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15.8k words | from my profile
Brian Turner Oct 8
Thank-you green stream
Thank-you for being so green
Thank-you for being 'glean'
For the watermeal, the wolffia
and the onomatopoeia
Notes from taking 5 minutes to absorb the colour of a bright green stream brimming with life on a woodland walk this morning
Ema Sep 30
One leg up
hand resting
I'm scribbling ideas
to help me fall asleep.
I like tall buildings
and lots of concrete

One leg up
while walking in the city
faces in weird spaces
my gait, not that pretty
four pugs on a chain
city cerberus
concrete keeper
perpetual eater
grim reaper

One leg up
on a concrete world
that idea spilled
like a cup
on the floor
my mind
Zoe Rain Sep 24
There is a serpent in the sky between the clouds, he distorts and morphs into the whirlpools of my mind.
He slithers in negative space and hisses at cloud shapes, he disappears into thunder and his tongue licks lightning strikes.
There is a serpent in the sky and his beady eyes are black holes, the scales on his body are lights in my galaxy and I trace constellations with his scars.
We dance together to a distant melody and he twirls me around the moons scattered on the dance floor. He wraps me up and hugs me tight until I can’t breathe anymore.
Who wants to fly down the roots of water lilies?
Or through the dunes of grave men?
It is on wooden creaks of floors and idle whistles of ****** that you find your measured path. You could take a ruler to it all the same, still come up short, impossible somehow and ruthless in design.... truth nonetheless. And a careless thing that is- acceptance. So maintain the stranglehold of hindsight and pray to the yes lord and the bad omens for they might give you something you didn’t see, something you didn’t beg for. Or the farewell “no”. Or nothing entirely; the greatest of all weights for skinned shoulders.  When looking back puts forth more ill will in your movement than trying forwards then maybe it’s the right thing to feel: the feeling of good gracious disgust. So spit at your feet and it too will follow you to age and bliss beyond that, for the time being. Be it as it may, you should laugh with the skill of a parrot and cry with the tightrope walker’s unease. And bless you bless you ‘till the very end. Might as well, for that makes a fine bookmark in the shape of all things ending.
Lane O Sep 8
Brimming with passion
Lush valley of sweet nectar
I drink from your stream
Like the wind
The water calls
Listen as the sounds
Come trickling down
A peaceful calm
Fulfills my Soul
The rhythm of the flow
Brings me back home
Music made
By Mother Earth
Free song she brings to all
Be still. Just listen to her call.
©KSS 3/2017
Jordan Gee Aug 22
love is a symbol
words are symbols twice removed from reality
and they are road signs,
pointers if you will
to that which lies beyond and
between and behind
and you can see it in the light
and Nietzsche saw it in the void and
Hamilton saw it in the venom.
you can see it in the white noise in the Lo-Fi.
you can hear it in the Vajrayana pearls.
drive behind the Diamond vehicle and ride inside
the slip stream.
sit behind the Bon funeral Priests and it says:

“Children of the Hologram - do not make me a martyr.
your kings will make of me an effigy
it will turn the Diamonds into paper but that is not my Will.
you’ll chew on discs of gold and that will be your King.
Children of the Hologram - my words are not my own.
it calls to us from the place of light.
when energy is at rest it is dark and the dark is good and time is a 1000 petal lotus.
at times you’ll encounter evil.
Remember: that is your own self you behold before you.
she is afraid and he is alone and its timepiece is a flat circle and round and round it goes.
only you can see him because only you made her and you made the light in which you see
but images cannot see.”

there are signs
there are those who have been before.
heed their warnings. Feed the Bodhisattva
your kings will burn them and your
kings will make effigies.
look to where the words point
you wrote them
you’ve been here before
there is light coming through the leaves and the branches.
the Japanese have a word for that
Lane O Aug 9
If I could, I would

I'd collect your worries
like water from a stream
let your rills of anguish
wash over me

If I could, I would

Your pain that festers
like a storm inside
I'd take it all for myself
let it be my demise

If I could, I would

You are beautiful
don't let my words run astray
just know you are my world
my Sun, my everything
Sometimes pain, worry, anguish, heartache, disappointment are very burdensome for our loved ones. I wish that in their times of hardship I could take it all for myself and let them be filled with happiness, but we can't "take" others emotions, we can comfort them, make them laugh, or try to console them the best we can, but we can never actually "steal" their grief, and cast it away. If I could, I would.
Fey Aug 6
Drinking poison to thaw the frozen
numbness suffocating the beating hollow
in my chest

sometimes only a few, more often enough to
paralyze my field of view

one liter of cider and three songs of lana del rey
in the dying sunlight the birds feel comfortable
and i
i just want to have fun
for once in my life.

in the starless sea i found my supernova
enveloping me in a warm haze of light
forever and ever and ever and over

no one understandy me anyway.

© fey (06/08/2020)
just a little crazy thoughts from a little crazy girl
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