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Kayla Feb 2
Eleanor Rigby Jan 26
The pain untold -
Widen the hopes,
Hide the dreams and roam
Memories unfold -
Until memories are sold.

To that very one
Far from home.

-- Eleanor
Pyrrha Jan 7
We've truly done it
We've sold our future
for the useless millisecond
that is the present

We've gift wrapped our dreams
and sent them off to space
in hopes that one day
maybe they'll find their way back

We've sold our hearts
mass produced our compassion
and felt the void within our chests
we're heartless and we don't care

We've sold the future
to bathe in the pettiness of the now
the pathetic present
as putrid as it is

We've sold the future
like it was ours to begin with,
for something so worthless
even we don't want it-
                                        We've sold the future.
Julia Supernault Nov 2019
my heart is heavy tonight as i watch the snow fall outside from the foggy window,
i feel so alone in my own house since i was foolish enough to make my home in the arms of a man who sold to a higher bidder
MisfitOfSociety Jul 2019
Lit a candle in my chest,
Then snuffed it out and put it to rest.
You killed the light fast enough,
For the darkness to catch up.

You're the angel that lied to god,
Sold your soul to save yourself.
Shiv Pratap Pal May 2019
Where we should Go?
We have absolutely no idea
Please show us the path
Show us our fate or destiny

Wherever we visit, wherever we Go
They ask Money, They Demand Money
Somewhere they ask for tickets
Unfortunately Tickets are sold for money

Please provide us Jobs
Then we will also have some money
Then we will also pay
But until then don’t ask money from us
What is there in the world if one has no money?
Darryl M May 2019
Forever is hidden in our hearts,
Coz the Love we hold speaks eternity.

Who is that?
What is that?
Do you hear it?
Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I object!
My mind against the fear.
Peace is held.

Excuse me, but my heart speaks violently,
It shouts Yes! to our love.
All in favour to your heart.

Going once, going twice,
I’m sold on, by you.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2019
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी सारी दुनीया —२
बढ्कर भाऊ लगारहाथा सारी दुनीया

पहले मे समझ नसका ए क्या हो रहाथा
तमासा लग रहाथा हस् दिएँ फिर फजुलमे
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया

हमारी कामोका लगाथा पहेली बोली
सुन्कर आवाज बढी हो गया मे पसिना
तैला हमको किसिने रुपैया किसिले सोना
हाथ था शरिर मे मगर व विक्चुका था
साँस था जिस्म पर मगर मे एक लाश था
लिलामथा बजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया

मनका लगाथा फिर दोस्री बोली —२
बढ् रहाथा भाउ मेरी उँची पर उँची
आधार मालुम कहाँ मुझको मेरा मनका
पल दो पलमे मन् नेभीे किया अलबीदा
साँसथा जिस्मपर मगर मे एक लाशथा
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरीे भरी दुनीया

सपनोका लगाया फिर बाजारियोने बोली —२
दौलत निछावर हुवाथा मेरे उपर
खाबही देताथा मुझको जिनेकी चाहत
बगयर खाब हो गाया अब मे जानवर
साँसथा जिस्मपर, मगर मे एक लाशथा
लिलामथा बाजारमे मेरी भरी दुनीया
साँसथा जिस्मपर मगर मे एक लाशथा

लिलामथा बाजारमे  मेरी सारी दुनीया
Genre: Dark Gazal
Theme: Soul for sale || Dignity
Skaidrum Mar 2019

Father ate bullets
for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and
sold his soul for me.
Of the haiku series
xxi. from wine to blood

© Copywrite Skaidrum
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