The most
Friend forever!
But is often neglected,
When in relationship with

"Temporary Happiness"

Just a thought!

Caught up in Insanity.
In their own Vanity.
The Inanity.

Elsa Witherow Aug 24

Some days when I'm sad
The clouds open up
They leave the Earth wet and humid
The air thick with fog

On these days
It feels like the universe is crying for me
So I do not waste my tears
On something so simple
Something so temporary

This pain

Its only temporary

I promise you
You'll find a way
A way out of this hell

Just be patient

Trust is all temporary

Life is moving so fast,
You may fee like an outcast,

But it'll come back round,
Pick you up,
And you'll fly higher than you ever thought you could.

Be patient,
Trust the person who see's the light, trust in them while you cannot see it yourself.

haze Aug 21

your hand grasping mine weakly
plunging deeper in darkness' abyss
seeping through the cracks, my light can't penetrate
in utter disbelief, an unfortunate realization;

-you can't be fixed for i was merely your temporary fix not your medicine

its only temporary.
it's just two weeks.
you'll     be    home
s        o        o       n.
but  even  a   single
night    w i t h o u t
you,  my   l  o  v  e,
makes   my    heart
ache,  ache,   a c h e
like  ha  lf  of me is
.m   i   s   s   i   n   g.

the first night is always
the most difficult, right?
Liz Carlson Aug 12

The day started so blue,
but somehow I made it through.
Time spent with an amazing friend,
made those feelings end.
I know I'll feel it again,
but for now my heart can mend.

AR Aug 11

Take what I can get.
aint got no soul
Maybe another body can make me whole.
Visions of death not so scary.
Suicidal tendencies, ordinary
Boredom varies.
Take what I can get
Lacking substance
My existence is inconsistent.

D A N E Aug 9

Misplaced feelings.
Thinking it was the real thing.
Temporary people who are typical.
For what we had was fictional.

Paraphrase Jul 21

We are,
Sitting on water tanks,
As the clouds begin to play childish pranks,
With the moon.

We have,
A perfect moment in an imperfect time,
Your palms squeezed into mine,
Not a moment too soon.

"Where are we going?"
"Nowhere, for now."
"We'll figure out where, once we figure out how,"
"As we go."

But I want to take you,
Taste your soul through sealed lips,
Hold you tight in my arms, as we take trips,
By ourselves.

I want to let go,
Every joy and misery I've ever known,
For a second with you smiling, your hair blown,
In an open car, on the open road.

So take my hand,
We can go drowning in these shallow waters,
Alone in our darkness,  among light that never falters,
And let go.

You can fall,
Know that broken people put back together,
Feel as good as new, as good as never,
But, for you, I'll try,
I won't break, I won't cry,
I'll hold on to you, like reason, to the only thing that matters,
So take my hand, we can go drowning,
In shallow waters.

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