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Let 2020
Jolt your body
Shook the soul
Revive the spirit
Thrive the life
Once again
To be
A whole

At ease
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reason to be
Seanathon Dec 2019
Flying through the crisp air
Waving like my freedom fine

In declarative mind
This is for you
Because I believe the opposite
That somewhere between your extreme and my distaste
Lies the truth

This is what I find
Freedom Of Opinion Is A Flag In The Wind
he tackle
the law
that wrestle
the modernity
with pain
like Lysander
when politics
wrangle the
Star-Spangled Banner
when it
drew the
hep of
carols there's
an honest
girl to
sing granola
there a man of Ohio,retired
finish line in mind
never in sight
u never see it clear  
u never see the man with the flag
nor did u ever hear the bell
there is no warning ... no "bing bing... its your last lap"

in life you just run
every huff and puff heavy
your steps no longer as assured
your knees wiggle
your sight blurry
your all over the place
running like a drunk man lost
hoping , praying , begging for the finish line to be near
and in mind hoping , praying , begging you finish first

but u never see it clear
you never see the man in the checked flag

so instead ,you decide
'keep running'
Creator Sun Sep 2019
Sounds of thunder and war,
A chant for freedom or gore,
The chance for a revolution,
A time for retribution.

But when the smoke clears,
And trust me it will,
The chance to breathe will be stilled.
For who are we fighting, but those before us?

Ones that protected us,
Ones that restricted us,
Ones that love us yet never seemed to let go of us.

Ones that we call our family.
Our countrymen.
Our people.
Yet still, we rebel.

Against our teachers.
Against the higher ups.
Against the system.

For freedom. For justice.
For the right to make a choice.
For democracy. For our lives.
For a social renaissance.

With our friends. With their help.
With the ones who feel oppressed.
With foreign aid, with combined power.

We overthrow the government.
The head of family.
The bosses, CEOs and stakeholders.
Waving flags that carry our hope.

And when dawn rises upon this darken wasteland,
We shall begin to realise
That the next generation
Will follow in our footsteps.

So be the flag that rises,
It'd be the flag that falls.
For what comes up must always come down.
And rebellions rises and falls.
This was prompted by a suggestion of one of my good friend and classmate in RGS. She gave me the word 'rebellion' when I had asked her for other words. Please do comment a word so that I'll be able to continue writing such poems every other day. :) Also, if you haven't noticed, I have no distinct poetic style, so I must wonder which poem do you all prefer?
Em MacKenzie Aug 2019
I’m waiting in line, wasting my time
for things that won’t come, though they are mine.
Pretend that I’m fine, should I draw a line?
Don’t wish to run, but I think I’m just done.

Feelings I can’t shake, they keep me awake,
the list has increased, how much more can I take?
With so much at stake, I try not to break,
I miss the sun, but I think I’m just done.

With tired eyes
I’ll still see it through.
Exasperated sighs
in breaths I drew.
I broke the ties,
but I’ve got some glue.
Searching the skies
and looking for you.

I’m waiting so long, maybe I’m wrong
I can’t walk away; my legs aren’t that strong.
Alone in a throng, I still try to prolong,
but it never begun, and I think I’m just done.

The flowing tears
should extinguish the flame,
but it’s been years
and it still burns the same.
Doe eyes sees the fears
and treats it like a game,
then it all disappears
am I to blame?

I’ll wait forever, I’m not too clever,
passing me by, but never say never.
I can not severe this painful endeavour,
I’m always the one but I think I’m just done.
Kora Sani Aug 2019
i found the white flag you gave me
hidden in the trash
that's where i put it
just a few years ago

it was still packaged nicely
folded at every crease
it's such an eloquent way
to admit defeat

it's color was bright
and plain as can be
filled with nothingness
just like you thought of we

holding it in my hands,
you tell me to surrender
but that i can't do
for i'd be a pretender
Mida Burtons Jul 2019
stood at the stands
our hands catching the wind
we shout every word
as she starts to sing
Poetemkin May 2018
O say! Can you see, by the TV's brash glare,
What so rarely we note happens right before kick-off?
Those who love liberty sing it out to declare!
But these dignified rites are now carelessly cast-off:

The profane ones all kneel, and the rest made to heel,
As the ones who hold power claim it's not a big deal.
O say! Does that Star-Spangled Banner yet stay
In the hearts of the Free? On their lips when they pray?
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