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Veronica Moore Dec 2022
From star dust to grass blades,
I'd traverse it all for you.
For you are not just my sun and stars,
You're the whole **** universe.
My love.
Sakshi Balla Sep 2020
Trash bin-
I threw them away
My treasure
My passion
My love...
Fantasies of emotions
Illusions of the reality
I abandoned them all
It felt so good and it hurt me so good
With my love written on them
Ripped them from their soul
Crumpled their hearts
And threw them away in the trash bin with fragility apart
Jammit Janet Jul 2020
Floating on air,
Without a care,
The universe engulfs me,

Feeling so light,
Ready to take flight,
Escape this plight,
Be free!,
With all my might,

To awaken my emotions,
And amuse my senses,
To get lost in time,
A private oasis,

With its sea of people,
And rainbow landscape,
Of colors, textures, smells, and sounds,

No long faces,
No races, class, or spaces,
For hate,
Just love and kindness to re hydrate,
My soul and heart,
From this massive heartache.
Aaron LaLux Jul 2020
Feeling claustrophobic doing emotional aerobics,
can’t breath so I take a breath and breath in,
and if you can’t be with the one you love,
then love the one you can be with,

time is precious,
can’t waste it,
even though I’m at this terminal,
feeling like a rebel that’s complacent,

typing on these keys,
like they could make a difference,
met Jay-Z and respect Alicia keys,
but this New York State of Mind is indignant,

feels like the world is ending,
feels like no one cares,
feeling like no one feels things,
feels like feeling don’t matter any more,

you know what they say,
one moment you feel like you’re on top of the world,
the next moment that feeling goes away,

we’ve got pandemics,
we’ve got floods and fires,
we’ve got a worldwide lockdown,
we’ve got misdirected desires,

we’ve got not a lot left to believe in,
see people I know in the street,
and feel like,
I’ve got nothing to say to them,

dead inside,
still sparked and alive,
still I log on just to turn off,
but I’m not grabbed by anything online,

nothing is exciting,
nope nothing at all,
so I try to drown out my anxieties,
with orange juice and alcohol,

wishing I knew which directions to go in,
wishing I knew if life was real or not,
it’s 2020 it feels like that doesn’t mean anything,
feels like we got way but somehow we are still caught,

here in this moment,
with no one except ourselves,
what do you do if ignorance is bliss,
but knowledge is wealth,

which to choose,
the choice is up to you,
I can’t give you any advice,
because I don’t even know what’s true,

though I do know one thing,
when I take a breath and breath it’s,
if you can’t be with the one you love,
then love the one you can be with….
Tyrone May 2020
I wanna be a rockstar
Bigger than kurt cobain
Seen a ******* runway
And shotgun her brain

She’s a model on top
And she giving her place
Let me work that body
But for now just the face

Just tryna live the lifestyle
Of being a rockstar
I’m seeing flashing lights
But I see no cop cars

Poppin all these pills
Every single night
Smoke a couple kilos
And do in the white

I seen your living nice
Your just a pop star
I need to go further
I wanna be a rockstar
UnitingWriting Mar 2020
Someday I will not need these clothes to feel good
I will not worry ‘bout what I should
Someday I’ll do my best and like what I see
I won’t need special wings to feel free
But someday
Could you not come a little sooner?
Please save this girl before I ruin her
Maybe that you could come today
Oh what I would give
Just to be okay
Mark Oct 2019
The night is perfect.

Cold air relief
From the loud
Heat of the bus.

Beyond the road
People laugh
And embrace;
A perfect soundtrack
That ignites the silent stillness.  

I don't know where
You're coming from,
So I look both ways:

A headlight!

Every time
An approaching car
Announces itself
Through engine and gravel,
I turn and look up as
A speedbump throws light
Flaring through my retina,
Obscuring everything,
So that for a few seconds,
I have no idea
If it's you or not.

And with each passing car,
My anticipation
And my excitement

I am happy.
Aaron LaLux Sep 2019
Love is love,
it’s not that complicated,
Love does not care what color or *** you or your love is,
because Love is all inclusive it doesn’t discriminate,

Love is colorblind,
Love Sees No Color Love wears Cross Colours jumpers,
Love is abundant, just ask Russell Simmons or Gloria Carter,
or her baby Jay Z or anyone else who is an authentic Lover,

Love is unconditional & it’s available to everyone,
regardless of class social status religion region or color,

it’s okay to feel good, smile you deserve it,
dedicate yourself to love, believe me it’s worth it,

you get what you give so give 100%,

remember to forget & forgive them, even if they’re not perfect,
because no person walking this earth’s surface is,
but you can still find yourself a good girlfriend or boyfriend,
as long as you’re willing to work with them,
& you two can still be your own version of Bonnie & Clyde,
can still be in love & serve them with services,

there’s wisdom in these verses here,
modern day scriptures for gangstas & hipsters,
they don’t call him LaLux or J-Hova for nothing,
no fronting true strength requires no crutches or addictions,

just enough Dedication as Lil Wayne to get to 10,000 hours,
as laid out well by Macklemore or Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers,

a Master of Self a ******* from Hell,
***** as hell but he cleans up well
I own all my Master,
you should probably own yours as well,

the floods are coming, there’s some prophecy for you,
either ride the Tidal wave or get washed straight away,
washing the straight leg green jeans clean so there’s no proof,

only proof is us see our success & ourselves are Self Evident,
only witness God won’t testify against our business interest,
the evidence is obvious see we are all sovereign entities,
you are your own country so you are your own president,
a one person army a one person president,
who roams the whole globe everywhere’s their residence,
channelling these visions into verses of the present tense,
told you before I’m not a business man I’m a business, man...

Smile is continued in THHT3...

∆ LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #24 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
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