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Paul Scott Mar 19
There is hardly a breeze. The February sun
Stretches forth long fingers, and begins the slow thaw    
Of our deep-frozen bones, so that things new begun
Will, in the coming year, ripen, grow and mature.
The church bells chime the hour, tediously questioning
Our good use of the time, mocking our intentions,
As though we could never succeed in fashioning
Anything that endures, despite our pretensions.
And night comes slowly on, the light in the West dims
As the sun disappears below the horizon.
The moon rises between two great clouds in the East.
Stars come out one by one. An ***, sad lowly beast,
Complains loud to the sky that his rations are gone,
And I feel his dull pain in all my aching limbs.
In English English an *** is a donkey, in American English an *** is something else. Maybe it's a donkey as well, I don't know. At all events, ***** are generally misbehaving, truculent and stubborn, though the pilgrim's who pass by here are generally in love with their *****.
Betty Feb 21
February is a song of wind and rain

The sleeping giant of spring

Is not yet awoke.

February is the watchman

Silent and grey

Waiting for the smoke

Of green shoots and new life

To creep under the door
Mikey Kania Feb 20
note: this is not a poem but an account of the mental aftermath of Hanau, where ten people got killed yesterday. one of them was the mother of the killer who worked in a bank, was paranoid and believed in conspiracy theories.

a turkish guy whose name means "justness" was shot to death by him. in the community, he was popular for his kindness.
he was killed because he was an immigrant, a muslim, and because he hung out with his friends in a shisha bar to enjoy his leisure time. got hit by bullets. died, leaving relatives, friends and an entire muslim community, the entire world, in daze.

met three uber drivers today, all of them muslims, two of them know some of the victims personally.  

the first one of them was desperately sad today. i asked him "how are you?" he answered "not well" and told me everything. i was very concerned because i can't deal with such inhumane cruelty.

the second driver was from pakistan. he argued that germany is an open-minded country and that he had left his country due to religious lunacy that is lived by some people there.

the third driver was interestingly humorous. as wired as it may sound, he thought positively after the assasination and said that the relatives of the victims should live on as if their people hadn't been killed.

i don't know about that; yet, everyone deals with terror differently.

hanau is just a couple of miles from my home city, frankfurt am main.

in my heart, my spirit and my soul, i am with all the victims, their relatives, friends and colleagues.



The killer killed himself after the crime.

What is there for us today? Peace. Peace. Peace.

OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole
laura Feb 15
Happy Birthday
to my favorite
and only sister.
Thanks for always
being there.
Have fun being 17
for martha 2/12/03
J Feb 14
i love snow days
sleeping in,
a pancake breakfast (or brunch),
working in my pajamas,
watching the quiet and still world out the window
nothing beats a snow day

until you have 3 of them over the course of a week or so (with a weekend in between) and you live alone

then i start to feel like jack torrence
Maria Etre Feb 13
Never forget
You'll always be my
violavics Feb 11
in moments of bliss
you shine inadvertently
unsure of why I worry of you

in fragments of abyss
you relieve deliberately
sure of why I wish for you;
I certainly cannot miss
February 11, 2020
Amanda Feb 9
Valentine's Day is quickly approaching
I have not one clue
What I could get you to show you I care
Or worthy thing I could do

Because you deserve more than I can afford
What I can make with my hands
I am broke so my options are limited
You are one person who understands

That's why we are perfect for eachother
If we are together that's all we need
In tune with the others thoughts
Minds can practically read

Above all we cherish our love
Put our relationship first
Endured a lot of ups and downs
Withstood the very worst

After five Cupids Days united
Only care that you are mine
The way celebrated doesn't matter
As long as you're my Valentine
For my soulmate
I opened my eyes at 9
It was February's 7th day
And so my phone reminded me
"The love week starts today"
And then I tried to recall
names who loved me in the past
Not a single I could think of
Who did with all their heart
Okay maybe one or two...
I let out a low sigh
Should this be the reason for me
To maniacally laugh or cry
And so quite dramatically
I lay back in my bed
And kept a big fat pillow
Buried under my head
But then I thought of something
That lit up my whole face
A loving family and a few true friends
I have no one to chase

And so my phone reminded me
Today starts the lovers week
With a huge grin, I pulled up my rug
And gently went back to sleep :)

Have a laugh and share your thoughts.
1.   Greensboro boys at a counter
watch dead astronauts rain on Texas,
2. hear the scream of eight states  
being ripped from Hidalgo’s belly,
3. imagine themselves the first black hand
to cast a ballot in front of snarling mastiffs-
4.  Cochise chanting a war chant
in front of white captors-
5. A free Mexican crossing the Rio Grande-
6. the black Babe Ruth circling the bases-
7. a dark Sinclair Lewis accepting the Noble-
8. an Eagle Scout-
9. their fathers fighting in Guadalcanal,
10. receiving the Medal of Honor from FDR,
succeeding him as President,
11.  even Nelson Mandela blinking in the bright light,
12.  grateful no Lincolns need ever be born.

13. They paint American Gothics,
14. write Valentines to their sweets,
15. take the A-train,
16. score 30k dunks like Wilt the Stilt,
17. toil for minimum wage,
18. are jailed and freed a la the Chicago Seven,
19. speeding free in a T-bird singing Smokey Robinson,
20. imagining they’re Batman and Robin,
21. knowing their bodies will wash ashore on Zawiya,
22. no WEB Dubois,
23. just American casualties of Desert Storm,
24. wishing upon a star,
25. the nightmare that has Liston beat Clay,
26. nobodies never seeing the Grand Canyon,
27. never playing Ebony and Ivory on a Baby Grand,
28. everyone saying “Goodbye, farewell and amen”,
as the last episode of MAS*H fades off

29. as they die on the bonus day in February
no one wishes to be born on.
The day Gone With the Wind wins it all.

This is not only a February poem but also a black history month one as well.  Note the numbers 1-29 denote events that happened on that particular day in. February history.
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