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Tell me another
Love like simple infection
Tempted with tales of happiness
And told like stories of deception
I have met someone new
And answer to the unsolved equation
Do they make me feel loved?
Deceived, I love like the abandoned one
I met someone today
With cute black clothes
And a long trench coat
We walked to the park
To sit on the swings
We talked as we watched
All the cars in the street
She told me all her stories
Of almost being arrested
For smoking ****
So why does every cute girl
And every edgy guy
Have to get high
And listen to MCR
Where are my preppy goths
My ****** band members
Because I'm just a punk
Who doesn't do drugs
And wants some friends
My parents won't hate
I have no problem with people living their own lives and getting high in public parks. However, my parents aren't so accepting. Also... MCR? That's it? K.
YYC Jul 15
<!doctype html>
<title>I'm So Confused</title>

<h1>Oh don't mind me, just a conflicted person here!</h1>
<p>there's so many of you that occupy my hear</p>
        <li>soccer boy
        <li>tuba dude
        <li>genius boy
        <li>reddit puppy provider

<p><b>I'm so<i>conflicted</i></b><br>
and I have no clue as to what to do with all of them.</p>

i don't know why i made this into an html formatted document but okay.
Anastasia Jun 28
i called him ash
as charcoal was a bit obvious
and i loved him
so of course
i had to keep it a secret
Darryl M May 8
Me hugging you, me touching you, me kissing you,
That will be abuse to my little man.
Sweetheart, you touch my soul,
You torture my heart.
You terrorize me,
You blow my mind.
I wonder how much destruction you’d bring,
If our bodies made contact.
Coz we all know, World War started on the day you came to Earth.
I wonder if you were born,
Coz you’ve got that thing of an Astronaut,
Out of this World.
They say no pain, no gain.
Your mother’s birth pains
were ululating Victory for my Gain.
For great are thou treasures,
Safely locked in my heart.
And the code is the four letter word;
until(citizen = listening OR died){
[Meaning] = The way we use language to convey [FEELINGS];
Words have [Meaning]
Creativity, Force, Power.etc;}

If(Poem() != [Creative]){
~query~ Is it poetry?}

/* There is no point in writing what is already written */

It's not what we want to say that matters because the FEELINGS we experience in our lives have been felt before. It's trying to express those feelings, and share them with others in a new way.

Ok, so this might be a weird one... I was a computer science major for about a year before I decided it wasn't really for me. Also, this weeks challenge in the poetry discord I'm a member of was, "Write an avant-garde poem." So I suppose this is the baby of both of those things. If you are interested in the discord here's the link.

As always critiques or comment's are very appreciated!
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