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Lane O Aug 2020
If I could, I would

I'd collect your worries
like water from a stream
let your rills of anguish
wash over me

If I could, I would

Your pain that festers
like a storm inside
I'd take it all for myself
let it be my demise

If I could, I would

You are beautiful
don't let my words run astray
just know you are my world
my Sun, my everything
Sometimes pain, worry, anguish, heartache, disappointment are very burdensome for our loved ones. I wish that in their times of hardship I could take it all for myself and let them be filled with happiness, but we can't "take" others emotions, we can comfort them, make them laugh, or try to console them the best we can, but we can never actually "steal" their grief, and cast it away. If I could, I would.
Poetic T Feb 2020
What if i

But you missed
     The call.

And we missed our connection.

   We would be the

Answer phone messages of silences.
Poetoftheway Feb 2020
I could believe in you

I could.

believe you, real, open hearted, viable. unafraid.
easy smiling, genuine, easy listening, maybe mine.
even real.

a slow Saturday being, doing nothing,
loving it, languid. high time for downtime musing.
I could.

I could.
you could too.
believe in me.
pinch me awake.

I could believe in me
when, you grant permission,
give me permission to could,

to believe.

arian Oct 2019
if i were a thing, i'd probably be a puzzle.
the one wrapped in plastic,
and smells like a fresh one.
a puzzle that's always challenging,
the one that attracts people's interest
but not everyone could solve.
or maybe i don't want to be solved,
maybe i just want to be heard.
Erian Rose Oct 2019
I love you
8 letters
3 simple words
1 that could turn a wrong
Into right
Adam Schmitt Sep 2019
My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side,

   Well, yeah I'm jaded! What do you want me to do?

            I'll jump around...

Through the shadow and the deep dark sea
through the blinding light of insanity
through the webs and the lies of mine
through the filiments of shattered time
through the categories of abstract space
through the waters of unearned grace
through the vortex and through the hoop
through the cortex and through the ****
through the ediface of a house of cards
through the door of a room full of bards

     And when I finally find
     what I'm jumping around for,
     then I'll make me a pallet
     upon the grassy floor

Share my water, and share my bread
Share the wine, share the


Aaaannd­ share the pain inside my mind...

My love only goes where the green grass grows,
always on the other side...
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