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Zywa Oct 2023
I must go with it,

and so do you, the stream pulls --

everyone along.
Composition "Sequens" ("Sequence", 1979, Jan Welmers) for *****, performed by Jan Hage in the Organpark on September 30th, 2023

Collection "org anp ark" #308
Chloe Sep 2023
I said I didn’t
but I did
I wasn’t supposed to
give a ****
Never seem to
get ahead
imagining scenarios
in my head
They’re always too good
to be true
I die alone if
I die with you
I die alone if
I die with you

End it when I can’t
seem to think
of anything that
means anything
Add a break then
start again
Treat it all as one
in the same
Treat it all as one
in the same

Repeat it to make
it seem important
It only takes more
The reward is
But you’re still
here reading
But you’re still
here reading

And that’s comforting

The end
glass Aug 2023
this but and youre
theirs not is nor
some yet whether for
also, however.
though under in ontop
through was will wrought
be were could a lot
the while sure ought
stop! perchance.
anyway. so of been all
because since therefore i'll
hers thus had was
very we'll would wall!
once maybe yes now
never by about down
minus till despite,
within without alike - hype!
said did done it
went him forthwith
prithee thine then as
either neither ***** yeah!
glass Aug 2023
put stat this what
bother upper it, huh?
battle wonder with but
mister think the
twisted figure shrink bud
from hit wink one
soccer stippled mink, yuh!
Mark Wanless Apr 2023
young man in the stream
was then there now wild conflict
did the best he could
does the best he can
Coming apart at the seams, troubled even in my dreams
Losing my mind to thrills, cheap or otherwise
I want to make myself scream, sadly, no words are to be seen
But maybe I will cackle, make a scene
Amused at my past selves' hubris, wondering
which way bends the stream
Zywa Jun 2022
The sun goes down and

comes up again, endlessly --

I lived, as a child.
Collection "From Sacred Scriptures [1]"
Zywa Apr 2022
My mind has remained empty
no voice, no inspirations
nothing divine, just
what was already there
what I have found

I peeled, viewed
the persistent thoughts
with which I was raised
the many lies that bind me
to a false image of who I am

of us and the others
as strangers of each other
who I should fear and keep away
with their customs, interesting
perhaps, but uncomfortable

Empty, I let the scents
flow through me
I can't hold them
only experience them, I live
what lives
Book "The lies that bind -- Rethinking identity" (2018, Kwame Anthony Appiah)

Collection "Metamorphic body"
Hakiim Dec 2021
There came a time when I realized the river flowed outwards
The west became Sahara and east Bombay.
The golden chops grinned in greed.
My lips were full in windy cold winter,
and you became hoarding supply-less supply.
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