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Aaron E 6h
"The thing about sht, is it rolls down hill"
My grandfather told me that.
He was a chemist.
"I know about some sht," he said.

"You get sht on by the people above you,
and you sht on the people below."

"Some may let sht slide,
some can't let sht go."

But you never sht on someone beside you.
That's how you make sht work.
I don't really know how to tag this, because I'm not even sure who would be interested in searching for it. Please consider sharing my sh_t on these fine interwebs.
Poetic T Apr 17
For every second step was erroneous,
             I thought I'd reach a new height
of understa……….

Then I'd decline to a lower point
                     of where I was before.

Never gaining enough elevation to
see past the predicament I find myself
           causally stepping forth upon..

Felling like Sisyphus, always trying to
gain a truth only to find out that a step
            could make me fall more than before.

Only wanting to climb this ladder of life,
       but deceit and snakes keep me from

Life is a ladder and some runs are always precarious,
   do we step lightly, or do we tread upon the next to
only find that it was the broken one..
- Nov 2019
i climb the ladder up
in the cold
no gloves but my hands
still aint froze
every day one step
till the final end
to the west
where the sun descends
James Rowley Jul 2019
Standing tall its rungs seemed so far apart then
The ladder peered down at my achievements with glee,
Realizing that I was nowhere near the standard of the men
That so easily surpassed this obstacle before me.
I tentatively touched the ladder, pleading for a strong foundation;
The steel rungs screamed back at me. Nonetheless I flailed forwards,
Gripping the battered beam without hesitation.
It told me of my critical mistake as it flung me westward,
And the jagged cliff loomed on as I was propelled ever closer
To the end of my hubris, that so set me on this path years ago.
happy Tuesday :}
ollie Sep 2018
When I was thirteen I finally realized there’s no way I could go to college
Rephrase: There’s one way I could go to college
I’m too talentless to win scholarships
People say I stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd but not enough to be chosen for money
Never enough
When I was twelve I learned that Harvard offers free tuition and dorm to students whose families make less than 100,000 dollars a year
And I laughed
Because I thought that was everyone
Turns out it isn’t
But it sure as hell is me
So I try so hard
Hard enough that I can get into a program there
I realize high school is a competition
We’re ranked for a reason
And I’m starting at the top
I will never let anyone take me down
I can’t afford to
Literally and figuratively
I know it sounds ambitious
I know I sound insane for even thinking I could get into that school
But it’s the only way
So I’m climbing
And I will never miss a step on the ladder of success
Because I know what it looks like to fall
it’s weird but i would die to get into harvard. it’s an incredible education and they’d pay for my tuition - it’s honestly my only chance at college and i know i’m smart. i know i could do it but it’ll really be hard
Jolan Lade Jul 2018
I'm spinning in this twisting universe
I'm on an endless adventure between planets
I'm not looking for a home, nor somewhere to roam
I'm not holding a banner, not wearing armour
I'm not climbing a ladder and I do not bring a hammer
All there is to me is my eyes and mind
All there is to me is dawn and rise
Look, somewhere to go
bakunawa Apr 2018

       We were
              two steps      
                  shy of love,          
                    first was that              
                                  I gave up                            
                            and the second:                        
                                    you made me            
                                                          stop. ­           

                                                              ­  --strangers--
Bridge the gap man, just bridge the gap.
Nylee Apr 2018
We never took more
never took any less
of our share
for our hunger
when everyone stared
it is rightfully ours.
Long before
we were
the beggars,
When we had nothing
no more,
did millions of tiny chores.
We were wronged
no one shared,
we looked at them
gave them pitiful stare,
we wanted the same care
and now that we
climbed the ladder
we are no better
that we are having
our healthy dinner,
there is someone
rising upper
working under the sun
this summer
and maybe
we were wrong
and someone knew it better.
Nylee Nov 2017
Life ladder is too high,
   snakes rule every step,
      luck dice not on my side
            and I am falling down.
Lars Kadel Mar 2017
The hole in my
roof gives me
the perfect view
of the stars,
let's me connect
all the dots.
My life is a
group of
but the ladder
of silence
too far
from the
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