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Jolan Lade Dec 2020
The night was clear, the stars were there and the fields were dim and the dirt was cold but your eyes were warm and your libs seemed soft so I leaned in for a kiss and we met at love
Jolan Lade Dec 2020
Winter night, dark and odd
Some words are right, others not
Some seek the fires, some phasing out
Some like to love, some winding up
Winter night, cold and strange
Hold me tight, now let me fall
Let me die and let me awe
With what I had, felt and saw
Winter night, you poor thing
Shh and sleep, soon comes spring
The day was good, I let it die, regret what I did, now I´ll live my life.
Jolan Lade Jan 2020
Oh, twenty-twenty
You came quickly
Will you be long?
Help me get through?
Carry me to twenty-twenty-one?
I´m worried I wont get to see next year too.
2020 January.
Jolan Lade Sep 2019
I need us to be mine
Your heart is golden, bright shine
Take your time and if you need a hand, take mine
Jolan Lade Jul 2019
Rhymes are beautifully simple
Like the dimple beneath your nose
And for those who just don't understand
That love is just you who expand in my heart
I will start by explaining your dimple
Your beautiful dimple
Jolan Lade Jul 2019
You are my flower sprout
And don’t trouble a doubt
I have no world without
I have no world without you
Jolan Lade May 2019
Please hold my hand as we step out of my dream
Please hold my hand and follow me through the portal from sleep into reality with me
Please don't be a dream
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