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Is this a love poem?
It sure seems that way.
Empty and broken
lacking in sense
starting with a question
and then
Yana Kim Oct 14
What if I said yes to him,
Would I still be single now?
What if I took the board exam,
Would I still be a loser now?
What if I never accepted this job,
Would I be successful now?
My life has uncertain future
But one thing is for sure
I am such a failure.
Gibberish truths
In the TV screen,
I see a reflection of who I want to be.
In the mirror,
I see a reflection of who I don't
In your eyes,
I see a reflection of who I can be.
But in my mind,
I fear I won't
Mansi Sep 28
I am randomly getting feelings
of impending doom

As if the world will
End tonight
As if someone I love
Will leave me today
As if there is no
preston Sep 26

Draw them out--
away from their machines
out into the open, abyssian spaces;
free from shadow
or  the never-ending  self betrayal
of manufactured, image

Away from walled, fortification..
or the alliance-based,  ever diluting
accolade  of the crowd
Bring them out,  in to the open
that I might heal them

And you will be hated for it..
                               just,  as I

I will rise up early
and dress myself up nice
And I will leave the house
and check the deadlock, twice

And I will find a crowd
and blend in for a minute
and I will try to find  a little comfort,

in it

And I will get lonely,
and gasp for air
and send your name up
from my lips

like a signal flare

And I will go downtown,
stand in the shadows
of the buildings
and button up my coat--

trying to stay strong,  spirit willing

And I will come back home,
maybe call some friends
Maybe paint some pictures,
it all depends

And I will get lonely
and gasp for air
And look up  at the high windows,

and see your face up there


Individual letters that collect together to form a distinct meaning of speech.

They flood from your mouth with no hesitation.

It seems as if you have no thoughts behind how they would impact me.

They collect around me like a pool of water.

I can feel the letters push and pull me in all directions.

Individual vowels threaten me with their tones and volumes.

As a whole, they stab me with their unfortunate denotation.

This puddle is muddled with my thoughts

I am left to wonder when we became so careless, and when we became so cruel to one another.

I sit here pondering, which part of our time together decided to crack and crumble at the seam.

I can feel my emotions threatening to spill over.

They are teetering on the edge of my makeshift ****

They scream at me making me feel powerless and weak.

I am sure that the disturbance is written on my face.

The moment seems to blur as I attempt to speak.
Terms flow out of me like a river with no ending and with no peace.

It aims to catch you in it's white water tides.

But the entirety of my speech, I fret about the holes that it will bore in you.

Yet in spite of all we have been through, it frustrates me that we do not hesitate to damage each other's walls with our harshness.

We do not feel in the wrong as we watch the each other's wounds seep.

We have lost the ability to pick each other off their feet.

The world feels empty due to the lack of empathy

An eeiry frightful peace.

How long will we walk around with our uncertainty?
Carlo C Gomez Sep 13
Broke through the dark
by wounding one of its own

La luna lone

Made a hole in the heart
of my midnight

Bleeding out acetylene light

Grief is the haze

A mist shrouding reality
within these closing days
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