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Martin Boško May 28
Sssstranded and ssssuffering
I wassss ssssentenced for your ssssin
Sssseen assss a sssslut by the goddesssss I wassss sssserving
It'ssss ssssad how different my life could have been

Asssssaulted priesssstessss
It wassss not my choicccce
You defiled the ssssanctum of my misssstresssss
You have taken me by forcccce

Posssseidon, be ******
You desssstroyed my life
To world of monssssterssss I wassss ssssent
For not being sssstronger than you in our fight
Calm is the storm when you’re away
Dreaming I’m sure of what I’m thinking,
And what desires I crave.
There’s a creature lurking behind the treeline
Of the distant forest, and a part of me
Yearns to adventure there
To see what ways it’ll have me.

A cage unlocked by undone straps,
Button, zipper, and tied laces,
And torn clothes from impulsive thirst
For more skin to be shown,
I know you crave it.

The bark will make its mark
As torn skin likewise will against it,
Follow me to the treeline,
Where none but the feral dare go,
To have their way
As the domesticated
Run for suburbia.

There’s nothing to fear
If your beast fights as mine,
For where’s the fun in vanilla,
When red is such a pretty color,
You don’t need to be careful with me,
Show me what you’re made of.

Tonight, let’s be the new urban legend,
And dismiss the thoughts of making it out alive
Or letting the sunrise save us from our fate.
32 lines, 237 days left.
Victor Bilgin Feb 24
I whispered to the Beast:
Drought stood at the ready —
We swam on sand to flee.
Roaming dogs could smell
Fear, or was it fight
That we had within us
As we fled into the night.

In darkness we sat,
Our numbers light.
Cold, Queen of Ice, with us.

She spoke:
"Should it find you,
Scream my name
And tell it this:
O Beast! O tortured soul!
You are free.
Go as you please
Unto the world
That bore you.
I say it
and it is so."
Medusa Dec 2020
{inspired by Krista Dellefemine}

I see you carry a heavy metal soul
It must sound like thunder
When the rain comes

You are visible to some, like me
You must know, we walk a long road
Never to get home, but it's alright

Some paths don't lead nowhere
To go on wandering is no curse

I see you carry a heavy metal

The full film, 1946, "La Belle et La Bete"
By Jean Cocteau

Best part is about 30 minutes into the film.
Michael Luciano Dec 2020
The tables have turned,
The ties that bind,
Were twisted and torn to shreds.
Up came the heat
Through the cracks in the streets
Red from the bankers we've bled.
Steeped in tradition our teeth are all missing. We drink from  Belly of the beast.
Dylan McFadden Oct 2020
That fateful day, It slipperily slunk,
The shrewd and crafty Beast

And with Its slithery tongue It struck
Two hearts, and hell released

A fateful day! A fateful dint!
…The Fall of the Beloved

But then and there One gave the hint
Of rescue from Above


That fateful day the Beast would bite
The heel of The Great King

But He, in turn, would crush Its head –
Death’s prisoners would sing:

“The fateful Day eternity told,  
Foreknown before the world!

The Lion came, brave and bold –
The Lamb slain from of old!”


And so, that fateful day was but
A part in the Grand Scheme

One fateful Day He’d come indeed
To ransom and redeem

That fateful Day upon a cross
He breathed His final breath:

“It is finished!” was His cry;
The death of death in death.

Norman Crane Oct 2020
Flay me, shroud my body
in Saran wrap, for others to see
what you mean to me: a relief
map of live suffering,
writhing organs in a plastic bag,
a human soup to drag
behind you, sensitive to everything you do,
overflowing with formless worship,
pink, raw and dreaming
of a vicious kinship:
Open yourself and slip my parts in,
we can exist, two hideous beasts
within a single beautiful skin.
Norman Crane Oct 2020
I am huddled in the coroner,
a little beast within a man,
And when at night he studies bodies,
I come out,
now and again.
S R Mats Oct 2020
Dear pussycat, you clever little beast
To hide the paws that hid the claws
That shred my pretty face.

Feline, fooled as I was to forget
Within your blood wildness simmered
Just beneath the folds and crease;

Of eyes that looked asleep!
Never put your face close to the face of an unknowable cat.
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