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The blemishes of this world,
Like a necklace that was never pearled

Rooted in deception and hate,
Everyday they mutate

Misinformation spreads faster than COVID,
Discriminating messages promoted

Blood in filthy hands,
The mafia smiles smug and it stands

The ill never acknowledged,
Tainted memories forever collaged

This is The Crisis,
Must there be any bias?

“These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman...yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.” Thomas Paine, The Crisis
*I do not endorse any political party...I’m strictly independent.
Sipping on that juice
You are tripping
Screaming and laughing all at once
I'm flying getting my game on
Mystifying you be wearing your *** kicking boots
Smoking one, putting that roach in a jar
Popping vicodin  just to stay alive
Not even sure if I exist
Selling Adderall's so the ******* can stay skinny
Sweet little boy shot down on his big wheel bike
All I can do is grab the mic and send the message on
People on the street begging for money for addictions
******* **** just to get high
What if that was your daughter?
Hoping the soup kitchen is open
Do they have a empty bed for me to sleep tonight
Dressing in color
It's a true story this town is in demise
The water is not even safe to drink
Lake Huron to the Flint river
The town showing no love
Then Rick Snyder declares a state of emergency
The first person to come forward Sasha Bell
Was found murdered in her home as her small one year old son was left to roam
She had a law suit against the Flint water crisis
She is now silenced a baby without a mother
Nobody is winning here
90 people were sickened from exposer 12 died    
Delivering  bottle water to Veteran's, as they are losing there homes
People who have worked there whole lives
People just trying to survive
I grew up in lower Michigan and my family and friends are directly effected by the water crisis. .I know the town is a mess. The crime rate the shootings of innocent people/ I would love to see Flint be what I remember as a child.
Liv Sep 18
I had three cups of coffee for breakfast.
I slept in a t-shirt two sizes too big,
and I took one too many Adderall (i think).
I sat at the table with the same book
I opened a few months ago,
reading the same few pages from yesterday,
hoping that today would be the day
it all made sense (much like you).
I started to wash the dishes,
but I only got a quarter
of the way done
before I ran out of soap,
much like my effort, or lack thereof.
On these days, my anxiety
is less of an adjective
and more like a state of being.
Everything has become exhausting,
waking up, going to sleep.
Yet, I do it all so well, and nothing
seems to satisfy the insatiable
hunger of the constant chatter
in the back of my head
that screams, “Go”
leave this place with dishes
in the sink, and half-filled
coffee cups behind
and never return.

I [think] I took one too many Adderall.
maria Sep 14
N.1: get used to dictatory
N.2: if everything looks to be good something's wrong get a crisis card
N.3: pawns of criticism are the strong enough
N.4: paths leading to heaven are closed -if you try to find the key you just realise that there's no hope-
N.5: levels are getting sillier -don't even try to show you're smart-
N.6: put a post of your score on instagram
N.7: be fake -they somehow love you-
N.8: wear a mask


if you chose to continue
It's on your own risk
the good has left the chat
no one really wins
In a fake world
Try your best
Don't get sad if it doesn't work

Written on September 15, 2020
And while he lives,
No matter the day, year, age.
No matter the time!

May his lips form a smile.
May his actions be cunning.
May his heart be filled with song.
And may his eyes be filled with determination.

But when that dreadful day arrives, should it ever.
When gods battle over a foolish man's godless soul.

Cast him to sea.

With a sword in hand, that for Valhalla.
A cross around my neck, that for heaven.
A Scarab on my heart, that for the Duat.
And two coins on his eyes, for the ferryman.

For if no god shall claim his soul,
Then Davy Jones will feast on his treasures!
Alaina Moore Sep 5
I stumbled upon your linkedin yesterday,
and saw you frozen in time.
Read through an articulate and proud bio, and wished that that was still you embodied.  
Before all the pieces crumbled apart.
I didn't realize that it would haunt me.
What a feeling it is, to know you're alive, while mourning as if you're gone.
I would give you all my hope if it had a chance of saving you.
Jayanti Aug 13
There will come a morning one day
when life will never be the same

Time will stay stand still
and there is no one to blame

Lives are taken away,
but no one could help them stay

While some folks will have no penny,
some will die hungry

Healing hands will have long nights
and warriors on the frontline will save our lives

There will come a morning one day
when life will never be the same

Humans will long for the warmth of skin
And want to talk to strangers more than ever

Food will became a love language
And homemade will become the new gourmet

Sky will be dust free
And trees will dance in the clear breeze

Furry friends will be in our arms all the time
And wilderness will wander free

Home will became our whole world
And the whole world will come together online

There will come a morning one day
When the whole world will be distanced apart
But closeness will shine afar...
Akhiz Munawar Jul 30
The phrase might go like this
Between those flashes of lightning and rolls of thunder
It all became evident
So, he showed an axe to his hair and tossed them in flames
Flames of every bridge he just burned
Thus, allowing rationality to rendezvous with his mind and soul
It’s a reciprocal arrangement nurturing a moral endeavor
One that nullifies willful blindness with concrete truth
Restraining all those peculiar idiosyncrasies of the heart
Flatlining prospects of getting lost in the familiar
A newfound resolve to honor the obvious
No more niceties of showing a candle to the sun
* Got a Haircut after 6 months… just wanted to give it some meaning.
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