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The ***** creeps into the room,
On silent, tiny paws.
Her fur a mellow chestnut,
Her eyes a silky fawn.

Her charming looks encapture
All who turn and stare.
And yet they don't realise
She's caught them in her snare

She smiles a caring smile,
Her eyes glow in the light.
And yet nobody sees
This is all an act.

She twists and snaps and snarls
At the stumbling little cat.
"You're worthless!" She shouts.
"I hope you die!" She shouts.

She turns around, grinning
A lopsided, silly smile.
Nobody heard or saw
The beast she really is.
About someone in my class

HP censors the main word so just replace the ***** with the word for a female fox
Oh, star born beast, will you cry at the moon? For she is your mother, who made you beautiful and perfect, and yet she left you on the dust plain. She loved you but you pulled, and pulled, and pulled away. You didn’t believe in yourself or your beauty, you gnashed your teeth into her delicate skin. Until finally she put you away, so you will learn about your worth. And finally so you will put blame on yourself. Tell me celestial beast, what do you fear? Change or yourself?
You know who you are.
Kelsey Feb 15
Endless days of mental sickness
Round the clock, nothing but darkness
This beast that lives inside my brain
He’s feasting away, I’m going insane

“Your thoughts are ****”
“Your soul is too”
“All you think and care about is you”

Will it ever get better?
Will this noise ever quit?
Somehow masking my torture
In laughter and wit

They say the wolf that you feed
Will be champion of the ring
Well, I feed this wolf my self-hatred
He eats like a king

Even now as I pour my heart onto page
All I hear is criticism
That voice, screaming with rage

I dream of the day
The wolf escapes from his cage
Over the waves from Geatland came
    A mighty band and brave,
Warriors bold who took their aim
    The Danish state to save.

Grendel, the demon-foe of Danes,
    Was soon to be outmatched;
Soon was the outcast kin of Cain's
    To wish he ne'er had hatched.

Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow,
    Who here a hero stands,
Laid sword aside and kept his vow
    To fight with but his hands.

With but his hands he dealt a death
    Unto the hellish beast
Who sacrificed both limb and breath,
    And now who lies deceased.  

For Hrothgar, son of Halfdane, king,
    Giver of rings and torques,
I sing in Heorot; so I sing
    Where now no evil lurks.  

The Lord, Almighty God himself,
    On the side of Halfdane's son,
Sent Beowulf to slay the elf;
    And so God's will was done.

Kit Scott Jan 22
it rises in me like a quiet tide like a
rushing, swelling feeling that sets me
fit to burst that fills me up and wells out from
underneath my ribs and spills right over into
my lungs and drowns my heart in its
siren call of violence and
in this moment i find that

i cannot fight it

because in this moment, they deserve the anger
they deserve the blood

and yet, they also deserve

and so i
rage and fury and frustration that builds with the red hot taste of a million suns
that fills my gums and worms it's way under the beds of my nails, slides through my skin and twists it's way around my heart
hardening it
giving me teeth and claws and skin of iron and the courage to run run run and then i can


i will rip into their bodies with words like knives
teeth that tear and rip and shred
i will bite their bones until they break
lodge my claws deep in their lungs
pull out their hearts and i will eat them

i am hungry
so so hungry

and now these men and their hearts-of-war
their fat coin purses with strings pulled tight

they have fallen to the beast

the one that they created

raised to be their downfall

(they have eaten my own flesh, drunk the marrow from my bones and watched me eat from the palms of their hands while i bled out

and so now i will devour their bodies
feast on their meat as they did on mine)

and so i will slink away into the shadows
i will draw back in my claws and teeth
hide my hard heart and shining steelskin
and put on the mask to hide my ravenous eyes

but i will be back
my hunger is never slaked, my belly never full
i will gorge on the hearts of those
who thought i would never come for them

i am the creature
i am the war
i am hunger

in the end
am anger

and i

we children have lead our lives on diets of all too familiar post apocalyptica and the feeling of rage burning hot through our stomachs, magma at our cores. one day, we will erupt.
Today I stood against the beast
I realized he was a coward
He cowered before me when I roared
I am in control
I realize now
Oh ye beast within
I am in control
The beast within can be anything: procrastination, fear, alcoholism, *** addiction, laziness whatever it is, You are stronger and you can defeat the beast.With Determination, patience, time and love from yourself and those around you... stay strong
Why do I feel like I belong in places I know I’m not supposed to?
In the cracks, in the rawness of reality, I sit in peace.
Such an odd disturbance I am.
It’s only among the odd, among the shadow I feel at ease to just be me.
I was not made for fancy things.
I belong in the dirt and the blood.
I’m no royal beast.
The finer things are wasted on me.
I just want to be left alone.
To not pretend
to not fit in
but to succeed in the mess I am.
I am no royal beast. I am me!!!
Beast saw beauty, and
Everything, even the tiny turned,
Amazing, for the beast, but
Time had his own plans,
Right went wrong, roses cried petals,
It was left with a single petal, until the beauty
Caressed the lips of the beast with her own,
Ending the myth, born a fairy tale.
gracie Feb 2018
a million years ago
my mom told me
there’s a light at the end of every tunnel
but I don't hold my breath
as we drive through them.

it's always cold
when I come home
'cause I'm the dark one
in my household.

the silent halls howl
with aching echoes
as my heels
clickety clack
  across the linoleum tiles.

beside my bed
sits a vase of withered roses
floating like corpses
in milky water.

I hate them.
every petal, every thorn
but I can't bring myself
to let them go.

is a beast still bad
if she cries in her sleep?
‘cause she’s broken and numb
but the world still turns.

she doesn't try
to be evil
she just forgets
to achieve perfection.
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