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it could be
a sign;
that the ring
didn't fit
on the finger
was needed
it had
to be forced
it could
just be
joint effusion
an unexpected
weight fluctuation
meaning nothing
i'll assign significance
to fit the narrative
feed anxieties
and support
a predetermined
andres Apr 27
I'm just trying to understand, what I am to you...
more than songs we've exchanged.. midnight calls..
B Jan 12
Sleep is a trial period for suicide
You lay there, try to fall asleep
          trying to end it all
Your mind doesn't quiet down
You run through everything from that day
          everything in your life
And slowly the talking quiets
Slowly you start getting peace
          slowly you start to hear everything around you less and less
          every voice, every noise is fuzzy
Your eyes get heavy
          your eyes get heavy
You let the idea of temporary sleep take over you
          you let the idea of sleep take over you
You sleep, for however long you can
          you sleep for forever
But you wake up
          you don't wake up
And you get up and you live your life
Because you're too afraid of what suicide means
You're too afraid of what you leave behind
You're too afraid of leaving your mom
To leave her to grieve her only daughter
Her world
You're too afraid to leave your cat
Who loves you dearly
And wouldn't know why you abandoned her
When she was sent down from heaven
To save you
But you can only put so much pressure on an animal
But know matter how sad you get
You know you could never take your own life
So you go to sleep
Because sleep is suicide for the scared
I don't know what prompted me to write this, maybe it's knowing I have to go back to school and I haven't done one thing to help my anxiety. That I'm sad more and more often but it comes in waves and I refuse to self diagnose myself with anything but also refused to go get diagnosed because I feel like I'm making it up. So I turn to this, writing because it's the only healthy coping mechanism I have.
Àŧùl Oct 2021
They all seem to fade away,
They drift farther everyday.

One day comes and you are lonely,
Love yourself as you're yours only.

They're mortal & so is everything,
As for me, I don't know anything.
My HP Poem #1944
©Atul Kaushal
Valya Sep 2021
We're strangers
Yet why does it feel like I can tell you anything
I feel so calm in the midst of this call despite only meeting you seconds ago
I have so much fun and even though I know this is temporary something in me doesn't care
Even if this will only last a day I am so grateful for your presence
Thank you stranger
Tbh i love the random duos I get online to death, they help take my mind off of so much and i'll forever be thankful for each and every one of them
Jolan Lade Jun 2021
Love is so beautiful
But so temporary
Leaving me grasping for another breath
So still and defined
But so volatile
Dissapering after a moment
Like smoke from my cigarette
Leaving me wanting more
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