Ramsha 2d

A letter to the older me,
In the upcoming future nobody knows who they are going to become or with whom are they going to be? Now that's a question?Well everyone is busy enough to achieve their goals and desires while we forget thinking about our future.We are all growing up but we often forget we have responsibilities ahead. Some of us would become A mother some A father. But as we talk about ten years from now we all would have settled happy families and kids.Some would be wives some husbands some great some not so great. We would be great  "Parents". A person needs to make efforts for every relation to be held together be it 'Mother-daughter',Spouse' Etc...The aim for future is to be a good person and then play the role of anyone in someone's life.

His head slunk into the headrest
in the window seat. A stark contrast
to the eager little engine he could see
clinging to the plane wing; rumbling
with childish excitement.

The trolley back and forth through the isle
a few times. He could wait no longer.
In his backpack a letter sat, with words
from the one he loved.
Hunching back down in his seat he slowly
and nervously unfolded it.
His inhales heavy at his gut,
where after scanning a few lines with his tired eyes,
his heart rocked against his rib cage.
He hadn't finished. He couldn't.
Folding it back up he hunched further forwards
with his head in his hands.

All the burdens of Atlas paled to the strain he felt,
everything dark and everything  a lead weight right now,
he wanted to read the letter to it's end.
Was he strong enough to keep it together.
He wasn't sure.

...He had too!

Opening the letter he continued.
Those last lines.
Tears ran to the exit, the damn walls had fallen.
Like a toddler with a stubbed toe he succumbed to a
hopeless chorus of wailing and sobs.

He was a King in his new life, a ruler of all he surveyed,
something he could never be at home.
Why did things have to fall apart?

Those last words ringing like a bell
as he lay there like a defeated adversary.
"I love you forever and always"

Pass me the letter, let me sign
Ballpoint pen, smooth like sine
Ink runs out, must be a sign
Only got to finish one line

Ason May 17

I promise that my grin is not of spite,
as my cheeks begin to crease from the weight
of my smile stapled wide. My eyesight
is tinted green just thinking of your date.
I promise that I don’t resent your side
or hands that get to linger on someone
I think I deserve, though I never tried
to be the one you needed to outrun.
I promise I’ve been in a similar
boat, but waves sound like an aquarium
against yours, so just take my signature.
Paint my mind with the way you love them,
because I promise what’s yours feels like mine
if you’re someone I can hate all the time.

A sonnet for someone who has what I want.
drew maier May 16

Fare well, fair lady.
May the sun be shiny,
and the trees be shady.
I wish for you happiness
Preferably on the daily.

Goodbye my sweet love.
Though you can't ever really leave me.
With you out of state
theres no chance that you'll see me.

Go in peace baby blue.
You know my love is true,
And so of course,
I wish the best for you.
Take care of yourself,
and make lots of friends.
But until that day comes,
That I eagerly await,
This seems to be,
some sort of end.

A letter to my best friend. I hope your travels bring you all that you are looking for, and more.
Kevin M G May 16

Is this a race
against Death

or a race
against Senility?

for a friend.)

Kind thanks
in advance
for your reply.

Yours truly,

Shruti Gauba May 14

I am a dusty letter,
a piece of paper layered with ink,
but if you believe I'm nothing more
then it's time that you rethink.
For I carry along with me
emotions locked within a heart,
that were scribbled upon a paper
with a stamp for it to depart.
Then this paper reaches a site,
drops some words left unsaid
or tells stories of bitter past,
so some tears are always shed.
And that's my only purpose,
making lost connections better.
So if you've got few secrets to reveal,
then grab a pen and write a letter.

Haasje May 11

The never letter,
It's still in a box,
under my bed.

It's still the never letter,
never to be send,
never to be seen.

But it's more then a letter,
it's my heart and soul,
poured onto a small piece of paper.

It's a scary letter,
if you read it,
you'd really know me.

Maybe it's just a letter,
but not to me,
to me it'll always be,

The never letter.

