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Ashwin Kumar Jun 21
Everything will be alright soon, my friend
All your miseries will end
You are a woman of great fortitude
Positive, has always been your attitude!

Everything will be alright soon, my friend
With your family, do you share an amazing bond
You are an excellent wife and mother
With your around, will there be nothing to bother
Your beautiful little kids
I understand life can sometimes be quite hard
However, there's nothing you can't conquer
Because, you are a fighter!!

Everything will be alright soon, my friend
For yourself, will you not have to fend
Because, have you an awesome family
Not for long, will you stay unhappy
Remember, God is there for you
As well as your loved ones
Never, have you committed any sins
So, take care and chin up
Today is probably just a blip
Again, everything will be alright soon, my friend
Really, will your bad times come to an end
All you need, is a bit of faith
May the Lord bless you with loads of love, happiness, peace and good health!!
Poem to provide some cheer to my colleague and friend Namrata, who has been dealing with a few personal issues.
Bansi Adroja Jun 16
I'm just a shell

Made up of components that sound pleasing to the ears

Sweet words scribbled on napkins in cafes
Fleeting memories in photographs hidden away

Small enough to keep in your back pocket

Small enough to disappear

Never one to stick around
No reason to stay
Jeremy Betts Jun 1
(If you leave me now/Chicago)

•°• A Twisted Classic •°•

Yes if you end me now
You take from me the very worst part of me
Ooh-ooh-hoo, yeah
Baby, please let me go

A life like mine is a life hard to define
How can I do this day to day?

I can push no more, must leave it all behind
Why wasn't it taken during a mental crisis day?
Every tomorrow that comes is led by regret
Everything up to today

Jellyfish Mar 8
An apology isn't an explanation
It took me until now to get it.
It's upsetting how blind I am
to my own hypocrisy.

I've always wanted acceptance
and felt it was an essential need,
I'd break down each time
My parents couldn't apologize

They'd bring up excuse after excuse,
"It's my belief," "I'm not wrong," "this is my side..."
I hated them for this
But had my own way of doing the same thing.

Does this mean I'm the narcissist?
I'm the selfish, arrogant. awful person
I saw reflecting back at me
Through my family?

These thoughts creep up on me again and again,
They make me want to crawl under a rock,
Become dust and eventually drift away
at least in the wind I could change.
Francis Dec 2023
How exquisite it is,
Awaking day to day,
With many bills to pay,
Not a second to lay,
And many passersby,
Come and go my way.

What happened to Spring?
The cold, Winter chill,
Bothersome and bold,
Prolonging sunshine in May,
And a hopeful bloom of flowers,
Early on a Summer’s day.

No longer do I have the eye,
The once vibrant palette,
Has faded to shades of gray,
That vision of what could be,
Has drifted towards the wild cards that I play,
Merry and chipper, not ever,
Not today.

What keeps me at bay,
As my passion for trying becomes fray,
Is the internal defeat from external way,
Way of the ****** that seems to slay,
Every bit of purity in my heart that lay,
Formulating a misery that is here to stay.

All I aim for is to sleep,
That fine sleep on that lonely, inevitable day,
Existing and not existing, I’m sorry to say,
Is the only relief I feel as I hope and pray,
For God to bring me peace,
After a lifetime of disarray.

Mind molded like a block of clay,
Clay that never hardens,
Only my heart hardens like clay,
Youthful spirit and innocently gay,
Is a treasured philosophy,
I strive to regain some day.

The size of the world, on my shoulders that weigh,
Far from purpose and fulfillment I seem to stray,
Happiness is chosen, but not encouraged by they,
He or she of whom that continue to outlay,
My fragile, decaying soul,
I’m not okay.
I hope this sounds good in your brain
Francis Nov 2023
What goes in, always,
Comes out,
Through the ******* of life,
Which is **** itself.

Such a waste,
That we are born,
And die,
Fighting for things,
******* things,
That we can’t take with us,
When we die.

What a ******* waste it all is,
Yet somehow,
Everything and everyone is needed,
For the next phase of waste.
**** becomes fertilizer,
We become reborn,
Into whatever else is **** out next.
Philosophically marvelous— just kidding
Fudz Lana Nov 2022
at the end of the day, i stared at the teabag
that i scooped out from the ***.
wet and sloshy, its scent faded and sweetened;
it wasn't itself anymore.

without its lingering bitterness
without its verdant hues,
or its unique aromas that they fancied,
it could never be who it was.  

the used teabag, now that its purpose was served,
is no longer wanted.
was it fulfilled by the amount of tea it gives,
or was it emptied?
And so I found what I was looking for
Finally content, but I wanted more
So I gave all that was left of me.
And I was so sure.

But who am I kidding.

The Gods did not say I could be happy.

What a fool I was.
What a fool I was to think that I, a mere mortal could finally be at ease.
Then again I suppose that is what happens to those who want more.

For I only ended up twice as miserable when I came crashing back down.
ahahhaha :>
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