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Kristin Jan 8
I did errands today
and I was confused

Something was wrong, astray
I mused

I settled into the evening quiet
And my disquieted soul shouted

"The flags were not at half staff"
As the West Wing staff and Cabinet was trimmed by half

Yesterday, Congress was sieged by riff-raff
45 egged them on

Congress counted the Electoral votes
but our troubles are not all gone

Today, I needed to see that flag half-mast
My grief begged for a symbol against the bombast

And yet the flag waved, full staff, as if nothing and no one mattered
And no one has said a word
Peacock Secrets Dec 2020
I am not mad at this flag
I am not sad at my map
I am not livid at legends and lines
I am not angry at stars and stripes
But I am certainly hurt
See I
Get targeted by
Not those, but by
Some white, some brown
Some brown, some white
who directly and indirectly
Direct shade at my light

Taught to hate my self-worth before it became self-evident, even to me
Taught jealousy of the mighty oak still asleep in its seed
Taught to feel needy even after they've over-filled their greed
Taught to steal whatever and whomever they want even after we've agreed
Tell me
Why lay waste to foundations that fathered humanity's nations?
What tree succeeds by strangling its deepest roots, its darkest leaves?
Why can't y'all post pillars while we build walls
How about we babble brooks while y'all till soils?
Who bewitched you into being a crab?
Our Beautiful blue planet, reduced to your crude barrel!

Allah Almighty, already
Described each creature's decree
there's more than we'd ever need
For all of you and all of me
So stop try'in. to take what's mine
My bounteous rights were bestowed by The Giver: The Equitable & Great!
And what only He could create
Only He could take!
That land and
This water
These trees
Our Freedom, our liberty, our peace
And many more than these
Pre-emptively pre-decreed
For each & every earthly being
So no, I don't feel fragile when I perceive
Humanity's brown, beige, black seeds
{Shout out Kalonji, google it, nigella sativa}
No, I don't see the need for hatred, jealousy, and greed
So much sadness and madness. Hence

I am not mad at my flag
I am not sad at my map
Not livid with legends and lines
Not angry at stars and stripes
But I'm certainly hurt
See I
Get targeted by
Not those, but by
Some white some brown
Some brown some white
Who indirectly and directly
Direct shade at my light
We're not protesting colors on cloth, we're protesting blood on pavement
miki Aug 2020
i’m still looking for the version of america that was taught to us in school.

the america where the flag that stands
stands for everyone’s freedom,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

the america where those who protect and serve
protect and serve everyone,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

the america where all are welcomed
and we welcome everyone with open arms,
not just those whose skin is made of porcelain.

but i guess this is only the america that lives inside my head.
the america that never existed.
where “everyone is free”
yet everyone whose skin isn’t made of porcelain is seen as a felon, a ‘bad man’, a walking disease, a theft...
as an inferior.
and the stars and the stripes that so gloriously fly
even in the darkest of nights
no longer stand for freedom.
because this “freedom” only applies to those whose skin is made of porcelain.

what makes the porcelain people so different than those whose skin is made of velvet?
when the version of america where that question is answered exists, take me there
no one is free, until everyone is free.
Emily Lawson Aug 2020
I look at you like you hung the moon

If I’m not touching on you, kissing you, playing with your hair,
If I’m not ******* or ******* you,
You look at me like a burden, an annoyance

An itch you can’t seem to scratch
A bug that just won’t go away
A blister rubbing against your shoe

You like me best as a pretty picture on the wall
Smiling until you call for me
Obeying and loving every second of it

Even when you look at me like that

You hung the moon
Mystic Ink Plus Jan 2020
Let 2020
Jolt your body
Shook the soul
Revive the spirit
Thrive the life
Once again
To be
A whole

At ease
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reason to be
Colm Dec 2019
Flying through the crisp air
Waving like my freedom fine

In declarative mind
This is for you
Because I believe the opposite
That somewhere between your extreme and my distaste
Lies the truth

This is what I find
Freedom Of Opinion Is A Flag In The Wind
he tackle
the law
that wrestle
the modernity
with pain
like Lysander
when politics
wrangle the
Star-Spangled Banner
when it
drew the
hep of
carols there's
an honest
girl to
sing granola
there a man of Ohio,retired
finish line in mind
never in sight
u never see it clear  
u never see the man with the flag
nor did u ever hear the bell
there is no warning ... no "bing bing... its your last lap"

in life you just run
every huff and puff heavy
your steps no longer as assured
your knees wiggle
your sight blurry
your all over the place
running like a drunk man lost
hoping , praying , begging for the finish line to be near
and in mind hoping , praying , begging you finish first

but u never see it clear
you never see the man in the checked flag

so instead ,you decide
'keep running'
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