Sayer 2d

melting chocolate in old gas stations in the middle of nowhere
but even nowhere is somewhere so we can't run away to fear
these rains pouring down in the middle of the night, in apartments
I didn't want to stay in, in reflections of my mind and my soul
and I remember slowly and softly these old days these empty mornings my teacher asking me what's my goal
so I said sure I guess I just wanna write something ya know?
I blew it off because I knew I had no goal and looking back on it
I just wanted to survive and get out of my head which was hazy from all the clouds inside

i had a dream that a god or God or someone told me I would never die and I asked why but I got no answer, just sounds of trumpets in the distance and dogs barking at each other but in a playful way because

there was no anger in the desert just hunger and heat and soon I saw this man come back and his face was bloodied full of shit and cum and he said to me, "what is your goal?" and he disappeared as his suffering was over
and mine was just beginning.

twenty one years is not a long time and neither are eight weeks but these last eight felt like half my life, cut my strife in half and what do you have when all you do is sleep and work and sleep and work and talk and sleep and work and talk

there we go repeating myself to show Time that there aren't broken souls among dying crows,  and sometimes I am woken up to the sound of whispers of my own name and I wanna wake up floating in the ocean to have some sea creature carry me down to see the Second World I want to begin again

you know

I have this terrifying fear one day I'll be the only man left on this Planet I didn't ask to be born on
but I love my mom and I love my dad and I love my sister and I love my brother and I love my friends and I love you and the biggest question i have is not "does god exist" or "what is my goal" but if our loneliness is our fault or not

Stream of consciousness
kas 5d

"i bet death feels like emdless, dreamless sleep." this is the source of my near constant anxiety. I wish i knew God. i don't believe in anything. i didn't think about what that meant until after i tried to kill myself. endless, dreamless sleep. maybe there are dreams, few and far between. feels like nothing. imagine nothing. i exist, feel these things, take up space, die and feel nothing nothing nothing. but then the infrequent dreams become more. constant lucid dreams where the neon sky vibrates and the entire world does what i tell it to.

i am not afraid to die.

Rohan Press Jan 12

softness flows over
rocks and rivulets, jettisoning
the clouding embraces of treetops,
holding the modulating fog on brushed canvases:
away, floating away, currents of love.

Are you having fun yet?
Did you find the one?
Does she accept you for you?
Or is dating just done?
I'd tell you I miss you
But admitting it is scary.
I tried to reach out
It seems you didn't hear me...
Your name was on my list
Yes, I knew you were there.
You should've just talked to me
I'd listen. I swear.

I saw you in my viewer list. I don't think you'll even read this. If you have something to say, then say it. You know where I am.
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017

Gurgling stream,fishes
Jumped and teased,an old owl
perched on a low branch.

The poor owl was too old to snap at the fishes .He was hungry and looked longingly at the fishes.
Suzanne S Dec 2017

I will give myself to the sea
To the sunset
To the stars
I want to be unraveled by something greater than two hands

Cracked apart at the ribs
In feast
A hollow empire no longer
Filled with cloudless sky
Venom dripping from my ears

“Eat” he hisses holding
A ventricle to my lips
Bloody and raw
My own; still warm
Pouring rain

He takes a bite
Tearing chunks with glittering pillars of jagged salt licks
This is how it is done
How you get a dying bird to eat
Or freeze in the night

Ribs a ladder exposed that my body
Might cower beneath
Leaking blue blue sky
Mouth agape
Puffing clouds into the darkness for him to drink

The bird with no wings
Choking on aorta

A sacrifice to the stars.

morning dew at dawn:
a stream flows over the rocks,
birds shaking branches.

Bina Perino Nov 2017

I dream of you.
I dream of your strawberry
ice cream tiles while
under a blanket stitched
by mother’s hands of
a color just the same.
I dream of your sidewalks
that lead your crowds
from halls to kitchens, breezeways
to basements, with echoes
of girls’ stolen virginity locked away.
I dream of your stream
which was my playground,
rolling between trees
that tower like your
cylindrical pale columns;
I dream of you when
I am a stretch of highway away
in a tiny town that guards me,
keeps me safe and hidden.
I dream of you when
I will never see your gates
because my childhood heroes
have all turned into ghosts,
haunting every room and hall.
I will never visit your crowds
because they have painted my father
as a hero and his heroes as saints.
I dream of you when
I no longer find truth
in your books and murals,
rolling through time,
that towers like your
cylindrical pale columns.
I dream of you.

Evan Ponter Nov 2017

Life is Hard, Weird and Beautiful
Smile Or Cry About It
But Whatever You Choose
God Damn, You Gotta Feel

Vexren4000 Nov 2017

Cool cleansing waters,
Flowing through sun-baked plains,
Rushing over cool smoothed rocks,
Taking the nymphs and fry,
To their pond or lake,
Wherever the stream does end,
But here I will stand,
Toes in the stream,
Searching for a reason,
To play here by the water.


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