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Sumariu 1h
Dear Belove,

Tonight will be a moment you will never forget. Go to the bed, let your hair loose, put on that **** lingerie I bought for you.

Because for the next four hours is going to be heaven sent, just me taking my time making love all over you.

The rose petals are fresh and spreaded all over the bed, if you look to the left and you look to the right I bought: champagne, ropes, candles music and iced just for the night, because for the next four hours I will not need a ****** with you. If we make a baby I could see no other woman who could fill this role but you.

Here, let me pour us a glass of wine and toast to the mood, cheers, to my **** love who I cannot wait to make love too. Filled with desperation I hope you're listening because this next line is just for you.

Dear beloved lay on the bed and let your body loose so I know tonight I can take full control of you.
Notice I have your body ******* so you can't break loose when I put my full thick **** lips all over you.

I put ice in my mouth and start from the neck watching shivers, tingles and goosebumps spread all over you.
I worked my way down from your neck to your breast.
I hear you moan with a pleasuring tone I see that there is so much stress that you need to let loose, Dear beloved this is the reason why your body needs to be made love to.

My soft thick lips kiss your ******* that's ***** and sweet, my tongue takes laps like an Olympian around each, my senses are engulfed with the smell that you're ready. Beloved I can't wait to do tricks with my tongue, like tying knots in a cherry.
Circles and flicks even spent time spelling your name to show what my tongue can do.

Because tonight is the night I make love to you. I have candles lit that smells like vanilla and honey that fills the warm air so delicious beloved now I'm hungry.

I make my way down to your inner thighs so **** and full my kind of size, Because I know your ***** is soaked for me, I'm losing my mind so I bite enough to show I can be rough but, don't worry this is still a mission to make love to you.

Dear beloved before I go any further I just want you to know how ****, beautifully amazing, God's gift in creation, where your voice alone can stop the Earth's rotation, the epitome of great strength standing tall on  two feet, nurturing and divine dear beloved you a truly one of a kind.

With all that you do you still make time to bless the world each and every time. So tonight of nights your body and mind is mine and in my eyes, you deserve to truly be made love to.

Dear beloved,
Tonight you will be made love to.
Ladies, there are men out there who sees it as an honor to get to pleasure you.
Nicole 16h
I like how you answer
those ******, useless questions
they ask. Did i ever mention
how beautiful you are?
I said, thank you, let me
write you a poem.

if i was a poet, i'd write you a letter
confessing the woeful thoughts that
crossed my mind whenever you'd speak your mind.
you've always been attractive, and i have always been
attracted to you. but the universe makes it clear,
we can't trust each other.
My dearest Gianni,
I would never had imagined this feeling could be so deep.
You don’t know this, but I love writing poetry,
this is how I let out my each and every feeling.
I don’t even know what I’ll say about it,
all I know is that every word I’m about to write is coming from within.
I just hope one day you’ll get to read this,
‘cause it’s when I experienced love at its purest.

You came into this world on February 17, 2004;
by coincidence, the same day I came to visit unannounced.
As soon as I found out about you I went to see you
and when I saw you in your mom's arms my heart melted to the ground.
I still remember your mom's face when she saw me.
It had been 3 years since we had seen and talked to each other.
I quickly held you in my arms and put my finger between your tiny hands.
You’ll never remember that day, but I’ll never forget what that day did to me.
On that day you changed many lives, including mine
and I’m so glad that I made it just in time.
For the world you may be just another child,
but for me, you're a very special one.
You should know that this world we live in, sadly is difficult to deal with.
As you grow older, you’ll understand what I’m saying.
Dreams will come true and dreams will get broken.
You will experience life and all its wonders.
You will learn a lot, both good and bad things,
but if you choose well, you'll see that life is a beautiful thing.

PS, you have given me so much
in the short time you’ve been with us.
I am thankful to Jehovah for you
and I will always be here for you.
Written on February 27, 2004
Composition number: 174
Amy's  a think tank
a big subject in
a troubled world
while her mom was ludicrous
she made her time in Zachary
near sublime here as her picture
in flat and heal in step with courtyard grande
a very nice place to stay and shop outside LA
the weather is nice and the beachs not far away
Katie 4d
To Claire:

How often I wonder what path my existence would have taken me down if we had never met. I might be a heartbroken vagrant, no purpose or meaning in life, forever mourning the loss of my first love - you know him well. Maybe I would end up a trophy girlfriend, draped around the neck of my sixth-grade crush like a Mardi Gras necklace. Or perhaps I would give up on love altogether, spend the rest of my days drowning my sorrows in literature and the empty promises of technology.

