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Life became the beyotch,
Duchess of her evil notch

The days drifted into hollow horizons,
Ambient torches of unknown sirens

Tempers that tear flesh of chandeliers,
The excavation of biased analyses

Merely trapped by a reputation of a lawyer’s daughter,
May I plunge in hell or high water

One more word toward his suspension,
Allow me to ease the tension

September suspect of stealing sacredness,
Queen of fabricating myths

Friends were feverish of their beneficial relationships,
Enemies aligned for the common eclipse

Preachers of poetry, I invite you to speak,
Of sororities from the locked up boutique
Sorry about that first line...I don’t curse much, but I thought it was necessary. We won eventually. Our story is somewhat similar to Hannah Baker’s; it’s entirely coincidental (or not?).
Diving in the stained sapphire ocean,
The drowning of deception, his potion,
Malevolence of the dark emotion

Heavenly, the sky that weeps,
The blinking light that beeps,
Museums jammed with sunken jeeps

Tomb of crisp orange leaves,
Becoming the earth’s natural sleeves,
Death, the beauty, she believes

Engulfed by the absorbing grace,
September seeps the solace,
Falling in October’s broken staircase
I’m pretty sure this is a waste of time...
Myers Psychology,
AP Human Geography

Erwin Schrödinger in Honors Chem,
Honors Algebra 2 times ten (that’s 20, FYI)

Health and Wellness, I hope,
Spanish 1, I elope

Freshman Seminar is so steep,
Honors English, finally deep

Personal Project Portfolio all alone,
Not one rhyme for it’s my throne

Delegate at Model UN,
Researching world politics with my quill pen

Studying renewable energy at my local university,
Public speaking, the ultimate adversity

Running for office in student governments,
Medical club to heal ailments (not literally)
My college counselor claimed that my schedule is considered of a suicidal student’s one. Lol, who needs self-motivation when all of the world’s inspiration is here. Thank you to all of my friends here for never ceasing to inspire me (you know who you are ;) ).
Imagine a random Harvard admissions officer or alumnus/alumna find this out...hmm, I wonder what the consequences are.
*This is NOT a poem.
**For our international readers:
AP stands for Advanced Placement. They are College Board designated classes that may earn college credit or “advanced placement”.
Myers Psychology is the common name of the textbook that several AP Psychology students use as a content provider, etc.
***By “elope”, I meant that I loved the Spanish language; French was a tad bit harder, but you get the point. :)
****It’s so sad that my parents encourage me to accept my local university’s recruitment offer; I stand very stubborn.
*****It ***** to be an intellectual person; you literally do not have a social life (like :(
******This is not supposed to sound condescending...
The billion dollar smile,
I must plaster,
Every day versatile,
She’s sewing her bleeding dreams,
With twigs from tears of littered streams,
Your mother asks you right away,
Are you okay?
I’m doing fine,
But, I know that’s a straight-out lie, I pine
Today’s not my day...sorry
August Oct 4
what's this all for, anyway?
i thought i was supposed to be like 30 when this happened
August Sep 30
lost and soulless, leave me alone
Annie Sep 29
I love being distracted.
It is the only bubble of feeling in which I can't focus on my imperfections.
It's the only time where I can forget about life's lemons, and forget that I have to labor to make lemonade out of them.
But from my living room, every 15 minutes I can hear the clock chime.
It reminds me that everything comes to an end.
In a way, this makes me feel good. It reminds me that eventually all of the work I have to do will be done. It reminds me that all of my worries will eventually conclude.
But it also reminds me that everything good ends. It reminds me that strong connections to other people could eventually break. It reminds me that I may have to see the day where pets and loved ones cease to exist.
It reminds me that one day I will cease to exist.
If you say that one short story's name, I swear to god, Karen.
honey Aug 10
as long as i hold in the sting,
& my eyes don't betray my smile,
as long as i don't say the wrong thing,
this will make it all worthwhile.

i assure you, there is no depth,
nothing but a mannequin in disguise,
what you see, what you get,
only blankness behind the eyes.

painting these cell bars pink,
trading reality for daydreams,
stubbornly refusing to stop & think,
unless it's in extremes.

will this hollowness continue to grow?
can i escape the apathetic nightmare?
i don't ever really know,
& i don't seem to really care.
i think happiness & stability bores me at this point...
CMXIClement Jun 24
To be captured,
by the radiance in your eyes,
the flow of your hair.

To be enamored by your grace,
to be a guest of honor in your life.
to be a recipient of what makes people love you.

To be a part of your family, and a family for once.
To have a place in your lineage, and a place for once.
To have a place in your heart, and someone's heart for once.

I'm independent, yet I want to be claimed.
I'm my own person, but I want to be owned.
I'm my own man, but I want to be someone's.
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