This is a poem about a real suicide note i wrote a long time ago. One that is really still under my bed and where it's always gonna be.
Marissa May 8

You came into my life suddenly
Everything else became a blur
A meaningless distraction from the new excitement I felt in life
I finally felt like I had something to live for again
I finally felt like myself again

The first time we talked I showed you
The tainted heart that beats in my chest
The corrupted brain that my thoughts can’t shake
You promised to always protect me
I finally felt free from insecurity

The first time we met I couldn't help but worry
If my darkness would overshadow the good
If everything you loved in me would disappear
The way the tides wash away the etchings in the sand
I finally felt like I was at the mercy of your opinion

The first time you touched me I understood
The way love can change the fragile human body
The racing heart, the electric goosebumps
The delicate kisses in all the right places
I finally felt the physical symptoms of love

One day, everything changed suddenly
The boredom in your voice whenever we talked
The once compatible schedules no longer a match
I quietly watched you carry on talking to others
I finally felt ignored by the one person that made it hurt

I still don't know what went wrong
You told me you couldn't wait for the next visit
And put you lips to mine before letting me walk away forever
Leaving me with an incurable doubt that haunts me
I finally felt like I would never be good enough

I can no longer wear fuzzy socks because you told me they were your favorite
“Hey There Delilah” will always sound like an echo of your voice
The lingering feeling of your hands on my skin makes my hair stand up straight
The memory of your lips on mine makes me sick to my stomach
I finally feel the pain that love can bring

I wonder if I have made a similar impact
If you look at the stars and see the haunting sparkle of my eyes
Or if the next body your hands grace just doesn't curve the same
I hope you look for me in everything
I finally feel the longing to hope I mattered to you

I've started talking to somebody new now
I like them but I just don't trust myself anymore
I’m still awake at night wondering if I can’t be loved
I fell for you and haven't gotten up since
I finally feel the poison of a toxic relationship

Itzel Hdz May 5

Cielito lindo te escribo por que te extraño, para decirte que las cosas que dejaste se están llenando de polvo, no las he tocado por que la manera exacta en que dejaste todo por aquí y por allá me recuerda a esos discursos tuyos, largos y cambiantes. Me he cubierto con ese enorme suéter de lana que no soltabas mientras estabas aquí y que terminaste dándome aquel día que se acabo la leña para el fuego. Vyvyan me ha traído tus viejos discos de vinilo, me contó que tu tía Hilde se encuentra mucho mejor. Ayer saque a pasear a Balzac, no es lo mismo sin ti, cuando pasamos bajo el puente naranja espera con ansias jugar en el pasto mas allá de las escaleras de concreto, pero sabes que yo no puedo bajar ahí como tu lo hacías. Espero que el cobertor de colores que te envié te haya servido, no se como pases el clima allá. Añoro tus abrazos ahora que enfría tanto, me he empalmado de suéteres incluso el tuyo, pero este frió es diferente, me pregunto por que. Fui al medico por la gripe de Carmen y noto el cardenal en mi mejilla, le he mentido sobre el claro, pero creo que no se lo ha creído. Me acuerdo en este momento preciso de el jueves pasado, hacia las compras en el abastecedor de Darrell, había un anciano, no paraba de hablar, pero no se le entendía nada, deje a Carmencita en el carro y me acerque al hombre, me miro y me tomo por los hombros, me vio directo a los ojos, oh Noel si supieras lo penetrante que era su mirada, se callo un largo rato, y me dijo en voz baja: Usted debe saberlo, !Usted!, el hombre esta acabando con sus iguales mi querida señora, se devora así mismo ... pero...nadie hace nada. Me quede callada mirándolo asustada, y luego no supe que contestar, me soltó, volvió a su farfulle y alcance a escuchar que decía: para que mas querría alguien comida enlatada...
Fue tan extraño cariño, pero me dejo pensando y pensando, me gustaría saber tu que opinas. Quería decirte también que para cuando vuelvas podre usar ese vestido rojo que me regalaste, los golpes ya casi no se me notan, con un poco de maquillaje podría arreglarlo pero solo usare mis vestidos para ti, perdóname por aquella otra vez sabes que no se repetirá.
Te necesito tanto aquí a mi lado por las noches, he dejado a Carmen dormir conmigo últimamente espero que no te moleste.
Los días pasan como una película antigua, lento y muy confusamente, espero que puedas venir pronto, las heridas en mi espalda comienzan a cicatrizar, ha sido ya mucho tiempo lejos de ti no ¿crees? puedes volverlo a hacer para que piense en ti cuando me acuesto por las noches, o cuando me recargo en las sillas del comedor, sabes que no me importa.
Te envío todo mi cariño en esta carta para que sepas que no te olvido, que siempre te pienso, y que a donde mire siempre te veo.
Vuele pronto.
Siempre Tuya

Nov 4/2012
Well this is not a poem but it's a little bit hmm lyrical(?) I think I wrote this because at the time I was in a problematic relationship, in which my partner hurt me emotionally but I stuck with him anyways for a long time..take care of you guys
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