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bee 7d
you were a little bit of happiness in a storm of madness,
today I received a gentle reminder of your beautiful soul,
wish I could get two more weeks with you, although, I know it wouldn’t be enough,
I become selfish when it comes to you
Rachel Rae Sep 27
I ate the cake,
        the lemonade
Cool and sweet
        but left the pain
In the back of my throat
        like an aftertaste
d May 2017
even before the 2 minutes that their lips came crashing down on each others they know it's meant to be because even though she tasted like ***** and vanilla and he tasted like cigarettes and cherry cola they feel right at home with each other and that's different for both of them because they're not perfect and that's okay but this feels like blissful oblivion and they're both bad for each other and make the other person vulnerable and they know it but there's nothing they want to change because this is better than any moment of their lives and nothing was more perfect even though it was almost 4 am and they were strangers to each other who only met hours before at the club but they don’t care because their eyes locked and they couldn’t take it off each other and everyone said that they’d never last because they were the same, all leather jackets and rebellious and that alike repelled but they’d disagreed because they were too much in what seemed like love; but he left her and was soon behind someone else and her heart broke and shattered like how an intricate vase which used to be beautiful would and she promised herself she’d never be vulnerable and that’s why she’s got no identity now but she doesn’t mind and she prays, oh she prays every night that when she dies and goes to heaven, she’ll meet him there because she admits that she’ll gladly suffer heartbreak and hell in the afterlife just for those 2 minutes of love like she’d never known back.
August Aug 30
i can't erase
what's been inked into my heart
without ripping out
the thing that keeps me alive.
nevaeh Aug 26
doodles on our arms
temporary tattoos
he wears my art
on his skin
a walking

he said he loves me
but that's only temporary
emotions are temporary nothing is real

Bound by the bond
Shackled it remains

Mortal the bond
Shackles too

To deny this life
The love it receives

Bound by the bends
Invariably invisible
Written and sealed

Mortal, this life
Immortal love

Magically woven
This life a spell
Life is temporary, yet we live
get to live those moments
Kirsten Hunt Aug 8
Loneliness was never an emotion for me. It was more of... a state of being. Family was always a disappointment, friends were none existent, and what’s a stranger gonna do? I never lived in a life where I felt anything besides lonely that is... until I met you. You were a rose that couldn’t see the beauty of it’s petals, I guess we were alike in that since, because in your eyes I was the perfect women, where in my eyes I was a waste of space.  We spent days, weeks, even months together. I grew to love you and you? You learned that two people could be lonely together. But as my life shows, everything is temporary. And the words “I love you” where just a distant memory.
Puny Penguin Jul 21
I know that I am mortal by nature.
My presence will eventually be erased,
and I will be forgotten.
But for each and every dreamlike moment I spend with you,
for a brief moment, the universe holds its breath.
Time stops. If you blink you’ll miss it,
but if you don’t… you’ll see an
immortal and pure love that transcends time and space.
Everything will fade to black
and there will just be us and only us if not for a fleeting moment.

Like watching a timelapse of the night sky,
like watching the glowing star trails,
time flies when I’m with you.
We spend hours on end together
only for it to seem like a handful of minutes.
Time marches on. He is his own master. He waits for no one.
Through Time’s eyes, us humans
have only been around for less than a fraction of a second.
Despite that a mere second with you is an eternity.
Even if it’s a passing moment, it’s a moment spent with you.

Things are temporary.
There are only so many hours of sunlight,
only so many hours during the quiet night.
There are only so many fairy-lights lighting the night sky.
And our time together will also one day come to an end,
as all good things do.
Despite this, the years spent with you,
the months, weeks, hours, minutes- each and every single second
spent with you will be treasured and cherished.
You are loved. Now, today, and until the day that I die.
Not the original format... but this'll do. And to you who spent a passing moment, a short glance at my writing... thank you.
Atlas Jul 12
When I say I love you like I love a song
I mean I play you nonstop until I get tired
I let myself become surrounded by you
You become the only thing that makes me feel
I itch when I can’t feel you near me
When I can’t hear your constant reassurance that you won’t leave me
Even though I know I’ll leave you eventually
I’m sorry if I love you like I love a song
Because I will make you feel like my whole world
And take all your free time
I will tell you how beautiful you are and how much you mean to me
But it’s only temporary
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