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Pax Aug 14
All I want was a shelter to feel comfortable with.
A warmth that you felt safe.
Trust for mutual understanding.
  And the pleasure you fully pledge to.  
    Seems like loving someone at this age makes us feel unsafe and unsecured, and mostly – at times, temporary.
It's been long.....
yellow soul Aug 7
We were meant to last.

Like a bubblegum sticker on a 5-year olds hand...
Heavy Hearted Jun 17
Summon up the courage
keeping up the cover
A Minefield of memory,
I see you uncover
Irrationality implosion -
Energetically, explosion.

Do you really think,
in our realities
that a happiness
love,  might continue?

When emotions are temporary
& feelings too fleeting  
when I announce my selfishness.
as I manipulate.
Better run, better run on home

You got the crush all wrong
Chelle Dec 2022
This is for the boy.

The boy whom I watch drag his heart around, getting bruised and battered from the rocks thrown at him.

I see you. I see your despair and I see your hunger.
I am your season. The temporary breeze to help end the insufferable inferno of torment.

Let me be that cool water dripping down your chin as you numb the pain.
Bury yourself deep inside my kindness.
Allow my nurturing hands to touch your scars and rather than run away, allow me to run my fingers on them as I trace each imperfection into hope.
Let my heartbeat steady yours.
Let me be feed you confidence and love.

Your heart is still dragging behind, you must be so tired, so let me use mine for you to rest your head.
Then I hear that sigh of release, thinking I am helping you. I am healing you.

The light of the moon leaves my skin that’s soaked with your kiss. As the moon leaves, so do you.

You leave my bed and allow your rested feet to lead you back to her.
To the one who carved out your heart in the first place.

That’s when I remembered, a snake’s venom injects itself without approval. The flower’s nectar is only accessible if you truly want it. One is poison, one is nurturing. I am the flower, she is the snake.
Mrs Timetable Oct 2022
I can see the
Unfinished man
In pencil
That drawing that's missing
The outline of you
The curves of you forming
But still not whole
Still seeing who you might be
What moves you make
I can even see where
You have been erased
Mistakes have been drawn over
Paper is worn a little
Even torn
I'll be patient
I'll wait
For you to fill in
Get your lines straight
For you to be complete

Drawn in ink
Inspired by my nieces incomplete anatomy drawings in pencil
Megan Oct 2022
We are all serving something
Be it external, emotional
We are all serving time, thus temporary

Eating away at our identity
These garments we call self
They’re nothing but illusory

I am born to serve
I am, Sat chit ananda
And the Lord’s arms is where i reside
For i am anything..
Anything but, temporary
Chelsea Rae Nov 2022
All is temporary
Through the sands of time.

Nature and the seasons.

Emotions and feelings.

Stories and history.

Who even am I
And what does it all matter
As it disappears in time?
Eventually forgotten.
Charlotte Atkins Sep 2022
Sweet, toothache smile, wonky,
Chipped tooth greedy grin, melts my insides.
My name written in your quicksand brain -
Funny how you don't even know me,
But you know the details of my body.

Fill me up with freedom,
Take me away for a night,
Your voice soothes me, breaks me in one.

Fake face to everyone,
A people whisperer, professional charmer.
But I want to see the specks of dust
In your unkept room; the glitter of your life.

I know you would shatter my heart
If I let you, but sometimes my
Mind is weak and still, I think of you,
Of us.

Our explosive, violent storm of passion,
Never a muted moment, just a
Flickering rush of fiery compassion.

But why do I still lie here,
Eyes closed feeling your phantom skin,
Imagining us staring into the night
Holding each other, talking for hours about life,
About your poor mum, and your dad and his new wife.

I trace my fingers on your back,
Hungry for you, all of you,
Not just that infamous fake face,
Hiding a reality too hard to retrace.
it could be a sign;
that the ring
didn't fit easily
on the finger
effort was needed
it had to be forced
or it could
just be temporary
joint effusion
perhaps an unexpected
weight fluctuation
meaning nothing
yet i'll assign significance
to fit the narrative
feed anxieties
and support
a predetermined belief
andres Apr 2022
I'm just trying to understand, what I am to you...
more than songs we've exchanged.. midnight calls..
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