Fate can be cruel with hands dealt, but she obviously did something right when she shuffled our decks together, intertwined our lives like the strands of a first-grade friendship bracelet - certainly not perfect, but overflowing with sincerity.

And that brings me to you: my moonlight, my poetry, my everything. Words are never enough to describe you, and as such, emotions and sensations take their place. One day I fear that these, too, may fail to fully capture that which is you. But until that day comes, I shall continue to praise you in the only way I know how - through my heart. Every poem - nay, every word that falls from my lips - holds a piece of it. To you alone I trust these sentiments.

Whether you feel the same or not is your business. Emotions have never come as easily as poetry has, and I'll leave them to someone who understands them better. So I'll leave you as you are, nothing more or less - perfect.

- Katie
Lizley 5d


are little stars
As they watch over as you walk at night;
Guide each step you make
and smile when you take a glimpse of the skies
Lucky are pouring tears
As they caress your cheeks and feel your warmth;
They're your sunshine, fire and storm—
The fragments you keep inside your beating heart
Lucky are silly jokes
As they make you blush and laugh out loud;
Making your eyes smile—
For a second at least, you're free from this world
Lucky are love songs
As they touch your lips whenever you sing;
They are the words you want
to say and to feel, to you they mean a thing

     To be the skies;
     To be inside your heart;
     To be a huge part of your world;
     To mean a thing;

Oh lucky are these lines
as they breathe out that, which I keep inside of me—
A letter, a scream, a poem;
How I wish for nothing great but just To be

truly yours,

© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
A letter for my Valentine.
Karen M 6d
They were laid in the road and ****** to death.
Seemingly innocent sins of yesterday yanked
Them from the pedestal stacked high
With promise. Stolen glances stuck
To eyes so warm, so soft, so quick
To deny. Quick to forgive his fault
Of the heart for carving Scarlet
Letters into the skin of young girls.
kacey 6d
will call me annoying because of the way my heart works.
As if loving quickly and fearlessly deserves adjectives such as "embarrassing" or "unrealistic".
Although wearing my heart on my sleeve is dangerous, I'm living my life without regrets.
I love everyone I have ever loved before.
My heart is big and full and confusing but she's a lover.
She isn't gentle but she's ambitious.
She isn't forgetful but she's forgiving.
She makes mistakes but she doesn't regret a thing.
A short love  letter to myself. One of many steps i am taking in order to love myself just as much as i love the people around me.
i can't decide if you are my home or my prison.
i was thinking about you just last night
when i was sitting in my back yard.
evening fell and streaks of neon pink painted the sky
and god, she's so lovely.

i was in coastal harbor for 5 days
and i wasn't threatening to **** myself
it wasn't a threat.
but my parents put me on drugs so i'd stop being different.

and it wasn't your fault.
not my visit to the hospital.
or my second. or any of the other ****.

but you are the birthplace of my trauma. i'm sorry i've hated you after the good things you've given me.

so now i'm sitting on the floor in my room
burning so much incense the room looks foggy
and i'm moving on.
this isn't really poetic or whatever. but it's honest
I wast searching f'r thee, mine own blood bound love.  I has't wait'd f'r thy return f'r what doth feel like centuries.  Mine own endless love f'r thee hast spann'd continents in mine own quest to findeth thee once m're.  I has't ***'d through god’s great floods and skirt'd his **** fires, and hath continued to searcheth f'r thee still.  I has't combated through the evil wars of men to nay vict'ry and battl'd the darkest fears of mine own heart: yond I shouldst die and thee wouldst nev'r again beest mine.  Yet, mine own need to love thee hast prevail'd.  It couldst not beest buried in the sands of time 'r hath kept lock'd hence in this dusty tomb.  This feeble corpse and not restless mind wouldst not possess the will to survive if 't be true not f'r mine own imm'rtal need f'r thee, mine own love, the ev'rlasting love yond wast did bind to mine own et'rnal soul with the first gust of thy blood fire.  I am so v'ry grateful to has't found thee once m're, f'r mine own thirst f'r thee, as the purest red love beats in mine own bitter cold heart, couldst nev'r die.

F'rev'r yours,
Lady Ravenhill
I post this old English/Shakespearean vampire's love letter in time for valentines. It is not a poem but prose, I suppose, and is part of my collection: W'rds of a Nimble-Footed Mistress. Enjoy, my eternal love. Drink up and enjoy.
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