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we were planted in each other’s lives
for a reason
and ever since, our hearts
have been beating
I want to grow with you,
no matter the season

we are two seeds, independent
destined to grow into beautiful creatures
we are filled with love and harmony,
two plants growing into a romance,
tasting each other carefully.

you are the sun I need,
and I am the rain that waters your seed.
together we will bloom,
as we wear flowers as our costume.

we are two seeds, planted for each other
happiness is what we seek,
we are destined to love,
destined to suceed.

- gio
Euphrosyne Feb 2020
feel secured
With the
Presence of
Thats why I felt like I don't even need to confess my feelings to you but I still need to because I might lose you.
phoenix Dec 2019
stay with me this morning today
ill tell you that the silent snakes slither silently
you said its may
this time of year they wont slither slightly

stay with me at lunch
we found your favourite flowers
tulips, i tied them in a bunch
im sorry about your hair tie

stay with me this afternoon
and i didn't know what it meant
when you said its mid phase of the moon
but you love astronomy

stay with me tonight
I always take pictures of you in the sunset
stay with me until its light
let me take pictures of you in the sunrise

and I wish I could tell you now
I wish I could try
I don't know how
but I do know why

you could be everything to me
Jessi Apr 2019
a bumble bee
does not deny
taking great care of
the flowers
that provide her with
sweet nectar

do not hide their
beautiful faces
from the
curious sun

a stream
will always run
swiftly away
from a mountain and
into the loving arms
of a valley

the tide
works tirelessly
to touch
mother moon

throw themselves
to the ground
just to be close to

i sacrifice
to keep
missing you.
Jolan Lade Mar 2019
I promise I will be good
Don't let anyone steal you from me
I will care for us as I should
I'm not always close, and I know that is hard
But don't let anyone see what I see in you
Don't take yourself away from me
Because you are the she, the she that makes me complete
I want us to be more, I need you to be mine <3
Amanda Mar 2019
Loving me in this world
Tied to you, lifting me up
Enclosed in a warm balloon of love
We can reach the ceiling of the sky
I can taste the sun warmed vapour
As it flows down your salted skin
Kisses, melt the billowing clouds
And we ignite in lightning sparks
As the world explodes around us
I see you, as stars light your eyes
I am weightless, but your heart holds me
In our floating universal paradise
Manasvi Garg Feb 2019
every night
i end up writing something about you-
the way your lips moved along with mine
to voice our poetries together
the way your hands slipped around my waist
to lead me through a slow dance
the way your eyes twinkled into mine
to make me want to write something about them;
about you-
i don’t want to write about you.
i’m done with making you the ink
of every phrase i scribble
of letting you be the canvas of
my artwork
it’s like
this poem isn’t mine anymore
it belongs to you
you are the words in it
and, you are it’s heart;
our heart,
It calls for you
because, i’m too scared to do it
on my own-
call for you.
i can’t let you have more pieces of me
than you already do
even though it’s me
who’s still holding onto
your memories
your touch
your voice
your clothes
your scent
here is the only place
i have you for me
it’s like the world goes in a blur
and, it’s just you
and us
holding onto each other
not letting go.
but, it’s just me
who’s hugging
my memories of you
grasping, clutching-
not letting go.
the pen slips my grip
your warmth escapes me
i did it again.
i wrote about you.
and like every other night
I end up writing about you-
but i don’t want to.

i don’t want your hugs anymore
I’m aware of my awareness of you,
Of my absorbing everything you do,
And wonder if you are aware of me.
But you are not real, so how could you be?

I’m loving the feeling of loving you,
Of investing my heart in all you do,
And hoping inside that you’re loving me.
But you hide your heart, so how could you be?

I’m aroused by my arousal from you,
Of the lust I feel watching all you do,
And aching for you to make love to me.
But I am nothing, so how could you be?

I’m needing those needs I have for you,
Of needing to live in the world you do,
And needing to dream you also need me.
But you’re just my dream, so how could it be?
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Brenda Mukisa Apr 2018
We always had conversations.
Texting, alot. In the middle of the night, day.... or early in the morning.
When the rest of the world was clearly asleep.
I'd stalk you and text you immediately I saw "online"
Every one thought I was stupid for loving you
I donot know, but can't say I was.
That evening I heard you were back.
I rushed off to see you because I'd missed you.
I wanted to talk to you.
You offered to drive me to the mall.
We had alot to talk about and catch up on.
You told me about her like I knew her.
And maybe at that point I actually knew her through you.
Your descriptions, admiration.....
And just how much your face lit up when you talked about her.
I was happy for you.
She was still giving you a hard time.
Hadn't said yes yet.
And you were impatient for it.
Even when I had every right to be sad
because in my mind, you were mine.
Always had been.
I was happy because one of us was fighting for what they wanted.
She was your type.
Big *** and hips.... ***** to die for... great body.
And me.... just normal. Nothing too big.....
Yet you preferred too big. And that she was.
We talked about her for a while, at least you did.
And all I did was listen and smile.
You were happy and that made me happy as well.
Only difference was, only one of us,
This time around, had hope.
continuation of About us #1

To be Continued....
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