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Saudia R 13h
Will the fog clear today

Like clockwork
and my eyes open

the same blurry thought makes its way to the surface

will it be today

will the dull dissipate
the confusion clear

this edge of uncertainty
uncertain about possibilities
that might not be possible

this worry

I cannot explain it but my father says I
worry too much

Too much or too little

Too much
too much
too much

dense whispers
in the light of the shadow

but what exactly to see

Will the fog clear today
Jules 1d
I enjoy the thrill of the unknown
The uncertainty is killing me
But I'm living for it
What can I say?
I'm a thrill seeker
What's next?
What's left?
What's yet to come?
Will we ever know or just let it all go?
My disquieting thoughts strike at night in the wee hours
As if born along by the autumn winds and bracing cold
Persistent as a fever and fierce as thunderstorms
What can be forgiven and what cannot?
I fall asleep to another night of uncertainly

I awaken to a new day of endurance
My spirit ablaze with hope can cope
With feet steady and face to the wind
Transforming the toughest trial into triumph
Because beyond the pain the prize is seen
9/3/2018 - Poetry form: Reverse Poem - A reverse poem is a poem that can be read forwards (top to bottom) and have one meaning but can also be read backwards (bottom to top) and (potentially) have a different or opposite meaning. It does not have to rhyme and doesn't have to have an opposite meaning when read from bottom to top. It DOES need to make sense when reading it backwards, however. - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Cyan 4d
Hazel or green,
I can't decide what's looking back at me
and if it's full of
fear or wonder,
or something in between
Looking over the plains of progress,
Thousands of flickering lights blind me.

The clouds of the past engulf me
And like a touch of acid,
They disappear.

The sirens off in the distance,
My ears are still ringing
From the explosion of unfamiliarity.

Like tears in the rain,
And eyes on a dead man’s face,
Everything fades away,
As will I.
lake Sep 24
the forecast says that it will rain
but right now the sky looks the same
we might not even see grey clouds
but let's not worry about that now

cause the rain will come one day
but that day is not today
and i'm not trying to delay
don't you get me wrong

i know i can't pretend
i know that it all ends
when it slips away from my hands
i hope i'll be gone

keeping safe in the meantime
that's a tape you can't rewind
don't know what tomorrow brings
can't let go of anything
Meadow Sep 24
Uncertainly still lingers in the cracks of my future, but I am feeling so full.
So full of goodness and growth.
Optimisims and joy
I've grown so much from the me just a year ago.
I speak now.
I can speak.
Ive been gentle with myself, and allowing of rest.
I am feeling so full of acceptance and self- love.
Something I thought I didn't deserve.
Some days are so hard still, but I remember when I sat down in therapy the first time, and cried my eyes out begging to be healed and that I felt so broken.
The words cut at my throat as I released them.
I never thought I'd make the growth that I have so far.
I feel like a full being.
I feel healed and capable of healing.
To all of you in rough times of stagnation or the cold swift waters of change
It will be ok.
Allow yourself time.
Change comes like warm water.
Unnoticed until submerged.
Raw 10 minute brain dump.
Thank you
Raindrop Sep 23
please let me in.
let me get close to you.
help me understand you better.
if you want to save us,
open your heart to me.
just please trust me.
trying to save a dying relationship
austin Sep 17
Just my shadow sits beside me.
Not even the birds, nor the bees.

I don't think I'll ever change.
My God, I'm so deranged.

I need something to keep me sane
I don't know what it is
I just know I am not the same
Such a shame it is.

I think I dropped my feelings
in this well of murky black
I hope someone can help me find them
before I have a heart attack.
eusamez Sep 12
The beating of the drum
The tidal wave crashing down
The rumbling of the earth’s crumb
Is felt in every heart beat

That thump in your chest
The lost mind can wander
It envelops you in distress
Every detail you ponder

That creeping sense called emotion
It scares you out of your wits
Thinking of what the future holds
Throws all your sensibilities into fits

The thing that is most fearful
Is when anxiety becomes your friend
It becomes your daily companion
The only who can comprehend.
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