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If the world was a stage and I was a play-write:

The wind: It was a musician, the muse of a heartbeat and whistling was its charm.

The leaves: The companions of the wind, they were the strings of the guitar. Dancing towards oblivion.

The flowers: They were the painters. A vision was their purpose. They played with colours and mystery.

The sun: It was the stage light, as it glowed upon the sounds of music in the air, the surface of the leaves, and gave life to all the trees.

The stars: They were the show stoppers, dancing in the sky. Revelling in the attention from the eyes of the observer.

The moon: The shy wonder of the night, sometimes barely visible. As it timidly sets the stage for another afternoon.

And lastly,

You: With a thousand stories to tell you’re in thousands of places at once. Looking for mountains to climb and things to design. You’re curious and too quick, never on the stage but merely an observer, but secretly you’re the whole show.

There are a thousand stories to tell,
So I’ll tell you a secret to this mysterious show
The script is blank, the pages clear white
And every minute new words appear
For I am merely following sentimental alliances
Just an observer watching as the future becomes clear.
Amaisha 4d
It is wreckage and salvation,
An absolute illusion
Of a perfect paradise

A symphony of heartache
A wretched game of pain,
Joined by melodies of tears
Along with notes of rain

It wakes the heart
Yet breaks the soul
An unwanted loss of time
In a wanted time of daydreams

Whether returned or ignored
It's uncertainty kills the most
Unable you are to walk away

From what is wished for
In the desires of the heart
But prayed to be forgotten
In the mechanisms of the mind
This is a poem I wrote when I was mad crazy over this friend of mine and the fact that I couldn't tell him got to the point where it was detrimental to my mental health (Panic attacks,etc.) so because of that I ended up confessing to him, only to find out he was in love with my other close friends. Stung like a ***** but I got over it so at least I can say I got a decent poem out of the experience :))
Sarah 6d
when things seem too good to be true
life screams, "don't get too comfortable," at me
it echoes
i'm reminded again and again
an endless loop
you can never get too comfortable.
the screams of life get quieter here and there
but they're always there
reminding you when you need to hear it,
"don't get too comfortable."
Forgive me
I put you in this misery
Please hear my apology
I didn't mean to make you unhappy
I am deeply sorry
You're in this with me unfortunately

One can tell by my past
All great things I had in my grasp
My triumphs then, did you not see?
How I do something that's not for me
I'm a flier because I want to be at the top
Or is it because I'm afraid to flop?

Still, forgive me
I put you in this misery
Please hear my apology
I didn't meant to make you unhappy
I am deeply sorry
You're in this with me unfortunately

Perhaps I took a wrong turn
And I bought the unlucky urn
I was young, and pursuits, I had a sundry
I went for this track naively
Although I fancy this direction
Uncertainty's with me to the destination

You don't need to forgive me
I know I put you in this misery
Needless to hear my apology
I don't want you to be unhappy
I am deeply sorry
You're in this with me regretfully.
A major failure — 05/22/17
Gina Marie Jan 16
Who were you then, I wonder still
A quiet boy with a twisted world view
While always looking down,
Somehow you showed us all the sky..
Refused to take your own advice
Then killed yourself so many times

He was a man of very few words
Sat next to the loudest boy you'd ever heard
They did everything together
Swore it'd never end..
One day, he told us, the loud boy died
He swore to me the doctors tried
I wonder, just who was he then?

Where was she when we needed her
The perfect girl, in our impure world
Everybody's friend and confidante,
She even sewed your brother's broken heart
Still, as soon as we knew her
She was just as quick then to depart

Peas and pods, they're all the same
People, peasants, God's to blame
You're a fraud
You're a fraud
I know I know I know
Every word you spoke
Candied lies and bitter truths
But you numbed the pain, oh the pain..
How come you show up every time it rains...
For Jordan... You will always be the sweetest, bitter mystery..
courtney Jan 14
Like candy floss in my mouth,
Like smoke you disappear
I’m chasing after ghosts it seems
Not sure you’re really there.

Wrapped up in your promises,
Your perfect warm embrace.
You’re the only type of daydream
I would give my life to chase;
Kate Bethanie Jan 13
Once more I turn to you, my love,
Now I return to you, my love,
Oh how I've longed for you, my love,
In love with you I fell.

But tomorrow could bring doubt anew,
I may fall out of love with you.
Maybe you'll no longer love me too...
Only time will tell.
The uncertainty of life
Is both a curse and blessing
You choose which it is
Kd Pascual Jan 13
It's a Sunday night
I watch the flickering lights
Shoo darkness away
A boat
I'm not good enough
The ocean I see no shore
Grown mad, the boat is stuck
Between cracking in half
And not
Peace followed by chaos
Dancing in a deadlock
Like Yin and Yang
Grown mad, the man is stuck
Between dying
And not
The man is not me
I'm watching him become me
Living is beautiful
I'm stuck between its beauty and
The beauty of its ugliness
What is supposed to happen now?
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