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Poetic T Feb 15
Such a strong branch holding up the
fruits of so many seasons but then one
winters wrath did the wind pick a fight.

Though it fought against the odds, it bent
within the breath of failing and yielded to
                       the chosen fate and befell its birth.

Falling silently in a wood of mute descents,
           where nothing was heard, but everything
knew that something was not as it was before.

Even thought strength held it at the yearning of all
below now it was stagnant. Then eyes pondered upon
its elegance. A fortitude of worth now meant for other means.

And though cleaved it was meant for a purpose,
             not one that it knew, now sewn on to
metallic wows. Sharp edges flowed like breath.

And so many times did it fall, not as before
                       this time it drank a different dew..
    teardrops flowed upon its eternal falling.

But it never grew weak, feeding on the nourishment
                                   of each diminishing stance.
Though it fell from the tree it still grew in depravity.

What was once a yearning life, growing further than
any other. It fell and became contaminated within
                                  earthly pleasures which it drank upon..    

A moment falls that severs ever moment before,
                     and what falls in moments after isn't
                             It now has a purpose of the death it felt.
datanami Feb 2
It Dwells on Me
What I've Become
So Close to Me
End of the Line

One Life to Live
Believe in Love
I **** Myself
Under This Flag


Blind Suffering
Fear of Dying
Heart Is Crying
Never Enough

The Flame of Youth
The Sound of Truth
Fast as a Shark
Blackwater Park
16/64 Metal song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
datanami Feb 1
President Dead
Hole in the Head
End of the Road
Keep up the Speed

Some Like It Cold
This Lying World
***** to the Grind
Against the Wind


Blood of the Scribe
Skeleton Dance
Death in Silence
Empty Inside

Land of the Free
A Place to Die
Heaven's a Lie
Behind the Smile
8/64 Metal song titles, sorted in mirror alphabetic (ascending by last letters)
S O P H I E Jan 27
with an accent of blood
a foreign tongue
vowels that sound of metal clashing
with fire flowing through her veins
armor for skin
feet that crush the earth beneath her
with electricity streaks through her hair
iron filled lungs
each breath invitingly toxic
with lips of silk
a voice cut from steel
thunder and war in her bones
with a grin made for battle
eyes speckled in ash
striding, powerful into the arms of death.
We both live in Mumbai,
He is Harish, I am Jai.
He lives on the pavement,
Next to my luxurious apartment,
He lives in a shack with metal covered with tarpaulin roof,
It has a T.V dish and WIFI
Mine is hi tech and fire proof.
He sells Samosas on streets and trains,
I am a CEO of a huge company and its top brains.
He rides a small scooter,
I move in a a posh chauffeur driven car,
We are both dressed according to our status.
But, life is ludicrous,
He is always carefree, laughing and most happy,
Whilst I am always stressed and snappy.
He sells 4000 to 5000 samosas a day,
Free, sometimes by midday,
He gets a profit of rupees one for each samosas he sells,
Mostly he gets orders to deliver on his cell.
He earns as much as I do,
Makes me seethe red and blue,
He is his own boss,
Net income, no tax, no loss,
While I slog day and night for others,
Thinking of it makes me shudder.
He is even the owner of the house I live in,
My company has rented from him,
He even owns two more houses in the neighbourhood  within,
And a garage not  far,
Where it  services  our company's cars.
Life's like that.
Samosas are indian pastries with fillings of minced meat or vegetables and lentils
IncholPoem Jan 14
metal  and  mental

were  being
kept by
drug addicted

They   were
daily  wagers
but  daily
drug  addicted
to dream  to
buy   precious
metal for
their  wives.

To  have
girlfriend  is
a  sin  and  the
job  of mental.
Jiya Jan 12
they say screaming isn't art
they say it tears your ears apart
brings no substance to the heart

but screaming can be art
a soundtrack to the dark
the da Vinci of the heart

it depends on your tastes
your lifestyle, your faith
the friends you are so desperate to make

but let's make one thing clear
no matter how you feel
screaming is beautiful
to those with the right ear
so don't try to tell them that it brings only fear
a poem about my love for metal music and how many people tend to perceive it in the wrong light and never give it a shot.
Chris Jan 12
Exalted will be the son of Man,
Who today has let Death die,
Breathe in the spirit of spiritless air,
Eternal will be our finite lives.

The ***** of Babylon be praised,
Her ******-like beauty is the bliss of skies,
I am **** incarnate the child that she raised,
Human blood and hatred, love that's free from lies.

Gomorrah O Ancient! From Ashes arise,
And reclaim the glow of flesh and desire,
***** the Glorious with ****-wanting eyes,
Evermore lighting the ***** on fire.

Blood of John's beheading is baptismal oil!
The Cross of fallen Peter will glow brightly today,
Faceless ones that living, taint the mortal soil,
Life will be your punishment, Death will be your way!

Like a phoenix Glorious Babylon stands tall,
Existing without being built back up on bones,
Universe will judge and be the only law,
The free Men of the world will tear Jehovah's throne!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Before I met my wife, being abused a kid I used to call
myself Johnny Nobody because that how abuse made me
But when I met Helen Johnny Nobody
soon became SOMEBODY I
left the nobody name to history
Abuse can leave terrible scars
and have no idea the suffering
the cause just satisfy their disgusting gratification they not human don't think there Is no name for them
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