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Em MacKenzie Aug 10
I’m waiting in line, wasting my time
for things that won’t come, though they are mine.
Pretend that I’m fine, should I draw a line?
Don’t wish to run, but I think I’m just done.

Feelings I can’t shake, they keep me awake,
the list has increased, how much more can I take?
With so much at stake, I try not to break,
I miss the sun, but I think I’m just done.

With tired eyes
I’ll still see it through.
Exasperated sighs
in breaths I drew.
I broke the ties,
but I’ve got some glue.
Searching the skies
and looking for you.

I’m waiting so long, maybe I’m wrong
I can’t walk away; my legs aren’t that strong.
Alone in a throng, I still try to prolong,
but it never begun, and I think I’m just done.

The flowing tears
should extinguish the flame,
but it’s been years
and it still burns the same.
Doe eyes sees the fears
and treats it like a game,
then it all disappears
am I to blame?

I’ll wait forever, I’m not too clever,
passing me by, but never say never.
I can not severe this painful endeavour,
I’m always the one but I think I’m just done.
Kora Sani Aug 7
i found the white flag you gave me
hidden in the trash
that's where i put it
just a few years ago

it was still packaged nicely
folded at every crease
it's such an eloquent way
to admit defeat

it's color was bright
and plain as can be
filled with nothingness
just like you thought of we

holding it in my hands,
you tell me to surrender
but that i can't do
for i'd be a pretender
Mida Burtons Jul 14
stood at the stands
our hands catching the wind
we shout every word
as she starts to sing
Poetemkin May 2018
O say! Can you see, by the TV's brash glare,
What so rarely we note happens right before kick-off?
Those who love liberty sing it out to declare!
But these dignified rites are now carelessly cast-off:

The profane ones all kneel, and the rest made to heel,
As the ones who hold power claim it's not a big deal.
O say! Does that Star-Spangled Banner yet stay
In the hearts of the Free? On their lips when they pray?
The "I" in Pride
Should fade and die
For what pride is there?
When I have my flag that I like to hide?

Ripped and torn from rainbow fusions
Mixed up in teenage emotional confusion
There is no "I" when it's a delusion
My past once apart of the movement

Pride will only cause the "I" fall
Into a mind set I thought I would never recall
Stand proud? Why? It's against His Law
This "I" can't stand in pride. I'm kneeling down instead of standing tall
As a Christian I have my own conviction and struggles. To each his own to what they do and choose for their life. God gave us free will. So if this doesn't apply to you then that's okay! But for me... It is a struggle  That annoys my brain... when it is no longer who I am. So now I'm fighting to remember that God has indeed created amazing Godly men.

If you are ***, please know that this is nothing against you. This is not  a hate poem to you. This is just a struggle heart ache poem that I deal with. I believe the bible is truth and what it says is right. but everyone has a choice...
Ivy May 21
Born in a place that I don't call home
Raised in a country foreign to Mom
Stained with the colors of different flags
My soul and my heart: in different lands

"Where are you from?" So simple a question
Yet always I answer with such hesitation
For how do I choose from different parts
Of the whole that is me and my colorful heart?

The answer is simple, not complex at all
It's simply a matter of wearing them all
So I'll show them all proudly: my beautiful hues
For I've finally realized I don't have to choose
Ronnie Ronnie
Yes Papa
Entering Politics
No Papa

Telling a lie
No Papa
Show me your flag
Ha Ha Ha
Lets Cherish Childhood
Mark Parker Apr 29
You can tell me I'm wrong,
but I feel like your words are fallacies.
Everything is wrong, I have a headache,
a stomach ache, I feel tense enough to do harm.
I refuse to be part of the world, this is all
bull...a bull with horns, running at a red flag.
When it's all or nothing, isolating from everything.
Frantic hands, passive glares, and silent stances.
Bizarre and unbounded, my feelings lay unspoken.
Written while thinking about one of my students today. He refused to do a thing or say a word, but he is usually one of the brightest kids in the school. Literally a basketball starter, honors student, and decent child. I have him work with other kids that have issues doing their work. It's sad to see him this way.
Jon Thenes Apr 30
Best off known
Make ‘art world’ of my damage
Prepare to go mammary

Prattle my way into important company
Display something intimidating
And put in my stake
My patchwork for paternity
Ylzm Apr 2
Stitched from pieces of Truth
Making a tapestry of a Lie
The signature handiwork
Of the Father of Lies

To which the wicked proudly cling
As vindication and justification
To beat the Truth
To submit to the Lie
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