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Betrothed to the beast,
but "warned tirelessly."
Still, she cared for the monster
he was made out to be.
With a fear filling façade he repels those
with tongues like pitchforks
and words of cleansing fire

She would tend to the wounds inflicted
upon his disfigured face, and in his arms
she was shielded and safe,
working to pry apart the scaly armor
burnt into his blackened skin.

Yet over time as his skin began to soften
so did she sharpen a hidden blade,
and one fateful night
She stabbed down deep
into his bare back
sadistically watching as he bled unrelentingly.
She fished 'round his oozing chest
and pulled out a prized heart to present.

And so she returned to the  very sooth sayers
who warned her covered in red
as a monster whos enchanting mask
proved far more fatal and grotesque
than the beast she did betray.
The hardest exteriors hide the softest hearts, and the prettiest faces have the deadliest intentions , so beware.
Peyton L Sep 4
Hiding in my stomach
where no one can find her
is a beast.

She's a shapeshifter, this monster.
Sometimes her skin is leathery
and membranous,
and wings stretch where her arms used to be.

Sometimes she's a mass of fur and
horns and talons.
Sometimes she's just a fog of darkness
leaking into the world.

But she never lets me forget
that she's there.
When I look into the mirror, I see her.
I'll touch my face
and find it utterly human,
and yet my reflection is a leviathan.
A demon.
She used to terrify me,
make me sweat and shake from fear.

But I've come to accept
that this is what I am.
A monster
whose teeth are stained with blood
of mine and others.
I can never brush them clean.
felt kinda edgy so I wrote this
Talia Aug 30
When I reach out for help,
a hellish beast returns from the void,
only to bite my hand.
My utmost desire is to scream,
I crave to cry the sweet tears of sorrow,
I wish to unleash my demons from their prison.

But i'm afraid I can't.
Life is a big oof
Growly Wolfus Aug 13
Get out!  Stay away from me.  Or else, you too will get the disease
of hatred, anger, lust, and pride.  Get away or else you'll also die.
Let me wallow in this pit of despair.
Because, deep down, I know you don't care.
And this love that you thought we had
was never real.  Please don't be sad.
Just throw all your problems unto me.  I'm the one who's going to be
alone for the rest of their days, staring into his eyes, his deadly gaze.

It's final now; I've been diagnosed.  I have the condition I dreaded most.
Depression, they say, will be a hard battle.  I can't go on with this tiresome travel.
My only friends are in my head,
since all the others believe me dead.
Leave me alone! Don't let me poison your mind
with thoughts of death and suicide.
If you ever catch this disease, you'll be with me on the stormy seas.
I long for death or some escape from his gaze filling me with hate.

My happiness has been taken from me, and I'll never get it back from the beast.
He let me go from his cold grasp.  For once, I'll be at peace, at last.
Another one lost...                                                                                    
                                                                   ...hundreds left wondering...
...... is this the best choice?...
Philomena Aug 11
You were the heavens and I the Earth
You were cast up in the stars
And I in the dirt
You were much like an angel and I like a beast
Yet I can still remember when you reached your hand down to me
Were different that is easy to see
But somehow it worked in harmony
And as I stare up into the sky
You look like a shooting star passing by
there’s a great terror in the universe
there’s a beast in the great terror of the universe
a beast is a beauty of a great terror
a beast is a beauty of a great terror in the universe
beauty is the beast,beauty is the great terror,beauty is the universe
beauty is the beast of a great terror
the eyes of the beast is the eyes of a great terror

the eyes of the beast is beauty of the beast
the eyes of the beast is the eyes of the beholder
the eyes of the beast is the beholder of the beast
the eyes is the beholder of a beast
the eyes is the beholder of a great terror
beholder is beholder of a beast
beholder is beholder of a great terror

beauty is the beholder of the universe
beauty is the beholder of a great terror
beauty is beauty in the eyes of the universe
beauty is beauty in the eyes of the beholder
beauty is beauty in the eyes of a great terror
the beholder of a beast is the beholder of a great terror
the beholder is the eyes of the beast
my writing is called philosophical writing. i only uses middle ages words,words liked gracious,extravaganza,etc... this poem is about there's a beast in the great terror of the universe. i don't add capitalization's on my writing.
A Simillacrum Jul 21
for all my preparation
this project begins to slip away
what if my great fantasy
hinges on a banal happiness?
the ink of ballpoint pen
takes me as far as sorrow's edges
i confess best to myself
wetness skin to skin, with sweat's sweet and
sour accompaniment is as close to happiness
as i can steer this sinking ship
as of late there's nothing left
of the sweat to cleanse my dead palate
Mitch Prax Jul 21
Throw me to the sharks
and let me see how the beast
inside of you thinks

6:09 PM
roumen Jun 26
One day you Will walk away...
I don't want to let you ..
One day my
Heart will be broken
Onto thousand
shiny pieces..
The punch ..
Was sharp and heavy..
I can collect this pieces..
Next day.
It will not be easy..
But Jack will help...

Next morning.
Will be better..
You think..
But ..NO..
It isn't..
Even it is darker..
But Jack can help..

I know that ,
If i hold you tight
I can harm you...
If not ,
You will be free
And not with me..
There Is no escape ..
From that ..
But Jack Will help..

I know...
You are so fragile ..
I am ..that Beast
Who love you..
I know ..i know
my face is **** ...
My slappy hands..
My heart ..
But Jack can help..

The moral of
That story
Is very simple..
Beauty and
the Beast..
Can't live together ..
Never ..Ever..

...But Jack will help. ..

Who's Jack ?
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