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BoringBoy Sep 26
I can tell you what you're doing
That's right
Take a picture, cause i'm moving
Hold tight
And maybe it is a good thing
No fight
Leave it to me, have your blessings
Lost night

Screaming left my voice in hiding
Can't tell if i'm even crying
Heart is lost in la la land
So i
Thought i'd leave you here, cause you're quicksand
o o o o
o o o o
i'm shattered
heart crasher
o o o o
And now i am descending

Sending you all my bad blessings
Why do you say i'm obsessing
Now I have to put you in your place
I might
Your not a teacher, fck your testings
I'm just

fiending on leaving
yeah leaving
ck you oo oo oo
I'm beaming
No gleaming
Light streaming
Get a clue oo oo
It's freeing
I'm singing
oo oo oo oo oo

And now I'm done talking good bye...
my time's due
don't judge my weird decision to make a breakup song that's not that good...i'm not UTI.
Zane Smith Sep 21
what to think
I want to write
my brain won't
poems like before.
this is ******
what a pity.
I think
I'm trying to hard
i sit down to write but nothing flows
I guess my feelings
don't want to show
Ike Sep 11
The chill of the twilight starting autumn creeps in

My mind has been filled with terrible sin

I fell to my knees and preyed in the dirt

The worms and the Gods will feed on my hurt

I hear all the whispers I'm feeling the fright

My call has been heard by the abominus night

I'm the void that you see when you ask from above

Mankind has now seen, and will burn from my love

I've become the darkness that looms in the sky

My wrath is upon you your people shall die

The time has come for carnal feast

I make the change from man to beast

Fangs and claws and unholy fist

Everyone's blood explodes into mist

Delicious are these broken guts

my power feeds on tender cuts

Messiahs bane at midnight hour

Lords of evil grant my power

Look up to the sky and see the moon red

now that I'm god, everyone's dead.
sara Sep 1
I hated most moments with you,
so glad you're boring someone new
It's always the people with little to offer who are the most conceited???
Neha Sharma Aug 8
Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Whatever the hell happens with me,
I won't ever stop lóvíng you.....

~your smiling queen :)
I will keep loving him forever.
acacia Jul 16
My tears boil in a kettle over the stovetop, and it whistles
but I don't move for
I am in my own dreamland, it is safe here

In a world of my own I won't have to cry
about not being enough, about not having enough
In my land there won't be any competition,
all of the races will already be finished
My heart will be so big it covers me from head to toe;
every perimeter I walk on I will pump blood into the dirt of the gnolls and dales, nutrition and vitamins fed to every inanimate and animate thing: there is no distinction in my world

I want to be blind to the outisde world,
my eyes shrouded with shimmers and mink fur
I want cherry blossoms to cover each apple on my body,
marigolds shielding my honeydews and my backside
So that when I wake up in my bed huddled in blankets,
warm skin against fresh sea-shelled shell sheets, I can
shower in rain every single morning, bathe in the clearest
puddles every single night

For skin I'd have pink, violet, and (my favorite shade of) blue petals,
for eyes I'd have the smoothest pebbles
My hair would be cascading billowing streams of blue sky
I'd sew grass blades into lingerie, I'd take the Moon and crush her into gemstones
All in this world of my own

I can have wings for swimming
I can have flippers instead of feet
I can have a tail for flying
All in this world of my own

In my dreamland where it's safe:
I'm being hugged by the clouds
I'm dressed in a sweater stitched with the threads of Our dreams,
shoes made of puddles of tears from the lazy yawn instead of pain from my heart;
my heart can be my own heart, my heart can be my heart
My heart will feel only my love and my heart will give only my love

I could freely be selfish with the birds above me,
with the bees that hover the waterbed,
with the smells that linger near me,
and the trees that grow under my feet:

I won't have to share the love around me,
I won't have to give my love that feeds me
In this world that I have created,
I will only have eyes for my world, and my world will only have eyes for me
In this world that I have created,
the world can love me and I can love it back

O, in a world of my own . . .

Though it seemed like motion-sickness, the kettle is no longer whistling and the people around me yell and ask, "What is wrong with you? Why did you leave the kettle on?"

I fly away from them, onto the punch-red sofa
I sit
O, in a world of my own . . .
I wrote the original a couple months ago but only recently rewrote it

I wrote this because we all want to be selfish sometimes. This is a result of that want, that thought to be away from everyone and selfishly have your own land only to you

in our worlds, we all can be whoever we want, do whatever we want because we are not stars, no, we are comets (gods)
Today is going to be a good day,

A "poem" every day
Aynjul Jul 2
I dont wanna swipe for girls
I dont tap for likes

Its honestly sickening
-the temptation to mindlessly scroll.
what a waste of my vision
-when really I am being my own troll
Nova Jun 22
We will miss you
And that’s okay.
We said we’d win
Whatever it takes.

For the good of the world
You had to jump.
We all know that,
Yet it still cuts.

Are you happy there?
Do you know we won?
And what about him?
Do you know what he’s done?

You both together
Are the reason we won.
You jumped, he snapped.
It worked, but you’re gone.
saffronne Apr 25
Shaking hands,
Shaky breath,
Shake away doubts,
Shaking heads.

A razor to a wrist,
A moment to breathe,
A cut through the skin,
A slice down your sleeve.

Heart won’t stop pounding,
Ears won’t stop pounding,
You won’t stop pounding,
on the door,
please stop, it’s too loud.
i did a bad thing.
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