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HANI Mar 14
finally, i cried my heart out
i cried all of my fear,
the fear of being a failure,
the fear of being left by others,
the fear of not having anyone beside me,
the fear of not surviving this battle,
i finally cried after all this time i buried them deep enough.

thank you, myself,
you’re brave enough to cry again,
to let yourself cry
to accept that being weak is sometimes okay

after this, wake up, and focus
college is about to start again in three days
stop thinking about anything that stop you from growing,

please be happy,
and sad sometimes,
that’s life.
i, sometimes, didn’t let myself cry because crying is one of the most things i hate. when i cry, i look weak, i feel weak, i feel stupid. and yes, i never wanted to tell anyone about how i feel since someone decided to throw all of my story back at me again. so i keep them just for myself. and on feb 12th, i told my friends. they’re not the closest ones, but we have something in common. i just feel i can trust them. so while i typed everything i feel, i cried. i feel.... good by crying. and this poem is for me. i dedicated this poem for me, and maybe for everyone who have the same feeling as me. just... cry it out. thank you!
Mike Brubaker Feb 24
It is so very cold outside
Freezing my core, even my pride
When I try to walk
My legs are rigid cornstalks
And tears freeze to my cheek when I cry
Berry Blue Feb 15
How many meteor showers can one month have?
To cleanse, to purifiy, and to seek out the rain.
Pleasant offerings to the month of change
As an ode to wellness and love.
As the plan for me and my doves
Fly free and go find out
How many meteor showers can one month have?
sadnspicy0 Feb 11
Miss Peggy was so young and sweet
That nobody would love her,
She strolled contented down the street
Although her heart was broken.

She sticks the needles into hearts,
She's dancing with the demons,
She turns her hurt into an art,
In the February season.

She's eating liver after eight.
She's drinking blood for dinner.

Miss Peggy is my soulmate.

I see her in the mirror.
Love her
A season groups together months
Like days into weeks,
And forgotten in the sands of time
Rests the first month,
Because of my oblivion
In regard to the reel of time
Of fishing line
Steadily pulling out,
As the great trespasser
Ripples my water.

Fitting that the first month
Joins the dead of winter,
Since it will be the last time
I lay my eyes
On the untouched
Ice crystalline ground;
It’s sad coming to acknowledge
That in preaching of not taking for granted
Even a second,
I myself am ripe with hypocrisy
As I took for granted such a sight.

I’m a steady ripple
Heading straight for the shores
To be stranded,
For time’s turning
Of the wheel
Is unchanged
As my destination
More rapidly than I’m prepared
To undertake,
And nobody can save me now.
35 lines, 328 days left.
Psychonaute Feb 6
A dreary time of year.
It's cold
and colorless,
a monochromatic
I can't see the stars.
The 14th is coming.
Reminding me of all
that I desperately want
but cannot have.
A perfect happy ending.
Peace be my inspiration
For true love and happiness
is what I'm craving
But yet..  I'm fading
I'm faded
Yet..  I've had, way too much precious
time spent gettin' stone'd
gettin' bent
Lit at the finger tips as I blast off
at the lip
Now I'm off racing in my Spaceship
Flying high on another
Space trip
Wasted.. and on vacation
to an un-known
Wasting my.. vacation
Just living life casually and lavishly
Through the eyes of another
Disguised as another.. in another
Face Off
Yo..  But that's more time wasted
I think it's time to rip., the Mask off
And I know Death is probably thinking?
Yo..  What a R.I.P off
And now I'm wondering where it
all went
Sitting here in an empty room hyperventilating with no.. air-vents
As my thoughts are spent vacant
Fixed on dealing with these issues
while feeling.,
Yet sadly mistaken I was when I first trusted the,
Fallen forsaken
See the agents of Satan left me frustrated and.,
Now I need saving
But dämn..
I should of never feel for it
I might even go to Hell for it
But now I'm falling through the basement
further decaying
As I watched my whole world cave in
as I gave in to this world of
And while having this revelation
I'm now faced with the possibility of
Eternal Damnation
But not just me
But the whole dämn Nation
And while I'm asking I'm thinking.,
What ever happened to the good old
U. S. of A?
Cause we as Us can't deny it no more
For our one Nation under God is no more
Yo I seen it in the mourge or either read it in the papers
In the obituaries this pass March
or February?
Yo the images are really scary if you really..
Think.. about it
Yep.. No doubts about it
Just thinking out loud.. soundly
But I always seem to be shouting out of the crowd both..
Slightly loudly while quietly mouthing
The silence is Kíll'n me.. Softly
I guess truth always falls on deaf ears when you refuse to hear what some
may call
Resorting to sheer ignorance
Saying that it's true bliss
Lol.. Now that's nothing but pure
Non- sense
But don't fall for the sales pitch not unless you're willing to sell your soul for just another
Sale's Pitch
If so?
Then your just another sale's chick
And if that's the case?
Then by all means
Pick up your bat then and
Swing for the Fences
Cause you just
Soul'd Out
Once again another one written 5yrs ago
Ahead of its current time but still relevant to times back then but even more relevant to the current times and events occurring today 🤔
I only changed and added a few things here and there to make it feel personally more relevant
mary liles Aug 2020
in november i stopped dancing
december, singing
january, laughing
february, smiling
and so i shall continue
for you left me in october
and i’ve never been the same
Paul Scott Mar 2020
There is hardly a breeze. The February sun
Stretches forth long fingers, and begins the slow thaw    
Of our deep-frozen bones, so that things new begun
Will, in the coming year, ripen, grow and mature.
The church bells chime the hour, tediously questioning
Our good use of the time, mocking our intentions,
As though we could never succeed in fashioning
Anything that endures, despite our pretensions.
And night comes slowly on, the light in the West dims
As the sun disappears below the horizon.
The moon rises between two great clouds in the East.
Stars come out one by one. An ***, sad lowly beast,
Complains loud to the sky that his rations are gone,
And I feel his dull pain in all my aching limbs.
In English English an *** is a donkey, in American English an *** is something else. Maybe it's a donkey as well, I don't know. At all events, ***** are generally misbehaving, truculent and stubborn, though the pilgrim's who pass by here are generally in love with their *****.
Betty Feb 2020
February is a song of wind and rain

The sleeping giant of spring

Is not yet awoke.

February is the watchman

Silent and grey

Waiting for the smoke

Of green shoots and new life

To creep under the door
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