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Lilli Sutton Apr 4
These last two days have been a stasis
snow bleeding white from the sky
or the wind in the curtains –
we had to shut off the heat
and it’s only getting colder.

I like my voice best
when I have something to say –
isn’t that always?

Today everything above was blue
and bright – I had to squint
to see the road.
I tried to ride my bike
but the puddles
kept me from getting very far.

Lately I am so full of feelings
and movement becomes
the only way to escape –
soon I’ll have to admit
that I’m not getting anywhere.

February drags its feet
I was hoping for March
but now it feels impossible –
I sleep and sleep,
and dream of waking up again.
BoringBoy Feb 28
Golden sands, oh take me
Forest green moon, don't forsake me
Glass blue sea, underneath me
Ash, stone, and blaze now surrounds me

Destined lands that were taken
Stories we made gone and shaken
Oh my lovely drifting memories
Couldn't protect them, so I must set them free

Desperate plans
To make them
Soon chilled by the sight of lights dim
Trials and
Send me softly to vacation

From your hands, you may save me
Come, please, be soon, will I soon be free
There are stories and revelations
Calling curses hexing desperations

Sing while I can
This will all soon cease
and choked
Forgetting how to breathe
Sing me to sleep, but softly, please
I've lost my land
And now my mourning...
BoringBoy Feb 27
Let's have some fun
Cat's got your tongue
You want to know
The game I run
I throw a goal
You play to win
I sew and sow
You reap the end
The sun is set
The moon is too
I don't forget
I speak what's true
A game of odds
The ends even
Don't do facades
Come back again~
Jolan Lade Feb 23
Thank you, February
You are the slight cold before spring
Just temporary
Foggy air silently flowing under a wing
Of the following months, you are a real legionary

Thank you, February
You are the soft entry into the year
For a soft assent, you are tributary
You are the air, the feeling, and the cold frontier
With you as the dignitary, we have nothing to fear
Amanda Feb 23
It is the month that feels evil
But it isn’t the month that is evil
But the evil people
Who do evil things
Evil enough to
Make a whole month feel
Like drowning

February is the transition
Transition of nature
So maybe, perhaps just maybe
February could transform
My broken soul
Into something beautiful
So that it could live again
AW Gray Feb 22
Wistfully Melancholic, Brown Overtones.
It's that ****** day again -
never stopping or skipping a second,
nor letting stillness be.
Is it future or is it past?
Never mind,
you'll never heed this
That painting on the wall,
a time long lost - desolate,
and left to longing,
with the romantic bliss that was,
and is nevermore
Yaryna Feb 19

My dear dreamy boy, who came from Moon
Is it already spring in February?
.I believe you saw me crying like this before.
You knew your love for me was temporary.

It's warmer on the streets than ever was.
Maybe it's because you left my town.
Am I able to know why'd you put us on pause?
Why with this winter grief you have stolen my crown?

My dear dreamy boy, do you feel enough?
To have another broken heart in your collection.
Is it really true love when it's gentle then tough?
So I'm asking the stars that formed your constellation.

I have read all my books and cleaned every window
Still not enough to fill my space without you here.
Every time in my dreams, you appear as a hero.
That tragic one, probably killed by Shakespeare.

My dear dreamy boy, could we do it any better?
To live through lows and highs and never give it up?
Too sad that I was picking up the pieces that you shatter
And couldn't hold the fire from your hands that easily erupt.

I won't have any questions 'cause you gave me an answer.
So do it as you do, let's cut the last one string,
You did just great destruction as for a fragile Cancer.
It's February, dreamy boy, but still, it feels like spring.
y'ay'a Feb 16
are you Happy?
have you been hiding yourself
behind the mask Of others?
how Long have you been hurting?
how Long have you been hiding?
are you happy
with the life you've falsified?
no One will miss you when you're gone
are you happy?
are you okay?
Would you tell me if you're okay?
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