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Evie G Feb 23
Did you notice the crisis going on outside,
It’s terrible really they’re trying to hide
Atrocities behind a wall of big lies
The badness of this is incredibly sized.

So get out and help, you useless ****,
Shout and whisper you absolute schmuck,
March and stamp and tiptoe around red tape,
Call it ****** harassment, but I wouldn’t call it ****,
Donate and berate but most of all-


(Tenderly, like a lover, to not upset the way of things of course.)

Why aren’t you looking for missing kids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saying what Russia forbids
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you aching from every pore
Why aren’t you crying at the dead body
Why aren’t you saving all of the ******
Why aren’t you crying at the dead bodies
Why aren’t you giving your money to us?
Why, aren’t you someone the people can trust?

Did you notice the crisis going on within,
It’s terrible really, a huge massive din
Is crashing and smashing alone in your head
You can’t ever stop, unless you are dead.

Oh wait, you posted a brightly coloured infographic on your instagram story?
You’re good, never mind.
azrouss Jan 26
I couldn't be silent as the train I was on sped all the way to a station I didn't recognize, I had no control over the engines screaming to be replaced, I couldn't catch up any longer, and the more I ran, the less I knew the speed to stop at.

How could I just stand there as the hands of time continued to swing, hurling me from one strange and unpleasant page to another? I'm not sure when everything will be finished, on which page this story will end in a long epilogue, or in whose hands this turmoil will be reconciled.

How could I be fine when my head was hit by blunt objects, my limbs were entangled by the weak and helpless, my heart was pumping nonstop, the heart was drained and empty space was left, my mouth was locked, and as much as I tried to free myself, I only increased the grip on my body, and the wound was getting worse? the situation will deteriorate

How can I just stand there and stare?
While stomachs demand that they be filled, notes demand that they be cleared, and people want that they be scheduled. The days torment me relentlessly; during the day, I am dark and color blind; at night, I stutter, and all colors beg to be painted tomorrow.

How can I be like this when the sky is endless, the rain falls on any cheek, other flowers grow and new buds form, the chess horse continues to gallop, or the pen and paper have reached the abyss of the book?

How am I supposed to...
Oh **** it!
I'm sick of sentences; I'm no longer strong.
This story has concluded.
Sarah Richardson Dec 2021
Don't allow yourself to close your eyes;
To sleep or rest, to look away.
You see, you know,
They all lied to you.

Immersed in it's ambiguities.
Meaningless suffering,
Life is unjust.

Left behind.
Drowning in real
Refusing to ignore,
It's killing you.

It is all truly there,
It is all that there is.
Onerous to accept it.
You're creating a war with a reality
Who only seeks to destroy.

Nearly lost elation,  
Thoughts transmitted in times of joy,
Hope at times afforded.
Faint memories of it will linger,
Just try to hold on.


You think so highly of such a lowlife as yourself,
Or are you it?
Are you it?
K E Cummins Nov 2021
Will you bear witness to what I suffer
Held in the life of a woman
Cross-legged on the sidewalk
Incoherent in my grief and ignored
Will you bear witness?
Carlo C Gomez Sep 2021
and kisses in the balcony

little soldiers
showing dogtags
to get a free refill

before duck and cover drills
at intermission

it's all one big movie

whether the summer rockets
arrive with Flash Gordon

or by way of Cuba
soo doo nimim Aug 2021
I think the world has had its fill

And soon humanity must pay its bill
Brian Yule Apr 2021
Vacant lot
Cement dust & foundations
Left unbuilt on
When the bubble burst
Fenixx Menefee Apr 2021
Honestly. I'm tired of hearing it. Who are you? What are you going to do in life? How will you make your mark? What will you amount to?
That's not a real career. Have you thought about something else as a more practical career? You won't succeed.

How can I think freely if all my thoughts are full of holes? Everyone nitpicking them until they no longer exist, what's the point of even trying?
How can I succeed if everyone pushes me back into my bubble? What am I supposed to do if I can't even leave? No one expects me to leave, either.

How am I supposed to get anywhere if I'm surrounded by high expectations? What am I supposed to accomplish? I can't get anywhere today. The bar's too high. All I can do is complain. Is this really all I can do? It's so... awful. It's a bother. It's a nuisance. I hate it. What am I meant to be?
I'm tired. Of everything. Honestly.
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