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Radio Silence
in my head
in my bed
as I've met
many dark creatures
in my dreams
all in my dreams
so as it seems
This Radio Silence
is leaning over
I can't take cover
my thoughts they hover
around my dark-minded lover
ruins my eyesight
as I hide
in this shadowed light
and I abide
I abide
no care for pride
It's for the fool
the one that knows better
I rather drown in a pool
suffocating in words I drool
as I ascend
as my physics bend
blood-colored steam rises
my guilt finally liberalizes
Radio Silence
as I shout defiance
Radio Silence
as I speak of compliance
Radio Silence
a sort of reliance
when I lie in stillness
contemplating my wrongful illness
and ask for forgiveness
I tuned in to a Christian radio,
they had an interesting debate
about the power of Jesus,
about life after death.

I phoned them to take part,
but I did not get through.
All lines were very busy -
for those with different views.
J Oaks Sep 11
They will not be heard
with their many words
Don't think like them
They will not be heard
with their many words
of their assumption
Jesus is not against
My father
let me pass
as you will
Men keep watch!
Don't think like them
Their flesh is weak
They will not be heard
Meaningless repetition
Many words
They will not be heard
Thorn in the flesh
God does not have a one prayer
only rule
Dear God
I can never say that again
Jesus is talking about
that we badger God!
Ten thousand!
My Mary
Our fathers
Beads on a chain
moving down the line
Leverage your words
Good gifts for his children
With many words
They will not be heard
A M Ryder Aug 21
I just wanted you to be happy, truly. I'm just sorry it wasn't with me.
I hope you find someone who makes you feel all those lovely things you've heard on the radio and, I hope you never have to know what it's like to have to try and live without them.
You deserve something you don't have to question.
You deserve to be with someone who is sure about you.
Someone who looks at you everyday with the realization that you are everything they need.
V Exeter Aug 7
"Could you please, read me the six digit code
displayed in your system information?"

   You don't understand. I did it!
      I fucking. . . I did it! I. Did it!


"Could you please, read me the six digit code
displayed in your system information?"

   I'm gonna come back! I. Am gonna fucking kill you!
      [...] Let me talk to Asgar. Asgar Malik, CID: 138 - RX1.

   Just, put him on. I wanna talk to Asgar Malik, right, now!


"Could you please, read me the six digit code
displayed in your system information?"

   I don't wanna go. I don't.


   1 - 3 - 8 - A - 2 - 9.

"Thank you, for your cooperation. Please,
remain stationary."

[Faris leans back against the wall where she sits,
looks down through tears, watches a visible
white color spread through the nerves in her
left arm.]

   Yeah. Real fuckin pleasure.
Shin Jul 31
Heard a song on the radio about
cold blood, some zeroes and ones.
Not sure why but it stirred up
something rather foul. You see,
she used to love that song.
V Exeter Jul 27
A hetero girl dreams of sweetness
mixed in a mixed drink tune,
sung with such spirit
to erect goosebumps, traveling
upward the throat of a
mechanical marketing genius
less than two decades from the womb.
It's true.
Justin Bieber? I'll suck the phallus
from between those alabaster legs
with a ferocity that will see his eggs
flopped from the tight white confines
of his


basket. . .

Calvin Klein.
ChildofGodyay Jul 22
Trying to focus, I knocked my head.
My eyes tuned out of the radio, its signal out of signal.

The knobs of my brain couldn't keep up.
Take me slow, please.
I walk with twisting foot.
My shoulders banging the walls of my house.

I topple over.
My vision blurred.
The signals of my radio stirred....
JAC Jul 13
Sometimes I'll catch
a sentence of a song

and all at once I'm seventeen
open-eyed and wide-hearted

taking the bus home from work
late in my dad's leather jacket

worn out shoes and transit tickets
and that stupid Pink Floyd t-shirt

with hopes high as the buildings
I dreamed of living in someday

on my way back to homework,
leftovers and a messy room.
I've fallen in love with nostalgic realism in poetry. Ironically, this is the style I began writing poetry with, years ago. I love characterizing a nobody with distinct and simple details.
Martina Jun 17
Once you said to me
that my head is like a radio
that I listen to too many songs
written by too many different guys.
In your opinion I should change channel
or completely turn off the radio
and concentrate on my life.

Sometimes I think you were right,
but I believe in Murphy's law
and I know for sure that
the song I've been waiting for
will play once the radio is turned off.

Then you said that the radio will turn on by itself
when the time is right.
You listened to my song for a little while,
just the time to decide it wasn't for you
and get back to your old-all-time-favourite.

I was hurt and happy at the same time,
because you were happy too
and because someone, finally
paid some attention to my tunes.
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