JAC 13h

A laugh bounces through the street below
Followed by that laugh's friends
A happy neighbourhood
Even this far into the evening
The sun was visiting elsewhere
Leaving a dull blue-grey
Spread over the sky.
A loop of those favourite songs we all had
Stumbles from second-hand speakers
You don't really hear them
Or rather, you don't hear them like you did
When you loved them.
This remedy-less loneliness
Is temporary
But you wouldn't know it to see it
It pulls you nowhere
And drags you into bed
It makes effort difficult
And overfills your head
With nothing it should be full of.

I’ve been whispering a thousand breathless lines to a lover that I will never taste.
Every day I’m reminded why spending time on people is such a waste.

When all I can do is promise words that are as temporary as the scent I leave on their bed.
Whenever morning comes, I’ll quietly leave you sleeping with my ghost inside your head.

I have only lived within a within a very tiny fraction of earth's history.
I know that I'll only last for decades, or a century, if I'm lucky enough.
There have been billions, perhaps trillions of humans that have roamed earth, and every single one is bound to be forgotten.
You see, time is brutal—not only does it have the capacity to end lives,
but it also has the capacity to erase their remnants—
remnants of lives that once roamed earth.
Even those lucky enough to be remembered posthumously within the next decades will have their time.
Time continues to erase remnants until there is nothing left to remember.
Time has the ability to convert anything into nothing but a broken past.

The idea of oblivion has always scared me, but I know it is inevitable.
Everything is temporary; everything is bound to be gone—to be nothing.
Bodies are temporary; they rot over time.
Lives are temporary; they are forgotten over time.
Even remnants are temporary; they are erased over time.
By acknowledging my impermanence and oblivion's inevitability, I can always prepare for that moment.
Time will come when I join those group of people whose lives no one remembers—lives that can never be relived again.
For me, the idea of being forgotten after dying is scary,
but what scares me more is when I realize that you don't have to be dead to be forgotten.

inspired by Grimes - Oblivion

Crawled my way.....became a teen
My childhood disappeared
From puberty to adulthood
Rebellious days disappeared
Chasing dreams and managing career
...the fun disappeared
Volunteered in a marriage,
And my side kick disappeared
Walked into a threshold of a new beginning
My past disappeared!!

Everything is #temporary

AG May 11

Nothing hurts nor heals like the powerful words
“It's temporary”.

You were my whole life.
My future, present, past
And we didn’t last –  and sadly, that’s all there is to it,
No big shabang, no yelling, no tears,
Just a soft goodbye.
When I held you, and we swayed to the music you whispered in my ear,
While people were watching and fireworks bursting,
I never would have thought it was temporary.
I never would have thought our love would grow so old so soon,
That we’d say words to hurt and not to help.
I never could have imagined that all the love I felt in my heart for you was not enough to have you for longer.
It was like someone pulled the plug out of the bathroom tub,
And all we had slipped through the drain before we could put the plug back in.
I built all I was around you,
But you were only temporary.
When I let you strip away my layers, and let you see all that I was. I was giving you my forever.
But you weren’t meant to stay.
I know I was supposed to meet you, I have always known that. I felt it in my heart the day I first saw you.
I assumed that meant you’d be my always, I think we both did.
But, you, you were only temporary;
Like a temporary tattoo to a little kid,
It’s bright and perfect and AMAZING the first couple of days,
But then it fades and gets dirty and sticky,
But it never washes off as easily as you want it to.
If you weren’t meant to be permanent,
I wish I could stop my mind from missing you and get rid of this sticky residue –
But then again, my dear, missing you will be temporary.

JAC Apr 7

Imagine how many people
Have fallen temporarily in love with you
On the train
On the street
In the car
In your room
Or after you'd fallen in love with them.

Nylee Apr 8

Time of misery ends
one day , some day
but may be not today

Even summer heat ends
and rain takes its place
which too ends after some days

Smile comes , Smile goes
every minute changing emotion
as life picks its motion

The things in my room changes
as time ages everything
and I get new things

Even the girl I was five years ago
didn't remain the same
I am no longer that vain

The relationship with everyone
which I had , have changed dynamics
Some prospered , some turned tragic

All the little and big things in life is temporary
the things we treasure , and things we don't
Nothing in existence stays permanent

The word from 8th page of book is "temporary"

Life is just something temporary,
it doesn't last forever,
sometimes you might want it to be,
but other times that's the last thing you want.

Life is a strange thing,
and everyone that participates,
are in the same game as you,
some win, some lose and some never get to play.

Life can be unbearable,
other times extremely bearable,
filled with joy, happiness and laughter,
but it can fast change to anger, sadness and tears.

Life is uncontrollable,
when it comes to when it starts,
and when it ends.
Other than that,
you can control more than you think...

Hayden Jae Feb 28




I love you, I swear it.
I'm not upset, I swear it.
I'm safe, I swear it.

I'm better- can you believe that?

We say I love you over the phone in an echoing tone
Over and over and over again.

It is only now that I realize it's for each and every day we cannot talk, so that not a day goes by without being filled with one. And I smile at this realization.

And I hope you do too. You're beautiful with a smile and without.

But seeing that smile gives me so much hope, angel.

And I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

Note to my dearest wife..........don't worry about your spouse:) she's doing alright, promise promise.
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