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It's a slow striptease with words
delivered from a
false idol's
that makes you
fold your hands like you're in Catholic school

because you know you'd sin
with bright eyes and silver tongues
if you
let yourself forget
who you are,

who they are.

So laugh at all the moments
you could have
gasped and moaned
at their touch,
because your defense
has always been
smiles and passing jokes.

Don't get too close, darling.
You know all too well
they'll forget you
in the morning.

This isn't the first time
someone left.
Savanna 3d
Could never be understood
By someone so temporary
Such as myself
Did you enjoy your frozen yoghurt?

“Well, yes I did”
But did you really, though?
Did you, instead of swiftly devouring it like the monster you are,
allow it to melt on your tongue,
having it soak in the flavours as it explodes and have its sweetness
dance to music played in your mind?

Did you slow down to savour the promise of heaven’s eternal bliss?
Did you stop to be still and live in the moment?
Did you make it last a little longer, so as to make it worth as long as it should last?

Yet, alas, it lasts no longer.
And when all is said and done, what’s left of it– emptiness in the cup, and the remnants we so desperately try to scrape and taste to remember what it felt like, and to clean up the cup as much as possible.

Maybe this is why we enjoy temporal things; though they pass away, what they offer in the moment gives us a glimpse of what eternity may hold.
Thoughts conceived at IKEA.
I was the Hurricane that fondly blew on him
-the way you do your favourite old records

But he was a dandelion and
he was gone
                       w   i  
                                 t   h


some things are best enjoyed only at that moment. Don't blink, don't ask for a pinch because, by the time you believe it, Its already moved on.
Altar of false reassurance, symbolizing return, of the hat bearer
“Home is where you hang your hat.”
How many of you have the hat bearer hung on temporary walls?
During intermittent crawls from house to home
Mallory Day Feb 26
How long did it take before you realized
you were searching for something
that was never lost

Did you travel the world
In search of something
that was always inside you

When you finally reached
the end of the earth.....
did you find a warm house
one that feels like home?
Or is it as cold as
the one
you were born in

Did you finally realize
filling the heart with temporary things
only leaves the mind to wonder
where your happiness has gone
Desire Feb 23
    as if
        doing what

2-22-19 @2324HRS
Desire Feb 23
Blast the music
    as your heart bumps a beat
Paint the picture
    as art freely flows from thee
Hit the bag
    as your force transfers energy
Run the mile
    as wind wakens your pair of wings
Write the thoughts
    as your cluttered cloud turns into speech
Pray the prayers
    as you go through victories and defeat
Take the breathers
    as you exchange your breath for air unseen
Seek the peace
    as your pain may taunt you temporarily
Live the moment
    as if your eyes were taking their final blink
    as if
        doing what

2-22-19 @2324HRS
Mae Feb 22
people come and go,
they are just passing by.
why can't you let go?
when all of them are just going to go.
i saw the future within his eyes
but he only saw a pastime in mine
not all things are meant to last
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