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Alicia Moore Jun 6
Claim me to rid my mind of misery,
although do not weep when my inner grief
grants you no extra power like the ones before me.

I’m warning you now, dear Beast,
all you can gain from this consumption is weight -
I have no power left in storage - but I beg for this.

On my hands and knees; I beg for you
to quieten my screaming weakness.
Andreas Simic Apr 23
Like thousands of soldiers in parachutes
they come out of the winter sky

One by one hitting the pavement
to claim victory for the season now unfolding

At first they are vanquished almost instantly
a price paid for those leading the charge

However as they begin to accumulate and cluster
a formidable foe is being created

Inch by inch, foot by foot, a fortress is being built
one that can be transformed into an igloo for shelter if needed

Soon the landscape will be covered by a heavy white blanket
left unattended it will run amok overwhelming all

As plummeting temperatures assault those not ready
once open lakes and river pathways no longer escape routes

A battering ram of inclement weather hampering travel
imprisoning those caught unaware of its fury

Snow drifts form obstructing passageways
entrapping those not prepared with an escape route

Waiting out the enemy a defensive strategy now in use
As it surrounds you on all sides building an oppressing presence

High winds and frostbite commingling in the air
that will dominate at the end of the day

Beauty or beast
The conflict yet to be decided.

Andreas Simic ©
There is nothing like the first day of winter snowfall and this poem celebrates and vilifies that which is yet to come.
ScaryGary Mar 13
this must be just another test
utter less
stuck on the ****** to **** on the other breast
silken milk of the real deal and i feel like an udder mess


cover this
mist is sick with twisted, i discover less
it's colorless
put with the other gases to suffer and to smother this

JKirin Oct 2021
Rotten smell.
Stale water.
In this well –
a monster.

Twisted horns,
horrid maw –
a wild beast!
You would know...

You entrapped it in there,
but to leave, don't you dare.

It is stuck
in the dark –
cannot run
nor attack.

The beast calls
from the pit –
you can hear
it weep.

You entrapped it in there...
Its sad cries, you must bear.
about a monster, but which one?
Robert Watson Sep 2021
Plagued by crippling doubt,
You trudge through life
Hesitant, confused, aimless.
Peril lurks behind you.

You cling to what you know:
A sweet numb idleness.
You seek a badge of courage,
But are waylaid by hedonism.

Sinking deeper into sorrow,
The many colored beast nearby,
Whispering “you are alone,
Worthless, inadequate, a corpse."

Night’s jaws envelope you,
As the taint burns your soul.
The beast prowls unchallenged
Leaving the heart torn and gory.

About to concede to the Destroyer,
You are interrupted in the act,
By a still small voice,
And love embraces you.
You can't always conquer evil with your own resolve.
JKirin Sep 2021
the beast aims to ****
but I am frozen in place.
My blood's running still
in its frightening grace,
and I smile—
about being mesmerized by a beast
Robert Watson Sep 2021
A carnivorous beast lies pitted deep inside.
It devours its prey, gorging till it subsides.
Living in the heart of man, this beast doth reside.
It stalks upon carnal thoughts yet to betide.

A reincarnate knight seeks a kingdom of glory.
To vanquish the beast: his reoccurring story.
Oft' has the beast left the field torn and gory.
Yet, the knight strives for resplendent victory.

Fanfare pierces the soul; the champion sheathes his sword.
Returning to his dais, the knight returns as lord.
The internal battle is waged daily, and some beasts are larger than others.
They say I cannot
That is because I do not
Not because I have done not
They know not
Because they've seen not
They don't know...
It's a beast in chains
Chains of experience
When people see you not doing the things they do, they conclude you're dull or you lack the energy to do. Little do they know that experience has changed you.
Left To Rot Jun 2021
Passionate, bloodthirsty... Oh, so mean!
Meaner than the meanest high school bullies you've seen.
A particularly evil mindset, to a certain degree...
Because I don't hurt with punches, I hurt with words.
How can this be?

A blow in the right spot can make one faint,
a line in the right place can put one to shame.
From a blow they can recover just fine,
but from shame? Trust me, that takes waay more time.

If everyone around me read what I write,
they'd understand, at least a little, what tore me apart.
The people would feel what I felt and I'd laugh
as they bathed themselves with tears. Such delight!
Tichozpytec May 2021
Sssstranded and ssssuffering
I wassss ssssentenced for your ssssin
Sssseen assss a sssslut by the goddesssss I wassss sssserving
It'ssss ssssad how different my life could have been

Asssssaulted priesssstessss
It wassss not my choicccce
You defiled the ssssanctum of my misssstresssss
You have taken me by forcccce

Posssseidon, be ******
You desssstroyed my life
To world of monssssterssss I wassss ssssent
For not being sssstronger than you in our fight
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