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Eleanor Apr 11
I will cut you out of the picture of my life.
I will take a scissors, to these complex memories and
hack your influence out.
It took me months to buy the scissors,
years to get to the shop
but I got here, I have them.
I will hear sharp snips as I cut across
the images that are burned in my mind.
No longer will my thoughts wander towards you.
No more, will I allow my feelings to be  
clouded by a person who dug their words  
into my lungs and shattered
my ribs with boots made of malicious intent,
of careless incompetence, of clueless mockery.
I will use the scissors to cut your burning strings,
wrapped around these cheap candles.
A chord cutting spell, Dust beneath my heel
The memories I cannot cut I will burn.
I'll light a match on the bridge you
You said people never change, so killing current you’s influence
In revenge for past you’s violence is righteous, it is fair.
I'll sharpen their blade on the soul you hardened.
I'll rip up the pictures if I have to, claw you out.
I'd sacrifice that part of my memories
I'd happily **** the old me entirely to take you too,
To cut you out of the picture of my life.
I won't let us be friends anymore.
Black Petal Apr 2
The world was frantic.
Nature, the only escape.
You and I skipped stones.
Nie Mar 19
I’m functioning of 2 hours of sleep because I was up until 3 doing the assignments that were ‘easy’ -every teacher said

I have no idea what I’m going to do after school but hey, don’t worry about me
I know how to solve ‘X’

‘You can have fun in the weekend’-they said
But don’t forget
Make the assignments and study all the things you get through the internet

Don’t worry the exams aren’t going to be ‘that hard’
Just make sure to study 10 weeks beforehand

Memorize at first sight and don’t forget
You can also just study a dozen hours
Because who cares about mental health?

A man said
Wait you’re 18, that’s cool
What did you do to celebrate?
Oh, there’s a pandemic going on and you can’t see anybody’s full face?
I mean be happy you aren’t growing up the at the time I was your age.

A woman said
School is going to close for 2 weeks
It’s only temporary don’t get attached
4 months later I graduated through the internet
But hey I’m one of the lucky ones
An extra year of high school now really doesn’t sound that bad.
for any confusion- I graduated high school but took a speciality course which cause me to actually stay an extra year longer in high school haha
Emma Mar 14
Oh the drums are beating
Beating, beating
Boom, boom, boom

I feel it in my bones
My skin
My teeth
We all feel it
We shiver, shiver

Oh how long the winter lasts
Oh how bitter the wind howls
Oh how loud the drums are
With their rumbling
And tumbling
And never ending marching

Oh we fall
Falling, falling
Burning like ashes from the bonfire

But the rain pours
The heaven roars
And, well, we must move on

Oh how the sand bites into our skin
Oh how the ice sting at our eyes
Oh how the branches grasp at our feet
With their creaking
And grinning
And never ending cunning

Oh the world spins
And we hang on its edge
And some fall off
Flung, flung

Oh brother, sister
Comrade, friend
Forgive me, for I live
And I move on, move on

Hold my hand
Hold my heart
Where the downhill ends, the uphill starts
Round, and round, and round

Oh how the dark looms closer
Oh how the dread sinks deep
Oh how the end draws near
With their certainty
And clarity
And never ending prophecy

For the end must come
In hope or in fear
Destiny is set
Fate is decided
The finale written
On faded pages

We choose our path
How we live to the last
So give
Give, give, give
Fight for the better
Fight for your fallen
Fight for your friend
Fight for the many who give
Give for the many who fight

Oh the drums are beating
Beating, beating
Boom, boom, boom
I hear a revolution
I taste a newer age

Feel the vibrations
In the air
Can you hear that?
It’s your people calling
Your people singing
Marching, marching
It’s a new age, my friend

Drumming, drumming, drumming
angelique Mar 12
sometimes, i feel so infinite
until i remember all the times
i felt a nagging sense of shame
and the times

that i thought were so carefree
manifested into burdens
of resentment
of misery.

let me find my fate,
let me love somehow
lift me up, carry me
in your loving hands
when i'm falling down

i see a glimmer
a hope of reconciliation
help me pave my way
to this final destination

but i've rendered it all invisible
patience, invisible
trust, invisible
everything, invisible.
october 2020 - a draft
Dinara Tengri Mar 10
There was a girl
who was carrying flowers on one hot August afternoon,
And whose face you see on the screen today.
On my own - I’m a Lone Ranger
On my way to unknown danger  
Don’t know you but I know my anger
Wish we could go back to strangers
Least back then, I had some sense
Least back then, I had some friends
2020 - really ******
How do we make amends?

© Matthew Harlovic
A little late to post but I'm working on a new song and here's the first verse. If you like what you see, then consider following me! @outtatune :]
Lanna K Feb 16
only the tough survive. Is it really that simple, and so very primal? Has humankind over complicated itself to the point, where when we get a simple outcome, it muddles our brain?Because it seems like these adversities that I am faced with, and forced to go with, is just what everyone else in the world is too. Life is a beautiful thing to be given, but you also have to act like it is. Everything that is tangible to the eye to see, it is here, because it's been able to survive through hardships. The small, seemingly magical moments that break-up the discomfort of the everyday, which is what makes everything worth living through.Even in this pandemic, and universal upheaval, there have been small moments of bliss for myself, and the collective included.
this is,
of nightmares in daydreams...

we flee from the sudden chase of heavy harms
bursting out from frightening dreams.
the hot pursuits that flashes past
like lightning over cloudy skies.

we saw sore shelter in the blood
whistling out a call to find aids
even as hunger was betrayed
and tongue wails as scary birds flew.

fleets of ebola fevered our voices,
rising from the shores like angry waters
to drown our rats in the poison of their own fever.

our defenses ran naked every single time
till it becomes a passage that leads
from frightening dreams to pleasant images.

beneath this angry shower
comes yet another nightmare.
a corona,
that comes in to lit the lungs from dark shades.
a chase by moonlight that stretches into daylight.

we flee on
from this sudden chase of heavy hounds
holding on to the hope
that our defences would run them out
and save our neck once again.

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