arrived and my heart was absorbed
You kept me unadorned and took me as who I am
You knocked down my walls, set off my alarm and let in the cold
But your beauty kept me calm and your golden heart kept me warm
She has to be someone special
Jul 2018 · 281
Jolan Lade Jul 2018
I'm spinning in this twisting universe
I'm on an endless adventure between planets
I'm not looking for a home, nor somewhere to roam
I'm not holding a banner, not wearing armour
I'm not climbing a ladder and I do not bring a hammer
All there is to me is my eyes and mind
All there is to me is dawn and rise
Look, somewhere to go
Jun 2018 · 348
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
I am in love, but does she see me
She quickly became my world, she swirled my feelings
She is in my mind, my late night dreams
She is where my thoughts seem to stream
I cant control my heartbeat, something like her, soft and sweet
Can make my heart go wild
Can make my lungs stop the oxygen flow and prevent me from breathing
She wakes my faith and sparks my believing
And my heart breaks when I see her leaving
I cannot understand her
Jun 2018 · 356
Gas mask
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
In here I can breathe freely
In my own little atmosphere
Away from the nasty smell of peoples opinions
In my little-confined space where I can enjoy the clean filtrated air
A world far away from the pollution that is exhaled through the people which opinions reach far into my mind in an attempt to control me
I can almost feel a slight touch of happiness
Clean lungs
Jun 2018 · 334
Hearts with capes
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
The person who looks me in the eye, and can see past my lies
The person who is a true ally
A person in which presents all worries dies
The person who I owe a shoulder
A person I would fight with as a brother, and soldier
The person who is a real beholder
I can never let our friendship grow colder

I will miss my friend
But not before we are past the end.
True friends
Jun 2018 · 269
Our worlds apart
Jolan Lade Jun 2018
That is where you walk
On the golden path paved
By frozen hearts like mine

This is where I walk
On the lonely and dark trails, which light is taken
By shining hearts like yours

That is your atmosphere
Filled with birdsong singing in joy and cheer
Birds that feed on fright felt by breached hearts like mine

This is my atmosphere
Polluted and dismantled
Abandoned by hope lead away by believing hearts like yours

We are as divided
I in this dim world with thunder and agony
You in that gleaming world full of happiness and liberality

Inbetween us a dash
I cannot reach your world
And in a flash, it is gone
Now nothing but grumpy monsters and dark rooms
My memory is captured by you, and my eyes caught by the moon
The memory
May 2018 · 6.5k
I talk to my with me
Jolan Lade May 2018
Why would I listen?
To gain their recognition, follow their tradition?
I cant let them decide my mission, I am my own edition
Won't let them send me to prison
I see the risen of my ambition
I should use my cannon
And shoot a **** load of "Stay away" ammunition.
Won't let them take away my personality
Because that is my specialty
I am doing a "popetry"
May 2018 · 697
My universe
Jolan Lade May 2018
She finds me, makes the beautiful show and see
Makes me believe god exists and love is a thing
She is my queen and I want to be her king
I feel the flowers and butterflies within
Just the thought of her makes me warm like sunshine on my skin
I miss her, time is hard to befriend
Till I see her again
Cannot breathe, my chest is swelling, from "I love you" yelling
May 2018 · 1.3k
Rewrite the endless night
Jolan Lade May 2018
One night walking on the sidewalk
Head directed towards the phone, not the mood for talk
Bumped into a lamppost
Noticed it shined more light on my path than most
Said hello and moved on, at the moment I didn’t realize
The light could repel evil lies and equalise, keep me alive and provide key allies
Should have stayed in the light
Then battling the dark would have been a, somewhat fair fight.
Just the surrounding darkness and a few lampposts, leading my way
May 2018 · 266
Cunning Little Prototype
Jolan Lade May 2018
A little prototype
So fortunate there was no one alike
A truly remarkable prototype, but after all just that
And as it goes with those, it got replaced with another,
slightly better
Terrified and afraid, it was now sent to the shredder

But before it got there, it was revisited
The prototype thought that was wonderful
Its future was a little brighter, and colourful
It was happy to get another chance, to enhance
It did its best to look good, as it should
It now had an outstanding design
But unfortunately, once again declined

Now crushed and defeated it wandered the testing site and factory grounds, wondering why the world could be so cruel
Just a single approval could be so crucial
And every disapproval so brutal and roughshod
Simply the prototype, must be no good

Suddenly a pair of kind, caring hands picked it up
A pair of hands that understands the prototype
It was carefully looked at and a few screws was tightened
New technology was inserted, and a few bulbs was lightened
New hope rose as the insecurity was broke
Once again examined carefully
Now the prototype was truly a beauty
It jumped up and down, as it was finally accepted
and put into production, happy and relieved as it had now served a real function
Just a day, someone somewhere will find you and think, "Awe how neat".
May 2018 · 268
God Damn
Jolan Lade May 2018
Standing here, feeling the fear creeping up my spine
Like clouds covering sunshine
Monsters peaking from every little corner
I continue the suffering from this cancerous disorder
Shadows and danger crossing my border
My pile of hope is shrinking shorter
As mortars are tossing shells of torture
I who said to be a warrior
Ended a mourner
Drizzling ink
May 2018 · 589
My Liberator
Jolan Lade May 2018
She arrived like rain on fire
She possessed my every desire
She poured fuel into my cup
Inserted a sparkplug and started me up
Rocket engine fired up, boost activated and racing towards the top
Exiting the atmosphere
Never has my vision been so clear
Stars and planets cheering in excitement
Her voice is my drive in a space so silent
Thundering past gas giants and supernova’s
Competing against science in alliance with the gods, odds in our Favour
Hearts greater than nature
My saviour
Far off star struck
May 2018 · 189
Down hill
Jolan Lade May 2018
I'm trapped.
I'm trapped in a bottle.
Its got an engine, and goes full throttle.
There is nothing stopping this bottle, one day it will hit a wall, smash. now a billion pieces of glass with me in the middle, free of my pickle.
Bleeding but pleasing, now I can die.
I didn't survive.
My cockpit
Jolan Lade May 2018
Long years it is
Sitting on a bench
People trying to teach me
But teaching me is like teaching a tree to talk or a rock to walk
They expect logic to be self-explanatory like a self-writing story
But not when you are surrounded by space and your mind is a rocket
Because then there is no time for them and what they call knowledge
Only how fast the rocket goes, with how many voltage
Me in my head and them in their world
May 2018 · 540
Jolan Lade May 2018
My fingers are typing machines
My brain is a steam engine running on the vapor from my emotions
Poems are life supporting potions
And she is my drive, my reason
She is the weather, that makes every season
*never running out of ink*
May 2018 · 234
Robots can dream too
Jolan Lade May 2018
My mind is weird
I feel like its wired differently, a little more gently
So, I sometimes sit down and watch words, flying by
Words passing by, passwords, almost like birds, but just words
Telling me a story, about glory and a dragon, guarding gold and territory
Bless my brain, what an electric and wirery mess
With an engine, leaking oil onto the paper...
May 2018 · 116
Jolan Lade May 2018
I am a neutral
I write popetry, supposedly
My note
I would probably write my own quote, but I’m a neutral, I don’t vote.
Called popetry
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