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Every day in some kind of way
Experience an Emotional Breakthrough
By Shaking off
Negative Self Talk

It can be done
Sit in the Sun
Read a Book
Take a closer look
At Yourself
Be Stealth

Navigate  distractions
Till you find Traction
To Live your Life
How you need to
(Heart) Centred
Beyond Whatever/s!

(c) Debra Lea Ryan
Shaking off a little Negativity
to quote a generation, “Whatever…”

history will mark the day this uselessness
is forever banned, this day will be paraded
along the Avenue where astronauts feted,
Super bowl heroes greeted in tall canyons,
no more ticker tape, will shred them invoices
marked overdue,  so they will remain status
unchanged, but whatever will be part and
parcel of the disparaged disappeared, for
it insults the recipient twice as much as the
mutterer utterer, for why not say, best direct,
I disrespect us both and won’t give a moment
to consider what you’ve stated, afraid, that exercising a
right to minimal modicum of caring will die out
with that generation, and we will spake a loud
and all will answer with feeling,  
with a smiling thumbs up,
and W. Whitman will join in…

Sun May 25, 2024
David Hilburn May 12
Heaven help us
Still to fore, the whole
In a dismayed cause, thus
A chastity has made, a world its dole?

Light in the meadow
Where smiles are long enough to care
Such a small favor to ask, a vice be a rainbow
When a favor is for the same as salt, are we married?

Light in the shadows
Sense in a serious hand, has the tomorrow
To wait in simple glares and stymied knows
The wishes of another drop of rain to borrow

Light in the way
To find the such, a realizing friend
With the common for proof, the tows of may
Adding their stoic reply to an age old question...

Can a whole day, dream longer than another, loved?
Before you answer, is a caring we, the timid also
Measure upon pleasance, the truth has garnered us
The platitude of each, in the name of what was, though...

Anarchy at the cost of gifts and their expression
Implied ****, to wish we weren't so very vain
Kindness of a legend, to secure a role with where this is leading
And the success of a stand for one night, of worth's rain

Hill's to call home, and an availing wind to come, hungry?
A liberty in renown, that has a song on its mind, heaven?
Space for a little more silence, than a chance with all, demanding?
Sharing a thought for only more, is like a half-eaten pride, given?

Judgment of a God given sate
Under the feet of liberty, is a wager of brass and steel, colloquial
Merit in a simple eye to look and see our fate
Ready as we ever are, the drama of sincerity has seen it, a promise to marry little soul's...
Can a queen bake a pie, assuming two is too...
yann Jun 2023
monster, by the lake
look at me, arms opened wide
i wait
for in your eyes i knew a flame
of wonder, monster
burning away my fears
of you.

sorrowful sorrow,
have you swallowed up
in your endless depths
my good
haunted friend ?
he who was waiting
for me
to come back
by the lake.

here i am, monster
this time i did not run
i embraced each
cursed tree
of this forest.
i walked. no,
i crawled, no
i almost killed my self.
here i am, monster.
i do not fear
your eyes
whatever sadness
anger, pain,
they bear.

water, show me my
my arms opened,
show me the eyes,
show me the rotten flesh,
i dare look. i dare.

here you are.
10.06.2023 started therapy a while back, finally
dailythoughts Oct 2021
who wouldn't do whatever it takes to be fine
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
If given the chance would you ask for me back?
Each tear I've shed would you help me uncry?
The bad moments erased like an amnesiac
Reverse time to before you said goodbye

You'd be a better man than you were
I would be better too
Stop you from walking out the door
Would not give you a reason to
I wish life was like a movie I could rewind and pause when I liked
rivy Feb 2021
when you stop reading their horoscope
when the things you used to find charming
start making your stomach churn
when the butterflies turn into eye rolls
you know that it's over
you know that it's time to go

when the love that you give is bigger and brighter
than whatever it is that you get in return
when you realize that loving you is a lesson they'll never learn
when you run yourself dry
by watering a lover that will never grow
you know that it's over
you know that it's time to go

when you're more enemies than lovers
when you start sitting across from each other
when the kids become witnesses
of dinner table cold war battles
when those three words
turn into silent screams in the depths of your throat
you know that it's over
you know that it's time to go
Grace Jan 2021
I've never known you,
but I've passed you many times.
I envy how easy you make it seem.
I wish you'd notice me.
I -
never mind.
I really don't know what I'm doing anymore.
Max Dec 2020
Stop asking for whom I love
I do not feel that
I only feel numb
Stop trying to upset me when I feel nothing
No clue what you’re trying to do
But it’s something
Scream, cry, beg; whatever
Your punches feel light like feathers
Be angry all you want and sad
I don’t feel anything anymore
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