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Love is so beautiful
But so temporary
Leaving me grasping for another breath
So still and defined
But so volatile
Dissapering after a moment
Like smoke from my cigarette
Leaving me wanting more
Hamna Jun 11
Today,  I picked up flowers of life with glee

Tomorrow, the thorns of death shall pick me without any glee

Today I enjoyed the temporary pleasures of the world

Tomorrow, I shall dwell with the displeasures of death

The funeral ahead is declaring ‘O humans of this earth’
‘Follow my lead since I am your guide.’
Sayyidunā Abul-Ḥujjāj Šumālī رضي الله عنه narrates that the Holy Prophet صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم said, “When the dead person is laid into the grave, the grave says to him, “May you be destroyed! Why did you forget me? Didn’t you know that I am the home of troubles and darkness? Why did you use to walk on me arrogantly?” If the deceased is pious, a voice from the unseen says, “Oh grave! He is one of those who always spread goodness and prevented evil” The grave says, “If it is so, I will become a garden for him.” The body of the person then becomes Nūr and his soul goes towards the court of Allāĥ Almighty” (Musnad-e-Abī Ya’lā, Ḥadīš 6835, V6, P67, Dār-ul-Kutub-ul-‘Ilmiyyaĥ,
s May 23
It's not what you've told me
It is what you've done after,
That is all it takes
for you to hurt me
Because I thought you could
take care of my heart better.
What a shame
Beckie Davies Apr 21
Don't tell me your name
I don't need to know
I got what I wanted
Don't look so devastated

Don't ask me for my name
I'm never going to tell you
This was just a temporary fix
Don't make it more than what it is

Don't tell me your name
I don't want to know
Thank you for the distraction
Now take your things and go
don't tell me your name
JJ Inda Mar 30
Ticking clock
drives me mad,
can't let go
what I never had.
I'm just passing through,
not planting seeds
or laying down roots,
I'm temporary, like the morning dew.
KS Mar 18
One second I'm fine,
and another I'm engulfed.
I'm falling back,
submerging in the pain.
It might be harder to breath but
it's familiarity gives me comfort.
I slowly swim my way back to the shore
but I stop as they utter,
"why are you in such a bad mood?"
"can you smile?"
and I think to myself,
the shore is not for me.
I would rather have the waves surround me,
numbing me from the pain.
Tatiana Mar 3
I am a temporary tattoo on the skin of our earth,
ink washed away with soap and warm water,
a joy, an indulgence, but not a need.
I am not a need

I am one word written on an etch'n'sketch
and silent again when I'm shaken.
It was simply a "Hello," unwanted.
I am not wanted.

I am a smiley face drawn in condensation
on glass car windows as my mother drives me home.
It fogs up again, erasing my grin,
I am erased.
Just feeling temporary today
Glenn Currier Feb 27
Above the hardened world I see a cloud
white edges soft but dark pervades its heart
beside the brook a stone so bright and proud
her striking beauty makes her stand apart
I bow my fingers wrap around her waist
I lift her from her lesser comrades there
I touch the smoothness of her face
her sheen and curving lines without compare
I want to take her home with me to keep
I pause and hear the moving gurgling brook
and cast her back into the liquid deep
I hear her splash and take a final look
     And with her loss I feel a tiny grief
     but smile I touched her being oh so brief
My first try at an English or Shakespearean sonnet.
Sunlight crept in through the
slits in your blinds,
two bodies intertwined
at 11:30am accompanied by
two glasses of red wine
(quarter full) on your bedside
table, above which your picture
perfectly hangs and aligns with
the painting you finished last night.
Last night. Sigh
I was yours and you mine,
traced my finger along your hairline
while your head rested between my thighs.

These moments only last forever in my mind.
© LAICEY Poems February 2021
Katie Nov 2020
One time I was asked “are you better yet”
I just stared at them
But really I wanted to yell
And tell them mental health issues are not temporary
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