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Jolan Lade May 30
Please hold my hand as we step out of my dream
Please hold my hand and follow me through the portal from sleep into reality with me
Please don't be a dream
Jolan Lade May 23
Friends among stars
As we are flying through the moon's shadow
When time is irrelevant
Arent we just splashing in a puddle of space and time
Going e=mc^2
grab my hair
and touch my skin
breathe my air
and let me in
whisper softly in my ear
that I have nothing left to fear
cause time has left
and so has place
just you and me
floating through space
Jolan Lade Apr 27
I have found "a me", I have found "a someone" to be
I thought to myself that if this "me" I am right now, is not the "me" I am meant to be, then I don't want to be anyone at all
Jolan Lade Apr 21
Digital displays drawing    
Invalids imaging insights  
Targets theory towards
Typing tough themes
Explaining endless endorse

Towards my fondness of you
Devotion to you
Jolan Lade Apr 2
I see you, and how you feel
I see you, and I've been there too
But put your mind though
Because you have to see yourself at the goal
Before you can recapture the controls
Before you can take back the rudder they so viciously stole
Fight against it or live with it
Jolan Lade Mar 27
Going seventy thousand miles an hour.
Our comet is increasing in speed, building up power.
We are exiting the solar system.
We will never look back, never miss them.
I will never get bored on a celestial object, in a lonely space if you are with me, and our love is the subject in a star full place.

You and me
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